Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Music Revolution

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that I have shelved World United Music indefinitely. If I’m able to bring some serious attention to this project in the future, I will certainly return more determined to make a difference because that’s what World United Music has always been about. For the time being, I will be working at World United News where the information demand requires my full attention. I leave music fans with a ton of great music and hope it has helped some of the artists I’ve supported over the past six years. ~ Stewart Brennan

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Midday Veil

About: Midday Veil

Known for dramatic performances as well as subtle, varied recordings, Seattle experimental rock ensemble Midday Veil combines intense vocals and cosmic synths with hypnotic rock grooves to produce music that rewards careful listening and defies easy categorization.

The band began in 2008 as a collaboration between vocalist and multimedia artist Emily Pothast and classically-trained pianist / analog synth head David Golightly. In early 2009, Midday Veil's sound was catalyzed by the addition of prolific multi-instrumentalist Timm Mason on baritone guitar, bass, and modular synth. Bassist/guitarist Jayson Kochan joined the band in 2011, and in 2012, Garrett Moore replaced original drummer Chris Pollina. Percussionist Sam Yoder has also performed and recorded as a member.

Midday Veil's debut studio album Eyes All Around (2010) and ecstatic improvised cassette releases Subterranean Ritual II (2011) and INTEGRATRON (2012) established the band as a multifaceted entity with roots in synth pop, psychedelic rock and free improvisation. Produced by Randall Dunn and featuring artwork by Robert Beatty, Midday Veil's 2013 studio LP The Current harnessed the experimental intensity of earlier releases with an intensified focus on songcraft. The Current found its way onto a number of year-end lists, including a mention by The Wire as one of the top avant-rock albums of 2013.

In 2014, the band returned to the studio with Randall Dunn to record its third LP (and first with drummer Garrett Moore) This Wilderness, was released in September 2015 on Brooklyn-based label Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

A strong live act, Midday Veil has toured the US regularly since 2009, notably opening for krautrock legends Faust on a Northwest tour in 2012. Festival appearances have included SXSW, Bumbershoot, 35 Denton, Treefort Festival, Hypnotikon Festival, LA Psych Fest and Vancouver Psych Fest.

This Wilderness – (2015)

The Current – (2013)

Integratron – (2012)

Subterranean Ritual II – (2011)

Eyes All Around – (2010)

Subterranean Ritual – (2009)

Empire is No More - Live on KEXP – (Album: This Wilderness – 2015)

Babel - Live on KEXP – (Album: This Wilderness – 2015)

Cages - Live on KEXP – (Album: This Wilderness – 2015)

Great Cold of the Night Live on KEXP – (Album: The Current – 2013)

Midday Veil – Official Website
Midday Veil - Soundcloud
Midday Veil – Last FM
Midday Veil - Songkick
Midday Veil - Facebook
Midday Veil - Twitter
Midday Veil – Official Store
Midday Veil - Bandcamp
Midday Veil - iTunes
Midday Veil - eMusic
Midday Veil - Amazon

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Ghost Ease

About: The Ghost Ease

The Ghost Ease are a Portland-based indie rock trio with a dreamy, slightly aggressive sound influenced by '90s alternative rock/grunge as well as the riot grrrl movement. Their songs are often tense yet calmly paced, but they also ramp up into a spirited punk fury, and are always propelled by the unique vocals of lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Jem Marie.

The group started as a home-recording solo project of Marie in 2010, and became a duo in 2012 when Nsayi Matingou joined on drums. The Ghost Ease recorded their self-titled debut album during winter of 2012 through spring of 2013, engineered and mixed by Joey Binhammer, who also contributed bass to some of the album's songs. Following the album's release on Talking Helps Records, Fabi Reyna became the group's bassist. Lawrence Vidal replaced Reyna in 2014. The trio's 7" EP Quit Yer Job, which featured a brooding cover of M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls," was released by Cabin Games in April of 2015. The Ghost Ease recorded “Raw”, their second album, in Seattle with producer Steve Fisk, and it was co-released by Cabin Games and K Records in September of 2015. ~ Paul Simpson

The Ghost Ease revel within the warm folds of a sort of soft savagery, pin-pricking holes into the fabric of the astral veil, and creating hypnotic, raw opuses by way of heavy guitars, frenzied drums and lilting vocal timbres.

Band Members:

Guitar/Vocals : Jem Marie
Bass : Laurence Vidal
Drums : Nsayi Matingou

Album: Raw – (2015)

EP: Quit Yer Job – (2015)

Album: The Ghost Ease – (2013)

XV - Live @ KEXP – (2015)

Gemini Rise – Live @ KEXP – (2015)

Pareidolia - @ KEXP – (2015)

Struck - @ KEXP – (2015)

Qwi Mai Yab – (EP: Quit Yer Job – 2015)

Gemini Rise – (Album: Raw 2015)

XV – (Album: The Ghost Ease – 2013)

The Ghost Ease – Official Website
The Ghost Ease - Soundcloud
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Awkwards

About: The Awkwards

Keith Watson is a singer-songwriter from Aberdeen Scotland better known as “The Awkwards”. Keith plays a variety of music in the folk music soft rock genres.

“I write mostly acoustic-based songs, do all vocals, play all parts, and record in a home studio.”

Life’s experiences have been the main source of inspiration for Keith’s music since his early youth, so it’s a good bet that you’ll find Keith immersed in his music around the Aberdeen night club scene singing and playing acoustic guitar if he’s not at home working in his studio on a new track…and if you tune into BBC Radio Scotland you might also hear a song of his from time to time.

Some of Keith’s favourite bands are the Shangri-Las, the Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, the Smiths, and Everything but the wouldn’t know it by the soft vocals, meaningful lyrics and melodic guitar playing that embodies most of Keith’s music, which seems more in common with the likes of Paul Simon and Jim Croce. Either way, listening to Keith’s music is a pleasure and sure to resonate on an emotional level.

Be sure to pick-up Keith’s music on Bandcamp and while you’re at it, drop him a line on Facebook.

Keith Watson Passed Away June 12th, 2017. Here is a video made by his son Stephen in memory... R.I.P. Keith you will be truly missed.

A Haunted House – (2016)

We Are Three – (2015)

More – (2014)

On the Outside Looking In – (2013)

Bruises – (2013)

Moving Day - (2012)

The Last Bus – (2010)

In an Empty Room – (2010)

Into the Night – (2009)

The Awkwards LINKS:

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Friday, November 6, 2015

My Cruel Goro

About: My Cruel Goro

Hailing from Italy and currently based between there and Iceland, My Cruel Goro present their debut eponymous EP, released on 24 August 2015.

FOR LOVERS OF: Ash, Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, The Hives and early LIbertines, Dinosaur Jr., Weezer.

There isn’t a more fitting way to announce your band to the Punk Rock scene than with a song called “Clash”, an energetic attitude fitting of praise. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

My Cruel Goro are:

Andrea Maraschi (vocals/guitars/programming)
Andrea Marcellini (bass)
Tommaso Adanti (drums)


Clash – (EP: My Cruel Goro – 2015)

Crapford - (EP: My Cruel Goro – 2015)

My Cruel Goro - Official Website
My Cruel Goro - Soundcloud
My Cruel Goro - Facebook
My Cruel Goro - Twitter
My Cruel Goro - YouTube
My Cruel Goro – Bandcamp

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Music Legends: Joe Jackson

About: Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson was born on August 11 1954 in Burton-on-Trent, England, but grew up in the South Coast naval port city of Portsmouth.  A skinny, asthmatic kid, he loved books and originally wanted to be a writer.  At age 11, though, he joined a school violin class in order to escape the humiliation of Sports periods in which it was very often him, rather than the ball, which got kicked. Much to his own surprise, he found himself fascinated by music and eagerly studying music theory and history.

A couple of years later, Joe had switched to the piano, mainly because of his new ambition: to be a composer.  His first efforts were pieces for piano and small groups of instruments.  Within a few more years, though, he was writing songs, and leaning more towards the pop world.

At age 16 Joe played his first paying gig, as pianist in a pub next door to a glue factory just outside of Portsmouth.  This was followed by other pub gigs (in which he was often trying to entertain crowds of drunken, bottle-throwing sailors) and accompanying a bouzouki player in a Greek restaurant.

At age 18 Joe won a scholarship to study Composition, Piano, and Percussion at London's Royal Academy of Music.  During the three years he spent there, he broadened his horizons further by working with a Fringe theatre group, studying Jazz with John Dankworth at the Academy and in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and playing in pop cover bands with names like Edward Bear and The Misty Set.  By the time he left the Academy, he was the co-leader and songwriter of Arms and Legs, a proto-punk outfit which released two singles on the MAM label before burning out somewhere around 1976.

Joe then took a detour through the Cabaret world, as pianist and musical director first for the Portsmouth Playboy Club and then for singing duo Koffee N' Kreme.  The main purpose of this was to save money to make demos of his own songs.

By 1978 Joe was living in London and hawking an album-length demo, with his own band (Graham Maby, Bass; Dave Houghton, Drums; Gary Sanford, Guitar) standing by.  That demo  -  already called Look Sharp  - eventually found its way to American producer David Kershenbaum, who was in London in the capacity of talent scout for A&M Records.  Joe was immediately signed and Look Sharp more professionally re-recorded in August '78.  The Joe Jackson Band finally started to play regular gigs and the album was released in January 1979.


Joe Jackson's story up to this point is much more fully, fascinatingly, and hilariously recounted in his book A CURE FOR GRAVITY.  From here on, though, it becomes more a matter of public record. Look Sharp (containing the hit Is She Really Going Out With Him) was followed within a year by the very similar I'm The Man (containing the hit It’s Different For Girls) and in 1980 by the darker, more reggae-influenced Beat Crazy. At the end of 1980, drummer Houghton decided to quit, and Joe decided to dissolve the band and try something new.

In 1981 Jackson recorded Jumpin' Jive, a 'musical vacation' paying tribute to Swing and Jump Blues artists such as Louis Jordan and Cab Calloway.  Returning to songwriting, Joe spent a large chunk of 1982 in New York. The result was Night and Day, a more sophisticated and melodic record built around keyboards and Latin percussion, rather than guitars. With a new guitar-less band, Jackson hit the road for a whole year, and the album became his biggest success, spawning the hit singles Steppin’Out, Breaking Us In Two and Real Men and going platinum in the US. During the tour Joe also somehow found time to write his first film score, for James Bridges' Mike's Murder.  (He would go on to write several more, including most notably for Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker in 1988).

Now based in NYC, Jackson's next album Body and Soul (1984) was in a similar vein to Night and Day but featured a horn section (which, along with the Blue Note-inspired cover art, led many people to wrongly assume he'd made a jazz record). For Big World (1986) Jackson stripped everything down to a 4-piece again, and recorded live, direct to 2-track master. In 1989 he went in the opposite direction with the majestic, semi-autobiographical Blaze of Glory, and toured with an 11-piece band.  Laughter and Lust (1991) was more like a mainstream (though still idiosyncratic) rock record, but yet another lengthy world tour left Jackson exhausted and at a creative dead end. As he sees it, his workaholic phase  -  which also included several film scores, a live album (Live 1980-86), an instrumental album (Will Power, 1987), guest appearances with Suzanne Vega, Ruben Blades and Joan Armatrading, and endless touring  -  was over.


Joe's work during the rest of the 1990s was his most challenging and eclectic: the gentle, soul-searching Night Music (1994), the ambitious and original song-cycle based on the Seven Deadly Sins, Heaven and Hell (1997), and the album Joe considers his most underrated, Night and Day II (2000). The turn of the century saw a burst of creativity: Jackson won his first Grammy (Best Pop Instrumental Album for the non-traditional, non-orchestral Symphony No.1) and published his book A Cure For Gravity. Described by Joe as not an autobiography but ‘a book abut music thinly disguised as a memoir’, it was well-reviewed and has been translated into German and Dutch.


In 2003 Jackson astonished everyone, including himself, by re-forming the original Joe Jackson Band for a stunning new album, Volume 4, and a lengthy tour. The reunion was always intended as a one-off, but it also produced a live album, Afterlife, in 2004.

By this time Jackson was living mostly back in London. He made quite a few solo appearances, including on an unusual triple-bill tour with Todd Rundgren and the string quartet Ethel. He sang and played piano on Rickie Lee Jones' It's Like That and William Shatner's Has Been (produced, arranged and co-written by Ben Folds). He made his first film appearance, as a pub pianist, in The Greatest Game Ever Played, which also features some of his music. He was also awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Music and an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Portsmouth. 

Around this time Joe started working with writer Raymond Hardie and director Judy Dolan on Stoker, a musical theatre project about Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula. Though Stoker has been workshopped, performed a couple of times for small invited audiences, and attracted a lot of interest from theatre companies around the world, it has yet to find the backing for a fully-staged production.

In 2006 Joe turned his attention back to pure songwriting and did a short Trio tour with Graham Maby and Dave Houghton. Having failed to happily re-establish himself in London, he moved to Berlin, where his next album Rain was recorded in 2007. Consisting of ten powerful, timeless new songs, Rain creates a surprisingly epic sound with just voices, piano, bass and drums. The trio toured for the next three years, and played more shows than any other J J lineup, including Joe’s first visits to Mexico, Israel, Croatia, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Turkey. A live album, Live Music, was released in 2011.


Joe Jackson’s most recent project is a tribute to one of his greatest musical heroes, Duke Ellington. The Duke is an often radical re-interpretation of fifteen Ellington classics, arranged into ten tracks, and featuring an eclectic roster of guest artists including Iggy Pop, Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson and other members of The Roots, Sharon Jones, Steve Vai, and jazz violin star Regina Carter, who joined Joe on the subsequent tour.

Jackson is currently living in Berlin but returns frequently to both New York and Portsmouth. He just released his latest album "Fast Forward" in Oct., 2015.

Fast Forward – (Album: Fast Forward – 2015)

Ode to Joy - (Album: Fast Forward – 2015)

A Little Smile - (Album: Fast Forward – 2015)

On Your Radio – (WFUV Studios Live – Oct 2015)

A Little Smile – Live @Front & Center - Oct 2015 - (Album: Fast Forward – 2015)

Joe Jackson Interview on “Insight Germany” TV 2012

Elliot Scheiner records "The Duke" with Joe Jackson 2012

Joe Jackson and Iggy Pop - It Don't Mean a Thing – (Album: Duke – 2012)

Joe Jackson Live @ The Olympia, Paris (Full Concert) 2012

The Uptown Train – Live in Rotterdam 2008 - (Album: Rain – 2008)

Rush Across the Road - (Album: Rain – 2008)

Solo (So Low) - (Album: Rain – 2008)

Citizen Sane – (Album: Rain – 2008)

Still Alive – (Album: Volume 4 – 2003)

Hell of a Town – (Album: Night and Day II – 2000)

Love Got Lost – Featuring Marianne Faithfull - (Album: Night and Day II – 2000)

Why / Glamour and Pain - (Album: Night and Day II – 2000)

Slow Movement – (Album: Symphony No 1 – 1999)

The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy – (Album: Night Music – 1994)

Nocturne No 3 - (Album: Night Music – 1994)

Oh Well – Peter Green cover Live in Sydney 1991 – (Album: Laughter and Lust – 1991)

Goin’ Downtown – (Album: Laughter and Lust – 1991)

Drowning - (Album: Laughter and Lust – 1991)

Rant and Rave Live in Sydney 1991 – (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Down to London – (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Me and You – (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Nineteen Forever - (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Acropolis Now - (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Sentimental Thing - (Album: Blaze of Glory – 1989)

Solitude – (Album: Will Power – 1987)

Right & Wrong – Live @ The Roundabout Theatre NYC 1986 - (Album: Big World – 1986)

Wild West - (Album: Big World – 1986)

Home Town – (Album: Big World – 1986)

Shanghai Sky – Live in Tokyo 1986 - (Album: Big World – 1986)

Joe Jackson Live in Tokyo 1986 (Full Concert)

You Can’t Get What You Want – Live 1988 – (Album: Body & Soul - 1984)

Be My Number Two – (Album: Body & Soul - 1984)

Memphis – (Album / Movie Soundtrack: Mike’s Murder – 1983)

Steppin’ Out – (Album: Night & Day – 1982)

Breaking Us in Two – (Album: Night & Day - 1982)

Is She Really Going Out with Him – Live @ Hatfield College Jan 1980 - (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

Fools in Love - Live @ Rockpalast Cologne Germany 1980 - (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

I’m the Man - (Album: I’m the Man – 1979)

It’s Different for Girls - (Album: I’m the Man – 1979)

On Your Radio – (Album: I’m the Man – 1979)

Sunday Papers – Live BBC – 1979 – (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

Throw it Away - (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

Baby Stick Around - (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

Look Sharp - (Album: Look Sharp – 1979)

Joe Jackson LINKS:

Official Website
Last FM
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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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