Saturday, March 26, 2011

Utopia Cafe

About: Utopia Café

Utopia Café consists of Cosmin Straut (vocals, lead guitar, keyboards) and Alex Malaescu (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards).

The Alternative/Indie Rock band from Romania has a unique sound that is fed by tons of creativity and great ambition.

Utopia Café released their debut 6 track EP in June 2011 called “Music From The Left Angle”, and has received exceptional internet radio airplay in the US and UK.

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Counting Clouds

About: Counting Clouds

Counting Clouds takes you to a music wonderland. The door to this enchanted place is wide open. All you have to do is close your eyes, and let the music take you far away to any place you dream to be.
The magical secret about Counting Clouds is simply love, happiness and joy.
Counting Clouds was born around 6 years ago from Mike Wornath (Germany) and Vionna Chamberlain (USA/TX).
What with a music collaboration started grew up to a big love between two people far away from each other.
Counting Clouds is a very special, modern, and new age music. We don't believe there is anything similar in this music business today. Simply, fresh, new and full of love.

Counting Clouds takes you away.


Counting Clouds - 10.000 Miles Away
Counting Clouds - New Moon
Counting Clouds - Paradise
Counting Clouds - Arabic Night (Live in Dubai)
Counting Clouds - At The Beach (Live)
Counting Clouds - Skydivers (2011)

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Codie Prevost

About: Codie Prevost

Hold onto your seats, it’s about to “Get Loud”. This two-time S.C.M.A. ‘Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year’ will deliver a performance guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Building on the momentum from his first two award winning albums “The Road Ahead” (2005) and “Spin 6-PAK Vol. I” (2008), Codie Prevost has just launched his highly anticipated third album, “Get Loud”. An exciting change for Prevost this time around was having the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s top producers, Tom McKillip in Vancouver, who captured his unique style and sound. The lead off single/video “Rolling Back To You” climbed to the top 30 on the BDS chart and the video got heavy rotation on CMT. The 2nd single/video “Standing Still” has just been released to CMT/radio and is gaining momentum.

With Main Stage performances at the Craven Country Fest, Manitoulin Country Fest, the Havelock Country Jamboree & Dauphin Country fest already under his belt, 2011 promises to be an exciting year. Named “Countries newest sensation” by ET Canada Prevost has been invited to perform at Prairie Scene in Ottawa and will be making his European debut with a performance in France at the Country Bike Festival in Tours as part of the Canadian Country Music Night.

His live performances consistently captivate his audiences, treating them to upbeat and feel-good singles like “Rolling Back To You”, “Next Weekend”, “Not Just The Beer Talkin” & “Spin”, named “Country Song of the Year” at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards to sincere ballads including “Call Me When You Get There”, and the infamous tear jerker “I’m Okay”.

Gracing the stage with boundless energy and passion, and conveyed with a genuine and non-assuming presence, Codie Prevost has been a much sought-after act ever since he kick started his music career in 2005.

Contact: Codie -

Booking & Inquiries: Alain Leblanc -

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The Talismen

About: The Talismen

We are a pair of song writing brothers, Chris and Paul,
who write and perform our own original Pop/Rock tunes.
They are uplifting, positive, energetic, and fun, with catchy melodies

Our songs promote Peace and Love, Joy and Happiness

A "talisman" is a good luck charm. It can avert evil and bring good fortune, sometimes producing  magical or miraculous effects. We hope you enjoy our music!

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Aoede (AED)

About: Aoede

Lauded and award-winning singer/songwriter, Lisa Sniderman, aka: Aoede (pronounced A-E-D), released her third full-length album and overall fifth release,
Is Love A Fairy Tale?
, on September 18, 2012.

Is Love A Fairy Tale?, comes just a few short months after the release of her acclaimed Skeletons of the Muse (April 2012), which shot her to #2 on Reverbnation's San Francisco pop chart and #39 on the national chart.

Fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Feist, Lily Allen and A Fine Frenzy resonate with Aoede's prodigal and passionate songwriting skills that synergistically blend melody and lyric into compellingly captivating musical vignettes conveyed in her imitable breathy, bouncy, and enchantingly quirky soprano.

Aoede has garnered numerous accolades for her music, developed a popular blog, engaged fans through social media, participated in national motivational speaking engagements where she offers support, advice, and encouragement, and won multiple songwriting awards, including the 2012 Artists in Music Awards Album of the Year for Affair with the Muse, and Best Folk/Acoustic Artist.

In April 2012, Indie Music Channel awarded Aoede Best Female Folk Artist and Best Folk Producer; the 2012 LA Music Awards nominated Aoede for Hot AC Artist of the Year, Record of the Year, and Female Singer-Songwriter, and Aoede has been nominated in the 2013 Artists in Music Awards.

Is Love A Fairy Tale? already received three prestigious Children’s Awards: Creative Child Magazine’s “Preferred Choice Award”; “Sterling Fun” from Tillywig Toy Awards, and Family Review Center’s “Gold Award.” Is Love A Fairy Tale? is being considered for Best Children’s Album in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

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“I found this collection quite interesting. It was almost like listening to a musical. Each track had some narration and some music but the Is Love A Fairy Tale? CD makes one continuous story. I would say that the story itself is good for pre-teens and would be especially appealing to girls. It talks about a young woman in search of love. She’s not sure what it is or how to find it. She looks lots of places and meets lots of interesting creatures in the mystical land where she lives. In the end we learn that ‘love is whatever you want it to be’ and is ‘the greatest thing of all’.”
Kerrific Online

"How fun! I really enjoyed this "audio book". It flows warmly, intertwining music, narration and leading questions, which take you in to the story line with a pre-set stage for what you are about to embark on. Between the sound effects and excellent narration, you can visualize the story well, as you walk along with the characters you will meet on the way. I love to put these on in the car when going for a drive ... everyone can relax and enjoy the story together. Then, when we stop for a bite to eat, we have something to talk about - the story! This is a well produced audio CD and I know you will enjoy it. Reading is awesome - I love to read! However, sometimes reading is not practical or inviting, which are the times you want something such as this to kick back and enjoy. Great for children ages 9-14 but I think all ages will enjoy the fun tale."
Family Review Center (GOLD AWARD)

“Aoede (Lisa Sniderman) has a fizzy, fancy-free persona conveyed with a hint of Brit-ness a la Lilly Allen... charming ukulele fueled Love Proof whose quaint simplicity and deft vocal harmonies recall the Ditty Bops. This artist has a unique spirit.”
Music Connection Magazine

“Aoede's refreshing vocals that float effortlessly over her uplifting productions bring a smile to every face… Skeletons of the Muse features some undeniably stand out tracks including 'Love Proof' and 'Fairytale Love' and contribute to an outstanding production of Music that showcases how different and unique this artist is, a rare talent that has shown consistency and versatility throughout her output paving the way for a bright and expanding future.”
The BizzNiz

“Easily relatable to anyone with that care-free easygoing love of music…The music of Aoede is purely meant to uplift the soul and put a smile in your heart. It is no wonder that Aoede has been receiving acclaim across the board within the music industry already, because no one should be without a smile in their heart.”
L. White R.S.M Promotions; Skope Magazine

"Aoede spreads the inspiration she carries within her to whatever she does… Her radiant soprano voice mingles with her own quirky brand of DIY pop and heartfelt, powerful lyrics."
Trina Carré, Fourculture: issue two

“For AOEDE, you cannot tag her as a single genre artist, in fact, it is much harder to pin her down in one category, because her music is outside any realm of typical categories. Instead, put her in your "Popular" playlist and hit repeat often, because if you enjoy music by Regina Spektor, and Feist, Ingrid Michaelson then you will definitely enjoy AOEDE.”
Mikey Jay, The Great Unknowns Presents

“Poppy, upbeat, heartfelt, passion-filled, talented – those are just some words one might use to describe Aoede.”
MarsBands Reviews

“Once every blue moon, the universe is blessed with the laughter of an angel. There may be a blue moon for awhile because the musical vibe of Aoede encompasses that angelic sound. Beyond the voice, there is inspirational songwriting and a metaphysical presence within every note… Her story is as compelling as her willingness to share it with the world.”
Independent Music and Media

“One of the fun things about diving into a sea of mostly DIY music is “discovering” an unsigned artist who could be the next big thing. At the very least, it’s easy to find more than a few folks who are going to have exciting careers which I will enjoy following. One is San Francisco area singer/songwriter Aoede (Lisa Sniderman, who also has a bitchin’ blog). With a vocal style similar to Feist or Fiona Apple, her songs are more lush and ornate than either.”
Walking on a Wire-Artist of the Week

“Bringing pop worthy hooks together with alt rock instrumentation and smoky production...”
Massive Music

“It is a story-telling, magic-making kind of music… her vocals add a lightness, a radiance that dances on the edges of the music itself. It’s like the halo on an angel, the shimmering light on a firefly’s back.”
San Francisco Voice


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crescendo Mafia

About: Crescendo Mafia

Crescendo Mafia are musically close to Kings of Leon/The Killers and their influences are just those bands, plus John Mayer, Pink Floyd and Crowded House.
The Band released their first single 'I Told You So' in April this year.

They were added to The Rock’s Off the Record” for two months in a row (May and June this year), air on ZM and are on A-Rotation with Kiwi FM. The video plays on Juice TV and was aired on Homegrown - C4.

Crescendo Mafia just won Best Indie Video on Juice TV in May. They were recently added to several German radio stations with their single.

The band was formed in 2009 by young Australian brothers Matt (vocals/guit) and Luke Vankan (drums) and local Eddie Gaiger (bass, keys, vocals) and have written 45 songs since then. Their love for harmonies and good music brought them together and according to critics will go a long way.

The second single 'Baby Lies' was released July 2010.
Band Members:
Matt Vankan (vocals, guitar)
Luke Vankan (drums)
Eddie Gaiger (vocals, keyboards, bass)

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About: Toxin

Long Island’s own TOXIN is ready to take the world by storm. From catchy hard-rock anthems to infectious ballads, the boys of TOXIN are taking aim with a vengeance and a fully loaded arsenal of their brand of Rock and Roll. In just a few short years, these 18-20 year olds went from playing small, local shows to sold out headlining shows, to performing in some of the largest Rock and Metal Festivals in the US and Europe. TOXIN is the youngest band ever to grace the stage at Germany's Bang-Your-Head Festival. Opening for such headliners as Bret Michaels and Twisted Sister, Toxin is determined to bring Rock back to the masses and show their generation what Rock and Roll is all about.

TOXIN is Jason Kloos, Joe Gigante, Mat Brandon, Ross Medico and Brian Maldonado

Contact: The Band has dissapeared from the radar

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Marta Wiley

 About: Marta Wiley

Marta Wiley is a critically acclaimed Avant-garde painter and singer/songwriter who has created 10,000 paintings and written over 2,000 songs (over 100 albums). She has performed and exhibited her art throughout the world and received critical acclaim and press for her work in music and the arts.
“Marta G Wiley is an artist extraordinaire that has championed the realm of creativity in every discipline within the art world and now extends her exceptional talents to the music world.

Marta’s musical talent knows no bounds, and breaks the mold between genres; a feat that can be experienced with her latest venture called “Elev8ors”; an album that is destined to sweep music fans off their feet and carry Marta to the top internationally.

Marta’s singing and writing abilities take the listener on a journey to a special place within that resonates in depth and understanding; a rare gift in today’s music World, and truly a breath of fresh air.

I recommend Marta Wiley with the highest of marks and regard her musical talent as truly exceptional. “Elev8ors” will elevate your spirits and carry your soul. I’m already in anticipation of her next release.” ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music

CONTACT: Marta Wiley

Marta Wiley Music Playlist

Marta Wiley LINKS:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shawn Gallaway

About: Shawn Gallaway

Shawn Gallaway is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator, Energy Worker and Certified Lifeline Practitioner. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of Healing Through the Arts, and branding Conscious Music, which is music with a purpose — to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love! His I Choose Love song and global movement continues to encircle the world over, igniting the hearts of people everywhere to consciously move with Love each day in their relationships, actions, words, and commitments.

As a workshop facilitator and a ceremonial healer, Shawn has assisted and blessed many over the years with his keen insight and his ability to bring a sense of humor to the healing process. He has also stepped into the role of a screenwriter, combining all his gifts into a multimedia theater production and film called The Choice. The Choice chronicles the healing journey of eight brave men and women who, together, choose Love and walk the path of the Heart, transforming their fears into love in service to humanity and the earth. The Choice can best be described as a healing experience that can enlighten and inspire the masses into loving action in the world through the use of the arts.

To date Shawn has four CDs, two DVDs and a screenplay to his credit. His I Choose Love Book and CD follows the soul’s healing journey through pain, confusion and struggle to emerge into the freedom of self-awareness, purpose, compassion, joy, and connection. The book includes songs, stories, photographs and a series of original paintings that chronicle Shawn’s own journey back to peace. His visual art has also been shown in galleries through out the United States and abroad. Shawn’s I Choose Love DVD is a heart stirring music video with both images and Mary Beth Haubrich signing the song in American Sign Language. It includes interviews with Shawn, Mary Beth and a section teaching children how to sign the song.

Freedom Cries brings in Shawn’s gifts and expertise in gender reconciliation work, specifically healing the masculine spirit and bringing balance to the internal masculine and feminine heart within each of us. Love Will Overcome, Shawn’s 3rd release is about giving back and putting into action the Love in our hearts for the healing of the earth, all sentient life and the global structures that run the world economies right now. It includes themes songs for The Peace Alliance, The New Energy Movement, Go Gratitude and the Satyana Institute.

Livin’ Love – The Shift is On, is a powerful album about moving into joy with gratitude and Love Songs for the Soul, an acoustic album, is a simple expression of purity and Divine Love. The DVD Choice Point is Shawn teaming up with Joy Gilfilen and Uniting Creatives, for a very intimate concert related to social change.

Shawn has shared the stage with authors Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Robert Holden, and with rock and pop masters Orleans & Friends. Shawn has also had the high honor of being present for the showing of his I Choose Love music video during the bestowing of the 2009 International Freedom Award by the National Civil Rights Museum to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. World and social change leaders like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and activist Archbishop Emeritus Desmund Tutu have also embraced the song I Choose Love, reaffirming in their own mission its spirit and calling.

Shawn currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee USA and continues to tour and share his passion for healing through the arts and conscious music all over the world.

Shawn Gallaway – Official Website
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phil Graham Band

About: Phil Graham Band

The members of Phil Graham Band have played together on and off for over 25 years. Reunion is the band's first album in 15 years, and the first they have done entirely for themselves.

Al's Casino, released on March 1, 2009, is the second album by Australia's Phil Graham Band. It features the fabulous guitar work of Phil Graham and Australian rock legend Tim Gaze. Recorded at Coffee Bean Records Studio in Brisbane, Australia, this time around the lineup is Phil Graham, Naomi Sunderland, John Barns, Peter Willersdorf, Les Foyle, Jean Burgess, and features a special guest appearance by Brother Mike of Chicago's Poetree.

Phil and the band have worked together and separately on some of Australia's best known albums, soundtracks, and advertisements. The lead guitarist, Tim Gaze, is one of Australia's finest, first rising to fame in Stonehenge at the age of 14. He's played at the top of Australian music ever since, with Ariel, Rose Tattoo, Air Supply, Tamum Shud, and recently toured with Jimmy Barnes. Peter (Willy) Willersdorf has played bass at the forefront of the Australian music scene since the late 70s, playing with Gyan, The Dukes, and Solid Citizens to name a few. Steve Roy (drums and vocals) has been in the footlights for more than 30 years, playing with Edge City, The Fargen Brothers, Skin Game, Barry Charles and the Last Resort, and the Steve Tibbet Band. After 20 something years of making music for records, shows, advertisements, movies, and television, Phil has a day job as a University Professor.


John Barns (Drums)
Phil Graham (Guitar/Vocals)
Tim Gaze (Guitar)
Les Foyle (Guitar/Vocals)
Naomi Sunderland (Vocals)
Peter "Willy" Willersdorf (Bass/Vocals)
Jean Burgess (Flute)
With Brother Mike of Chicago's Poetree

Sounds Like: Tom Petty, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel

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Mike McGill

About: Mike McGill

Mike was born and raised in Connecticut, but settled in sunny San Diego in 1998. He began writing music in the mid 90's just to pass the time while he was traveling throughout the US as a Computer Programmer/Analyst - Consultant. Always a quick learner, he also taught himself how to play the guitar while on the road.

After Mike settled on the West Coast, he started performing at local coffee houses and open mics a few times a month beginning in August, 2005. Since then, he has expanded his performing schedule to the point of playing 2, 3, even 4 times per week all over San Diego county.

Mike plays at many of San Diego's premier Wineries, Resorts, and Restaurants. He can also be seen performing at San Diego's yearly County Fair, random Street Fairs, and a few local Bar & Grills. He is also hired to play many Private Events, Corporate Events and weddings throughout the year.

In August of 2012, Mike was voted Runner-Up in the Channel 10 San Diego's A-List in the Wedding Category for Best Music.

Mike’s sound has been described as that of Jack Johnson’s laid back soothing style, but if you ask him he'll say "I really have no idea. I've been influenced by so many different artists. I can't put my finger on it. You tell me!"

Let's just say a little surf / meets folk / meets rock / meets pop.

Mike's first cd 'Keep On' was self-released at the end of 2006. After a few years of performing and promoting his first project throughout San Diego, he also wrote and recorded 12 new songs. His second cd 'Enjoy the Journey' was self-released in 2009.

As he continues to perform locally and throughout California, he also continues to write. Mike plans on recording and releasing singles throughout 2013 via YouTube and/or digital media.

Mike McGill – Official Website
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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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