Monday, June 18, 2012

Dustin Prinz

About: Dustin Prinz

Dustin Prinz was born and raised in the small town of West Point, Nebraska. Growing up in such a rural environment allowed Dustin to develop an extremely active imagination, provided him with a steady stream of song ideas.

Dustin is an extremely prolific songwriter with a powerful vocal and a unique performance style. His guitar method is a blend of hybrid picking and percussion developed during his days as a drummer.  Dustin calls his style "Parapicking". His playing style garnered the attention of the folks at and he was hired to teach a very popular guitar lesson series called "Parapicking For Knuckleheads".

Dustin recognized, early on, that Youtube could be a useful vehicle for his work. He has spent countless hours producing content for his Youtube channel and has been rewarded with more than 5 million views and over 26 thousand subscribers.

A Dustin Prinz show is a must-see for anyone who appreciates outstanding guitar work, creative song writing and a totally entertaining performance.

Dustin Prinz on his influences and inspiration.

"I have worked very hard to develop a unique musical style and I am happy to admit that I have drawn inspiration from many of my favorite musicians: Michael Einziger of Incubus, Bon Iver, Travis Meeks of Days Of The New, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel, Rodrigo y Gabriella and John Gomm. My entire reason for being is to encourage others to find their passion and take a chance. There really isn’t anything more gratifying than waking up to work on something you love. When I get a message from a fan, describing how one of my songs has inspired them to pick up the guitar - I am reminded why I do this".

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emily Burridge

About: Emily Burridge

Emily Burridge is a 'cellist and composer, performer and producer with creative flair.

In her acclaimed solo performance "Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon" she brings together her classical foundations with modern sampling technology and through using looping pedals controlled with her feet she creates " vibrant and alluring" multi tracked compositions live. All of which are included on her fourth CD release "Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon"

Born in the UK Emily was classically trained from the age of five and was awarded a scholarship to the specialist music school Wells Cathedral School and a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London where she was further awarded the Helen Just concerto prize.

She considers herself extremely fortunate to have learnt with some of the best 'cello teachers; Raphael Wallfisch, Amarylis Fleming and on leaving the RCM she furthered her studies with William Pleeth.

Although over the years she has carved a niche and developed a reputation for working outside of the usual association with the ‘cello as a classical instrument, she benefited greatly from an intensive and solid grounding in the classical repertoire and her career has included working within orchestras, chamber groups and solo recitals performing in all the main London concert halls.

From a young age she displayed a talent for improvising as well as reading the notes and her ability to improvise has expanded her career as a professional 'cellist. As a session musician, either reading an arrangement or creating one, she has contributed to hundreds of recordings playing with the stars of our time as well as lesser known individuals and groups, film scores and advertisements.

The country Brazil and it's tribal cultures is featured in Emily's musical compositions.

Her expansive relationship with the country commenced with a holiday in 1990 and she has converted that landscape and her personal experience into various musical productions.

In 1992 she was invited to perform at the Earth summit in Rio de Janeiro and as a result of her performance encountered elders of a tribe called the Xavante, indigenous to the Mato Grosso. An intrepid traveller, and in accepting their invitation to visit a Xavante village she travelled alone off the beaten track and was guest with a chief and his family in a traditional Xavante dwelling.

In 1995 as a result of this first visit she founded the registered charity "Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust" no 1050461. Charitable donations and a match funding grant allocated by the British Government overseas development aid enabled her to work in collaboration with a Xavante chief and community and Emily over saw in Brazil the setting up of a solar powered health center, medicinal gardens and funded a Xavante tribes man on a university course.

When in town she was travelling around on $1.00 moped taxi service while she arranged contracts with local firms and then would take a five hour bus ride from the town to the Xavante reservation and stay in a palm hut.

Her association with the Xavante was furthered due to their tradition of singing in groups and "choirs" and on the numerous occasions that she was staying with the tribe she was invited to record. She also made location recordings of their environment.

These recordings (below) and the experience of this time is shared through musical productions including her solo performance "Into the Amazon" which has a backing track featuring some of these recordings and is accompanied by seventy five projected images of daily life in a Xavante Indian village.

The performance is particularly poignant in the light of global warming, climate change and the development of Brazil at the expense of the loss of a lot of their natural landscape. Where Emily stayed between ‘94 and ‘98 outside of the Xavante reservation is now a mono culture of soya for thousands of kilometers and the dawn chorus that Emily recorded has been massively diminished.

Emily's photos of the Xavante are on a resident display at the "Living Rainforest" center in Berkshire, UK.

She has produced four of her own CDs:

"In the hands of Emily Burridge, this instrument becomes a voice for her personal experiences, her emotions, and her thoughts as she amalgamates a variety of rhythms, sounds, backing performers, and instruments."

"Earth Songs" - published by a German independent in 1994

"Footsteps in the Sand" - was produced after having been awarded a cultural grant which enabled Emily to research folk music in the North East of Brazil and employ Brazilian musicians.

"Bridge between Worlds" - an orchestral work that features the Xavante traditional songs.

"In her compositions, Emily is capable of gathering, in a truly spontaneous way, elements derived from her Classical upbringing, together with those coming from the ethnic musics she has lived with."

"Out of the Blue & Into the Amazon" - double CD production 2010

"dare to venture into a realm of beautiful sometimes haunting cello playing..."

Extracts of music from all her CD productions is used for film and documentary sound tracks.

With her improvisational and arranging skills she loves to explore new repertoire and this is currently realized in her collaboration with the renowned Pedal Steel guitarist BJ Cole and together they have created an eclectic concert program of music including the piano Gnossiennes by Eric Satie.

"Music is not meant to be static, real music takes flight; it is an expression both within and outside time. Few musicians appreciate this as much as BJ Cole and Emily Burridge. When they perform established pieces of music they don't just recite them; their interpretations have the all important extras: poignancy, conviction and weight. Their delicate but powerful duets carry emotions that haunt you. They play with poise enough to take your breath, stop time and speak to you directly."

Library Music

As a composer she is inspired by nature and global events that emotionally move her and this is evident in her CD productions and even in the composition of library music in which the imagery of global events makes her play in musical styles reminiscent of diverse parts of the world.

Song Writing

In 2011 she started song writing in collaboration with the lyricist Scott English and in doing so has returned to the tradition of manuscript paper and pencil and composes at the piano.

However it is the ‘cello which is Emily’s main tool of musical expression and not content to just interpret the traditional classical works she will continue to seek out and explore and share through musical performance and recordings the experiences of her encounters.

BJ Cole & Emily Burridge:

"Music is not meant to be static, real music takes flight; it is an expression both within and outside time. Few musicians appreciate this as much as BJ Cole and Emily Burridge. When they perform established pieces of music they don't just recite them; their interpretations have the all important extras: poignancy, conviction and weight. Their delicate but powerful duets carry emotions that haunt you. They play with poise enough to take your breath, stop time and speak to you directly."

She delights in performing and recognizes the art of performance as an important role of being a musician. She entertains audiences alike in concert halls, churches, museums, intimate venues of UK rural touring, arboretums and parks, festivals and the ever increasingly popular house concerts.


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PO Box 150

Update Jan 12, 2014:

Emily Burridge is currently working together with Felix Gibbons on a project to form “Incandescendo”
For more Information on Incandescendo visit the following links:

Emily Burridge & Felix Gibbons - Incandescendo

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tommy Satchwood

About: Tommy Satchwood

Hi, I'm Tommy-Gun Satchwood; i love to write songs. My music is composed from the heart and has been sown in the fertile soil of intense emotion, soaked in the rains of belief, pain, and joy, and then honey tanned in the ArizonA sun and seasoned with the wild oats of freedom and resolve. I enjoy composing music that i hope, grabs you, and takes you on a ride! Let's go!!

I usually use one of 4 instruments to start the process: guitar, piano, bass, or voice, using drum beats. Each produces it's own song style and vibe.... Guitar/bass style: alternative / progressive rock with definite shredding & blues influences. I employ finger tapping, arpeggios, harmonic-minor scales, and legato techniques often in my style of playing. For bass, i'm a pick man ala Stu Hamm ~ what can i say. Lol

Keyboard style: enjoy using background strings, organ, and piano chords, sound fx, and melodies.

Singing style: I tend to try and capture a particular mood for the song.

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About: Mindmovie
Mindmovie has been playing in various bands. He started out as a guitarist.Today, his main focus is more on the production and composition of all kinds of electronic, pop, rock and film music. Mindmovie is also a member of the progressive rock band Flaming Bess and released 6 albums with them.

Tanz der Götter (1979),
Verlorene Welt (1981),
Fata Morgana (1996),
Black Sun (2005),
ächter des Lichts (2008)
Der gefallene Stern (2013)

Mindmovie - An Ocean Of Dreams in Jan 2009
Mindmovie - Happiness And Tears - Jan 2011
Mindmovie – Frames of Time (TBA)

Recently one of the album tracks had been chosen for the hollywood movie production "Mrs. Robinson goes to Smith" with Cybill Shepard. It features the vocals of L.A. recording artist Artie Q

With his first solo CD “An Ocean Of Dreams“ Achim Wierschem, aka Mindmovie opens a new exciting chapter perfectly designed to please all friends of progressive rock music worldwide. The limited Edition of Mindmovie – “An Ocean Of Dreams“ contains 80 minutes of expressive, cinematic, mystic and guitar orientated music in best tradition of bands like Pink Floyd, Camel, David Gilmour or Joe Satriani . In addition the bonus disc offers another 11 songs and 55 minutes of best quality progressive rock, in an outstanding sound quality which will also be fun for all those music lovers who are in to high fidelity sounds.

Together with his colleagues of the band Flaming Bess and guest musicians from Germany, America, UK, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, Mindmovie delivered a real amazing and awesome production representing international production standards. Mindmovie will release his second solo double album very soon so please stay tuned and visit the profile regularly.

If you like what you hear please let us know and don’t forget, you can get Mindmovie music at most online stores.



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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paul Cusick

About: Paul Cusick

Paul Cusick ( aka Q ), British born multi-instrumentalist, started his solo music career in 2009 with the release of his début album Focal Point. Previously Paul had spent years as the lead guitarist in several bands (Gabriel, Ripped & Riversea), but in 2008 his new year's resolution was to step out from behind his guitar and concentrate on his own song writing and production skills.

Following the success of his début album "Focal Point", and motivated by his facebook fans requests for more music, Paul built his own studio and recorded his second solo album "P'dice" between January and November 2011.

Paul's guitar style has been compared David Gilmour, Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery and Steven Wilson. His songs draw upon the sounds and audio landscapes created by bands such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree and Nine Inch Nails. However, the long instrumental pieces that are sometimes associated with the progressive rock genre have been replaced by catchy vocal melody lines akin to those evoked by more mainstream rock artists such as Coldplay and Radiohead.

Paul is a truly independent artist. He writes, produces and plays all the instruments himself, (except drums) and releases his music through his own label Q Rock Records

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Adam Evolving

About: Adam Evolving

The juxtaposition of a religious icon, like the first man of creation, with the scientific concept of transformative natural progression is no mistake. It stands as a prime example of everything we do. Adam Evolving exists to start a dialog between the methodical pragmatist and the intuitive realist that conflict within you; To provide the soundtrack while you wrestle with thoughts that require both rational consideration and blind faith. The goal, in a world filled with shallow social discourse, is to open your mind and fill it with the possibility of something deeper. Though it sounds ambitious, all that is required is the ever transient objectivity that can only be reached in those fleeting moments when you are rarely paying attention.

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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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