Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Seriph

About: Red Seriph

In the Fall of 2007 after HALLOWBODY branched off into 3*Kick-Ass Bands*Jeff(GUITAR&VOCALS) and Chris(DRUM-KIT)started writing and recording songs for their new CD*A MANIFEST OF CORRUPT THOUGHTS*.After countless hours of learning how to record in a garage behind Jeff"s house; and auditioning musicians to complete the band (2 years in the making) RED SERIPH WAS BORN with Tyler (who helped engineer some of the drum tracks - Chris's son on guitar and Jerry on bass -{formerly of SNAFU & RELENTLESS}*The Band is on a mission to bring their brand of ROCK to the PEOPLE*!! Be sure to stop by and join our Fans and support us- *Tune in*-*Turn on*-*Throw down*

Band Members:

Chris Williamson - Drum-Kit - Backing Vox
Tyler Williamson - Guitars
Jerry Sparks – Bass
J.R."Big"Barger – Lead - Guitars and Vox

Sounds Like: Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Puddle of Mudd

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Sarah Burton

About: Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton's playful soul has found its home in music through three diverse albums, and countless ups and downs while traversing the globe. She's seen her way through acoustic folk beginnings, into country swing and steel guitars, then electrifying blues-rock. On her new album Make Your Own Bed, Sarah doesn't just embrace indie-pop into her musical inventory, but returns to her first inspiration; the piano.

The anticipated fourth release [Make Your Own Bed], is quintessentially Sarah Burton; full of clever lyrics and slices of life described in unique detail. It was a thought at the back of the songwriter's mind for years, as Sarah Burton got her start in music through piano lessons as a child, before switching to the role of axe-slinger and singer when performing. Recently though, Sarah found herself in front of a beautiful Steinway in Almonte, ON, with engineer/producer Ken Friesen (Tragically Hip, Hawksley Workman, Blue Rodeo), and producer Derek Downham (The Beauties, Samantha Martin), awakening the memories and stirring up the inspiration to create what has turned out to be the most beautiful and polished release yet from the popular Toronto-based songwriter.

Make Your Own Bed is fearless indie-pop and rock, putting the piano in the spotlight, while keeping balance with elaborate percussion, guitar and electronic beats. Burton's vocals are at their best in sync with the keys, and each song pulls out either the soulful or sassy sides of her style. The album's title track and lead single "Make Your Own Bed" is an edgy modern rock expression of how we play out our lives, while "True" belts out the truth in twinkling pop splendor.  "I Will Be Free" is a strong slow burn of song, and "So Long" and "Ocean Town" radiate a summer time feel.  Sarah also gloriously revives Treble Charger's "Red", complete with Bill Priddle singing harmony vocals on the track, and brings a new electro-pop vibe to the re-imagined "Love to Love You", which first appeared with a blues-rock treatment on her 2012 release.

Fire Breathers:

Released in August 2012, Sarah Burton's Fire Breathers consists of 13 songs spun together by a spaghetti-western love story that follows three imperfect characters: the outlaw, the lady, and the man who was too good, through the torments and the pleasures of the heart. The album is distributed by Fontana North/Universal, courtesy of Tonic Records, Vancouver.

Portraying the "lady" in the FIRE BREATHERS story, is Miss Sarah Burton, and something got under her skin in this new release. From the edgy and fiercely independent sound of her previous album, Mayflower (containing such songs as"Antimonogamy" and "If This Is A Sin"), Fire Breathers shows more love to the opposite sex with songs like the lead out rocker "Raise The Bar", the power pop of "Love to Love You", and the raunchy blues-rock of "My Man". While softening her lyrical approach, Sarah also raised the bar herself on the sound and feel of this collection. Straight up rock 'n roll, dirty blues riffs, a little twang, and pop treatments run rampant throughout, thanks to the contributions of "the outlaw", bass player Luke Stackhouse, and "the man who was too good", guitar player Jay Swinnerton. Each song is unique while still flowing with style of the album; a piece of Canadiana splendor. Fire Breathers will leave you breathless.

"There's a slightly rough and ready feel to the instrumentation that suits Burton's vibrant and versatile vocals."
Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

Sarah Burton tells the tales of life with beauty, strength and weariness, and her sound rocks and rolls with just the right amount of country and pop influence. Sarah's music was featured in the film "Cabin Fever 2", and her the song Then Run Away, was named Best Folk Song by Toronto Exclusive magazine in 2009. A relentless road warrior who spends months on the road at a time, Sarah stopped moving long enough to record her debut EP Love is for Pussies in 2007, with Juno winning producer John Switzer, and followed it up in 2010 with her full-length album Mayflower; "a country dusted folk album of steel guitars and sweet sorrow" (Brad Wheeler, The Globe & Mail). Accompanying the Mayflower release is a video for How Good You Are (Feb 2011), thanks to a grant from Videofact, and a second video for the song Gravity (Feb 2012).
"Here is acoustic, rock, bluesy, torch, indie jive, country psychedelic, soul-baring beautiful music that those with a need to hear a new point of view ought to get off their butts and obtain. This album matters." – John McClure, Victory Music Review

Born in Ottawa, Sarah calls Toronto home. Her career has seen her play NXNE, Canadian Music Week, Winterfolk, We Are Many Festival, Brandon Folk Festival, North Country Fair, and BC's Music on the Mountain, in addition to many live music venues across Canada and the US. She's enjoyed radio play across North America, and rave reviews from tastemakers near and far! Miss Burton is not only adept with a guitar, but can tickle the ivories like she tickles your heart.

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Haunting Heather

About: Haunting Heather

This quartet produces likable rock music ranging from solid ballads, to danceable pop/rock, and powerful/emotional compositions that will move the listener in all directions.

Comprised of Jim Rippee (vocals), Shaun Brening (guitars), Brad Moon (bass), and Michael Keller (drums/keys), Haunting Heather has created and released a debut album (“One”) that focuses on music that is radio friendly.

Band Members:

Jim Rippee, Shaun Brening, Brad Moon, Michael Keller


U2, Bon Jovi, They Might Be Giants

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rudeness

About: The Rudeness

The Rudeness was originally conceived while the band toured the Mid-West on Warped Tour a few years back. 

At the time, The Rudeness were a full on Pop/Punk band called M-80. That band accomplished plenty, including national touring, national distribution, national publishing deals and a huge fan base, all of which were gained as an independent artist. Their releases “Put Down The BB Gun” and “Don’t Take It Away” are still available.

The boys were feeling tired of playing Pop/Punk and looking to get back to their musical roots. Having all come from the coastal region of Rhode Island, Reggae and Ska are a huge influence on their musical taste. 

Rhode Island has a little known hot spot where surfers go to listen to Reggae and Ska music. It's a bar called the Ocean Mist and it sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. There is a point break just beyond the back deck of the bar. You’d think you were in Hawaii if you stumbled in there and you might see the likes of Eek-A-Mouse, Buju Banton or Sizzla performing on any given night. That club holds the sound and the true spirit of what The Rudeness are about.

The Band is currently on hiatus, working on other projects.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends of Emmet

About: Friends of Emmet

Friends Of Emmet (F.O.E) is a band originally from Dublin, Ireland, but now based in Los Angeles CA.

F.O.E. will release State Of Mind in 2013; the album will consist of eleven songs, all of which have been licensed to MTV & used on shows such as Jersey Shore, The Real World, FriendZone, The PaulyD Project the Hit UK show HollyOaks.

One of the tracks, "Hero," will be featured in the independent movie "The Saving."

Another song, "Coming Apart," is a tribute to Kevin Hines, who attempted to take his own life at the young age of 19, yet survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hines is one of the few to ever survive the suicide plunge from 245 feet above the water. Upon hearing about Hines’ story, the band found themselves inspired by the turn of events and wrote "Coming Apart" in his honour. Kevin also features in the video for the song.

Friends Of Emmet are receiving airplay support in multiple countries including America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Wales, Ecuador, Sweden & Japan.

They have been invited to play Concerts at Sundance during the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013.

The Worldwide Release of their first single "Coming Apart" from the album State Of Mind will be on February 22nd 2013.
F.O.E have linked up with Sentric Music in the UK & Linda Coogan Byrne (Goodseed PR) for Management. Having just signed a Licensing deal with LA based company NOMA MUSIC it looks like 2013 will be an interesting year for F.O.E.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Susan Enan

About: Susan Enan

'Her forlorn, hyper romantic lyrics are what you'd expect from a girl who reads Shakespeare' ~ Rolling Stone

"Plainsong" 8.4/10 - Paste Magazine

"Plainsong" by Susan Enan is included in Paste Magazine's 'Eight Criminally Underrated Albums From 2009' list and listed as one the top 50 albums from 2009 at www.amiestreet.com.

Susan Enan released her debut album 'Plainsong' in 2009. In 2006, while demoing songs for the record, Enan began receiving worldwide attention after her track "Bring On The Wonder" featuring Sarah McLachlan, appeared on the second season of the Fox show Bones. The song was also featured on the shows soundtrack two years later. It took another 6 months to wrap up the record proper which features Enan's remix of "Bring on the Wonder" along with 9 other tracks.

In June 2010 Sarah McLachlan recorded her own version of "Bring On The Wonder" for her seventh studio album Laws of Illusion. Susan is currently embarking on a worldwide house concert tour called "Bring On The Song".

Enan grew up in Cambridgeshire, England. After moving to Liverpool to study music, she began playing the local singer songwriter scene. It was during these years she discovered a love for film scores and the simple, yet intelligent, folk songs of Woody Guthrie.

'What I liked about Woody Guthrie was the reason he wrote and how that informed his writing style. It had to be simple so the political songs could be easily remembered for the sake of the cause, yet the songs where also very smart. I love that combination in art: simplicity that goes right to the soul but doesn't have to bypass the brain on the way.'

After leaving Liverpool she moved to Northern Ireland and continued to write and record a few small EP's released locally, but it was the Moonlight EP (2003) which began to get more attention internationally. It led to an opening slot on a three month US tour with Ohio based band 'Over the Rhine' which in turn led to a signing with Nettwerk Management and a move to New York in 2005. By this time, she had all the songs that would become Plainsong but finishing the record was still a way off.

'Yeah, what with one thing and another it did take time but there were always encouraging signs along the way, like the Bones show picking up 'Bring On The Wonder'. All those things really helped to keep the momentum going.'

The self-produced record was recorded in 5 different countries, much of it in Enan's small home studio in Brooklyn. It was finally released in July 2009 and features co-production from Alan Bezozi, musical appearances from Ashwin Sood (drums), Steve Schiltz (guitars), Graham Maby (bass), and vocal appearances from Declan O'Rouke and Sarah McLachlan. It was mixed in London by Alan Branch and mastered by Jon Astley.

Plainsong is now available both as a digital download and on CD from the online store at www.susanenan.com where Enan and her parents are mailing out the discs from New York and her home village in England.


In January 2010, Susan decided to take a short vacation to Nashville, TN. Hearing that 'house concerts' were becoming more popular she wrote a post up on Facebook asking if anyone would like her to give a concert in their home while she was in town.

After an overwhelming response from all over the US and further a field, and the success of the show in Nashville, she wondered if it would be possible to travel the world stopping off along the way to give concerts in people's houses, video blogging the journey.

With enough of her fans signing up for the experience she bought a video camera to film the journey and began plotting the routes determind by where the fans lived.

The first stops were in Europe and England in May 2010. in the summer, Susan drove 10,000 miles around North America with the camera gaffer taped to the dashboarfd of a car so she could fim as she travelled. She gave concerts in 22 towns and cities along the way including at a Cathedral in Texas, on a porch in Kansas and on a rooftop overlooking Chicago, beginning the concert at dusk and ending with the moon high over the city skyline. She filmed her adventures; from travelling down the Mississippi, to milking her first cow at the Ohio State Fair and driving through New York City along 42nd Street.

The British tour in the Autumn of that same year was a 3,000 mile trip as far North as Rafford near Inverness, down to Mevagissey in Cornwall. She played 13 houses, 1 inn, and on an air force base, after a squadron leader wanted to a concert there. She travelled through England, Scotland and Wales, down Lochness, through thr Glencoe mountain range, along Hadriend's Wall and over the notorious Hardknott Pass in the Lake District, once again with the video camera taped to the car.

Susan has just finished the tour in Australia and New Zealand, including performing a house concert for one of the communities in Christchurch, which was heavily affected by the recent earthquake that destryoed much of the city.

In April, May and June she returned to Europe starting in Porto, Portugal, travelling through France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway. The final show was 300kms inside the Arctic Circle in Tromso where she fished for cod in a fford and witnessed a rare midnight sun solar eclipse on a mountain overlooking where the house concert would be two nights later.

The next UK/Irish tour began in Scotland on the 29th June and ended just south of Dublin 5 weeks later.

In August 2011 Susan began the last leg traveling around North America again with 34 shows around the country, including two house concerts in Folsom Prison. While there Susan had the privilege of participating in song share; the weekly session where inmates share what they have wrriten whether it be songs, poems or prose. The tour finished in Montclair, New Jersey on the 3rd December.
Although Susan took some much needed time out in 2012 to write, she is back doing house concerts and working on a new album in 2013.

The intimacy of these concerts along with the video blogs accompanying the journey make the "Bring On The Song" worldwide house concert tour a truly unique experience, and the roadtrip of a lifetime.

Wherever you live, if you are interested in hosting a concert please email bringonthesong@susanenan.com


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