Monday, April 28, 2014

Censor the Beast

About: Censor the Beast

Dublin based rock outfit Censor the Beast formed in 2013. The group, who are in their early twenties, spent the Autumn of 2013... writing and recording their first EP, "See Through Skin". The EP was recorded at Westland Studios and includes a diverse range of material spread across 4 tracks.

Band Members:

Rob Nolan, Andrew Martin, William Peart

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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Gorlons

About: The Gorlons

The Gorlons are an exciting band out of Springfield Missouri that have broken the waters and birthed a new 21st century rock that blends rock n roll, punk, psychedelic, progressive rock, garage rock, and New Wave into one harmonious blend of what can only be termed as “Eschaton Rock”. Their debut self titled album “The Gorlons” is filled with awe inspiring sounds that time warps the listener into the future as well as the past in the same a tempest in a tea cup "The Gorlons" are here…welcome to the future of rock n roll! ~ World United Music

"I haven't forgotten my love for garage rock in my latest renewed fervor for post-rock. Doubt most anything could diminish it, and just to reinforce that sentiment I'm sharing one of the best garage rock albums we've been sent in months. The Gorlons hail from Springfield, MO and they've got a brings me straight back to the days before I even wrote this blog and was a dumb kid looking through the CDs at the public library trying to find anything and everything lo-fi. It shares many of my favorite qualities of the Hentchmen or the long-ago-posted Different Skeletons, as in from the simplicity of the music that can make something incredibly full and dynamic through fuzzy guitar, organs and singing that I find just inside the realm of intelligible without going overboard like modern radio hits. The band, as garage goes, has a heavy retro streak in it as it does remind me of earlier revival bands a remarkable catchiness like The Flamin' Groovies, but of course louder and speedier. I'd say this is produced with a skill that exceeds either of those groups, as least as for a debut when it comes to the Hentchmen. A most excellent driving around album, and in particular I find makes a band much more enjoyable to re-listen to, even more so if heard while you slide your old Caprice around on black ice driving to work at 3:30am like I did. I really must recommend "Rollercoaster" and "Dirty" as two of the neatest songs I have had the pleasure to review on here for a bit, yet the whole album is solid. They've posted the album for free listening on youtube, but should you like to support them and own a copy they're selling it on bandcamp." - Spacerockmountain

"These dudes can write a little something called SONGS. It’s evident from their self-titled debut. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, it’s not much of a mystery that these dudes don’t do “slow” too often. The album is made up of attitude-heavy riffs, head-nodding beats, and fuzzed tones, all while laced with a decent coat of psychedelic organ melodies. Shake all that up and throw it in the same room and I’d imagine that the inevitable explosion would result in the Gorlons. That’s not to say that they don’t do slow songs too though; the third track “Head Cage” sounds like audio codeine and just like regular codeine, it fucking rules.The whole thing is available on the band’s bandcamp right now. You can give it a listen, download it, or pick up a CD/cassette below. Have at it, kids.

Oh, one last sidenote: isn’t the cover of this thing pretty fucking cool too?" - Stuff n Such

Band Members:

Ross Murphy- Guitar/Vocals
Seth Goodwin- Keys
Geoff Green- Bass
Kenneth Wagoner- Drums
Conner Murphy- Guitar

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Michael Mazochi

About: Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi has been perusing the evolution of expression for the better part of a decade. His work ranges from folk, to country, to... indie rock, to pop, to rock and roll. His more instrumentally dense work with his band "The Von Furs" now called "The Michael Mazochi Band" is an exploration of pop, psychedelic, garage and good old fashioned rock n' roll while his solo work tends towards the more intimate confessions of a solo artist.

The Von Furs began life as a studio project for Michael (past winner of Folk Album of the Year and Folk Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the LA Music Awards). Based in Los Angeles, and following an extensive string of placements on hit t.v. shows like "New Girl", "True Blood", "Hart of Dixie", and "Gossip Girl" along with a spot in a "Coca-Cola" commercial, he decided it was time to put together a band of friends and musicians to play the songs he had been writing and recording. Blending a love for 60's Americana (Bob Dylan, Neil Young), Classic British Pop (The Beatles, The Kinks) and Indie Rock (Pavement, The Walkmen) The Von Furs set out to fill a gap in the fabric of modern indie rock. Building upon time spent in upstate NY and a cabin in the Angeles National Forest while tucked away and working tirelessly, Mazochi blended together his influences to produce something new and timeless.

Michael released "The Von Furs" energy filled alternative rock album "Love and Taxidermy" in 2016.

After a lengthy break from releasing full length albums under his name, Michael Mazochi returns with "The Cold War". The album is a look at the modern age and how it effects us as human beings. The 14 track album is a vibrant, exciting, and sometimes harrowing look at the effects of the times we live in and how we all need to find some sense of peace in the chaos that surrounds us.

"The Cold War" is mostly the work of one music obsessive who locked himself up in a small apartment and tried to make sense of the world around him. The album was made one piece at a time with nearly every instrument being played by Mazochi from drums to vocals. The presence of Maxwell Butler in a good handful of the songs provides a lift whenever and wherever he lends his talents.

"The Cold War" was Mazochi's most concise and directed album, one that seeks to look forward into the future while staying grounded in the past.

Since then Michael has released a folk electronica based album titled "Here Comes the Night" (2017) which is a unique exploration into the electronica / folk universe that clearly shows Michael's diverse skills as an artist as he combines his search for truth and his progressive music talents to produce a very unique album.The album was written, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Michael Mazochi. ~ Favorite track: "Watching the Lines"

Band Members:

Michael Mazochi - Vocals, Guitar, Album Stuff
Tedd Buffa - Bass
Jordan Gravely - Guitar
Richard Ponce - Guitar, Keys
Elly Swope - Drums, Vocals

CONTACT: Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi Music Playlist

Michael Mazochi LINKS:
Official Website
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CD Baby

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


About: Tauk

The heavy NYC dirty funk 4-piece TAUK is hitting 2014 with their unique blend of experimental melodic prog rock and sexy grooves. The group consists of Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric "A.C." Carter (Keyboard-Organ), and Isaac Teel (Drums). The quartet is currently in the studio with legendary Grammy-Winning Producer Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson) to craft their sophomore full-length album – due out Summer 2014. Carranza explains, "What's compelling is the raw power of the band, from their light moments to full-out jamming. Music is a language that some feel and others speak – and TAUK do both very well."

TAUK's new album is a follow up to their 2013 first completely instrumental full-length album, Homunculus - a record that received widespread acclaim including an "On The Verge" feature in Relix Magazine and frequent rotation for the single "Dead Signal" on Sirius XM Jam On.

TAUK manages to create a live show experience to match their masterfully produced recordings. The unique chemistry and relaxed-focus of TAUK's performance is undeniable, but their ability to create immensely melodic and emotional music without a vocal lead is what continues to captivate and impress music lovers across all genres. TAUK has landed spots on the biggest festivals such as Bonnaroo, The Hangout Music Festival, Summer Camp, and The Allman Brothers' Peach Fest and has already joined the lineups of this year's Floyd Fest, Blackstock Music Festival, Blossoms Blooming Festival, Rock N Roll Resort, Mad Tea Party Jam, Domefest, Camp Barefoot, The Big What? and more! The band has played in direct support for some of the most respected names in music including moe., Robert Randolph & the Family Band, The Funky Meters, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Lettuce, Dopapod, Tim Reynolds & TR3 and more.

TAUK's chemistry can be attributed to their history. Forming in middle school, a majority of TAUK's members have been playing together for over a decade. The group experimented with their sound over the years both individually while studying at top music universities and conservatories, and together as a band - always working to find their ideal sound. It wasn't until 2012 with the addition of drummer, Isaac Teel, and the realization the band could build a fan base around a completely instrumental act, that the pieces fell into place. Since then the band has continued to push the envelope of their musical vision, creating instant fans across the country on a nightly basis

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

White Glow

About: White Glow

White Glow is a Progressive Psychedelic Rock band from Rouen France that is making great waves in the Psychosphere of the underground rock scene. The band has released 4 EP’s since 2011, and has toured to rave reviews by their growing fan base. White Glow has become a beacon to progressive psychedelic rock fans that is spreading around the world like fire. Here is an underground band not to miss. 

Band Members:

Hugo Magontier - Guitare / Voix
Julien Vaissaire - Basse / Voix
Paul Carment - Orgue / Bruit / Voix
Hugo Vandewiele - Batterie

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The Turning

About: The Turning

Formed in early 2013, it hasn’t taken long for The Turning to gain a hard working reputation, which is expressed through their constant writing, gigging and promotion of their music. The difference is polaric from many other young bands that have the passion, but lack the mature execution.

Having recently wrapped up an extensive 12-date UK tour, the last 18 months has consisted of multiple sell out headline shows, including Camden Barfly and The Leadmill in Sheffield, supporting artist such as The Strypes and Steve Cradock as well as releasing a 9-track mini album.

The Turning have been developing their very own style; incorporating separate influences, crowd reaction from gigs gone by and a clear vision of where they want to go. This has seen their music mutate, morphing into injections of punk urgency with a refreshing modern flair.

Band Members:

Luke McLaughlin (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica)
David Bardon (Lead Guitar)
Louis Gilbert (Bass)
Ruben Kenton-Harris (Drums)

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Air Traffic Controller

About: Air Traffic Controller

The 2015 Billboard Hot 100 Fest featured a wide range of pop radio acts, but there were a few bands in the lineup injecting an important element that is considered vital to any music festival - rock and roll.  Air Traffic Controller was one of the lucky bands handpicked to do just that.  After letting a few songs out of the box from their upcoming full length release, Billboard was a perfect setting for ATC to give a very large audience a taste of what's just around the corner.  The band may be a new to the pop scene, but they've come a long way to get to the main-stage.

Serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller, singer/songwriter Dave Munro sent home demos written and recorded during deployment. With his enlistment up, he returned to his hometown, Boston, and discovered a surprising number of fans and collaborators, prompting the genesis of the aptly-named band. 

Nominated for an MTV “Best Break-Out Artist” Video Music Award in late 2009 and winner of "Best Indie Rock Act" of the 2010 Boston Music Conference, Air Traffic Controller and their debut album, "The One", found its way onto many of the Northeast media outlet's Best-Of lists.  During the height of its radio campaign ATC's debut became one of the top three most-added albums on college radio stations nationwide.

In 2012, Air Traffic Controller were ready for round two with their founding producer, LA-based artist William James McAuley, better known as Bleu. Having a home-run success on Kickstarter and raising over $12k to support the production of “NORDO” – the team set out to create a place all their own in the indie pop world.  Taking advantage of band member Steve Scott’s experience composing and conducting, they went the distance and recorded a forty piece orchestra on the song “Blame.” The album also features band member Casey Sullivan singing on two duets “You Know Me” and “Any Way.”  ATC (including female singer-songwriter/bassist Casey Sullivan, lead guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Steve Scott, and Dave's brother, drummer Richie Munro) released the effervescent all-American indie pop record "NORDO", and received many accolades and award nominations such as the “Artist on The Verge” award by NMS. The album's most popular song from “You Know Me” graced the #1 spot on The Hype Machine, was placed on the NPR Hot 100 List for SXSW, was named Best Indie Alternative Song in the Independent Music Awards, and has led the band to over 10 Million plays on Spotify.  The bustling single "Hurry Hurry," also garnered a great deal of attention, as they were named Band Of The Day by the Guardian UK and a Top 5 College Radio act by WERS and MTVU.

In 2015 Air Traffic Controller is touring the US and ready to launch the next studio album with returning producer Bleu, incorporating more duets and solo lead songs with fellow songwriter Casey Sullivan, additional strings by Jeremy Van Cleave, and percussion by Seth Kasper and Adam Salameh. The album reaches into new, often dark, territory but is consistent with the everyman spirit of ATC, featuring new songs “The House,” “People Watching,” and “On The Wire” – all of which have been featured on Spotify’s official New Music Tuesday playlist.

Citing iconic influences like McCartney, Simon, Petty, Springsteen, and Fleetwood Mac, Air Traffic Controller keeps it honest, with autobiographical lyrics and thoughtful storytelling.  "Casey Sullivan comes forward as lead vocalist, adding a dreamy overtone to the band's already exuberant sound" (BuzzBands LA).  On stage, the band is normally a 5-piece band, but they have been accompanied, on numerous occasions, by an entire string section to capture and recreate the sonic landscape of their recordings.  ATC has toured the US and London and since have been asked to perform with acts such Joshua Radin, Kongos, The Lone Bellow, Catfish & The Bottlemen, J. Roddy Watson & The Business, and played festivals like The Nines Fest with Dr. Dog and Delta Spirit, Life Is Good Fest with Dave Matthews, and the Billboard Hot 100 Fest with mega-stars like The Weeknd, and Justin Beiber.

ATC's music has been licensed by Bose, MTV, FOX, NBC, ABC, Disney, Verizon, Toyota, Lincoln/Mercury, Ecko, Hollister, Eddie Bauer, TBS, USA and CW networks.

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About: FESCH

FESCH is a 4 piece Indie Pop band based out of Vienna and Berlin that reaches into the Beatles / Beach Boys 60’s Pop era for their influence. Their debut EP “Descent Into Greatness” will be released on iTunes and Bandcamp on April 25th, 2014 and already they are making big waves with their hit single “Other Side of Love”. Fesch delivers great upbeat pop music to tap your toes to.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Orange Revival

About: The Orange Revival

Emerging from the depths of Sweden the 4-piece band, The Orange Revival mixes everything from blues rock to psychedelia with a looming 60's vibe.

Since the release of debut album 'Black Smoke Rising' in 2011, the band have kept busy, touring all around Europe and America.

In April 2013 the band released the 7" single 'Lying In The Sand', mastered by Sonic Boom whom they met during a Scandinavian tour with his band Spectrum.

With the new release, followed a US tour including a second stop at the infamous Austin Psych Fest.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Jay Scott & The Find

About: Jay Scott & The Find

Jay Scott & The Find is an exciting new act out of London UK with infectious indie rock, powerful pop songs, and a live show that has earned the boys... a loyal fan base.

In March 2014, the boys completed their first record (Self Titled), with Steve Power (Blur, Robbie Williams, Feeder, Ray LaMontagne, British Sea Power) at the helm, recording at Abbey Road Studios and Angelic Studios. Soon to be released


Jay Scott & The Find – Official Website
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Jay Scott & The Find - Bandcamp


The Cracklin Void

About: The Cracklin Void

The cracklin' void are an Edinburgh based band , embarking on a journey to reach your mind , soul and stereo's. Fusing meaty riffs and garage blues with a psychedelic edge , we are coming to a venue near you soon.

…“Edinburgh-based blues-meets-rock quartet, adept at sounding like there's about 20 of 'em on stage” ~ The Skinny

Band Members:

Daniel Barr - Vocals/Guitar
Greg Williamson - Vocals/Guitar
Lloyd Bradley - Bass
Clark Robertson - Drums/Percussion

The Cracklin Void - Reverbnation
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About: Jupiter

Jupiter is made up of three brothers from Temecula, California. After years of being in bands with an ever revolving door of members, Jordan, Evan and Aaron decided to try their hand at producing music on their own. Over the next three years they constantly honed their singing, songwriting, production and recording skills as they continued to discover their own sound and voices. They released Love Campaign in June 2011 and have recently followed that release with “The Fire” EP which was released in April 2013. Having recorded and produced the albums themselves, Jupiter is excited to continue touring and see what the future holds.

Jupiter has completed completed three west coast tours and two runs to Nevada and Utah. In June of 2013 they also covered California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Nevada.

Band Members:

Jordan Doverspike-Vocals, Guitar
Evan Doverspike-Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Doverspike-Vocals, Drums

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Deering and Down

About: Deering and Down

Deering & Down is an independent duo living in Memphis and playing music worldwide. Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the band has lived and played music in Alaska, Los Angeles, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and Memphis. Called “the best one-two punch in the city” by Memphis' Commercial Appeal, the duo describes their style as defiantly unorthodox with a smokey Memphis flavor cast in a glow of shimmering Northern lights.

“We’ve been making music for 11 years now, and we’re confident this is our best album yet,” said Deering. “Working with Willie was such a great learning experience, and it really shows in the bold new direction of our third release.”

The album features a variety of Memphis’ most well-known musicians, including Al Green’s notable Hi Rhythm section (guitarist Mabon “Teenie” Hodges, bassist Leroy Hodges, keyboardist Charles Hodges and drummer Howard Grimes), and Rick Steff, John C Stubblefield and Roy Berry of Lucero.

“…Weaving the two main streams of Memphis music—rockabilly and Southern soul—the duo has created a hybrid sound that should transform them from local heroes to roots-rock stars.” ~ Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post

“… She's got a voice like Loretta Lynn swallowed Rod Stewart. He plays guitar like nobody you've ever heard. Great in a bar. Better in a hotel room. How's that for a pull quote?” ~ Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

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The After Hours

About: The After Hours

In January of 2013, THE AFTER HOURS hit the Los Angeles music scene with a brand new, yet familiar take on rock & roll. With ...the guitar riffs of The Who, harmonies of The Beatles, and the clever craftsmanship of The Kinks, THE AFTER HOURS are one of the few Los Angeles acts that celebrate the true roots of rock and pop music with finesse, grace and a whole lot of style.

Formed in November 2010, The After Hours (then known as The Electric Starfish) hit the scene with a brand new flavor. Inspired by the sights and sounds of swinging London, the mod scene, West Coast psychedelia and the original British Invasion, the band sends its audience into a time warp to a far-out world of bright colors and big sounds wrapped in lush harmony and the true spirit of rock & roll.
Band Members:

Ryan Wilkins: Vocals
Bruce Matis: Guitar
Michael Mosbeck: Guitar
Masa Nishimura: Bass
Paul Niedzwiecki: Drums

The After Hours – Official Website
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Logan Anderson

About: Logan Anderson

I'm not that guy that sits in his bedroom all day and writes love songs on guitar. I'm more like a hen, waiting to lay an egg. I don't know what color it will be, or if it will be big or small. It's just going to happen, and nothing will change that. My music has never been easily described by one single genre. But I consider that a good thing. It's as diverse as it is organic, and my listeners are always telling me, “I never know what's coming next.”

I began writing music at the age of thirteen when my parents bought a nice sixteen track keyboard. I could make entire songs and save them on a disk. My methods are a bit different nowadays. I no longer use keyboards of any kind, and I don't even know how to use the samples or drum loops on my computer program. I play everything myself; even my synth sounds are made from scratch using an upright piano and guitars.

In 2014 I released my first official album, Nomad, which was played consistently for several weeks at our local radio station, JPR, which serves much of southern Oregon and Northern California. My newest album, The Company, is an accumulation of many of my ideas from the last decade. I have pulled many progressions and melodies from a few of my old songs and finally turned them into the productions I always imagined them being. My improvement as a songwriter and producer has skyrocketed in the last 2 years, and my current progress as a producer is almost measurable with every new song I write.

I work full time as a dinner line cook at a local restaurant in Ashland, OR. The job has been very good to me and I make a decent living. My wife is pregnant with our first child, which we're expecting to enter into our lives the first week of December. My long term goals are to earn a living off of music and to raise a family. I would love to support my family by doing what I love to do most, which is music. A life characterized by a flexible schedule and no day job is very appealing to me. It is my dream.

What World United Music is Saying:

"Logan Anderson’s second album ”The Company” is an alternative mix and blend of genres that delivers a testament and celebration of life in all its excitement and abundance of positive uplifting energy. “The Company” is a true blessing in every way and has become one of the most memorable Albums of 2015 for this listener." ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

“The debut CD “Nomad” by Logan Anderson is filled with a generous mix of positive energy to lift your spirits. I Highly recommended this album.” – Stewart Brennan, World United Music

El Jinete – (Single: 2016)

October – (Album: The Company – 2015)

Leaving Valpo - (Album: Nomad - 2014)

Free - (Album: Nomad - 2014)

Logan Anderson – Official Website
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raise Hell Over the Summer

About: Raise Hell over the Summer

Raise Hell Over the Summer is the solo efforts of Curtis Williams. After “The Sugar Report” disbanded, Curtis decided to write and record one song a week for a year. Named appropriately “52's” can be heard on his Curtis Williams blogspot page and also his YouTube channel where the songs are archived. (Links Below)

Curtis released a 6 song EP "Twin Canals", in September 2012 and then a year later in November 2013, released his second 6 song EP “Mechanized Electronic Joy”. The influences of  Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smashing Pumpkins, amongst others are heard in his music, but more importantly, we have another emerging creative artist in this music revolution. Curtis is also a designer and illustrator living in New York City.

“Ever since I can remember I've drawn and created art. I have an affinity towards music and film, which tends to come through in my work. Throughout the years of touring and playing bands myself, I developed a passion for design by creating flyers, fanzines, websites, and record covers. Some of my biggest influences are horror movie posters, Art Deco, and punk LP's from the 80's & 90's. I love working with others and helping make their ideas blossom, which I think is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. I'm currently designing for and The Vendy Awards but I'm always open to new projects, artistic challenges, and collaborations... so feel free to contact me.”

Raise Hell over the Summer LINKS:



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