Saturday, July 31, 2010


About: Strobegirl

Strobegirl is South London guitar playing singer/songwriter Heather-Jane. Heather worked with with NY and London based producer Roger Fife (Cyndi Lauper, Anthony and The Johnsons, The Orphans,) in London to produce her ep The Strawberry Sessions which comprises 6 tracks, 5 studio and one live track. Blending influences that include, rock, pop, indie, folk, electro and classical into diverse tracks that take you from dreamy pop to pure melancholia.

Heather won indie artist of the year on Somojo radio in 2010 ( and is currently being played on nervecast radio and promoted by the reputation label

Heather now has her own studio set up and is working with various producers and fellow musicians.

As well as solo work Heather became an official member of UK Industrial band Illustrial and featured on their 2011 release Glitter and Twisted which is currently being promoted. The first track from this album was the haunting Dreamscape which can be downloaded along with the album

2012 was spent writing, and also performing in the Croydon area. For the most up to date info visit the facebook page or twitter.


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Jeff Winkle

BIO: Jeff Winkle

I've been writing songs (mainly for guitar and piano) for about 15 years now, since I taught myself to play on my dad's old Ibanez classical guitar in college and came up with my first tune, "Fantastic Plastic", a thoroughly ridiculous and disturbing paean to credit cards. These days my principal gig is as a professor of Classical Languages and Literature, but I still attempt to kick things approaching old school with my cover band Five Minutes Tardy and my (very) sometimes folk-rock venture, Godric. I also enjoy travel, Indian food, and those low-budget Sonic Burger ads.

Jeff Winkle – Soundcloud Official Website
Jeff Winkle – MySpace


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tim Davis

About: Tim Davis & The Something Project
“The Something Project”, is a means to share those things that are most pressing on my heart with others around me. For me, music has proven to be a universal language that reaches people right where they are. It stirs emotions, connects thoughts, and motivates action. My hope is that this project illustrates both humans and God in a transparent and authentic manner. A manner in which we can be encouraged to be approachable and available to each other in real relationships and feel as if we can approach God in a way that would be life changing.



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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Perfects


About: The Perfects

“The Reagan years. Killing Joke's "Eighties" comes to mind, and The Perfects are firmly rooted from that period. The Perfects are heavily influenced by the sounds of Duran Duran, The Cure, New Order, and much of the Alternative New Wave while infusing a very modern appeal with their 21st century production values giving The Perfects a distinct sound of their own.” ~ MTV -


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 Drunks and a Guitar

About: 2 Drunks and a Guitar

2 Drunks And A Guitar had mastered the punch of hard rock, but creative ambitions left them restless, yearning to explore other musical styles. On their debut album, **2 Drunks Working Hard**, the Licking Missouri based duo of Vocalist/Guitarist JR Richardson and Bassist/ Rick Heim let their artistry run wild. From the bluesy melancholy of Demon Eyes, to the Pink Floyd-esque dreamy introspection of Running Thru The Night, to the Adult Alternative Country style Christmas Is Over, 2 Drunks And A Guitar refuse to be easily categorized.

2 Drunks And A Guitar uses rock & roll as a foundation for its versatility. However, THIS definition of rock has its roots in the club-filling power rock of the 80s, when choruses were big enough to wrap around your whole soul, catchy and as infectious as anything ever heard. While most of today's so-called, new rock? acts limit their range to repetitive, deafening top of the lungs screaming vocals, 2 Drunks and a Guitar isn't afraid to play and sing what they feel.

Together they resurrect a classic-rock sensibility to the screaming genre, bringing back the youthful exuberance and explosive color of being in a rock band, From this, you have the sound of the Band from Licking Missouri called, 2 Drunks and a Guitar. We would really like futher our career in music and currently seek management. In the mean time......we're having fun!


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Seth Ellsworth

About: Seth Ellsworth

Seth Ellsworth is a Multi-Instrumentalist in the Columbus, OH, music scene. Currently playing viola, violin, mandolin, guitar, and background vocals in Coal Fired Bicycle. Seth also has a new solo work in progress.


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Moore

About: Chris Moore
I've done my share of playing in bands over the years.  Started out playing the piano at 4 years old, taught by my father, who had music coming out of every pore in his body.  My first ever band was when I was 13, playing with my brother Tim and a couple of friends from the village where we grew up in the south-west of England.  Trouble is my brother was 15, and he played keyboards too, and he was bigger than me, so I bought my first electric guitar and set to learning that.

Never got too good on the guitar, and when a couple of years later Tim left to join another band, I went back to the keyboards.  Moved to London when I was 19, and got into a semi-pro band playing early 80s new romantic stuff, then quit my day job and joined a pro band playing jazz-funk around Europe for a year or so.  Finally ended up in Edinburgh, where I picked up another day job and joined a band playing all over Scotland for the next 5 years.

Then came about 15 years of being "sensible" and making a career for myself, while I watched my brother playing on just about every major stage in the world and one or two old friends becoming household names.  Finally came back to music in 2004, when I moved to France to get away from the rat-race and learn some recording techniques, although I still commute to London every week to earn my crust and keep the wheels turning.

These days I'm really just a songwriter. The years have taken their toll on the vocal chords, and they can't do what they used to, so whilst I perform all my songs on here, I would love for other people to try them too.  If anyone feels like doing just that or likes what I do and would like some of my music for their words and vocals, then drop me a pm or an email to


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

King Khan & the Shrines

About: King Khan & the Shrines
Imagine Roky Erickson backed by the Sun Ra Arkestra or Wilson Pickett and The Velvet Underground, or picture the love child of Anubis and Kali. King Khan & The Shrines is more than a psychedelic soul band with a spectacle of a stage show. They are a cult musical phenomenon with more than 10 years of international touring, multiple studio records and a fan base of fervent punk, soul, free jazz and garage rock heads.

King Khan, the spiritual guru and front man, cobbled together a fierce line-up of musicians while in Berlin in between reading Tarot cards and raising a family. What he ended up with in 1999 is one of the most entertaining groups the world has seen and heard since the days of Ike & Tina. The line-up includes Chicago-born, Ron Streeter (veteran percussionist for Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder), a horn section consisting of trumpeter Simon Wojan (member of Kranky Records recording artists Cloudland Canyon), tenor sax man Torben Wesche (Germany’s John Coltrane), and famous French rockabilly baritone saxophonist Frederic Brissaud. The rhythm section of the Sensational Shrines has been called a German/French version of the Freak Brothers – Till Timm on guitar, organist Frederic Bourdil, Jens Redemann on bass and drummer Mirko Wenzl.

Their first album Three Hairs & You’re Mine was produced by Liam Watson, recorded in the legendary Toe Rag Studios in London and released in 2002. A second full-length, Mr. Supernatural, followed in 2004. King Khan & The Shrines soon became an all-star international movement. Numerous gigs followed all across Europe with The Black Lips, Enon, Demolition Doll Rods, Mr. Quintron and Ms. Pussycat, an after-party for 50 Cent in Norway. They headlined Toronto’s NXNE festival 2006 playing three nights in a row and even had a member of the Sun Ra Arkestra join their brass section.

In 2007, King Khan made the soundtrack and film score for Schwarze Schafe, a major motion picture in Germany. The soundtrack included music from The Black Lips, The Spits, Gris Gris, Quintron and other greats. They also had a song placed in the movie Chiko, produced by Academy Award Winner Fatih Akin.

King Khan then released What Is?!, receiving critical acclaim from all over the world. It landed at #33 on Pitchfork’s Top Albums of 2007, while their track “Welfare Bread” landed at #66 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs of 2007.

Their greatest hits, aptly titled The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines, came out in 2008 and for the first time their music was widely available in the U.S. The entire psychedelic-soul big band then graced stages for the first time in North America, leaving behind them a colorful spell of amazement and wonder.

In the years since, King Khan & The Shrines have added several notable festivals to their resume, including Coachella, Sasquatch, Pitchfork, South By Southwest and Sudoste. Their music has also been heard in popular TV programs (NBC’s Chuck, HBO’s Entourage, HBO’s Eastbound & Down), TV commercials (V8 juice, Mother Energy Drink), and video games (Saints Row).

They kicked off 2012 on a high note as they headlined the Bruise Cruise Festival and have just released “Bite My Tongue,” a sweat-drenched, ass shaking, groovy psyched out number, complete with rip roaring horn lines, southern fried guitar riffs and lysergic melodies.


Booking –
North America – Sam Hunt @ The Windish Agency,
Europe/UK – Rebecca Prochnik @ Elastic Artist,

Management –
Eric Kohler @ Front Line Management,
Sean Heitkemper

General –

King Khan & the Shrines – Official Website
King Khan & the Shrines - MySpace
King Khan & the Shrines - Facebook
King Khan & the Shrines - Wikipedia
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“Bite My Tongue” digital single (King Khan Music, 2012)
“Bite My Tongue” 7” vinyl with Mikal Cronin (Bruise Cruise, 2012)
The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines (Vice, 2008)
What Is?! (Vice, Hazelwood, 2007)
Billiards at Niney Thirty with The Dirtbombs (Sounds of Subterrania, 2004)
Mr. Supernatural (Hazelwood, 2004)
Smash Hits (Vicious Circle, 2003)
“One U Luv” b/w “I See The Light” 7” vinyl (Sounds of Subterrannia, 2002)
Three Hairs & You’re Mine (Voodoo Rhythm, 2001)
Spread Your Love Like Peanut Butter (Sounds of Subterrania, 2000)
“Torture” b/w “Shivers Down My Spine” 7” vinyl (Kunte Kinte, 2000)

Compilations & Soundtracks

Voodoo Rhythm Records’Records to Ruin Any Party Vol. 1 (Voodoo Rhythm, 2011)
Chiko Film Soundtrack (Corazon Int’l, 2009)
Showroom Rebels (Hazelwood, 2007)
Schwarze Schafe Film Soundtrack (Normal, 2007)
Live Vol. 2 at Subsonic (Lola/Speed, 2005)
VR Home of Primitive Rock ‘n’ Roll (Voodoo Rhythm, 2003)
Motormania 2000 (Sounds of Subterrania, 2000)


Monday, July 12, 2010

One Arctic One

About: One Arctic One

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Luckily, the continually evolving One Arctic One has no reason to fear the reaper. Through half a dozen EPs and singles independently released over the past decade, what began as a solo project for versatile NWT via BC guitarist and songwriter Marcus Martin has progressed to include the bass, keys, and backing vocals of Kirsten Starcher in 2006, and, since that time, various session/live drummers. While there has been a stylistic consistency throughout their catalogue, care of Martin’s guiding vision, the sound of Vancouver’s One Arctic One has become fully-realized as of late.

Where their early recordings and live shows were based on Martin looping himself in a downtempo, acoustic fashion, current releases and performances –as witnessed in extensive tours across Canada and Europe– now lean toward a more collaborative feel with occasional flourishes of structured improvisation. Martin’s emotive vocals and informed guitar technique soar within their hybrid rock sound, a mix of acoustic and electric guitars and drums wrapped in synthesis and ethereal effects. Early Snow Patrol and Radiohead come to mind as they interpret influences from ’90s alternative, prog, and post-rock in their signature propulsive yet contemplative aesthetic. Imagine, perhaps, a more solemn ∆ (Alt-J) or Metric with orchestral touches.

That being said, the time to make comparisons with One Arctic One’s sound is drawing to a close. Truly becoming themselves in the studio, their latest recordings are the closest yet to capturing the feel and intensity of their live shows. The band’s synergy is on full display here, produced under the guide of master engineer Shawn Penner (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas). These tracks are totally in the moment and elaborate in their production, expanding their sound from traditional rock clubs to a more stadium sized presence. All the tasteful synthetic and lush organic sounds are dynamically intertwined, ebbing and flowing at a natural pace, yet teeming with a compelling urgency so vibrant you’d swear the band was in your headphones.

It’s no wonder they’ve moved on from the name ARCTIC to become One Arctic One. They are a completely different beast now than at the inception. Accept no substitutes. There is only One Arctic One.


General Inquiries:


OneArcticOne – Official Website
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Christopher Robin Band

BIO: Christopher Robin Band

Since he picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play at the age of 14, his musical roots have included personal lessons from artists like Michael Hedges, Gregg Allman, Wayne Henderson and Garth Webber, yet his tone, chord structure, feel, searing solos and sense of melody remain truly his own.

At the age of 16, Christopher Robin started writing all of his own music and now draws from his own catalog of 200 plus songs.

"All of my songs are true stories - I've had residency in seven different states - and there's been a lot of stories. They're about all the things I've done, from sailing on tall ships to being a cowboy in Colorado , to playing for Kings, Queens , Princes and Princesses in Europe , or the Hells Angels in California , to your typical love-on-the-rocks kind of thing."

At the age of 18, he studied with independent luthier Brad Nickerson, building his own acoustic guitar to perform upon. After completing his guitar in 1993 he moved to San Francisco to start his career as a performing singer/songwriter. Working side jobs as a guitar tech for the Jefferson Starship, and the
Gregg Allman Band.

Christopher Robin has accomplished what every musician sets out to do; he has developed a unique, individual voice, a music undeniably his own, a sound that is recognizable from the first note.

Christopher has opened for, shared the stage or recorded with a long list of artists including Joe Higgs, Clarence Clemmons, Gregg Allman, Robert Cray, Lee Sklar, Ray Brinker, The Marshall Tucker Band, Shooter Jennings, Jackie Pearson, Garth Webber, Reggie Young, Del McCoury, Jimmi Hall, Peter Yarrow, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Paul Thorn, Berry Oakley Jr., Loren Rowan, Bee Spears, Richie Albright, Mark Matejka, Big and Rich, Don Was, Tony Joe White, and Steve Cropper among others.

Additionally, Christopher is still called upon to sing and play guitar for the original "Lady Outlaw", Jessi Colter. These experiences have earned him the reputation of being a true musician's musician in addition to being a high-energy crowd pleaser.

With three CD's under his belt, Christopher and his band of all-star players, including his "Little Brother" Trevor Taylor, continue to maintain an extensive national touring schedule.

Truth Music
29860 North 42nd Street
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

West Coast
Kim Camacho

East Coast
Allison Stockel

Christopher Robin Band – Official Website
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"From Fairfield, Conn. to a little apartment in San Francisco to Music City, USA - Nashville, Tenn. to the mapmakers - singer/songwriter Christopher Robin has seen and done it all, a traveled troubadour cut from the same cloth as the music legends he so reveres" ~ Play Magazine

"After more than a decade of paying his dues and soaking up the wisdom of seasoned, storied performers, however, Christopher Robin is now poised to become one himself" ~ Play Magazine


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Northern Room

About: Northern Room

Northern Room was a rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. In 2006, Northern Room were the winner, among over 100 bands, of a contest to open for Bon Jovi at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. The band opened for The Gufs on the latter's reunion tour late in 2006. They were signed in Japan to BM3 records. The group dismantled after Andrew Jonathan decided to leave the band. Northern Room had been working on new material before announcing their breakup and claimed that they may decide to release these unreleased songs by the end of 2008. However, only the single "Blacklight" was released in that time frame. Northern Room played their final show on November 8, 2008

Band Members:

Andrew Jonathan – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Michael Morgan – Drums, Keys
Micah Olla – Bass, Keys
Tony Olla – Guitar, Keys


Last Embrace - EP (February 28, 2006)

Only Seconds - EP (April 26, 2007)

Last Embrace - Deluxe Edition (November 2, 2007)

Blacklight - Single (October 22, 2008)

Northern Room – Official Website
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gentlemen Prefer Blood

About: Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Gentlemen Prefer Blood is a pop punk band from Los Angeles, CA. The current lineup started in 2008 and features members of Big In Japan (the Fat Wreck Chords band), RunX3, The Business Machines, and a bunch of other bands you have never heard of. The band self released an EP in May of 2008 and their full length debut album in January 2009. With strong DIY ethics and a love of early 80’s/late 90’s hardcore and punk, 70’s punk/power pop and 60’s pop/Motown, the band writes songs they would love to hear from their heroes while retaining a unique sound.


Illegitimi Non Carborundum Album Review:
....the songwriting’s catchy, the performances are solid, and there are enough noodly bits to keep things interesting. Although I have yet to subject this to it, I’m fairly certain it’ll past the “how good does this sound full blast in the car?” test with flying colors. –Jimmy Alvarado - RAZORCAKE

LIVE SHOW REVIEW "...good pop punk band along the lines of The Copyrights or The Methadones. The four or five songs I caught ended up being that golden mix of catchy but not too slick for their own good."- RAZORCAKE

Gentlemen Prefer Blood – Official Website
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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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