Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Underground All Stars

About: The Underground All Stars

The Underground All Stars are a collective of songwriters, musicians and producers that came together quite by accident.  With individual accomplishments ranging from writing and playing on albums by Alicia Keys and Daughtry to writing and performing songs for hit television shows, the band itself almost never came to be.  Here is the very short but informative story of the Underground All Stars.

In the cold New Jersey Fall of 2008, guitarist Jim Farrell began sketching out song ideas with the concept of making the listener really “feel something”. After getting good feedback from family and friends he decided to reach out to writer/producers Ron Haney and Bart Schoudel, with whom he had previously worked. The three played through the material, working up clever arrangements, and began tracking keyboards and guitars. The result was an infectious blend of emotional piano, lush guitars and rich, dark textures. In need of a drummer, Mr. Farrell invited onetime band mate Chris O’Hara to come and hear what the team was creating. Even without finished vocal melodies, the song fragments were undeniable. Chris played the first four tracks on the spot!  Three states away in Charlottesville, Va. Andy Waldeck was in the studio producing a band and co-writing a single with Chris Daughtry for his upcoming release. Farrell always considered Mr. Waldeck among his favorite vocalists though they had only briefly met some years earlier when Waldeck was in the band Earth To Andy.  Farrell took a shot in the virtual dark, emailing Waldeck a short, cryptic note about some amazing songs in need of a singer. They didn’t know it yet, but Underground All Stars were about to be formed. Through the miracle of modern technology, Waldeck returned the songs one at a time with intense and passionate vocals; the perfect marriage of singer and song.  The last piece of the puzzle was now in place; albeit a cyber place. At this time, the group had only ever been in the same room just once!

In 2010, Underground All Stars welcomed the additions of NJ's Mike Maino on lead guitar & Brian Zaleski on bass guitar.
Now the band was ready to bring these songs out live & take the listener on journey with them while creating an atmosphere that has been sorely missed in the music world for far too long.

Underground All Stars just released their debut EP titled ‘People Are Stars’ and are completing work on their full length cd.

“This is going to be a great year for Underground All Stars” says guitarist Jim Farrell.  “We’ve done lots of great things on our own, I can’t wait to see what we’ll do together”! With gold records, major television and film placements and A-list studio sessions to their credit it’s easy to understand his excitement…

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


About: Shagpile

Shagpile AKA Jason Vare is an independent singer songwriter from Bedlington, a small town north of Newcastle in Northumberland UK. From an early age Shaggy has had a passion for music, in particular the sound of acoustic guitar music. At the age of 8 he was given his 1st acoustic guitar and as they say “the rest is history”..As with most musicians, Shaggy was introduced to a wide variety of music by his parents from a very early age. He was particularly influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan; The Beatles; Neil Young and many more. In more recent times Shaggy has been drawn to the sound of Joe Purdy, Ray Lamontagne, James Morrison, Paulo Nutini, and upcoming artists like Paul Liddell.

As a song writer Shaggy draws inspiration from the trials of life, and from the lives of those around him. These inspirations translate into music that is smooth and sincere. He has a creativity that detours from the ordinary!! Lyrically this music takes you to wherever you want to be and is full of emotion.

His 4 albums: Finding Yourself , Easy to Read , Algorhythms and the brand new Outside In album showcase this unique style and his passion.
  Shaggy plays across the country individually , as part of an international touring acoustic duo called We Steal Flyers and with a 4-piece band named Growing Robots. He has played alongside artists such as Mark Morris, formerly of The Bluetones; Gregg Griffen of Proud Mary; Miles Hunt of the wonderstuff; Steve Daggett and Rod Clements of Lindesfarne, Hayseed Dixie and The Quireboys. Shaggy is devoted to delivering his music to his already strong fan base as well as introducing himself to new listeners. Shaggys' charismatic delivery of a live gig is not to be missed!!

Catch him at a live show, (see the gig listings page). He also plays live gigs online in the virtual world of second life or alternatively you can download any of his albums from his Official website site or most online stores, including Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp.

CONTACT: Shagpile

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

David Francey

About: David Francey

From carpenter to songwriter – Since leaving construction and recording Torn Screen Door in 1999, Scottish-born Canadian, David Francey is recognized as one of today’s finest singer-songwriters.

Francey has released 9 CDs to date. His most recent, Late Edition, has garnered much praise and two Canadian Folk Music nominations. Francey is a three time JUNO award winner and also had the honour of receiving the prestigious SOCAN Folk Music Award. In the last few years he took home the Grand Prize in both the International Acoustic Music Award and in the Folk category for the John Lennon Songwriting Award.

Francey has released 9 CDs to date. His most recent, "Late Edition" has garnered much praise - "it’s a corker" Penguin Eggs Magazine - and two Canadian Folk Music nominations. With Right of Passage Francey earned his third JUNO (Canada’s top music award) in less than 5 years. Francey also had the honour of receiving the prestigious SOCAN Folk Music Award.

"David’s straightforward songs tell honest stories of real people and real places. Poetic perception and a keen eye for the heart of the matter are trademarks of the man and his music. His songs and stories are a direct connection for audiences seeking depth and meaning in the day-to-day." Shelter Valley Folk Festival

David Francey was born in Ayrshire, Scotland where he got his first taste of the working life as a paperboy. At age 10 he was devouring the newspapers he delivered, establishing a life-long interest in politics and world events while developing the social conscience that forms the backdrop of his songs.

He was twelve when his family immigrated to Toronto. He says he can trace his love of the land, the history, and the people of his adopted country to weekend family drives exploring southern Ontario. Music played a large part in these family outings. They sang traditional Scottish tunes as they drove through the Canadian countryside. Dad and sister Muriel sang melody, while mother and David sang harmonies.

His attachment to Canada grew with travel. He hitched across the country three times, then thumbed his way to the Yukon. This attachment surfaces in his songs of rail lines, farms, and the St. Lawrence Seaway. He grew to understand the people while working in Toronto train yards, the Yukon bush, and as a carpenter in the Eastern Townships. These experiences colour his first CD, Torn Screen Door, with songs like Hard Steel Mill, Gypsy Boys, and Working Poor and his second, Far End of Summer, with Highway, Flowers of Saskatchewan and February Morning Drive.

In concert David is a singer and a storyteller. His wry humour and astute observations combined with his openhearted singing style have earned him a loyal following.

David lives with his wife, artist Beth Girdler and their and their son Colin in the quiet but charming Lanark Highlands in southern Ontario. They are visited often by their daughters Amy and Julia and grandson Tristan.

Band Members: I am happy to be accompanied by Craig Werth from Newmarket, New Hampshire. (

Influences: Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Bruce Cockburn, Planxty, Willie P. Bennett


Mark Watson:

6337 - 2100 Bloor St. W
Toronto ON Canada M6S 5A5
Direct: +1.905.637.8188

Booking: Canada and the US:
Ryan Heerschap
Toll Free: 1-866-966-9040
Cell: 1-416-788-1475
Fax: 1-866-955-9992

Booking: UK and Europe
Bob Gilchrist
Oscar Music Agency
Phone: 0141 634 1095

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Selected Quotes

"A Francey record is best served with a pint over a few moments to yourself to sit back and enjoy" View

"Francey's clear, simple songs speak volumes to his followers. After a decade in music, David Francey is known as one of Canada's finest tunesmiths and a champion of the Everyman, admired for his less-is-more approach to writing. It's amazing how he manages to address deep stuff with such spare ingredients" The Edmonton Journal

"Scottish born, Francey is a two-time Juno Award winner whose straightforward songs tell honest stories of real people and real places. Poetic perception and a keen eye for the heart of the matter are trademarks of the man and his music. His songs and stories are a direct connection for audiences seeking depth and meaning in the day-to-day" Shelter Valley Folk Festival

"Francey writes songs that feel like they've been sung a million times in a million places by a million voices" Judith Edelman in

"Francey has made a reputation for himself as one of Canada's most revered folk poets and singers… [His songs] are small and beautifully crafted pieces of work that have made Francey both a folk festival favourite and something of a latter-day Canadian poet laureate."
Greg Quill, the Toronto Star

"Francey has been bringing an acute eye to penning image-laden lyrics for years"
The Edmonton Journal
"One of Canada's outstanding poets, songwriters, storytellers. That's David Francey with a lovely little tribute to tonight." Ron MacLean, Hockey Night in Canada. November 22/03 Following the Canadian Heritage Classic Hockey Game

"Without a doubt, David Francey is the BEST folk singer/songwriter going in Canada today" Fred's Records, Newfoundland

"Hands-down the best songwriter working in Canada today." the Times Colonist, Victoria

"he's the closest thing this country has to Woody Guthrie" the Georgia Strait, Vancouver

"one of today's finest folk-based singer-songwriters" "a working man's poetry" Sing Out

"David Francey is coming into his own in middle age as one of Canada's best songsmiths - and that's not damning him with faint praise." Daniel Gewertz, The Boston Herald

"[Francey's] observations pack an emotional wallop… [His] songs connect because they reflect common responses to life's journeys in a wry, poetic way." The San Diego Union - Tribune

"the likeliest candidate for all-Canadian folk singer" …" Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen

"David Francey's songs are lean, whippet-like creations, a bit like the man himself. With not one wasted word or superfluous line he takes the everyday, often mundane business of living and elevates it into something infinitely more noble and memorable, the mark of a truly gifted songwriter." Eric Bogle, Australia

"David is the most exciting new narrative songwriter to emerge in many years"
Brian McNeill, Head of Scottish Music. Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

"David Francey's voice is a revelation, full and melodious, not to be missed"
The Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

"One of the best shows in our 32 year history! His CDs are great, but he's truly incredible on stage. " Dave Humphreys, Two Way Street Coffee House, Chicago Illinois

"David Francey is the best Canadian folk writer that I have heard in 20 years. I think that he is going to be a voice in this country for a long time and that his songs will be sung by my great, great, great grandchildren." James Keelaghan, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"words of eloquence, beauty .and charm, hung on a jewel of a voice"
Kieran Kane, Nashville Tennessee

"David's songs are meant to be sung, and the more voices there are singing them, the better they sound. They are also built to last - so well put together that they are rich in that beauty which is perhaps the most elusive of all, simplicity ... that kind of economy of expression where the line between craft and art is crossed. " Dugg Simpson, Vancouver Folk Music Festival

"Francey has emerged as one of Canada's most gifted songwriters." The Montreal Gazette

"Francey is indeed a unique songwriting voice with few peers" Mike Devlin, Times Colonist

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ari Vox

About: Ari Vox

"Heart. Soul. Talent. Intelligence. Beauty. Rarely do these characteristics present themselves in a single human being. For Ari Vox, an artist with the depth and magnitude of the greats, being exceptional has been the norm.

Her voice, which she considers her true gift, genetically stems from her grandmother, Audrey Von Bergman, who was considered a child prodigy in opera and was signed to Universal as a young adult. Through over 20 years of careful and passionate private practice, Ari has honed her raw skill to the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, Joni Mitchell, Paula Cole, and Aretha Franklin, creating a one-of a-kind sound that honors the emotional and expressive needs of her soul. Without a doubt, her heart lies deepest with the vocal arts and their innate capacity to heal and blossom the lives of others. Yet, all art has the ability to alter the individual and world for the best, which is why Ari has delved into so many different facets of her creativity.

Painting provides a solitary and silent form of expression that nurtures her introspective nature. Picking up the brush for the first time at age 17, when her father gave Ari her first set of paints, she immediately felt at home. Her psychedelic and truly original artwork is an open book to her subconscious mind, playing heavily with color and placing no restraints on design. A place of freedom, her canvases yield abstractions, which daunt, and challenge the viewer’s imagination.

The pen has gripped her since she was a child, having written her first poem at the age of nine. So personal are her pieces that only upon reaching the confident, and less-apologetic, realm of adulthood, did she more openly offer up her poetry to others. This has manifested itself most in the form of songwriting, an art she learned when meeting her husband, Grant Gorman, also an exceptionally gifted artist and mind. She feels that songwriting, poetry, and journaling all provide the therapeutic tools needed to help survive the painful times that life can bring. “Making something beautiful from something tragic,” she says, “can help give an otherwise intolerable experience a meaningful lesson.”

Although, there are many art forms that Ari is at play with, the above three she is most dedicated to. Others that she wonders into on occasion include photography, acting, dance, interior design, modeling and cooking.

Ari’s intellectual gifts rely heavily on philosophy. Not so much a mind for memorization, but for ideas, and problem solving, Ari delights in pondering the BIG questions of our time, and finds that although there are not always finite answers, there is always knowledge and strength to be gained from intense inward thought or challenging conversation.

She credits her strong mind to many playful yet argumentative and serious life discussions with her father, and to her BA in Philosophy from the University of California Santa Barbara. After graduating and receiving Dean’s Honors her final year at UC, Ari went on to pursue a Graduate degree in Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute, stopping only to start a career in music and Axyal Node LLC, record label and publishing company, with her husband.

A nurturer and caregiver by nature, and owner to a dangerously patient and forgiving heart, there is no soul that she doesn’t long to reach out to. A natural leader as well, Ari takes every opportunity life presents her with to lead by the best example possible, and truly be the change she wishes to see in the world.

She feels her stable and loving upbringing, and her experiences in athletics, prepared her to be the leader she is today. After four years of high school Water Polo, winning three league championships and one CIF Championship, Ari went on to play for UC Santa Barbara under partial scholarship where she was co-captain for one year, an honor chosen by her teammates.
Ultimately, there are no limits to what this young woman of 27 can do.

Ari would like to thank her family for all their loving support and their many talents that have helped her along the way. Ari watched her mother and gifted make-up artist, experiment with color since she was a tiny tot, and loves and uses her new make-up line, lisa clark cosmetics. A beautiful woman of style, Ari learned the meaning of elegance and grace from her mother, and how to artfully create a home. Ari’s father is a premier Los Angeles Architect recently credited by Malibu Magazine for, “Restoring California’s architectural roots one masterpiece at a time.” He is one of the last architects left to hand draw all of his exquisite plans and renderings, maintaining a near lost art since the dawn of Computer Automated Design (CAD). He is also a hard rock drummer with serious chops, and before starting his current career circuited LA clubs with various reputable bands. Ari’s brother has inhuman capabilities with rhythm and executes them well as a vocalist/rapper and drummer. He is also an artist with pen and ink that continues to explore the depth and capabilities of his talent with impressive results. Love of family is a high priority in Ari's life.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mel Plant

About: Mel Plant

Born a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (Barnsley, Sth Yorkshire, England)..I first picked up the guitar at about age 10, but my dad smashed it over my older brothers head, so I guess age 11 before I got my first real one. I've been at it ever since. I've looked for a cure but I'm cursed and I'm afraid I just can't put the thing down. I love all types of music but acoustic is where my heart lies . Ive had more jobs than I care to remember between performing, my wife says I've got more uniforms than a fancy dress shop. Music has always been my passion and I've spend many a year on stage in different formats and I've loved every minute. These days I tend to write and record my own songs on a simple set up at home. Dreams of stardom went a long time ago for me, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at a little sniff of success even now, just for the money you understand HaHa. I'm fairly content with my lot in life just at the moment and hope you enjoy listening to my music here…Mel


“When you sit down and listen to Mel play, the first thing to strike you is his wonderful melodic music, but it is the lyrics within his songs that grab your attention soon after, and then your really hooked. Mel Plant is a true minstrel in every way and one of YouTube’s best storytellers!” ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music

Mel Plant – YouTube (Official Website)
Mel Plant – Cover Songs
CD Baby

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holly Kirby

About: Holly Kirby

An English girl with Irish roots, I've been captivated by the music and tales of Ireland from an early age, so when I started writing songs, it seemed inevitable that the music I should write would have its own Celtic twist.

After beginning piano lessons aged 10, lunchtimes were always spent in the school music room practicing Enya songs on the piano.

This passion for music never waned and in 2010 I embarked on a 'musical gap year' before going on to study music at university.

During this time I performed some exciting gigs, including supporting Joan Armatrading, Wickham Folk Festival, Bestival and the Isle of Wight Festival.

To date, my songs have been described as 'pop, with a celtic/folk twist', but now I'm letting the music lead me in a more certain direction - back in time to the country of my ancestors - Ireland.

CONTACT: Holly Kirby 

Holly Kirby LINKS:


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper Blynn

About: Harper Blynn

Harper Blynn is classic pop reimagined. The band’s instantly hummable music is remarkable not only for its breadth but also its intimacy, ranging from four-on-the-floor dance stompers to near-whispered pleas for understanding. In 2009, the Brooklyn quartet caught the ear of journeyman producer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes), who signed on to produce their debut full-length, Loneliest Generation. Besides playing over 150 dates in 2010, the band also managed to release a self-produced eponymous EP that demonstrates the tremendous growth and confidence that a year on the road can provide. As inspiring as these recordings are, Harper Blynn effortlessly transcends them in concert, delivering three-part harmonies over a smartly-arranged blend of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums that is at once minimalistically modern and timelessly organic. In fact, the band’s musical proficiency and on-stage chemistry raise an uncomfortable question: “Where did all the real bands go?” We may never know for sure, but at least there’s one still standing: Harper Blynn. - David Mead


Brian Schechter:

Carter Caldarelli:

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Champ

About: Hey Champ

Hey Champ’s roots can be traced outside of Chicago in nearby Rockford, where band members Saam Hagshenas (Vocals, Guitar) and Jonathan Marks (Drums) discovered their love of music at a young age. After Saam’s graduation from law school, Jon’s fellow Princeton chum Pete Dougherty (Synths) set sail for Chicago, cementing the line-up of the group. They were discovered by Lupe Fiasco in the fall of 2008, who took them on a nation-wide tour.

Their music incorporates influences from disco, house and indie rock to the power-pop of Rockford’s hometown heroes Cheap Trick and the synth-heavy productions of Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn. Their infectious sound has garnered fans and made them blog and radio darlings from Portland to Paris to Porto Alegre.

Hey Champ released its “Anything At All EP” on May 10th, 2011. The EP was produced by Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs). The band kicked off 2012 with two successful remixes for Housse de Racket (Kitsune) and Sebastien Tellier (Record Makers), and is finishing its new EP due out this year.


Management: Gino Pennacchio -

Booking: Ryan Nagle -

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Anima Pop

About: Anima Pop

Anima Pop was an Alternative Pop band formed in the summer of 2006 under the influence of Post-Punk: The Cure, Joy Division as well as the 90’s sounds as exemplified by bands such as Placebo, Kent, Moose and Radiohead.

The band gained a considerable amount of recognition and embarked on an International Tour of 150 concerts in important Festivals and Clubs across the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Switzerland & Portugal.

Living for the tour Anima Pop were one of the most versatile and energetic “go get it” Alternative Pop bands out there:

Spanish Press Awards “Best New Band 2008”

Anima Pop knew how to use the modern Net media and actively networked with both fans and music/entertainment professionals alike. Their myspace page had 20,000 plus fans and had clocked up almost a half a million plays very quickly.

The bands Maxi-Single debut “Save Me” was released on May 3rd 2010; following hot on the heels of this new release the band toured the UK, USA, Europe, and Japan to great enthusiasm.

"Save Me has such an exhilarating feeling that if you close your eyes, it makes you feel like you are in a highly populated festival watching the sun go down over the horizon at dusk. The guitar sounds & production create a thick “wall of sound” with an emotional vocal & great arrangement work. Chris - Big in the Game UK Press"

Anima Pop - Facebook
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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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