Sunday, September 28, 2014

State Lights

About: State Lights

State Lights are a four-piece rock band from Dublin, Ireland who released their debut EP "The Breakout EP" on September 22nd, 2014 and then Re-Released it on March 24th, 2016 as "The Disguise".

"The Disguise" is a debut full of courage and ambition.

Telling tales of young love, frontman, Shobsy wears his heart on his sleeve throughout, portraying incredible amounts of emotion whilst also displaying his great vocal range. The foundation he sits upon is brilliant from start to finish, with guitarist Joe Regan providing a melodic and atmospheric sonic journey through the use of delays and reverbs. The rhythm section also shines, with Noel Perry carrying the weight of each song with his solid bass playing, as well as Paul Ridgeway giving the songs huge energy through his clinical, hard hitting drum parts.

"Love Is In Your Eyes" and "Let You Go" both present the bands extreme Pop sensibilities and respectfully lyrically describe those moments of excitement when one is falling in love and those moments when you must accept that a relationship has run its course. "Breakout" is this young band announcing their arrival to the world stage, with an impressive Stadium Rock song reminiscent of U2's finer musical moments.

Band Members:
Shobsy - Vocals
Joe Regan - Guitar
Noel Perry - Bass
Paul Ridgeway - Drums


Official Website



Alexander McKay

About: Alexander McKay

British singer/songwriter Alexander McKay was born in Wellington a small village in Somerset, England. He moved at an early age to Swavesey, Cambridgeshire and was turned on by his parents to folk heroes John Renbourn, Nick Drake and American artists Bread, Dylan and Jackson Browne. He started his musical life in his teens playing in local bars and clubs in Birmingham and London where he studied at London College of Music. Moving to Los Angeles in 2001 he travelled through America finding influence and inspiration for the songs that would later become his debut EP, “Brings Us Together”. Released in 2015 on AWAL. The EP is essentially a road diary. Balancing folk and rock accompanied by his raspy voice and rhythmic guitar finger picking. Unique, soulful and warm.

2015 has seen him extend his talents to the big screen debuting as an actor in a new independent film titled “Stones” about music, love and alcoholism. Being cast after director and screenwriters heard him perform at a party back in 2013.

The Film and soundtrack and film will be released in the 2016.



Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Dogon Lights

About: The Dogon Lights

Pronounced "Doe-Gone, The Dogon Lights  "Afro- galactic groove magma" from the Bay Area.   The Dogon Lights create a shamanic and energetic dance atmosphere that takes the listener straight to the stars.  Traditional skin and wood instruments are blended with electro hip hop beats and Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar with vocals in Spanish and African languages.

The Dogon Lights combine a blend of styles that is fresh and instantly recognizable. A blend of languages (Spanish, English, French, Wolof, Bambara etc) and instruments such as the Sintir and Guimbri from Morocco, the Kamale Ngoni, (similar to the Kora) from Mali and Burkina Faso, Calabash and Djembe of West Africa, with Electric Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer and Drums.  The word, "Dogon" comes from the Dogon people of Mali who believe they are from "the dog star" or Sirius.  The Dogon Lights have opened up for grammy winning artists Tinariwen from Mali as well as Bombino from Niger. Members have Performed with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Rising Appalachia, The Mickey Hart Band, Hamsa Lila, Dirtwire and many others.

CONTACT: The Dogon Lights

The Dogon Lights LINKS:

Official Website
Last FM
BUY MUSIC @ Bandcamp

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exquisite Corps

About: Exquisite Corps

In typical rock’n’roll fashion, Exquisite Corps emerged from a downtown alley garage in the spring of 2011. Beginning as a sextet, they have since proved to be anything but a typical band. With an original vision encompassing the lush power of a live string trio (cello & two violins) melded with the rhythmic density of an indie rock trio (guitar, bass & drums) the band was the perfect marriage of classic and modern. The summer of 2012 saw the release of their eponymous debut album to great reviews from blogs and print (PureVolume, the Daily Unsigned, Submerge Magazine). Steeped in the interplay of weaving string arrangements and soaring vocals, the record took the listener on a ride from intimate balladry to intense orchestral explosions backed by Zeppelin-esque drums and bass.

On the heels of their first release, the band took a grassroots approach to touring. Consistent travel up and down the West Coast landed them in great venues such as Bottom of the Hill (SF), House of Blues Sunset Strip (LA), Hotel Cafe (LA), and even selling out alternative venues like Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum Auditorium. Support slots for !!! (chk chk chk) and Sub Pop’s Helio Sequence gave way to performances at such festivals as Lightning in a Bottle and Launch Fest sharing the bill with Blonde Redhead, Imagine Dragons, Moby, Phantogram, and Little Dragon.

In 2013, the extended stints on the road forced a more pragmatic approach to the live line-up. With the ever waning ability for most of the string section to accompany the band out of town, the composed lushness of the band’s previous material morphed into a more visceral and rhythmic approach. The loss of the strings invited the addition of an organ/keyboard player to fill in the sound. The transformation from whimsical chamber rock group to full-fledged eclectic psych-art-rock band was under way as Exquisite Corps went back into the studio to record their sophomore record.

The second album “Vignettes” was released on Sept 16, 2014 with the core line-up: Bryan Valenzuela on vocals and guitars, Robby Dean on drums and vocals, & Nathan Webb on bass. As a trio, these hard-working musicians have perfected their songwriting craft and honed their friendship, playing with each other intermittently since they were teenagers. They are joined by a rotating cast of amazing talent including Adam Rice on organ/keyboards and occasionally Kristin Arnold and Reylynn Goessling on violins.





Exquisite Corps – Official Website
Exquisite Corps - Soundcloud
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Exquisite Corps - Bandcamp
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Sea Pinks

About: Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks is an alternative rock band from Belfast inspired by sea glass, bleached grass and ghost guitars. Their Indie / garage Pop / Psychedelic 60’s sounds have evolved over the last four years as their 4th album, “Dreaming Tracks” will attest to. The album will be released via CF Records on September 29th 2014.

The group has already released a hit single from the album called “Dream Happening” on Bandcamp, which caught this DJ’s ear right away, as I’m sure it will yours.


Youth is Wasted - 2010
Dead Seas - 2011
Freak Waves – 2012
Dreaming Tracks - 2014
Soft Days - 2016

Band Members: Neil Brogan, Davey Agnew, Steven Henry

Sea Pinks – Official Website
Sea Pinks – CF Records
Sea Pinks - Facebook
Sea Pinks - Twitter
Sea Pinks - YouTube
Sea Pinks - Bandcamp
Sea Pinks - iTunes
Sea Pinks - eMusic
Sea Pinks - Amazon

Monday, September 15, 2014

David Arkenstone

About: David Arkenstone

With 3 Grammy nominations, 20 Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians of our time. Known for his Celtic inspired, world beat new age fusion, he continues to create distinctive tracks that set him apart from other composers.

This award-winning multi-instrumentalist has captivated audiences since he broke onto the music scene in 1987 with his debut album, Valley In The Clouds, described by one reviewer as “one of the most exquisite electronic recordings ever produced.” Thriller choreographer Michael Peters created a ballet to Valley In The Clouds in celebration of the Winnipeg Royal Ballet’s 50th Anniversary. David has earned two #1 albums - Citizen of Time (1990) and In the Wake of the Wind (1991). His much celebrated Celtic Book of Days (1998) remains one of his most popular recordings ever. Released in 2000, Caravan of Light was honored as Best Album of the Year by New Age Voice, and Sketches From an American Journey made Soundscan’s list of top ten New Age Albums in 2002. Acclaimed music critic Michael Debbage recently listed three of David’s albums – Sketches From an American Journey, Atlantis, and Myths & Legends - in his Top 30 Of The Decade.

Often compared to Mannheim Steamroller and The Chieftains, David has made over 30 recordings, has toured extensively including performances at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, scored dozens of films and documentaries, and composed music for the Olympics that is used to this day. NBC Producer David Michaels, who makes frequent use of David’s music, says “David writes with fire, passion and emotion, all at once simple and complex. He’s an artist capable of constant inspiration.” Adding to his diversity, David has a worldwide following as one of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft composers including the groundbreaking expansion, Cataclysm.

A musical storyteller, David is passionate about taking his listeners on a journey, creating sonic tapestries that evoke every emotion. Critics hail his music as “full of thunder and feeling, comprised of layers of acoustic and electronic instruments and voices, which send the listener on a joyous expedition.

“A love for travel and adventure is just something that’s embedded in my personality,” says David. “Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m painting as much as I’m composing. I tend to envision a place where I would like to go, or an adventure I would like to take, and I let my imagination run free. I’ve gotten countless e-mail messages from listeners who love to take these journeys with me. I’m sometimes surprised by how powerfully people respond to my music.”

After coming to California from rural Chicago at age 10, David immersed himself in all the music he could find. Spending high school and college in various bands and performance groups, he then criss-crossed the country several times playing popular music. He finally settled down to concentrate on developing his own sound. David has always been inspired by the process of blending technology and music to create a multimedia fusion for producing amazing sounds. By working with state-of-the-art technology, he combines the highest quality electronic samples with acoustic instruments played by the finest musicians including David himself, often adding choral groups.

Technology has produced some wonderful tools for making music. The computer allows me to fully orchestrate my pieces and really fine tune them. I have always loved the sound of the orchestra, and now I believe I have refined a wonderful blend combining the best elements of the acoustic world, with the electronic world," states David. While he is primarily a keyboardist, David plays the guitar, mandolin, flute, cello, percussion, and many other instruments. His impressive collection of instruments includes native flutes, drums from around the world, and harmonium.

David enjoys being out on the road and meeting his fans and is particularly fond of his Winter Solstice concerts during the holidays. "One of the most exciting things about performing live is the interaction I get with the audience,” says David. “It's very different than making a recording, where you're never sure who is listening to it. The communication is complete in live performance, plus it’s just plain fun to play these songs with my friends, and the audience senses that. A lot of the roots of our musicianship come into focus without the magic of studio editing – it's the moment, you play your best, and many times reach new heights, and then it's gone, and on to the next one."

His current project include an epic, neo-classical album – a collaboration with enchanting singer/composer Charlee Brooks – set for release in 2012. “Working with Charlee has given me the opportunity to reinvent myself as an artist yet again. We have created music that transcends what either of us would be able to accomplish on our own.” David’s score for the critically acclaimed PBS documentary Echoes of Creation is one of his most adventurous to date. Domo Records, known for its eclectic roster of world music artists, including Kitaro, recently released Ambient World to rave reviews, along with Myths and Legends, Sketches From An American Journey, Echoes of Light And Shadow, and Spirit of the Drum. Other recent releases include Celtic Chillout, Visions of Christmas, Christmas Lounge, and a 3-CD set tailored to the spa and relaxation market: Bliss, Touch and Reflections. Fans can catch David and the band in concert and at special appearances at Renaissance faires and, of course, the Winter Solstice tour.

Be sure to catch Davis Arkenstone’s new releaseNative Chill” Now in online stores (Sept 17, 2014) See online store links below...

David Arkenstone – Official Website
David Arkenstone – Domo Music Group
David Arkenstone - Soundcloud
David Arkenstone - Facebook
David Arkenstone - Twitter
David Arkenstone - YouTube
David Arkenstone - YouTube
David Arkenstone - iTunes
David Arkenstone – CD Baby
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pat Kane

About: Pat Kane

Pat Kane is an emerging singer songwriter from San Francisco California who is quickly making a name for himself on the west coast of the United States. Pat’s music is deeply rooted in the sounds of the blues, and folk/ psych genres that takes the listener back to simpler times.

“I came up playing blues. Over the years I developed some ways about me and now I write songs; but I still play blues, and a lot of other stuff too.”

Pat’s seven EP’s up on Bandcamp are a testament to his passion of creative writing in lyric and song. Bravo Pat! 

Pat Kane – Official Website
Pat Kane - Facebook
Pat Kane - Bandcamp

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paul Liddell

About: Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell is a working musician/singer/songwriter/recording artist based by the sea in the North East of England. 

Paul is an experienced live performer with an unstoppable work ethic, clocking up on average 20 gigs a month both solo and with his band ‘Delphians’. Live, his singularly unique voice and unpretentious delivery combine with the use of live sampling, guitar percussion and layered vocal harmonies to provide a great platform for his wonderful songs to shine. Paul has toured in America, whipping up a storm in several little coffee houses across California. While there he performed on a TV show filmed in Time Warner studios in Hollywood, and got his song ‘Brighter Lights’ placed on a nationally distributed and TV advertised folk compilation CD.

Other live highlights include a show-stopping performance on the main stage at the Beverley Folk Festival, and a memorable show at the Piperine Free Festival in Milan. Other artists Paul has shared billing with include Billy Bragg, Turin Brakes, Beth Rowley, Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Karine Polwart, Polly Paulusma, Calvin Harris, Nick Harper, Nerina Pallot, and Florence And The Machine.

Other notable achievements include making it through to the final 10 of Q Magazine’s Glastonbury competition, being named as the hardest working, most gigging songwriter of 2009 by the PRS, and selling over 3000 albums and EPs solely at live performances.
Paul is currently unsigned and unrepresented, building a cottage industry into something more in a purely independent, DIY fashion.

Paul is a smooth and capable guitarist, and his low-key vocals tackle social injustice and media corruption with wry compassion. The vivid splashes of grungy electric riffage that punctuate this album add welcome force to this sharply etched portrait of life in modern Britain – GUITARIST MAGAZINE

“Milestones And Motorways” is a real troubadour album, one that throws life and experiences right back at you, ready to challenge your thought processes and move on. Politics both personal and global aren’t shied away from, Liddell is not about to sell himself and his listeners short by compromising yet still contrasts his aggression with recocilliation – FATEA MAGAZINE

An artist in the bloom of their creativity – FOLKING.COM

Milestones and Motorways is a very upbeat, acoustic self journey with a twist of pop. High energy tunes like Kill-O-Gram seem to lead the way for mellow finger picking and political views. This reminds me a little of The John Butler Trio. I can’t wait to see Paul Liddell live! 10/10 – FOLK, BLUES AND BEYOND

Liddell’s guitar playing is extraordinary throughout this set as he employs percussive, hammer-on, slide, and a wide array of finger-picking techniques most reminiscent of Lindsay Buckingham — a master of melding pop melodies and flash. This record has the potential to break Liddell into the mainstream — that is, if the masses can turn off American Idol, X-Factor or The Voice and pay attention to a bona-fide, honest artist! – MINOR 7TH

The album is bejewelled with glittering nuggets with the shiniest being the cutting wit of ‘Game Show Host’ and ‘Kill-O-Gram’, the lilting ‘Footprints’ (very Seth Lakeman) nagging riff of ‘Trash’, gorgeous ‘Peace of Mind’ and deceptively simple but memorable closer ‘Red Apple’ – ALLGIGS.CO.UK

Lyrically, the songs come armed with a social and political conscience (bankers, the media, Catholicism, instant gratification culture,) as well as exploring self-doubt and the human condition….. capable of sharp observations and on the lovely Footprints with its ‘walking in circles footprint wheels’ line, unbridled romanticism. – NETRHYTHMS

With eleven original songs, Paul makes no effort to disguise his roots on each of the songs, with his distinct North Eastern accent clearly audible, which brings to those songs a particular identity. With a clear guitar sound the album opens with the stylish A Means to an End, displaying his fine command over song structure and arrangement. – NORTHERN SKY MAGAZINE

The days of the singer songwriter will no doubt re-emerge, and when it does there’s some very talented artists out there. Paul Liddell counts amongst those and Milestones and Motorways – his third album – is packed with some excellent playing (A Means To An End opens the set in an explosive Rodrigo y Gabriela style) – strong song writing, and some fine hooks. And it’s good to see him not attempting to disguise his North East roots in his singing style. More power to his elbow.  – GET READY TO ROCK

A surprisingly strong set of songs from a talented songwriter who proves that the independent, DIY spirit is alive and kicking – WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN

Echoes of classic prog rock and folk rock – think ‘Yes’, ‘John Martin’ ‘Fairport Convention’ that sort of sound… Paul Liddell on this album avoids all of the pitfalls that performers in the genre usually fall into. A refreshing and highly recommended album and is a worthy record of the month. – RECORD OF THE MONTH – LIVE BLUES

Paul Liddell – Official Website
Paul Liddell - Soundcloud
Paul Liddell - MySpace
Paul Liddell - Facebook
Paul Liddell - Twitter
Paul Liddell - Youtube
Paul Liddell - Bandcamp
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Paul Liddell - eMusic
Paul Liddell - Amazon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sena Ehrhardt

About: Sena Ehrhardt

Sena Ehrhardt has emerged as one of the freshest and most dynamic emerging young voices on the blues scene today.  As the buzz about her incendiary performances at clubs and festivals spreads, heavyweight acts have begun to take notice. She’s been invited to open concerts for B.B. King, ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Dickey Betts, Johnny Winter and Gregg Allman.  Her latest release, Live My Life, further confirms Sena’s ascendance to blues elite status.

Sena was born and raised in a house of blues in the Minneapolis area.  As a kid her parents took her to many all-ages concerts and she was able to see artists like B.B. King, Koko Taylor and the Fabulous Thunderbirds wow their audiences with polished and exciting performances. As she grew older young artists like Jonny Lang and Susan Tedeschi gained success, putting young, contemporary faces to the music she loved.

A pivotal moment for Sena was attending one of Luther Allison's final concerts. As she describes it, “As the sun went down and the lights came up, the emotion of his voice washed over the crowd like a wave, leaving me with tears in my eyes. His ability to connect through music with every member of that audience, each with their own stories, struggles and victories, was stunning to witness. In that moment the idea of being a singer ceased to be a choice for me and instead became a calling.”

After graduating from college in 2005, Sena began singing with Plan B, her father’s band, which led to her desire to front her own group.  In 2010 she started the Sena Ehrhardt Band.

In 2011 Blind Pig released her brilliant debut recording, Leave The Light On, and the critics and fans alike took immediate notice.  Blues Revue said, "From track to track, Ehrhardt establishes that she is capable of crooning softly or wailing with the best of them.”  Living Blues added, "Sena Ehrhardt has a bright, soulful sound, and she doesn't hold back - she can go from sultry and coaxing to gritty and gutsy in an instant.”

Elmore magazine commented, "A wicked sense of soul power. Ehrhardt creates an atmosphere of lamp-light jazz club, diva-esque swagger through effortless vocal bends and brassy, wrapped-around-her-finger inflections that will have the listener hanging on every word."  The album won the Blues Blast Music Award for "Best New Artist Debut Release" and was nominated for a Blues Music Award in that same category.

For her second recording, All In, released in 2013, Sena teamed up with one the foremost producers in the worlds of rock and blues (Santana, Luther Allison, Stevie Ray Vaughan), multi-Grammy Award winner Jim Gaines. The result of their collaboration is a groove-rich, exciting exploration of the blues in all its moods.

Calling her “truly one of the most dynamic young voices any genre has seen in a long time,” Living Blues said, "Her 2011 debut was a bold statement in cabaret-blues silken gloss. Whereas her debut can be seen as walking into the club and feeling the crowd, on this effort, Ehrhardt owns the joint. Sena Ehrhardt's voice cannot get any more powerful, range-defying, and throwback cool.”   Sena was named a 2014 Living Blues Award nominee in the “Blues Artist of the Year (Female)” category.

With her newest release, Live My Life, Sena continues to forge her own personal and intelligent take on the blues.  Says Sena, “Live My Life is such a fitting title for my new release.  The last year has been one of tremendous growth and inspiration for me both personally and professionally through music.”   For one thing, she’s excited about an all-new line up of top-flight musicians she recruited to her Band.   After serving as her band’s lead guitarist and song writing collaborator through her first two releases, Sena’s father stepped aside earlier this year and she’s put together a dynamic and energetic new group. 

With the new band behind her, Sena’s looking forward to exciting opportunities on the horizon to play more festivals nationally and begin touring internationally, as she continues to come into her own as a vocalist, songwriter and entertainer.

“Working in the studio with producer David Z. at the helm was a dream come true. His catalogue of work has been, in some ways, a soundtrack of my life - ranging from Prince to Jonny Lang.  I was thrilled that David, who has strong ties to Minnesota, was able to come to my home state to record my album.  In the studio he brought inspired and emotional performances out of myself, my band and the guest musicians on my album.  It was truly an honor to work with a creative and contemporary living legend in music.”

“The carefully selected covers are songs that I have held dear to my heart for years, with my own spin on their classic stories and appeal.  The process of writing for this album along with my guitarist, Cole Allen, was incredibly rewarding.”

With her commanding stage presence, and gritty, soulfully emotional vocal prowess, Sena Ehrhardt will continue to rank among the very best and most versatile of current blues vocalists.  The journey’s just beginning for this artist, but with the release of Live My Life, her expressive song writing, and outstanding performances, the recognition and accolades for this rising star will continue to amass

CONTACT: Sena Ehrhardt 

Sena Ehrhardt – Official Website
Sena Ehrhardt – Blind Pig Records
Sena Ehrhardt - Reverbnation
Sena Ehrhardt – Last FM
Sena Ehrhardt - Facebook
Sena Ehrhardt - Twitter
Sena Ehrhardt - iTunes
Sena Ehrhardt – Blind Pig Records

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