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United Music Mag 09 2016


In this weeks edition of United Music Mag, we cover a wide variety of new music including UK folk rock legend, “Graham Nash”, Cumbria UK’s gift to Progressive Rock, “Gandalf’s Fist”, a groovy Psychedelic surf Rock band from Madrid Spain called “Phonocaptors” and a great Indie rock band from Bursa, Turkey called “IN HOODIES”.

2016 is shaping up to be an awesome year for music and not surprisingly, today’s edition has a lot to offer. So let's not delay any further and get right to it...


Graham Nash

First up is the never aging Graham Nash who has just released his latest album ”This Path Tonight” on Blue Castle Records. I was pleasantly surprised to find Graham’s new album on Bandcamp today and so was able to have a good listen to it and can say without hesitation that “This Path Tonight” is one of Graham’s best albums to date, in fact there’s going to be a good argument that it could be his best, and that’s saying something. But don’t take my word for it, have a listen to the music for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

“This Path Tonight” is the new studio album and collection of 10 original songs from Graham Nash. Produced by Shane Fontayne, this is Nash's first solo record of new music in fourteen years. The album is one of reflection and transition of a singer-songwriter whose career (the Hollies, CSN, CSNY) has spanned more than five decades and counting.

“What a pleasure it was recording this album,” says Graham Nash. “Shane and I had written 20 songs in a month and recorded them in eight days. The music has a different feel to my earlier albums although I hear echoes of each one. This journey of mine was one of self-discovery, of intense creation, of absolute passion.”

“This Path Tonight” is one of the best laidback reflective albums you will hear this year and will certainly top the charts. Be sure to catch Graham on Tour this year and while you’re at it, drop by his social websites to say “Hi” to let him know just how great his new album is…  

Album: This Path Tonight - Track By Track by Graham Nash

Video Source: Graham Nash

Encore – (Album: This Path Tonight – 2016)

Video Source: RTL

Added to the Following music Play-Lists:

Myself at Last – (Album: This Path Tonight – 2016)

Source Video: RTL

Added to the Following music Play-Lists:

This Path Tonight – (Album: This Path Tonight – 2016)

Source Video: YouTube

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Cracks in the City – (Album: This Path Tonight – 2016)

Source Video: YouTube

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CONTACT: Graham Nash


Gandalf’s Fist

Progressive rock is back on the rise, and Gandalf’s Fist has a new album to share this year!

Their album, “The Clockwork Fable” is due out on May 01st, 2016 but the band has graciously given their music fans a track to listen to before release day called “Shadowborn”. They also released a song in Dec 2015 called, “The First Lamplighter (Memories of Nuclear Snow)” to keep everyone on their toes in anticipation…and of course we have included them here, below, for your listening pleasure. 8-)

The bands storied music has gained a sizable following over the past 11 years due to their unique blend of music that's steeped in Medieval Folk rock, including streams of Space rock to round out their brand of Progressive rock.

Gandalf’s Fist is Prog/Folk/Rock from the Murky depths of Cumbria, aided by a merry band of misfits, just waiting to be your new favourite Cult band! Check out more of their music below and then head over to their social websites to see what they’re up to.

Album: The Clockwork Fable – (Release Date May 01, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

*Note: Songs will be added to the playlists once they become available on YouTube.

The First Lamplighter (Memories of Nuclear Snow) – (Dec 12, 2015)

Song Source: Bandcamp

Album: A Forest of Fay – (Released Oct 20th, 2014)

Album Source: Bandcamp

A Universal Wanderer – (Album: A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer – 2013)

Video Source: Gandalf’s Fist

Gandalf’s Fist LINKS:




Picking through new digital albums on bandcamp can be a real joy on some days and today was no exception especially when the first notes of, “Better Call Saul” by Phonocaptors captured my attention through its mesmerizing foot tapping wall of sound. I liked it right off the bat.

Phonocaptors is a far out Psychedelic instrumental quartet from Madrid Spain that just released their third album, “Errata Naturae” on Bandcamp April 16, 2016. All three albums are packed with a progressive psychedelic surf sound that tell a story in a unique progressive instrumental way and it's delivered in a multi coloured flair on the high side of the surf. Very enjoyable music…

Check out their music below and then visit their social pages to see what they’re up to… 8-)

Album: Errata Naturae – (Released on Bandcamp April 16, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Album: Danse Macabre – (Released May 09, 2014)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Album: Mutant Safari – (Released May 01, 2013)

Album Source: Bandcamp

* Music will be added to the YouTube Play-Lists as it becomes available.

Phonocaptors LINKS:


CONTACT: Phonocaptors



IN HOODIES is an awesome rock band from Bursa, Turkey that I happened across on bandcamp today…all I can say is it’s been a great day for music! IN HOODIES music is described as Indie rock, or alternative rock that at times, borders on progressive rock…and really there’s a lot more room for description, but one word sums up their debut album, “A Lunar Manoeuvre” in a nutshell, and that word is “Awesome!” with an exclamation point!

The 10-song album, “A Lunar Manoeuvre” is a perfect blend of vocal harmony, lyric, and music vibration that not only captures your attention but also grows on you with each play, while also taking you to a real good place inside. The music is truly “Infectious” and will be one of the memorable albums of 2016. This is great music! Have a listen below and be sure to visit their social websites to let them know just how great the album is.

Full Album: A Lunar Manoeuvre – (Released April 11, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Brave – (Album: A Lunar Manoeuvre - 2016)

Video Source: IN HOODIES

Added to the Following music Play-Lists:

Rules of Adulthood - (Album: A Lunar Manoeuvre - 2016)

Video Source: IN HOODIES

Added to the Following music Play-Lists:

Shed Tune - (Album: A Lunar Manoeuvre - 2016)

Video Source: IN HOODIES

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…and there we have it! Another edition come to an end with the promise of great music fulfilled. Be sure to share this post with friends because music doesn't move without you...

To all the artists, thanks for sharing your creative spirit through your music. It truly does make a difference...oh and don't forget to share this post with your network. After all, your fans could become another artists fans as their fans could become yours and that makes all the difference in the world…thanks for stopping by and have a super week!

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United Music Mag 08 2016

Welcome to 8th edition of United Music Mag!

Today featured artists are “Charlie Cunningham” from Bedfordshire UK, “Joshua Hyslop“ from Abbotsford BC Canada, “Thom Worth” from Kingston upon Thames UK, and the “Flamin’ Groovies” from San Francisco California.

Showcasing what’s new in music for thirsty ears, this weeks variety of music covers a range of Folk, Soft Rock, Alternative Rock, and plain ole Rock n Roll, the medicine that keeps me on my toes. So without further adu, let’s get right to it…


Charlie Cunningham

With a Spanish flamenco influence woven into a brilliant vocal delivery, Bedfordshire UK’s Charlie Cunningham is capturing audiences across the UK and beyond.

Charlie has an engaging style of acoustic folk that entices a reflective ambience within the listener, which is so very well demonstrated in the tracks below.

“Telling it wrong” first caught my attention on “The Mahogany Sessions” in June 2015 and right from the first few notes I knew I was in for something special, holy man was that an understatement. I’ve included that video recording as well as the studio version below, which was just released on April 08th,  2016 on his 4 song EP “Heights Released”. It must be said that Charlie Cunningham’s music is a must listen for serious music fans.

Be sure to check out Charlie’s social links, give the thumbs up, subscribe and say “Hi”. You can pick up Charlies music on iTunes and Bandcamp. (All links provided below)

Telling it Wrong - (EP: Heights Released April 08, 2016)

Video Source: Charlie Cunningham

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Blindfold - (EP: Heights Released April 08, 2016)

Video Source: Charlie Cunningham

Found on the following Play-Lists:

While You are Young - (EP: Heights Released April 08, 2016)

Video Source: Charlie Cunningham

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Charlie Cunningham - Telling It Wrong – Live on Mahogany Sessions

Video Source: Mahogany Sessions

In One Out – (EP: Outside Things – 2014)

Video Source: Charlie Cunningham

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Charlie Cunningham LINKS:



 Joshua Hyslop

Joshua is a singer songwriter from Abbotsford BC, Canada, who is signed with Nettwerk Records.

Not just another singer songwriter, but one with something to say through the lyrics of his addictive music but what sets Joshua apart and into the spotlight is his confident ability in a live venue. Josh will silence the crowd with a soft engaging vocal pitch to draw the audience towards his unmistaken aura for being one of the good guys, something you will hear and understand through his lyrics.

Have a listen to Joshua’s latest single, “The Spark” and then the selected songs below for an understanding of just how good Joshua is.

Don’t forget to visit his social links to find out what he’s up to and while your there say hi. Be sure to catch Joshua on his up coming tour through the US & Canada. You can find out where he’s playing at the link provided below.

The Spark – (Release date - April 14, 2016)

Video Source: NettwerkMusic

Found on the following Play-Lists:

World Spins Madly On – (Weepies Cover – 2015)

Video Source: NettwerkMusic

Living & Dying – Live in Studio – (2014)

Video Source: NettwerkMusic

“Living & Dying” found on the following Play-Lists:

Joshua Hyslop LINKS:


CONTACT: Joshua Hyslop


Thom Worth

Today’s third artist is the amazing Thom Worth from Kingston on Thames UK.

I found Thom recently on a promotional YouTube channel called “Ont’ Sofa” where he knocked my socks off with his new song “Oh! Lucinda”. The first thing I noticed was his vocal range and as I sat there listening, I though, “My god this is fantastic Music!”…well I was hooked and decided to look into more of his music and was very impressed with what I found. I think you will be too. Have a listen to Thom’s new song “Oh! Lucinda” below… What a great way to drive this 2016 spring into summer, which I have no doubt you will be hearing this song all over the place.

Thom’s debut EP “Meet Me Tonight” was released on Bandcamp in March 2015 to rave reviews following a busy 2014 tour, playing stages at Green Man, Victorious and The Isle of Wight Festivals. Thom had an array of gifted musicians playing with him on the EP to help produce his rich and unique sound, including Josh Phillips from Procol Harum. I truly enjoyed this EP and I’m pleased to share it with you here as well.

Don’t forget to visit Thom’s social pages (See links below) to find out what he’s up to, when he’s touring, and also to say “Hi!” You can pick up Thom’s music at Bandcamp.

Oh! Lucinda – (To Be Released in 2016)

Video Source: Ont’ Sofa

Found on the following Play-Lists:

EP: Meet Me Tonight – (Bandcamp Release March 07, 2015)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Thom Worth LINKS:


CONTACT: Thom Worth


Flamin’ Groovies

What better way to end this edition of United Music mag than to have the “Flamin’ Groovies” jump out at you with their brand new song “Crazy Macy”. Rock n Roll is back and Flamin groovy man! Yes they are back and coming to a city near you so be sure to check out their Tour schedule and catch their show.

What started as a reunion in 2013 with tours of Japan, Australia, and the UK, has continued and evolved into a full blown return in full force of the FLAMIN GROOVIES. In the past two years the band has toured the USA extensively with repeated visits to New York, L.A. and their hometown of San Francisco, recently returned from a hugely successful tour of Spain, France and Italy. In anticipation of their 50th Anniversary in 2016, they are now putting the finishing touches on a new album, a documentary film, and are about to drop a single this year, their first new recordings in over thirty years…and here it is! “Crazy Macy”

The Cyril Jordan, Chris Wilson, George Alexander line-up featured on the three albums released by Sire Records, that rocked the UK, Europe and the US from 1971 - 1980 are BACK IN ACTION. With the addition of Victor Penalosa on drums, continue to present their own unique and infectious style of rock n roll with such cult classics as "Shake Some Action", "Slow Death," and "Teenage Head”.

The debut track from The Flamin' Groovies' forthcoming studio album marks the first Cyril Jordan/Chris Wilson-penned song released since 1979! And what a great song it is!

Be sure to check out the “Flamin’ Groovies” on their social links to find out what they’re up to, when they’re on tour, and of course to say “Hi”!

Crazy Macy – (To Be Released in 2016)

Video Source: Flamin Groovies

Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Slow Death & Shake Some Action - (Live in Madrid 2015)

Video Source: Flamin Groovies

Teen Age Head - (Live in Madrid 2015)

Video Source: Flamin Groovies

Flamin Groovies LINKS:


…And that’s it for another edition of United Music Mag. Be sure to check out all the artists websites and don’t forget to share this post because as things go, promotion of this music revolution is in your hands, and the best way to connect with others is by digital word of mouth. Share, share away as I bid you good day!

Pssst…there’s really great music being made today and here’s some of it, pass it on.

Have a great week everyone!

Stewart Brennan
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United Music Mag 07 2016

Welcome to the 7th edition of United Music mag! Today’s featured artists are “The Rob Booth Band” from London, UK, “Billy Pettinger” aka “Billy the Kid” from Alabama, “Michael Mazochi” from LA, California, and “Peter Case” from San Francisco.

This week’s new music line-up is filled with Blues, folk, Rock, and everything in between including revolutionary elements that speak to the emotional social settings of our times. So let’s get this music revolution started!


The Rob Booth Band

The Rob Booth Band is from London (UK) (South West - Wimbledon, Croydon, Morden) and was formed out of the famous jams at Ain't Nothing but the Blues bar in Soho. The Band has played together for the past 10 years in the UK & Spain, and will be on the road touring in 2016. Plans also include a studio visit with new material and a possible second album release later this year.

Their debut album, “Can’t Stop” was actually created in 2010 but was released on Bandcamp March 16th, 2016 which gives it the new music status in my books. The album flows with a variety of Americana blues, UK folk / pop influences through its solid mixture of originals and cover songs. The album centers on the insatiable pull of love, the despair of losing it and where it can leave you…’The Cold” is the place.

Have a listen to their smooth jazzy blues hit single “The Cold” and then check out the entire album, “Can’t Stop” below. Be sure to visit “The Rob Booth Band” on Facebook to keep up to date with what they’re up to…and don’t forget to give them the thumbs up. 

Band Members:
Rob Booth - Vocals & Guitar
Fran Okine - Bass
Paul Francis Bucknor- Drums
Fred Par - Keyboards & Harmonica
Luke Anthony - Guitar

The Cold – Album: Can’t Stop 

Video Source: World United Music

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Album: Can’t Stop (Released on Bandcamp March 16, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

The Rob Booth Band LINKS:



Billy Pettinger

Hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada, and now living in Alabama, Billy Pettinger aka Billy the Kid has created some of the very best memorable music in Alternative country / Soft Rock that this listener has heard, and I’ve heard a great many songs in my lifetime. Billy’s latest 5 song, almost album, “You Can Have it All” is no exception and contains a hidden diamond with the album’s opening song, “Moving On” which to me contains the sound and atmosphere that drew my attention to her music in the first place.

All 5 songs on “You Can Have it All” hold big potential and will resonate with Americana, soft rock, alt country, folk fans so check out Billy’s new, “almost album” below and then have a listen to “Thoroughfare” from 2014 and “New Orleans Night” from 2012. To me, these songs capture a certain melancholy mood and atmosphere of an age as they reach out through music history like a message in a bottle showing they can withstand the tempestuous seas of time.

Be sure to visit Billy’s social links, check out more of her great music and say hi!

Album: You Can Have it All 
(Released on Bandcamp April 1st, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Thoroughfare – (2014)

Video Source: Billy the Kid

Found on the following Play-Lists:

New Orleans Night – (2012)

Video Source: Billy The Kid

Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Billy's LINKS:

CONTACT: Billy Pettinger


Michael Mazochi

Today’s third artist is Michael Mazochi from Los Angeles, California. Michael weaves his creative spirit and writing abilities across many genres putting life and meaning into all of his music. So today we’ll show you a little bit of Michael’s world as we cover his latest music projects including his folk rock a la Woody Guthrie, “The Cold War Sessions” and the energetic rock n roll of “The Michael Mazochi Band".

Michael Mazochi has been pursuing the evolution of expression for the better part of a decade. His work ranges from folk, to country, to indie rock, to pop, to rock and roll. His more instrumentally dense work with his band is an exploration of pop, psychedelic, garage and good old fashioned rock n' roll while his solo work tends towards the more intimate confessions of a solo artist.

In my opinion, everyone needs a revolution, and mine revolves around music. So when I hear the pains of the world or the call to put up a fight for freedom and justice and what is right, all contained in a song, I’m an instant fan…and so I’m really pleased to feature Michael Mazochi and his music on United Music Mag today…this is what it’s all about!

Michael’s music vibrates on many frequencies with mindful energy and spirit to capture the listener’s heart and soul as you will hear in the music selections below, but don’t take my word for it, go to iTunes to have a listen to his latest album “The Cold War”.

“The Cold War” is a brilliant album that is destined to be one of the albums of the year as it resonates with the life and times we are living in today. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to check out Michael’s music below and at the links provided…and be sure to drop by his social network pages to give him the thumbs up…hey, the revolution begins with music, pass it on!

A World in Pieces – Album: The Cold War Sessions – (Released April 8th, 2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Golden Throes - Album: The Cold War Sessions – (Released April 8th, 2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

Found on the following Playlists:

Donald Trump Presidential Blues – (2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi EP #1 – (Released July 05, 2015)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Michael Mazochi lets it all out with a powerful expression in these revolutionary times and tells us to “Put Up a Fight”…Damn Straight!! Let the revolution begin!!

Put Up a Fight 

Video Source: World United Music

Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Michael Mazochi LINKS:


CONTACT: Michael Mazochi


Peter Case

Peter Case’s work sets the bar for authenticity, passion and imagination and spans a number of genres, including folk, blues, and rock. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Case came to the Bay area in 1973 and worked as a street musician and played in the seminal power pop group The Nerves, before moving to Los Angeles to form the Plimsouls, landing a deal with Geffen Records.

The Plimsouls achieved success with the single, "A Million Miles Away,” but broke up shortly after. Case’s 1986 solo Geffen record revealed deep roots in folk and blues, and earned him his first Grammy nomination for the song “Old Blue Car” as well as the Number 1 spot on the NY Time’s 1986 Best CDs list. Six CDs later, Case earned another nomination for Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, a remarkable collection of songs that features Case’s voice and a single guitar. It’s clear that Case is a major talent on the Americana troubadour landscape.

Case’s 2010 CD, Wig emphasized the rock and blues side of Case’s repertoire, while 2007's Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John demonstrates what Case can do with just his voice and a guitar. With or without a backing band, Case delivers his songs with both intense passion and introspective nuance.

HWY 62 is the latest album by Peter Case released on October 30th, 2015. The album is another masterful offering that easily falls into a plethora of music genres including acoustic folk, blues, Americana, alt country, and the protest categories that will please a great number of music fans. The content of “HWY 62” is filled with memories, hard times and brutal honesty that comes to life with this seasoned folk and blues veteran who delivers a realistic professional air, flair and swagger with his music…and it can be said without hesitation that the music of Peter Case stands on its own with the pulse of the nation playing the chords…

“HWY 62 reaches deep down into the depths of the soul of a nation to mirror the times we live in and it’s delivered by a seasoned veteran, with total class.” ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to check out all of Peter’s music and visit his social pages to catch up with what he’s up to and where he’s touring.

Waiting on a Plane – Album: HWY 62 (Released Oct. 30th, 2015)

Video Source: YouTube

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Pelican Bay - Album: HWY 62 (Released Oct. 30th, 2015)

Video Source: YouTube

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Peter Case LINKS:


CONTACT: Peter Case

…And there we have another edition of United Music Mag and what’s new in music this week.

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United Music Mag 06 2016


United Music Mag is dedicated to presenting new music by at least four artists every week for inquiring music fans. This is where you’ll hear all the best music from across the World in one place, Signed, Unsigned, and Independent…and so here are today's four artist’s under the spotlight who range from the known to unknown including the awesome multi genre music master “Ben Harper” from Pomona California, the cool surf sounds of “The High Breaks” from Burlington Vermont, the progressive Psychedelic sounds of “The Steams” from Athens Greece, and the Retro 60’s Beatlesque Pop Band “Radio Days” from Milan Italy.

There’s lot’s of great music the World Over, so let’s get started…


Ben Harper

It had been seven years since Ben Harper last played a show with the Innocent Criminals, so when the time came to reunite for a live tour in 2015, the band—percussionist Leon Mobley, bassist Juan Nelson, drummer Oliver Charles, keyboardist Jason Yates, and guitarist Michael Ward—quickly discovered that Harper had more in mind than simply revisiting the group's prodigious collection of hits. In fact, Harper had been quietly amassing material for a new record, Call It What It Is, and the first recording sessions were scheduled to begin even before the rehearsals for their triumphant four-night sold-out reunion run at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

"I thought we would be more energized and revitalized by thinking outside the box and starting with new material in the studio before we dug into the old stuff," explains Harper. "It was meant to be a signpost that we're here to forge new ground musically and personally. Because of that, the older material started to sound brand new too."

Beginning with his 1994 debut, Welcome To The Cruel World, Harper released a string of eight studio albums over a decade and a half. This extraordinary run, featuring contributions from the Innocent Criminals, established him as a singularly powerful songwriter and performer with range across multiple genres and an unmatched ability to blend the personal and political. The accolades poured in—Rolling Stone hailed his "jewels of unique and exquisitely tender rock & roll," while Entertainment Weekly praised his "casual profundity," and Billboard said his music "reminds us of the power and beauty of simplicity." Massive, international sold-out tours, Top 10 debuts in the US, Gold and Platinum certifications overseas, and a slew of TV appearances cemented Harper and the band's status as genuine global stars.

"The process of working outside of my comfort zone is really important to my growth," explains Harper. "The situations I've put myself in have pushed me further than I could go in any familiar setting, and that's what's brought me back full circle to the Innocent Criminals now. Everybody went out and grew in their own ways during our time apart, and that's brought this heightened level of appreciation for each other and what we do."

"Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and different styles of music," said Nelson. "What makes us unique is that we come from different places musically and we seem to complement each other because of the different styles that we play."

"Playing with the Innocent Criminals again is like riding a bike," adds Charles, "but that bike has gotten tons of upgrades and modifications since the last time. There was a feeling I had missed for so long that you can only get from playing together."

From the opening minutes of Call It What It Is, it's clear that that feeling has never been more powerful or exhilarating. The album kicks off with "When Sex Was Dirty," a song that Harper had earmarked for the Innocent Criminals from the moment he wrote it. It's all classic rock and roll bravado, full of electric guitar swagger, driving percussion, and seductive energy. Harper follows it up by demonstrating that his range is wider than ever with the utterly vulnerable "Deeper and Deeper," a near-whispered acoustic moment of introspection co-written with Ward, who says that despite the time apart, or perhaps because of it, the band is now "closer than ever as musicians and as human beings."

It's on the album's bluesy title track, though, that Harper cuts to the quick. "There's good cops and bad cops / White cops and black cops / Got to call it what it is / Murder," he sings before invoking the names of Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, and Michael Brown.

For the first time in his career, Harper split the recording of the album into four five-day sessions spread across an entire year, enabling him and the band to come back to the music with a deeper sense of objectivity. "It gave us a chance to live with the songs for a while and let them soak in," says Mobley, who worked with artists as diverse as Mick Jagger and Nas during his time away from the Innocent Criminals. "It gave us a chance to reflect, which was important to our satisfaction and allowed us to make good decisions."

The new album is Harper's second release for Stax Records. Perhaps most associated with icons like Booker T & The MGs, Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, Stax is a seamless fit for Call It What It Is, due to its rich Civil Rights-era legacy and its dedication to spreading soul music in all its most powerful forms. Harper speaks reverently of the label, describing the honor and the privilege of calling it his home, and it's clear the history holds a special place in his heart as both a fan and an artist.

As serious and solemn as Call It What It Is can get, though, it's also one of Harper's most joyous records. "Shine" grooves with blissful passion, while "Pink Balloon" shows off a lyrical mischievousness that surprised even Harper himself. Like so many of the other tracks, it only fully revealed itself over time and through a free-flowing collaboration with those closest to him.

"There's a natural way we move together and flow through the recording of a song," explains Yates. "There's an unspoken dialogue that runs steady through this album like a river. The feelings evoked by these songs are coming from the very depths of our souls. It's a sacred sharing."

The result is perhaps the proudest accomplishment of Harper's prodigious career.

"The time we took with this record has let me look it straight in the eyes and say that I gave everything I could to it and that it's exactly the way we intended it to be. To be able to say that we've left no stone unturned just feels great."

For the legions of Ben Harper fans that have been waiting eight years for a new album with the Innocent Criminals, it feels even better.

For more on Ben Harper please be sure to check out his official website and also say hi on his social links provided below.

Call it What it Is – Album: Call it What it Is – (Release Date: April 08, 2016) 

Video Source: Ben Harper YouTube

Added “Call it what it is” to the following YouTube Play-Lists

Goodbye to You (Live on KEXP) – Album: Call it What it Is – (Release Date: April 08, 2016)

Video Source: KEXP

Added “Goodbye to You” to the Following Playlists:

All that has Grown (Live on KEXP) – Album: Call it what it Is – (Release Date: April 08, 2016)

Video Source: KEXP

Ben Harper Links:

CONTACT: Ben Harper


The High Breaks

The High Breaks are an Instrumental Surf Psyche Rock band from Burlington, Vermont who’ve just released their groovy surf mood maker debut album titled “Droppin’ Off with…The High Breaks” on Bandcamp.

The High Breaks aim for a very specific comfort level. By crafting traditional surf vibe and tone into an accessible instrumental story, the goal is to give the listener a sensation of being elsewhere. This compilation of original, instrumental narratives is meant to evoke a feeling of ease, cool adrenaline comfort and suspicion. Enjoy this music in a car on a sunny day or on a stoop at dusk…or even just kickin’ back on the computer. Check out their links and be sure to show your shades and give them the thumbs up.

Band Members:
Todd Gevry - Drums
Kevin Lynam - Bass
Matt Hagen - Guitar
Michael Clifford - Guitar

Album: Droppin’ Off with…The High Breaks – (Released March 21, 2016)

Source Album: Bandcamp 

Music will be added to playlists once it becomes available

Sandblaster – (2013)

The High Breaks Links:

CONTACT: The High Breaks 


The Steams

The Steams are a modern Progressive Psychedelic rock band from Athens, Greece that came together in September 2011. Influenced by a wide variety of music from the 60’s including “The Doors”, “Pink Floyd”, and “Aphrodite’s Child”, the Steams Music carries a solid schooling of the best while adding some of the more recent influences such as the “Kyuss” and “Brian Jonestown Massacre” to their own creative flair.

Over the past few years “The Steams” have experimented with various sounds while developing their own style of rock which gathers their influences of 60’s, Progressive rock and today’s shoegaze / Psychedelic rock. A sound that is demonstrated well on their debut two song release, “Feed” and “Green Fire”.

The Steams continue to play the Athens music circuit and plan an autumn tour followed by studio time to release their debut album in 2017. Be sure to check out this rising band from Athens and say hello to them on facebook.

Band Members:
Sæn (Guitar / Vocals)
Nephelie (Drums / Percussion)
Simon (Bass Guitar)
Andrew (Guitars)

Feed – Released March 24, 2016)

Video Source: The Steams

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Single: Feed & Green Fire – Released: March 24th, 2016

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Radio Days

Today’s 4th band is a retro 60’s Pop / Power Pop group from Milan Italy. If you love the early Beatles, you’ll love this new single of theirs called “Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore” taken from the album “Back in the Day” released on March 31st, 2016.

The album is filled with upbeat Pop music that’s sure to please, so be sure to check out their new album below and then go over to their websites to listen to all their other tunes and then find out what they’re up to.

Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore – Album: Back in the Day (2016)

Video Source: Radio Days YouTube

The song “Why Don't You Love Me Anymore” was added to the following Play-lists:

Album: Back in the Day – (Released March 31, 2016)

Chains – (The Cookies Cover – 2013)

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