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United Music Mag 05 2016


United Music Mag is dedicated to presenting new music and artists every week to inquiring music fans. Today’s edition profiles four young rising artists with an array of sounds in Blues, Rock, New Wave, Pop and Psych who caught the ears of this music fan last week. “State Lights”, “Danny James”, “Scully”, and “Fixed Emotion”. So let’s get right to it…


State Lights

State Lights are a four-piece rock band from Dublin, Ireland who released their debut EP "The Breakout EP" on September 22nd, 2014 and then with a line up change Re-Released the EP on March 24th, 2016 as "The Disguise".

"The Disguise" is a debut full of courage and ambition.

Telling tales of young love, front man Shobsy wears his heart on his sleeve throughout, portraying incredible amounts of emotion whilst also displaying his great vocal range. The foundation he sits upon is brilliant from start to finish, with guitarist Joe Regan providing a melodic and atmospheric sonic journey through the use of delays and reverbs. The rhythm section also shines, with Noel Perry carrying the weight of each song with his solid bass playing, as well as Paul Ridgeway giving the songs huge energy through his clinical, hard hitting drum parts.

"Love Is In Your Eyes" shot to the top of the charts immediately and lay’s the future foundation of a band ready to take the spotlight. Stay tuned for more great music from this exciting Irish band in the future.

"The Disguise" EP is filled with sounds reminiscent of U2 and will most certainly catch the ears of many world wide. Have a listen to their music below and be sure to check them out on their social links to stay up to date.

Band Members:
Shobsy - Vocals
Joe Regan - Guitar
Noel Perry - Bass
Paul Ridgeway - Drums

Love is in Your Eyes – EP: The Disguise - (2016)

Video Source: State Lights YouTube

Song Love is in Your Eyes Added to the Following Play-lists:

Full EP: The Disguise – (Released: March 24th, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

State Lights Links:



CONTACT: State Lights


Danny James

Danny James is a blues guitar player from Brighton UK, who has garnered a solid following online (YouTube) as well as in his local music circles. Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, JJ Cale, SRV, and many others, Danny brings his brand of blues to the local club circuit and is ready to spread his wings for a wider reach.

“I'm playing pub and club gigs to get by at the moment, but I’m planning to put a lot of work in over the next couple of years, to bring my music to a larger audience.”

Danny is busy writing and creating music while continuing to impress his followers online where he delivers a great soothing and relaxing set of blues, beautifully demonstrated through his debut release, “Blues EP”, we think you’ll agree. Have a listen below and then go check out Danny on his social links and be sure to stop in and say “hi”.

EP: Blues EP – (Released March 22, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Free Bird Solo (Cover)

VideoSource: Danny James YouTube

Danny James Links:
YouTube - Covers
YouTube - Original Music


CONTACT: Danny James



Scuzzy guitars, California sunshine, Brooklyn grime, four friends…That's Scully.

The members of Scully first met in a parking lot behind an Ethiopian restaurant after a SXSW show in 2009, but their friendship was truly solidified a few months later when their bands, The Splinters and The Numerators, played a sweaty, weird warehouse show together in Bushwick. A few years later, after playing in various other projects, Caroline Partamian (guitar/vocals), Courtney Gray (guitar/vocals), Lauren Stern (bass/vocals) reunited in Brooklyn to play together for the first time since 2011, and they invited their best bud and QT, Burgers Rana, to round out the group on drums.

“Scully is Grungy garage Psych rock coming at ya with dream pop vocal cuts to the pleasure center.” Have a listen to “Wave”, the first single from their upcoming EP release “No Sense”. Then go check out their social links to stay up to date on what they are up to.

Band Members:
Courtney: rhythm guitar, vox
Caroline: lead guitar, vox
Lauren: bass, vox
Burgers: drums

EP: No Sense – (To Be Released June 01, 2016)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Don’t Want That – (Released August 25, 2015)

Music Source: Bandcamp

Scully Links:




Fixed Emotion

Fixed Emotion is a Blues Rock band from the Southern Suburbs of Chicago Illinois. They mix styles of Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Modern Musical genres to create their own sonic wall of sound reminiscent of earlier era’s of rock n roll. The band was formally known as, On the Run from 2012, but have now evolved into “Fixed Emotion”.

Listening to their music confirms the great energetic styles of the earlier era’s of rock n roll that play’s throughout their set, and that is a party not to be missed. Check out their debut EP as “Fixed Emotion” below and then visit their social pages to keep up with what they’re up to.

Band Members:
Nick Kemp-Bystrzycki- Guitar, Vocals
Tony Tessari- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jim Folkers - Bass
Brian Alberts - Guitar, Vocals

EP: Fixed Emotion – (Released March 25, 2016)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Fixed Emotion Links:


CONTACT: Fixed Emotion

…And there we have it; another four artists with great new music to energize you and keep your happy going.

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Best Regards,

Stewart Brennan
World United Music


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