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World United Music - 2013 Year in Review

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At home and abroad, “The Revolution begins with music”! ~ Stewart Brennan

World United Music - Showcasing the best Signed, Unsigned & Independent Music from all over the World!

This year 71 bands shared the spotlight to bring our 2013 Global support to well over 400 bands and artists in just 3 ½ short years…and we’re not done yet! 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for the alternative music Industry so please join us and…Catch the Wave!

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Music by: Soul of the River
Song: Catch a Day

Best of 2013 - Rock & Alternative Music

Best of 2013 - Soft Rock, Alternative, Folk, & Acoustic

Best of 2013 - Pop Rock Music

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brother Speed

About: Brother Speed

The name Brother Speed comes from an American outlaw motorcycle gang formed in Idaho in 1969. It’s in the music of this era on both sides of the Atlantic that was the basis to forming four-piece Brother Speed. Part Mersey Beat, part Summer of Love, part Manchester – from the raw fuzz and catchy vocal harmonies of the 1960s to the dance infused neo-psychedelia of the 1990s Brother Speed was born. Carrying the torch beyond the nineties, Brother Speed is a unique brand of psychedelic shoe gaze rock paired with groove based drums and catchy vocal harmony.

Brother Speed originally started as a side project for Darius Navidzadeh, former member of Sydney outfit Underlights. Darius, a guitarist and vocalist was one of the founding members and the key songwriters of the group, whose Triple J Unearthed winning single “Now That You’re in Love” saw them break into the music mainstream back in 2011.

After receiving significant national radio play and featuring at Big Day Out, Playground Weekender and Homebake among various other headlining shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Darius relocated to London in search of a fresh project and to explore a new musical direction.

Darius spent time meeting with record producers in England, in particular Liverpool where he met founding Merseybeats member Billy Kingsley who imparted invaluable musical guidance and wisdom and continues to do so. It was a chance to immerse in England’s melting pot of emerging and established artists and plunge into a sound and scene already so familiar to him - albeit from thousands of miles away.

Born out of this musical pilgrimage was Brother Speed.

To harness this sound Brother Speed worked with Liam Judson, producer of the award winning album Bliss Release by Cloud Control and the acclaimed debut from The Laurels. Recorded on a remote farm in Kangaroo Valley the new project has delivered some very exciting sounds with Brother Speeds first single ‘Let Me Be’ released in July and now delivering ‘Which Side I’m on’, a must to be included in anyone’s soundtrack to summer.

Brother Speed - Soundcloud
Brother Speed - Facebook
Brother Speed - YouTube
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Monday, December 23, 2013


About: Hozier

What are the Twenty First Century Blues? And who shall we find to sing them?

From trivial first world problems to the seismic shifts in geopolitics, the modern Blues resonate down the years with the same eternal themes – loss, loneliness, longing and regret. New wine in vintage casks.

Born on St. Patrick's Day and hailing from County Wicklow, Hozier was raised on the building blocks of popular music: rhythm and blues, soul, jazz and the deep dark stuff stretching from Chicago to the Delta. He joined his first band when he was 15 years old, fronting a soul band with some older heads. Taught himself to play guitar and piano, and went to Trinity College to study music. Whilst there, he bagged a seat on the flight deck of the symphonic B-52 that is the Trinity Orchestra, fronting their missions into the world of classic rock.

However, four years looked like a long stretch, particularly when the goal was to write, record and perform his own music; so Hozier dropped out to concentrate his talents on the creative process full time. He tried out with a few different producers in various studios, experimented with genres; but never felt happy with the results. Home is where the art is, and a simple studio, set up in the attic proved to be the crucible where Hozier would forge a musical identity he could call his own. A place where Stevie Wonder and Billie Holiday are revered alongside James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.

He says: “Listen to any song, from any era; and you're looking through a keyhole into the artist's world as seen through their eyes. Art is, in it's simplest form, the reproduction of the world around us. All artists reproduce their vision of the world, and in doing so create a document that reflects the times they live in”. Which brings us back to the Twenty First Century Blues, and Hozier's unique, poetic evocations.

Hozier's first release is a 4 track EP. 'Take Me To Church' (the lead track) and 'Angel Of Small Death' reflect the gospel – soul gumbo at the heart of his music; 'Like Real People Do' is an Arcadian acoustic adventure and 'Cherry Wine' a raw emotional discourse, recorded live at 6am on an abandoned hotel rooftop; with accompaniment from the dawn chorus. Hozier played all the instruments (Fiachra Kinder helped out on drums), sang all the parts and recorded at home. Rob Kirwan (Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey) mixed the tracks in Dublin.


Hozier – Official Website
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gavin Coetzee

About: Gavin Coetzee

Gavin Coetzee is a wonderful musician from Cape Town South Africa. Not one to be genre specific, Gavin covers a wide spectrum of music and does it exceptionally well as his album “Orange Forest” reveals. Have a listen to Gavin’s music below, and then visit his websites for more.

CONTACT: Gavin Coetzee 

Gavin Coetzee Music Playlist

Gavin Coetzee LINKS:
Official Website


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jeff Campbell

About: Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell’s onstage experiences have taken him to coast to coast countless times and found him sharing stages with John Mayer, members of Counting Crows, The Grateful Dead, and opening for Train. After being crowned winner of Guitar Center's National Singer Songwriter Competition out of over 13,000 entrants,  his 2013 EP Release, “In Spite of Everything”, produced by 6x Grammy Winner John Shanks, premiered at #1 on the iTunes rock EPs and singles charts, following a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

Watch him strap an acoustic guitar on his back, board a public bus with 75 strangers, and traipse his way across the country. Here’s a singer-songwriter who loves nothing more than the sound of his voice reverberating off a music venue’s back walls. Yes, this is Jeff Campbell’s life, and as he’ll readily tell you, it isn’t so much a choice as it’s his calling. “This is just who I am” says the vocalist, impassioned songwriter and lifelong musician who with The Kitchen Sink, has at long last concocted the album that represents him at his core and is willing to do whatever it takes to feel the rush of human connection.

For Campbell, it’s all in the spirit of connectivity: eliminate as many barriers as possible between the writer and the audience. Sure, he knows he could record hundreds of videos on YouTube and pray one goes viral, but that’s not him. Even as his fanbase continues to swell, Campbell craves intimacy and immediacy. “Performing live is absolutely my favorite part of this thing.” Campbell says. “Whether it’s a big stage or a small room, there’s really no better feeling than connecting the music with the audience. When you know they’re with you, it’s the best ever.”

An emotional, evocative poet with a rock lover’s heart, Campbell navigated nearly a decade spent nursing a nine-to-five job before realizing you can only run so long from your true passion. Now, on The Kitchen Sink, he combines his hunger for stellar songcraft, rope-you-in riffs and threading melody into his most profound musical statement yet. It’s an album the soft-spoken singer views as his “…life’s work. So far.” and the passion and commitment to his craft is supremely evident in its cutting clarity.

For Campbell, The Kitchen Sink is a wonderful opportunity to let go of any preconceived ideas of who he was as a musician and “…let the songs go where they wanted to go. It’s what I’ve grown into”, he explains of the nine-track LP that melds the Philadelphia native’s longtime love of raucous rock with his more recent understanding of a lyricist’s poetic power. “I have to continue down the path that I’m on,” he says proudly of Sink’s potential for longevity.

“The best music is so often about a story, about the feelings conveyed by what the writer/performer saying and whether or not they mean it,” Campbell says; and it’s why he felt compelled to channel the experience of becoming an uncle into the immensely personal “Fill The Spaces.” The ear-candy-of-a-rocker is an exploration of how best to “live in the moment and fill the spaces with what’s around you, versus staring at your device all the time or worrying about the past or too much about the future.” On thewinsome “Finger Pictures,” the musician uses a lilting melody as a mask for a hard-hitting, timely message of equality inspired by female friends he’s seen bogged down by societal inequality: “I’m surrounded by a lot of great women in my life. A lot of them are artists and I see what they to have to go through on a regular basis to be socially accepted,” Campbell says. “Girls have it harder than guys do in a lot of ways.”

Arriving at such a point of awareness for Campbell was a journey unto itself. Upon leaving a stable and successful career in investments in 2009, the then-twenty-something proceeded to pound the pavement for several years, grinding it out in bars and clubs as he adjusted to his new music-first life. “It took me awhile to accept that it was no longer something I was doing for fun,” Campbell admits of writing, recording and performing music full-time. “It wasn’t just a hobby anymore. It was now my job.” The man who discovered his voice when swapping his spot behind the drums with his teenage band’s laryngitis–stricken singer for a gig, had been in rock bands practically his entire life, but he’d always assumed it was unrealistic to make a career out of his artistic passion. “Some people, by trade, are carpenters, plumbers, lawyers, whatever. This is my trade. And it’s how I’m always going to make a living, for better or for worse.”

Hunkering down with Shanks and a cadre of seasoned session pros to record 'In Spite of Everything' was a priceless crash course for Campbell in the art of commercial production and songwriting. And yet he’ll be the first to admit that he and his band went for a far more raw, spare sonic aesthetic on The Kitchen Sink. “I like a nice duo of electric or acoustic guitars and the words and the melody speaking for themselves,” he explains of an LP written and recorded between his home studio and the home studio of Bay Area producer/friend Gawain Mathews. This loose approach is evident in the tender “Jail”, the harmonious “No One Keeping Score” and the airy, suspended “Overboard.” “I think there’s an art in doing what a band like U2 does,” he offers. “What you hear live is what you hear on the record: Two guitars, a bass and drums. If you can fill up the space with as little instruments as possible, then why the hell not?”

Success for Campbell remains an ever-evolving notion, but the proud song-spinner knows that no matter what his future holds, he’s now attacking it as his true self. Campbell concludes. “I’ve landed comfortably at a position in my life where I’m at peace with who I am. Finally.” - By Dan Hyman.

Jeff Campbell – Official Website
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Burning Jet Black

About: Burning Jet Black

In the future, robots will perform all the music we listen to. Thumping bass and electronic blips will destroy all the pure emotion and visceral experience of the music we once knew. Meanwhile, in the here and now, Burning Jet Black is fighting hard against this automatic (re)/(de)volution. Fingers dancing on the fretboard, legs shaking on the kick drum...and sweat dripping off their brows, and the genuine heat of the crowd. This is music with a pulse...and the heart to keep it beating.

"While your friends are growing up and taking vows, you're still giving all your body will allow..." is the declaration that ignites Magazine Girl, their first single. An apt observation of the tragic heroine of the song and of Burning Jet Black themselves. The industry is that model past her prime, desperately whimpering for your attention, but not offering anything in return. This band, however, is offering something real, something that screams for you to be immersed in it, and they're on the fast ascent, keeping in mind: "We come TOGETHER, or we fall apart.”

Assuming it would be possible to start over again, knowing all the things you know now, would be a no-brainer. The band functions with this hypothetical ethic; only using the experience of the past to look forward, instead of back. Comprised of David Bloomfield (guitar), Wes Hall (drums), Rob Hughes (bass), and David Sparrow (vocals, guitar), you get a band that clicks. You'll hear it, it will sink down into the depths of your soul, and then you'll know. Burning Jet Black is alive and kicking and they will not quiet down.

Burning Jet Black – Official Website
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Revox

About: The Revox

The Revox, are a garage band brought up on punk from the 60's, and have distilled their sound by adding their wild dynamic energy. Their brand of rock 'n' roll will grab you, pull you in and put you under their spell…check these guys out, their fast, furious, and have a twist of psychedelia that will bring you back in time. Time to Freak out!!!!

The Revox – Official Website
The Revox - Reverbnation
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The Revox - YouTube
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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Struts

About: The Struts

A UK-bred band full of reckless swagger and hugely catchy hooks, the Struts are returning the sweet and dirty spirit of glam to modern rock & roll. Having already taken Europe by storm with such feats as opening for the Rolling Stones before a crowd of 80,000 in Paris last year, the newly L.A.-based four-piece is now breaking through to American audiences with their exhilarating debut EP Have You Heard.

With their glitzy-yet-scrappy aesthetic—not to mention frontman Luke Spiller’s snarling vocals and otherworldly range—the Struts might seem to have stepped straight out of the ‘70s. But as proven on lead single “Could Have Been Me” (a thrillingly anthemic track that’s racked up more than two million plays on Spotify and shot to the top ten on Modern Rock radio charts), The Struts fuel their high-powered sound with an urgency that’s entirely of the moment.

On Have You Heard, Spiller and bandmates Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass), and Gethin Davies (drums) match their super-sharp melodies and bright and shiny guitar riffs with a lyrical sensibility both heartfelt and brash. Made in collaboration with the likes of Gregg Alexander (a producer/songwriter and former frontman of the New Radicals), the EP kicks off with “Could Have Been Me” and unleashes a surge of raw energy that never lets up. With its driving rhythm and chant-along refrain (“I wanna taste love and pain/I wanna feel pride and shame/I don’t wanna take my time/I don’t wanna waste one line”), the arena-ready track finds the Struts staking their claim for glory while inspiring every listener to do just the same.

From there, Have You Heard slips into “Kiss This,” a breakup song that forgoes the minor-chord moping for gritty guitar and fantastically scathing lyrics ("I did all I could/So kiss this one more time ‘cause I'm gone for good"). “‘Kiss This’ was inspired by a relationship breakdown/meltdown,” says Spiller. “It’s about being cheated on, but the message is really about standing up for yourself—sort of our version of a ‘Young Hearts Run Free’-type song, but in a rock mentality.”

On “Put Your Money on Me” (recorded with Alexander during a road trip from Darby to the south of Spain, in a van filled with “lots of booze and lots of stories,” as Spiller puts it), the Struts let loose with hip-shaking rhythms and a soulful groove. And closing out Have You Heard is “Where Did She Go,” a lovesick but infectiously stomping epic that first came to life when Spiller was just 15. “My parents had just moved to this horrible seaside town, which wasn’t a great place to be if you’ve got long hair or you’re just an individual in any way,” he recalls. “One night I was walking home quite drunk and started singing to myself, as you do, and this melody eventually came to me. I remember thinking, ‘What kind of melody could you get a whole football stadium full of people to sing along to?’, and then going from that. I sang it to myself the whole way to keep it in my head, and then I got home and wrote it all down.”

The founding members of the Struts, Spiller and Slack each began making music as teenagers, initially finding inspiration in groups like Oasis and the Libertines and then tracking their idols’ influences to discover the classic glam bands that would one day shape their own sound. Introduced by their mutual manager after the dissolution of their previous bands, the two had an instant creative chemistry and quickly began writing together. “When we first started, we both just wanted to make fun, happy rock songs with big choruses—the kind of thing that bands like Slade and T. Rex used to do,” says Slack. Once Elliott and Davies were added to the lineup, the four moved into a house together in Derby and soon found themselves a name. “We were in rehearsals and someone saw me strutting around as we were playing, and made the suggestion that we call ourselves the Struts,” says Spiller. “We loved that from day one—it absolutely represents what we’re about.”

Largely on the strength of their electrifying live show, the Struts fast built up a major following and started selling out shows all across Europe. Along with landing the Stade de France gig with the Rolling Stones, the band took the stage at the 2014 Isle of Wight Festival, with Spiller decked out in a shimmering-blue cape custom-made for him by Zandra Rhodes (the legendary designer who formerly created costumes for Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Brian May). In the meantime, the Struts kept on honing their songcraft and developing new material, forging a sound that gives a nod to their glam roots and ultimately revamps the genre for a whole new era. “It’s cool to think of kids hearing this kind of music for the first time, and then going back and getting into that same rock & roll that we fell in love with,” notes Slack.

Now at work on following up Have You Heard with a full-length album, the Struts are also in the midst of their first stateside tour, having added more dates and upgraded to bigger venues in response to their rapidly growing fanbase. As in the studio, the band aims to infuse their live performance with plenty of passion and flash. “We’re not afraid to go out there and really put on a show, get everyone in the crowd involved,” says Slack. And in that building that connection, the Struts aspire for nothing less than blissed-out transcendence. “I don’t see any other point of going to a rock show than to really get into the music and lose your inhibitions,” says Spiller. “When we’re up onstage we try to bear that in mind, to push the audience and get up close with them and challenge any self-consciousness they might be feeling. We want to do what we can so that everyone can let go and just have a great time.”


The Struts – Official Website
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Parker Bombshell

About: Parker Bombshell

Parker BOMBSHELL is fronted and creatively built around songs co-written by singer/songwriter Tom McNeil and songwriter/singer/producer Thomas Ryder Payne. Parker BOMBSHELL'S first release BOMBSHELL , examines the point in our lives where we reach moments of personal crisis and how close we come to destruction in our everyday existence. The first song titled “Dust” from the forth coming EP “The Hours Down” was released on November 14th, 2013.


Parker Bombshell – Official Website
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Third Sound

About: The Third Sound

The Third Sound gradually formed, slowly took shape. Whilst living in the historical city of Rome, Italy, Hákon Aðalsteinsson (of Singapore Sling and formerly Hudson Wayne) started work on new material. It started life high upon the rooftop of the building he was living in…initially heard only by himself and the birds circling overhead. Eventually introducing the songs to his friend and 60’s fanatic, Francesco D’Onofrio, the two of them worked out the arrangements then went into a studio and slowly recorded the album. Hákon returned to Iceland where he mixed the album with Hallberg Daði Hallergsson (formerly of Jakobínarína) before relocating to Berlin. The album is ready, the band has grown into a 5 piece live act. The Third Sound is now complete.

The Third Sound - Reverbnation
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Philip Morgan Lewis

About: Philip Morgan Lewis

London’s East End alternative singer/songwriter/producer Philip Morgan Lewis draws his creative influences from the music he listened to in his youth, such as Josh White, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Phil’s infectious music blends a little alternative raunchy rock and dirty blues with his outspoken folk, all packaged with a foot tapping beat to bring it to life. Philip writes, produces and performs his music and creates his own music videos using gritty urban footage, fast cuts and time-lapse shots to emphasize the rough energy of his tracks.

With the "Karma Comedown" EP (Summer 2013) Philip was hailed as a major new talent on UK national radio Teamrock radio  and one of London’s rising stars by US Blues Rock Review. The title track garnered rave reviews and a lot of radio support in the UK and US, featuring 7 weeks on UK national radio Planet Rock with DJ Wyatt Wendels.

Philip's singles have featured repeatedly on the BBC, US radio and UK national radio including his 2014 single "Six Foot Tambourine" which debuted on “BBC London Introducing” with Gary Crowley. Phil was also a nominee at the 2014 British Blues Awards.

Phil is currently working on a new album “Grief Harbour” which will be released on November 18, 2016. The first single from that album released on Sept. 14th, 2016 and is currently making the radio rounds with great reviews. For more details, visit the Official Philip MorganLewis website

“Philip Morgan Lewis continues to bring his brilliant in your face brand of rock n roll to the airwaves with his latest single “Grief Harbour”, the first single and title track off his new album “Grief Harbour”. The song picks up where “Karma Comedown” & Whistle Blower” left off, never skipping a beat with solid rockin’ from start to finish.” ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music 

Philip Morgan Lewis LINKS:

Official Website
Last FM
Philip Morgan Lewis - YouTube
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Thursday, October 3, 2013


About: Cardinals

Named after a street walked nightly during long recording sessions, Cardinals has quickly moved from a high school jazz bands simple indie project to a name more demanding in their hometown. The band quickly garnered recognition from nearby promoters, landing support slots for touring acts Said the Whale, Take me to the Pilot and Paper Lions. Additionally the band recently secured a worldwide distribution deal with Alternative Empire (Crystalyne)

Cardinals take on more and more experience in writing, playing live and recording. The self-entitled, self-produced EP "Cardinals" is designed to be a statement of the power of simplicity that the trio have honed through years of practice and natural talent. With a second music video being shot, and a Spring tour in the works, the band seeks to grow their fan base internationally through hard work and honest music.

Band Members:

Levi Clattenburg - Vocals, Guitar
Myles Rogers - Bass, Vocals
Nathaniel Rustenburg - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Cardinals - Facebook
Cardinals - Twitter
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

About: Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

There are few things as inspiring as pure, unfettered talent in a hard-working, humble artist. Lucy Kruger is one of the few artists on the SA music scene that possesses all of these attributes and it shows in her work.

Originally from Grahamstown, Lucy (now 23) recently arrived in Cape Town after completing her undergraduate degree in Music and her Honours in Drama at Rhodes University, and is set to take the notoriously hardnosed Mother City music scene by storm with her fresh take on indie/alternative rock. Her singular sound is reminiscent of the fearless, female vocals of powerful acts like
Sinéad O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries fame and also draws influence from the work of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos – culminating in a rich tapestry of skilful, versatile vocals bolstered by soulful melodies.

Lucy has been writing and performing her own material for six plus years and has in the past had the pleasure to open for international act Linton Kwezi Johnson (LKJ), as well as respected local acts such as Josie Field, Wendy Oldfield, Cutting Jade and Shawn Phillips. Since arriving in Cape Town Lucy has treated audiences to foot-tapping performances at the likes of Daddy Longlegs, Alma Café, the Jolly Roger Pastis, Mojos, &Union, Obviouzly Armchair, Cape Quarter Market, Hout Bay Harbour Market, 5 Reyneveld, Aan De Braak and the Barleycorn.

Her debut album ‘Cut those Strings’(produced by Schalk Joubert and engineered by Dave Langemann) , features a host of innovative artists including Inge Beckmann, Schalk Joubert, Kevin Gibson, Melissa Van Der Spuy and Albert Frost, yet remains true to the folk sound her growing fan-base has come to know and love.

Says Lucy of how she came to make music: “I started playing guitar because I wanted to write music. One of the first songs I learnt on the guitar was Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You’. After hearing that song and feeling what it was to play it, I was completely hooked. After setting my heart on music I was constantly reminded (and still am) about how difficult the music industry is. Difficult perhaps, but hopefully not impossible. I want and love it enough to give it (and myself) a fighting chance. I am slowly starting to discover the rules of an industry that ‘has no rules’. It is certainly keeping me on my toes and that is an exciting place to be.”

It is this strong work ethic and drive to succeed that underscores all of Lucy’s endeavours and it set to launch her inimitable sound on the SA music scene.






Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Official Website
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