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United Music Mag 05 2016


United Music Mag is dedicated to presenting new music and artists every week to inquiring music fans. Today’s edition profiles four young rising artists with an array of sounds in Blues, Rock, New Wave, Pop and Psych who caught the ears of this music fan last week. “State Lights”, “Danny James”, “Scully”, and “Fixed Emotion”. So let’s get right to it…


State Lights

State Lights are a four-piece rock band from Dublin, Ireland who released their debut EP "The Breakout EP" on September 22nd, 2014 and then with a line up change Re-Released the EP on March 24th, 2016 as "The Disguise".

"The Disguise" is a debut full of courage and ambition.

Telling tales of young love, front man Shobsy wears his heart on his sleeve throughout, portraying incredible amounts of emotion whilst also displaying his great vocal range. The foundation he sits upon is brilliant from start to finish, with guitarist Joe Regan providing a melodic and atmospheric sonic journey through the use of delays and reverbs. The rhythm section also shines, with Noel Perry carrying the weight of each song with his solid bass playing, as well as Paul Ridgeway giving the songs huge energy through his clinical, hard hitting drum parts.

"Love Is In Your Eyes" shot to the top of the charts immediately and lay’s the future foundation of a band ready to take the spotlight. Stay tuned for more great music from this exciting Irish band in the future.

"The Disguise" EP is filled with sounds reminiscent of U2 and will most certainly catch the ears of many world wide. Have a listen to their music below and be sure to check them out on their social links to stay up to date.

Band Members:
Shobsy - Vocals
Joe Regan - Guitar
Noel Perry - Bass
Paul Ridgeway - Drums

Love is in Your Eyes – EP: The Disguise - (2016)

Video Source: State Lights YouTube

Song Love is in Your Eyes Added to the Following Play-lists:

Full EP: The Disguise – (Released: March 24th, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

State Lights Links:



CONTACT: State Lights


Danny James

Danny James is a blues guitar player from Brighton UK, who has garnered a solid following online (YouTube) as well as in his local music circles. Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, JJ Cale, SRV, and many others, Danny brings his brand of blues to the local club circuit and is ready to spread his wings for a wider reach.

“I'm playing pub and club gigs to get by at the moment, but I’m planning to put a lot of work in over the next couple of years, to bring my music to a larger audience.”

Danny is busy writing and creating music while continuing to impress his followers online where he delivers a great soothing and relaxing set of blues, beautifully demonstrated through his debut release, “Blues EP”, we think you’ll agree. Have a listen below and then go check out Danny on his social links and be sure to stop in and say “hi”.

EP: Blues EP – (Released March 22, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Free Bird Solo (Cover)

VideoSource: Danny James YouTube

Danny James Links:
YouTube - Covers
YouTube - Original Music


CONTACT: Danny James



Scuzzy guitars, California sunshine, Brooklyn grime, four friends…That's Scully.

The members of Scully first met in a parking lot behind an Ethiopian restaurant after a SXSW show in 2009, but their friendship was truly solidified a few months later when their bands, The Splinters and The Numerators, played a sweaty, weird warehouse show together in Bushwick. A few years later, after playing in various other projects, Caroline Partamian (guitar/vocals), Courtney Gray (guitar/vocals), Lauren Stern (bass/vocals) reunited in Brooklyn to play together for the first time since 2011, and they invited their best bud and QT, Burgers Rana, to round out the group on drums.

“Scully is Grungy garage Psych rock coming at ya with dream pop vocal cuts to the pleasure center.” Have a listen to “Wave”, the first single from their upcoming EP release “No Sense”. Then go check out their social links to stay up to date on what they are up to.

Band Members:
Courtney: rhythm guitar, vox
Caroline: lead guitar, vox
Lauren: bass, vox
Burgers: drums

EP: No Sense – (To Be Released June 01, 2016)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Don’t Want That – (Released August 25, 2015)

Music Source: Bandcamp

Scully Links:




Fixed Emotion

Fixed Emotion is a Blues Rock band from the Southern Suburbs of Chicago Illinois. They mix styles of Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Modern Musical genres to create their own sonic wall of sound reminiscent of earlier era’s of rock n roll. The band was formally known as, On the Run from 2012, but have now evolved into “Fixed Emotion”.

Listening to their music confirms the great energetic styles of the earlier era’s of rock n roll that play’s throughout their set, and that is a party not to be missed. Check out their debut EP as “Fixed Emotion” below and then visit their social pages to keep up with what they’re up to.

Band Members:
Nick Kemp-Bystrzycki- Guitar, Vocals
Tony Tessari- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jim Folkers - Bass
Brian Alberts - Guitar, Vocals

EP: Fixed Emotion – (Released March 25, 2016)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Fixed Emotion Links:


CONTACT: Fixed Emotion

…And there we have it; another four artists with great new music to energize you and keep your happy going.

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United Music Mag 04 2016


United Music Mag's 4th edition will knock your socks off and inspire a major energy burst with Seattle’s “Grace Love & The True Loves”, Belfast’s “Sea Pinks”, Melbourne’s “SMILE”, and Minneapolis Blues singer “Sena Ehrhardt”.

Today we have great inspirational music that'll put a spring in your step, a smile on your face and attitude in your hips. Let’s jump right in shall we?


Grace Love & The True Loves

Grace Love and the True Loves is an original 9-piece soul sensation from Seattle, WA.

Following in the footsteps of Stax, Motown, King and Daptone artists, but with a sound all their own, Grace Love and the True Loves are setting a course as the next hot soul and funk number ready to sweep the nation with true cross-over appeal. On vocals, Grace Love is Seattle’s shining jewel of grit, beauty and power – think Etta James and Betty Wright meet Mahalia Jackson. Backed by the True Loves, her vocals float effortlessly over kickin’ back beats, smart horns, syncopated rhythms and sweet B-3 color. It’s the hip swinging, booty shaking, heart freeing sound you crave to hear live, but rarely do.

Recorded directly to tape at Studio Litho, the full length self-titled album, is sure to bring rave reviews with a sound altogether unique to the Pacific Northwest. The debut 45 singles, “Fire” and “Say What You Gotta Say”, showcase the energy and freshness of Grace Love and the True Loves.

Flea Market Funk says, “this floor stomping, dance floor filler is a blues filled soul side that can not be denied”. We think you will agree.

Well I certainly agree with that last statement! The moment I heard, “Let You Go” on KEXP my mouth dropped and let out a long awe filled WOW! Great energy by this awesome funky soul band powered by Grace Love’s incredible voice…Can I get a HEY!! Yes! This is what I’m talking about…great music!

Be sure to check out their websites and pick up their music at the links provided below.

Band Members:
Grace Love: Vocals
Bryant Moore: Bass
Jimmy James: Guitar
Anthony Warner: B3 Organ
David McGraw: Drums
Ivan Galvez: Percussion
Scott Morning: Trumpet
Gordon Brown: Sax
Jason Cressey: Trombone
Greg Kramer: Trombone 

Let You Go – (2016 – Unreleased)

Video Source: KEXP

"Let You Go" is Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Album: Grace Love & The True Loves – (2015 Oct 02)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Grace Love & the True Loves - Live at KEXP Studios (February 17, 2016)

Video Source: KEXP

Grace Love & the True Loves Links:



Sea Pinks

“Soft Days” is an excellent sophomore album by Belfast band “Sea Pinks” that serves up some excellent New Wave Pop sounds with catchy hooks and “awe awe’s” to keep you hanging on for more. “Soft Days” by the “Sea Pinks” is heading for my record collection and so gets a big thumbs up by me.

Four songs stick out as big hits for me, “Giving In”, “Ordinary Daze”, “YR Horoscope”, and “Soft Days”. Have a listen to the full album below and be sure to support the Band by picking up a copy at your favourite online store.

Band Members: Neil Brogan, Davey Agnew, Steven Henry

YR Horoscope – Album: Soft Days - 2016

Video Source: Sea Pinks

“YR Horoscope” Added to the Following Video Play-Lists:

Album: Soft Days – (Released 2016 Jan 08)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Sea Pinks Links:

CONTACT: Sea Pinks



SMILE is a Soft Psyche dream pop group from Melbourne Australia who are about to release their debut album on Smooch Records March 25th, 2016, and on Bandcamp April 1st, 2016.

I enjoy skimming Bandcamp for new artists that I haven’t heard, so when I do find something that catches my ear, I need to tell the world about what I found. Here is one such artist called, “SMILE”. Not only does the bands name stand out, I mean we all need to find ways to make us smile, but their song “Boundless Plains to Share” really caught my ear and made me smile. I loved it right off the bat, and so I get to share another awesome song with music fans today that hopefully will put a smile on your face. 8-) Check out their song below and be sure to visit the links provided.

Band Members:
Pete Baxter
Max Turner
Josh Delaney
Liam Gough

Boundless Plains to Share – Album: Rhythm Method – (Releases April 1st, 2016)

Video Source: World United Music

Boundless Plains to Share” Added to the Following Video Play-Lists: 

Album: Rhythm Method – (Releases April 1st, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Single: BLVD & Ruby

Music Source: Bandcamp




Sena Ehrhardt

Born and raised in Minneapolis USA, blues singer Sena Ehrhardt has wow’d her audiences right from the beginning, with a commanding stage presence, and empathic vocals that ranks among the very best in blues.

Having opened for some of the biggest blues artists such as B.B. King, ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Dickey Betts, Johnny Winter and Gregg Allman, Sena grew with the best.

Sena released her, much anticipated 4th album “The Essential Sena Ehrhardt” Sept 2015 on Blind Pig Records. Below are two tracks from that album that are sure to please, and after listening, be sure to check out Sena at the links provided below.

If Trouble Was Money – Album: The Essential Sena Ehrhardt – (2015 Sept. 18)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"If Trouble Was Money" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Last Chance - Album: The Essential Sena Ehrhardt – (2015 Sept. 18)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"Last Chance" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Here are two more songs by Sena that are sure to knock you down and pick you right back up, "Things You Shouldn't Need To Know" and "Dreamin or Dying".

Things You Shouldn't Need To Know – Album: Live My Life – (2014)

Video Source: BlindPig Records

Things You Shouldn't Need To Know Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Dreamin or Dying – Album: All In - (2013)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"Dreamin or Dying" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Sena Ehrhardt Links:

CONTACT: Sena Ehrhardt 

…And there we have it; another four artists with great new music to energize you and keep your happy going.

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United Music Mag 03 2016


In today’s edition of United Music Mag, we spotlight the folky brilliance of "Miranda Lee Richards" with two songs from her new album “Echoes of the Dream Time”. We then cover some of the exceptional music by Progrock group “Riverside” who released a video for their amazing song, “Time Travellers” on Inside Out Music TV youtube channel. Next, the ever creative Psychedelic Pop band, “The Chemistry Set” follows with their new album “The Endless More and More”, and last but certainly not least, Progrock artist, “Dave Kerzner” who just released a new video for his song “My Old Friend” from his stellar 2015 album “New World”.

We cover the very best music here on United Music Mag, and do so, because music matters to us, and you’re here because it matters to you also, so let’s begin…


Miranda Lee Richards

With a beautiful soothing voice and ambient dream like music expression, Miranda Lee Richards couldn’t have picked a better title for her latest album, “Echoes Of The Dreamtime”. Miranda’s meaningful poetic lyrics are beautifully displayed in a soft-spoken music that is altogether pleasing to the senses. My favourite songs from her new album are, “It was Given” and “Already Fine”. Both songs, presented below, will resonate with a wide variety of music fans. All I can say is Bravo Miranda! Keep doing it your way, because these songs are going to stay with us for a long time to come, and are truly worthy of Gold status. The entire album is soothing medicine so after listening to the two tracks below, check out more of Miranda’s music at her Official websites (See links below) for details.

“Echoes Of The Dreamtime” was released worldwide via London-based indie Invisible Hands Music on January 29, 2016.

It Was Given – Album: Echoes of the Dreamtime (2016)

Video Source: Miranda Lee Richards

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Already Fine - Album: Echoes of the Dreamtime (2016)

Video Source: Miranda Lee Richards

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Miranda Lee Richards was one of the first artists I covered when I started World United Music back in 2010 on the Minstral Show, so it is doubly special for me to see that Miranda continues to create great music today. Here is the 2010 Minstral Show episode that contains two of my favourite songs “Beautiful Day” and “Last Day’s of Summer” from her 2009 album, “Light of X”, 

Beautiful Day & Last Day’s of Summer – Album: Light of X – (2009)

Video Source: The Minstral Show

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: (Last Day’s of Summer)

Miranda Lee Richards Links:



Riverside is a rock band from Warsaw, Poland founded in 2001 by friends Mariusz Duda, Piotr Grudziński, Piotr Kozieradzki and Jacek Melnicki, who shared a love for progressive rock and heavy metal. Riverside can be described as a blend of atmospheric rock with metal elements, resulting in a sound similar to that of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Opeth, Dream Theater, and Tool, while still maintaining an identity of their own.

They released a music Video for their song “Time Travellers” on Feb 11th, 2016 on Inside Out Music TV. The song is destined for classic status as the lyrics and music combine to weave a deep meaningful understanding to how people the world over feel today…”let’s go back to the world that was 30 years ago, let’s believe this is our time”…this song should be on every radio station, sitting at the top of the best songs of 2016, it certainly is one of the very best with this music fan and I have no doubt in my mind that the song will resonate with a global audience.

Time Travellers – Album: Love, Fear and the Time Machine – (2015 Sept. 04)

Video Source: InsideOutMusicTV

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Sadly, Piotr Grudziński Guitarist for Riverside passed away at the ago of 40 on Feb 21st, 2016 and will be deeply missed by friends and family and also by his fans. RIP Piotr - (1975 – 2016)

In Memoriam to Piotr Grudziński

Video Source: Riverside

There are many more great Progressive Rock tunes by Riverside that are absolutely brilliant and truly worth the share here, as they scream out to me as a good bottle of wine would to wine connoisseur, so I’m sharing a few bottles of classic Riverside progressive rock today.

Reality Dream III – Album: Second Life Syndrome – (2005)

Video Source: Riverside

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Rapid Eye Movement – Album: Rapid Eye Movement – (2007)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Riverside Links:

CONTACT: Riverside


The Chemistry Set

The Chemistry Set are a groovy Psychedelic Pop band from the UK that have become a dynasty in their own right as they have seen the front and backside of the music industry since the 1980’s. Here’s a band with many stories to tell and are still going strong today with over 41 releases and counting…oops there’s another one. They released their latest album “The Endless More and More” on March 8th, 2016.

The Chemistry Set continues to mix the elixirs of sound to come up with unique psychedelic creations that carry the consciousness for a new generation of psychedelic rock. Special WOW OUT to, “Elapsed Memories”, “The Open Window” and “International Rescue”, my favourite songs on their new album.

“The Endless More and More” has something for everyone and is truly worth a listen. Check out their album below and then pay them a visit on Facebook with a high five.

The Open Window – Album: The Endless More and More – (March 08, 2016)

Video Source: YouTube

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: 

Album: The Endless More and More – (March 08, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

The Chemistry Set Links:


Dave Kerzner

Our fourth big shout out today goes to Dave Kerzner who just released a new video for his song “My Old Friend” on March 14th, 2016. The song is from his 2014 Album “New World” a progressive rock concept album that continues to impress. Dave is currently on tour in Europe, so if you’re in the EU, be sure to check out his schedule and catch an amazing show.

“New World” by Dave Kerzner is a brilliant progressive rock album filled with meaningful lyrics and imagery that captures the listener from start to finish. The entire album is a wonderful artistic expression that fosters a musical experience you can see and feel. “New World” is a definite must in your progressive rock music collection. Have a listen to the album “New World” (Embedded Below) and pick the album up directly from the Bandcamp link provided.

My Old Friend - Album: New World - 2014

Video Source: Dave Kerzner

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Album: New World – (High Resolution – 2015)

Album Link: Bandcamp

Dave Kerzner’s Links:

CONTACT: Dave Kerzner

…And there we have it, another inbox of great music shared…Thanks for checking out the new music and videos on today’s edition of United Music Mag. Remember to support World United Music by sharing this post with your circles…Great music should be heard by everyone, so share, share, share away, don’t be music misers 8-) and have a Super Day!


Stewart Brennan
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United Music Mag 02 2016


Today’s spotlight, features four great artists from London, UK, Porto Portugal, and Chicago USA in “The Hanging Stars”, “Tanita Tikaram”, “ASTRODOME”, and “Aethereal”

As a music fan and promoter who subscribes to hundreds of bands and artists online, there is always something new that arrives in my music inbox to make my day complete. I’m treated to some of the best music being made on the planet leaving me with songs to match the emotional moments I experience in life. The significance of having great “New” music is that it allows us, by default, to tuck away memories and the nostalgia of the times, when we first experienced that particular song. So when we listen to that same song a few years down the road, the memories and nostalgia of those times comes flooding back…to me, that is worth more than all the gold in the world.

And so sharing these songs with you on this music blog leaves me happy and contented knowing that I just might help invoke a little happiness in those who listen to the songs and those who make them.

The best thing about subscribing to an artist’s social network, including their Soundcloud, Bandcamp and / or YouTube channels is that you somehow feel connected to the artist by sharing in the experiences that lead up to the results of their creative process. Therefore the memories and nostalgia tucked away inside us by those songs leave us with more powerful and meaningful memories.

The importance of having New Music is truly significant for our future happiness and so it becomes equally important to support the artists in their creative efforts. Be sure to subscribe to the artists and maybe pick up a copy of their music…think of it as spreading happiness. 8-)


The Hanging Stars

The first band up today is the London-based psych-folk outfit “The Hanging Stars” who’ve just released their debut album “Over the Silvery Lake” March 11, 2016.

Blending folk pastoralism with swampy 60s Americana, “The Hanging Stars” sound like the missing link between the California desert sun and the grey skies of London Town. The album was recorded between LA, Nashville and Walthamstow, with each of these vastly different places leaving an indelible mark on the songs.

The Hanging Stars debut album is a beautiful mellow blend of soft folky alternative sounds with brush strokes of Psychedelia that season the Byrds, and David Crosby influences into it’s ambience, making this one of the best albums of 2016, hands down.

“Over the Silvery Lake” is a must for serious music fans and scores an instant “Classic” status with me. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to pick up your spirits by visiting Bandcamp to pick up a copy of The Hanging Stars debut album, "Over the Silvery Lake".

Album: Over the Silvery Lake – Released March 11, 2016

Album Source: Bandcamp

Golden Vanity - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Floodbound - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Video Source: The Hanging Stars

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

The House on the Hill - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Video Source: The Hanging Stars

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

The Hanging Stars Links:


Tanita Tikaram

Tanita Tikaram was born August 12 - 1969 in Münster, Germany and currently lives in London. She started writing songs as a teenager and has continued to write ever since. To date, she has recorded 8 albums and just released her latest LP “Closer to the People” on March 11th, 2016. 

Tanita first achieved chart success in 1988 with the singles "Twist in My Sobriety" and "Good Tradition" from her 1988 debut album, Ancient Heart. She is known for her powerful, husky voice, and poetic lyrics.

Today, Tanita Tikaram continues to show her powerful voice and masterful hand at writing poetic lyrics as demonstrated in her new song “Food on My Table”, the first single from her new album “Closer to the people”.

Food On My Table - Album: Closer to the People - (Released March 11th, 2016)

Source Video: Tanita Tikaram

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Salsa perfection resonates in sound, vocals and movement from her second hit song “The Way You Move” from her album “Closer to the People”. This song is extremely catchy and will grow on you quickly, have a listen to see what I mean...this is real ear candy. 8-)

The Way You Move - Album: Closer to the People - (Released March 11th, 2016)

Video Source: earMUSIC

Song Added to the Following Video Playlist:

The first time I heard the song “Good Tradition” on the radio back in 1988, I was totally ecstatic over it but never caught who sang the song, nor did I get the name of it, in fact I hadn’t heard it since then and had forgotten about it until last night when I was busy researching Tanita’s music…you know that emotional (Yes I’m an emotional being lol) You know that emotional wave that hits you when a song fills you with so much joy that you get choked up with tears in your eyes? Well that’s what happened to me last night when I heard this song for the first time since…everything from 1988 came flooding back as if it was all locked away with this song…needless to say I have had the song on repeat ever since and just can’t get enough of it. So I decided to include it here with another great song of Tanita’s from the same album ”Ancient Heart” the whole album is fantastic, so in case anyone else was in the same boat as I was then I know you’re feeling pretty good right now. Cheers! 8-)

Good Tradition – Album: Ancient Heart – (1988)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: 80’s New Wave

Twist in my sobriety – Album: Ancient Heart –(1988)

Tanita Tikaram Links:

Video Source: Tanita Tikaram

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: 80's New Wave

Tanita Tikaram Links:

Record Label: ear MUSIC



Here’s something for all the prog-rockers, psych’s and shoegazers…me too 8-)

Formed in 2014, ASTRODOME are a 4 piece instrumental Progressive Psychedelic Rock band from Porto, Portugal. Their six song debut album “ASTRODOME” is a 70 minute shoegazers dream, with fuzzy riffs, groovy beats and echoing chords in long story drawn out instrumentals that take the listener on a mindful trip. But don’t take my word for it, sit back, relax and have a listen to their album “ASTRODOME” below.

The Album “ASTRODOME” was released on Nov 8th, 2015 and has drawn a large underground following throughout Portugal and Spain and soon to Progressive Rock Fans world wide.

Band Members: Zé, Pedro, Mike and Bruno

Astrodome – Album: Astrodome – (Nov 8th, 2015)

Album Source: Bandcamp

High Spirit – Album: ASTRODOME – (2015)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:


CONTACT: Astrodome 



Aethereal is a Psychedelic Rock band from Chicago that formed in 2012. Inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Moody Blues, Aphrodite’s Child and Yes, Aethereal captures the groovy sounds of the late ‘60s while blending modern Psychedelic band influences such as Tame Impala, Temples, The Night Beats, and Jacco Gardner into a modern retro 60’s Psychedelia sound sure to please thirsty ears.

Aethereal are:

Andrew Clark - Bass
Tommy Clark - Drums
Gabriel Hull - Keys
Jared Chase Eisenmann - Guitar

Their debut album will be released in the spring of 2016 on CAUDog Records.

Aethereal – Walking Away - (2016)

Source Video: World United Music

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Aethereal Links:

CONTACT: Aethereal 


Music Promoters Corner

Today’s Music Promoter shout out goes to, “The Active Listener” from Wellington New Zealand. Covering a wide variety of music genres including Psychedelic, Spookadelica, Folk, Prog Rock, Retro Sixties / Seventies, Horror Soundtracks, Library Music and Hauntology.

If you’d like to have your material reviewed, just contact The Active Listener at this link;

The Active Listener Links:

Thank you for checking out this edition of “United Music Mag”! We can make a difference by working together to keep the future of music alive. Please share these awesome tunes with friends, family and fans. See you in a few days…Bye for now…

Stewart Brennan
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