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United Music Mag 04 2016


United Music Mag's 4th edition will knock your socks off and inspire a major energy burst with Seattle’s “Grace Love & The True Loves”, Belfast’s “Sea Pinks”, Melbourne’s “SMILE”, and Minneapolis Blues singer “Sena Ehrhardt”.

Today we have great inspirational music that'll put a spring in your step, a smile on your face and attitude in your hips. Let’s jump right in shall we?


Grace Love & The True Loves

Grace Love and the True Loves is an original 9-piece soul sensation from Seattle, WA.

Following in the footsteps of Stax, Motown, King and Daptone artists, but with a sound all their own, Grace Love and the True Loves are setting a course as the next hot soul and funk number ready to sweep the nation with true cross-over appeal. On vocals, Grace Love is Seattle’s shining jewel of grit, beauty and power – think Etta James and Betty Wright meet Mahalia Jackson. Backed by the True Loves, her vocals float effortlessly over kickin’ back beats, smart horns, syncopated rhythms and sweet B-3 color. It’s the hip swinging, booty shaking, heart freeing sound you crave to hear live, but rarely do.

Recorded directly to tape at Studio Litho, the full length self-titled album, is sure to bring rave reviews with a sound altogether unique to the Pacific Northwest. The debut 45 singles, “Fire” and “Say What You Gotta Say”, showcase the energy and freshness of Grace Love and the True Loves.

Flea Market Funk says, “this floor stomping, dance floor filler is a blues filled soul side that can not be denied”. We think you will agree.

Well I certainly agree with that last statement! The moment I heard, “Let You Go” on KEXP my mouth dropped and let out a long awe filled WOW! Great energy by this awesome funky soul band powered by Grace Love’s incredible voice…Can I get a HEY!! Yes! This is what I’m talking about…great music!

Be sure to check out their websites and pick up their music at the links provided below.

Band Members:
Grace Love: Vocals
Bryant Moore: Bass
Jimmy James: Guitar
Anthony Warner: B3 Organ
David McGraw: Drums
Ivan Galvez: Percussion
Scott Morning: Trumpet
Gordon Brown: Sax
Jason Cressey: Trombone
Greg Kramer: Trombone 

Let You Go – (2016 – Unreleased)

Video Source: KEXP

"Let You Go" is Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Album: Grace Love & The True Loves – (2015 Oct 02)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Grace Love & the True Loves - Live at KEXP Studios (February 17, 2016)

Video Source: KEXP

Grace Love & the True Loves Links:



Sea Pinks

“Soft Days” is an excellent sophomore album by Belfast band “Sea Pinks” that serves up some excellent New Wave Pop sounds with catchy hooks and “awe awe’s” to keep you hanging on for more. “Soft Days” by the “Sea Pinks” is heading for my record collection and so gets a big thumbs up by me.

Four songs stick out as big hits for me, “Giving In”, “Ordinary Daze”, “YR Horoscope”, and “Soft Days”. Have a listen to the full album below and be sure to support the Band by picking up a copy at your favourite online store.

Band Members: Neil Brogan, Davey Agnew, Steven Henry

YR Horoscope – Album: Soft Days - 2016

Video Source: Sea Pinks

“YR Horoscope” Added to the Following Video Play-Lists:

Album: Soft Days – (Released 2016 Jan 08)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Sea Pinks Links:

CONTACT: Sea Pinks



SMILE is a Soft Psyche dream pop group from Melbourne Australia who are about to release their debut album on Smooch Records March 25th, 2016, and on Bandcamp April 1st, 2016.

I enjoy skimming Bandcamp for new artists that I haven’t heard, so when I do find something that catches my ear, I need to tell the world about what I found. Here is one such artist called, “SMILE”. Not only does the bands name stand out, I mean we all need to find ways to make us smile, but their song “Boundless Plains to Share” really caught my ear and made me smile. I loved it right off the bat, and so I get to share another awesome song with music fans today that hopefully will put a smile on your face. 8-) Check out their song below and be sure to visit the links provided.

Band Members:
Pete Baxter
Max Turner
Josh Delaney
Liam Gough

Boundless Plains to Share – Album: Rhythm Method – (Releases April 1st, 2016)

Video Source: World United Music

Boundless Plains to Share” Added to the Following Video Play-Lists: 

Album: Rhythm Method – (Releases April 1st, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Single: BLVD & Ruby

Music Source: Bandcamp




Sena Ehrhardt

Born and raised in Minneapolis USA, blues singer Sena Ehrhardt has wow’d her audiences right from the beginning, with a commanding stage presence, and empathic vocals that ranks among the very best in blues.

Having opened for some of the biggest blues artists such as B.B. King, ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Dickey Betts, Johnny Winter and Gregg Allman, Sena grew with the best.

Sena released her, much anticipated 4th album “The Essential Sena Ehrhardt” Sept 2015 on Blind Pig Records. Below are two tracks from that album that are sure to please, and after listening, be sure to check out Sena at the links provided below.

If Trouble Was Money – Album: The Essential Sena Ehrhardt – (2015 Sept. 18)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"If Trouble Was Money" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Last Chance - Album: The Essential Sena Ehrhardt – (2015 Sept. 18)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"Last Chance" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Here are two more songs by Sena that are sure to knock you down and pick you right back up, "Things You Shouldn't Need To Know" and "Dreamin or Dying".

Things You Shouldn't Need To Know – Album: Live My Life – (2014)

Video Source: BlindPig Records

Things You Shouldn't Need To Know Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Dreamin or Dying – Album: All In - (2013)

Video Source: Blind Pig Records

"Dreamin or Dying" Found on the Following Play-Lists:

Sena Ehrhardt Links:

CONTACT: Sena Ehrhardt 

…And there we have it; another four artists with great new music to energize you and keep your happy going.

Remember to support World United Music by sharing this post with your circles…Great music should be heard by everyone...and to the artists, your fans could help another artist as their fans can also help you, so share, share, share away, and have a Super Day!

Best Regards,

Stewart Brennan
World United Music

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