Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Minstral Show – (Episode 042)

Hello, and welcome to episode 42 of the Minstral Show!

Music is the most powerful form of communication that I know of, as it reaches us on every level of heart, mind and soul to help us better understand ourselves. Lyricist E.Y. Harburg who wrote all the lyrics to the songs in “The Wizard of Oz” sums it up in a few words this way:

"Words make you think of thought, Music makes you feel a feeling, a song makes you feel a thought, and I'm convinced that the art of turning thoughts into feelings is the most powerful communicative force there is." I have to agree, and so

In light of this profound truth, today’s program offers music with deep reflection featuring Paul Liddell, Yusuf Cat Stevens, Shawn Phillips, Darrell Treece Birch, Amarok, Dave Kerzner, David Bowie, Steve Hackett and Justin Hayward.

More than just a podcast, World United Music has emerged to bring you the best music being made in the 21st century.

SET: 01

Starting us off is UK artist Paul Liddell with “Giant Steps” taken from his 2015 album “Andelain”…Paul Liddell sings of escape to the inner reaches of the soul where freedom and connection with all life becomes “ONE”… but then in an instant, as eyes open, an unforgiving world brings us back to a sobering reality. A wonderfully poetic song expressed brilliantly by Paul Liddell.

Cat Stevens follows with “I Was Raised in Babylon” taken from his 2014 album “Tell him I’m Gone”…

“I was raised in Babylon” is a song that looks back in moral reflection to the choices made throughout history and where it’s brought us. Another brilliant song made by the light of Yusuf Cat Stevens.

As many know, Yusuf Cat Stevens has a great catalog of music including his latest “The Laughing Apple” so there’s lots to check out when you visit the Cat.

Shawn Phillips closes the set with “Most of Us Don’t Understand” taken from his 2003 album “No Category”. A song of deep reflection and meaning that speaks truth to the awakened in a very profound and poetic way…One of many hidden gems in Shawn Phillips wonderful catalog of songs and albums including his latest album called “Continuance”. I was very lucky to see Shawn Phillips in Pointe Claire last summer just before he launched his 2017 album “Continuance” the show was awesome and if you get the chance this year, don’t miss his show.

Now let’s sit back to feel these three great songs, on the Minstral Show.  

SET: 02

Words have a way of reaching us in a profound way, but so does sound.

Darrel Treece Birch opens the second set with an instrumental called “From the Mouth” taken from his 2017 album “Healing Touch”. A progressive rock tune from an album which is filled with passion and defiance. It’s about the struggle of one man, frail and strong, conflicted, yet resolved to move past the turmoil in his life and find resolutions to life’s hurdles. The music is elegant and complex yet familiar to the human spirit.

Amarok follows with the title track of their 2004 album “Metanoia”. An excellent electro progressive rock tune that, to my mind, embodies the excitement of a racing heart and fluid mind just after the blast doors close behind with a thud…and then the adventure really begins. Words are not needed, as the music tells a story all by itself.

Closing the set is Dave Kerzner with the title track to his 2017 album “Static”

Static is a song that expresses how some people today become lost and disconnected by their addiction and belief in illusions and propaganda…while pushing away from the truth only to become further lost in a sea of static…One of the many great songs by Dave Kerzner on his 2017 album “Static” .

More than just a podcast, The Minstral Show brings you the best music being made in the 21st century. Hope you Enjoy the music.

SET: 03

In moments of reflection while listening to music, we find ourselves travelling through the sounds and visions of feelings, drifting to their flow in a state of relaxation and consciousness.

David Bowie begins the set with a 2013 stripped back version of his 1978 song “Sound and Vision” a song that expresses our creative state of mind and the very thought of creative expression from quiet moments. Certainly, one of my favorite David Bowie songs, one that inspires reflective thoughts of my own past.

Following David Bowie is Steve Hackett with “Set Your Compass” taken from his 2006 album “Wild Orchids”

“Set Your Compass” lends the feeling of floating in a dream state enticing one to let go to discover where it takes you. Poetically conceived and masterfully composed, “Set Your Compass” is a dream state of consciousness within the currents of life.

Closing the set is Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues with “The Eastern Sun” taken from Justin’s 2013 solo album “Spirits of the Western Sky”.

The Eastern Sun is a song of Love and hope which is poetically and musically appealing in every way. A perfect example to express how music and lyric becomes the most powerful communicative force there is…it infuses our souls with empathy, the light of which belongs to god and the universe itself.

Music truly is the most powerful form of communication that I know of, as it helps us better understand ourselves and the moments we grace in this conscious realm.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And now let the sound and vision, set your compass for the eastern sun on the minstral show…see you next week.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 042)


SET 01
Paul Liddell – Giant Steps
Yusuf Cat Stevens – I Was Raised in Babylon
Shawn Phillips – Most of Us Don’t Understand

SET 02
Darrell Treece Birch – From the Mouth
Amarok – Metanoia
Dave Kerzner – Static

SET 03
David Bowie – Sound & Vision
Steve Hackett – Set Your Compass
Justin Hayward – The Eastern Sun


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)

Artist LINKS:

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Minstral Show – (Episode 041)

Hello and welcome to episode 41 of “The Minstral Show”!

There is an awakening taking place today that is led by an empathic moral desire to make the world a better place. This awakening has morphed into a global collective consciousness, brought to life by the individual and our common moral foundations over the internet, through computers and our communication technology. The World is evolving, and moving away from the age that came before when we all lived in our own little worlds, before the internet.

We live in interesting times where the individual voice can rise and be heard by many…yet it can also be silenced by the powerful…however, two things are certain, truth and evolution cannot be held back for very long as we communicate with each other across the World and over the Internet.

A very important element of our collective consciousness is art and music which comes from the creative thoughts and impressions of the individual, transposed onto canvas or into compositions. The world has entered a new age of renaissance that is consciously expressive...and so today’s theme takes us on a quest to understand our path in these days of great change, featuring Graham Nash, Temples, Riverside, David Ian Roberts, David Crosby, Neil Young, The Colin Tench Project, Casey Stratton and Chris de Burgh. Have a listen and if it resonates, share it with your friends.

More than just a podcast, World United Music is a solid connection to a global consciousness that has emerged to build a better world…

SET: 01

Graham Nash opens the fist set with “This Path Tonight” taken from his 2016 album of the same name. Asking, “Where are we going”… The song reflects our common need to understand where this dizzying and collective path of life is taking us… “This Path Tonight” is beautifully written and expressed by one of the worlds very best artists.

Following Graham Nash is Kettering UK band “Temples” with their 2013 single “Colours to Life”…

“Colours to Life” is a song that steps back into the psychedelic sounds of the mid 60’s era to bring its vibrant Colour and magic back to the 21st century.

As the Psychedelic era of the 60’s kindled our expanding consciousness and desire to understand life, the internet today serves our collective consciousness and desire to understand as well…yet it is still, music and lyric that brings colours to life…

Rounding out the set is Riverside with “Reality Dream III” from their 2005 album “Second Life Syndrome”
“Reality Dream III” is a brilliant progressive rock tune that seemingly represents communication of the fractal being who then passes into a collective state of mind. A brilliant thought provoking instrumental that urges our minds forward in a free-flowing thought transfer to set us on a path of understanding and collective evolution.

And so, this Path tonight brings colours to life in this reality dream, on the minstral show.

SET: 02

Our second set of music expresses how the vulnerable individual soul deals with the transition and new unfolding reality of a collective consciousness; where beliefs and illusions can be shattered by truth and by some of the spiritual and material negatives that have risen with the technocratic side of the corporate AI world.

Opening the set is Cardiff Wales singer songwriter David Ian Roberts with “Indian Blues” taken from his debut 2014 album “St. Clears”

David Ian Roberts provides reflective understanding through a soft jazzy acoustic tune to capture the essence of the individual in deep thought through serene moments of reflection… In the overall collective consciousness, differing thoughts of mind, battle, and can leave us wounded while feeling a little blue, but also with important lessons learned…the music is emotionally expressive and Subtly pleasant that connects on a deep level.

David Crosby follows with “What’s Broken” from his 2014 album “Croz”

David’s song asks “What’s Broken” as he describes the lonely fractal soul in all its vulnerability.

Poetically engaging lyrics and infectious soft jazz rock music, serves as a catalyst in the sensual perception of a collective conscious awakening within a single soul, seen through open eyes and empathic tether in a world living in lies…yet also understanding, that life’s precious moments are quickly passing by. “What’s Broken” is a deeply moving song that expresses the empathic ability to see the world as it is… by a brilliant artist.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse close out the set with “Driftin Back” from their 2012 album “Psychedelic Pill”.

“Driftin Back” is a 28 minute masterpiece of reflection to when freedom and quality of life was abundant and corporate greed had not usurped the world or lowered the quality of life.

The conscious connection that Neil Youngs has had with his audience throughout his career is ever present in “Driftin Back”. When Neil sings, he sings our collective feelings for peace, justice and human rights. An important lesson we continue to learn as this vast world we live in becomes smaller through technology and communication but most importantly, through our emerging collective consciousness.

A memorable set with David Ian Roberts, David Crosby, Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the minstral show.

SET: 03

The final set on today's show expresses the realization of how powerful the Internet has become in bringing all of us together as a collective consciousness. Where, through our moral values, understanding and empathy we can build a better world together for the generations to come. 

The Colin Tench Project opens the set with “See How She Runs” from their Dec 2017 album “Minor Masterpiece”…”See How She Runs” expresses the lighter side of music in an almost “Broadway meets 10cc” themed musical where our collective minds have merged and begins speaking to itself…Sung brilliantly by Peter Jones.

The album “Minor Masterpiece” is just that and more and features Joey Lugassy, Joe Vitale, Gordo Bennett, Petri Lemmy Lindström, Peter Jones and the late Colin Tench with Special guests, Christo Pellani, & Eddie Young

Following Colin Tench is Casey Stratton with “Weight of the World” taken from his 2016 album “Collective Sigh”

“Weight of the World” is a song lush with Casey Stratton’s empathic vocals in lyrics that compares the intersection of two different worlds, the one before the internet when we were all in our own little worlds separated from each other, and the consciously connected world of today where the connection to millions of souls is just a click away. A Brilliant song dedicated to making the world a better place through the giving of ones self. A very moving expression not to miss.

Chris de Burgh closes the show with a wonderful song of hope…hope for overcoming all the trials we face together, collectively…we are closer today to achieving a unified moral community because we are all connected through modern communication of the Internet…we can achieve great things together and even though there are problems in the world, they will fade as we grow collectively in voice and consciousness until one day we cross the plane of evolution and begin building a better world. Chris de Burgh at his very best.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And now its time to sit back and enjoy another great set of music, on the minstral show, see you next week. 

The Minstral Show – (Episode 041)


SET 01
Graham Nash – This Path Tonight
Temples – Colours to Life
Riverside – Reality Dream III

SET 02
David Ian Roberts – Indian Blues
David Crosby – What’s Broken
Neil Young – Driftin Back

SET 03
Colin Tench Project – See How She Runs
Casey Stratton – Weight of the World
Chris de Burgh – The Hands of Man


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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Minstral Show - (Episode 040)

Welcome to episode 40 of "The Minstral Show"!

After a long difficult week in the Geopolitical arena, its important to shed the build-up of negative emotional energy that is brought on by having to battle against the insolent insanity of our out of control establishment.

Music is one of the best ways I know to help me prepare emotionally and mentally for whatever is to come down the road and so, I’ve put together a program with three solid sets of music to do just that, featuring, New Model Army, Riverside, Matthew Perryman Jones, Steve Hackett, Darling & Co, Julian Lennon, Great Lake Swimmers, Darrel Treece-Birch, and Roger Waters. Have a listen and if it resonates share it with your friends.

SET: 01

First up is Bradford UK Band, New Model Army with “Winter” taken from their 2016 album of the same name…

The first time I heard this song, it made me think of “The Game of Thrones” yet the song also contained the dark atmosphere of the times we were living in and surely the dark times we are living in today 2018…what better way to lead off the show because in order to heal our essence and absolve our fears, we must face the winter in our lives and walk through it. New Model Army are, Justin Sullivan, Michael Dean, Dean White, Marshall Gill, and Keri Monger.

Following New Model Army comes the contemplative sounds of “Riverside” and their song “Time Travelers” taken from their 2015 album “Love, fear and the Time Machine”…an instant classic in my mind as “Time Travellers” connects us through music and lyric to weave a deep meaningful understanding of reality and the times we live in…the song is a wonderful escape and reflection that’s difficult not to sing…”let’s go back to the world that was 30 years ago, let’s believe this is our time”. Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradzki and Jacek Melnicki are Riverside…Riverside also has a new album in the works due for release in 2018, so we are certainly looking forward to that.

Rounding this healing set of music is Matthew Perryman Jones with his 2012 song “Land of the Living” taken from his forth album of the same name. What can I say, when you’ve written the most empathic song in the world, you need not worry about topping it…just remember,

The spark of light that is in you, is also in me, and all living things. We are all here for a short time to understand what existence is…we live as individual shadows of consciousness in a realm of the living.

“The journey does not end here, for we are a part of an infinite universe that is consciously alive in all of us, individually and collectively. If you close your eyes and listen to the silence, you will see that light, feel its infinity, and understand that you are just visiting here, for a short while, in the land of the living…and one day, you get to go home…so put away your fears, embrace life and what comes after…but while you are here, celebrate your stay through deeds of great vision, fitting of your empathic journey...

And Now, we are ready to confront the winter of darkness, as we time travel to the land of the living, on the minstral show…

SET: 02

Its been an intensive week of insanity in the global geopolitical arena, to say the least, where plans within plans behind the smoke built up global tensions, releasing a massive day of events which have left many of us, quite disconnected. So let’s remedy that.

Steve Hackett begins this next set with “Behind the Smoke” taken from his 2017 album “The Night Siren” an awesome album of expression not to be missed… There’s a great video of this song on the InsideOUT music channel on YouTube which is well worth watching as it brings to mind some of the real horrors that our brothers and sisters and their children are experiencing in the Middle East…the song and video entice us to stand up and face our fears head on, which is the key to surviving the daily deluge coming at us from all directions. Steve Hackett brings all of it to us packaged in a song. The song is also part of his awesome show. I know, because I got to see Steve Hackett and Band here in Montreal so be sure not to miss them when they come your way…but hurry, tickets go quickly.

Following Steve Hackett is Noumea, New Caledonia band Darling and Co with “Massive Day” taken from their 2014 EP “Close Connection”

“Massive Day” is a song about a soul who reaches out to guardian angel Hekamiah for strength and guidance in a time of great darkness and cataclysm…An awesome song that seemingly brings a wall of sound towards you like a tidal wave. Darling and Co are, Thierry "Pinpin", Gilbert Seliman, Patrick Eriale, Fred Mazoyer and Stephane Khoa-Hy

Julian Lennon closes the set with “Disconnected” from his 2013 album “Everything Changes” an awesome album that should be on everyone list of CD’s to have.

“Disconnected” is a reminder that life is more than the controlled illusion we live in everyday and that our feelings of being disconnected is the actual illusion because we really are all connected, by our common spiritual essence and spark of life. A very powerful song to close out the set and ease our disconnected frames of mind.

And so, let’s face what’s behind the smoke on this massive disconnected day…

SET: 03

In life, we are driven forward by an unknown force while always searching for meaning in whatever it is we are doing…sometimes, in moments of quiet, we come to reflect on the meaning of life, of where we are going, and how the things we are doing connect the dots of our past to the present…we are always searching and trying to find the answers to our silent questions…always trying to make sense of life’s moments…

The first song of the set does just that as Tony Dekkard’s “Great Lake Swimmers” captures that driving force within with their song “Still” taken from their forth studio album from 2009 “Lost Channels”.

Over the years Great Lake Swimmers have released six studio albums are now working on their seventh which should be released later in 2018, so once again there is much too look forward to in the months ahead.

Following Great Lake Swimmers is Darrel Treece-Birch with “No More Time” taken from his 2016 album of the same name. The song is about facing the tsunami of emotions and the five stages of grief after the sudden loss of a loved one. A very powerful song musically and lyrically in every way.

Darrel also plays keyboards with the British Melodic Hard Rock band “TEN” , he also writes / records and performs with original progressive rock band Nth Ascension.

Roger Waters ends the three song set with “The Last Refugee” taken from his 2017 Album “Is this the Life We Really Want“. Roger’s empathic and poetic lyrics gently shakes the listener awake from a systemic apathetic world of illusion to the nightmarish reality going on in the world around us. “The Last Refugee” is a reminder to us all that we must change our ways or it will be too late for our children and grandchildren.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And now sit back and listen to another powerful set of music, on the minstral show.

The Minstral Show - (Episode 040)


SET 01
New Model Army – Winter
Riverside – Time Travellers
Matthew Perryman Jones – Land of the Living

SET 02
Steve Hackett – Behind the Smoke
Darling & Co – Massive Day
Julian Lennon – Disconnected

SET 03
Great Lake Swimmers – Still
Darrel – Treece Birch – No More Time
Roger Waters – The Last Refugee


Be sure to visit the Artists websites and join their email platforms to keep up to date with what they are up to because, no matter how big or small they are, they need your support to keep doing what they do best. (See Links Below)

Artists LINKS:

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Catch the Wave!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Minstral Show - (Episode 039)

Welcome to episode 39 of “The Minstral Show”!

An expressive line up of great music on this the 39th episode of the Minstral Show featuring, Greta Van Fleet, Black Country Communion, Son Little, Dave Kerzner, Exquisite Corp, Tom Moriarty, Peter Case, The Chemistry Set and Ancient Cities…serving up three sets of the best music being made today while covering a wide variety of genres from this global music revolution. 

SET: 01

First up is a young band from Frakenmuth Michigan, “Greta Van Fleet” with their 2017 hard rockin hit “Highway” taken from their double EP “From the Fires”. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan hang on to your socks because this band not only sounds like Led Zeppelin, they beg the question are these new Led Zeppelin tunes? Jaw dropping rock n vocals with their own unique spirit to mirror past generations with todays world…Greta Van Fleet are brothers Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka with family friend Danny Wagner…these guys really rock!

Following Greta Van Fleet is super group Black Country Communion with “Wanderlust” taken from their 2017 Album BCC4…an album that wakes the soul with its rockin mastery to shake the world and remind everyone that Rock n Roll is here to stay. Glen Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derick Sherinian carry the torch and lead the way in this new age of the global airwaves.

Closing the set is Philadelthia PA’s “Son Little” a.k.a. singer / songwriter Aaron Livingston with “O Me O My” The version I’ll play today is the 2018 Gavin Moss Remix version of the same song that originates from Son Littles 2017 album “New Magic”.

O Me O My is a soulful rockin Blues tune that faces the world through eyes that see…while dancing the weight of that world away through its beat and movement. A song that has captured the attention of millions of online listeners this past year. It was an instant hit with me the moment I heard it. Hope you enjoy it too.

SET: 02

The concept of our second set of music, is an awakening of sorts to this dying world of ours that begs us to find a better way to live.

Dave Kerzner opens the set with “Stranded” taken from his 2015 progressive rock concept album “New World” which is, in my opinion, the best progressive rock album to come along in over 3 decades. I can’t say enough about this album except that everyone should have a listen to the entire thing and then go out and buy it…Dave Kerzner is awesome.

Following Dave Kerzner is Sacramento California’s Exquisite Corp and their alternative Rock tune “Broken Petals” taken from their 2014 album Vignettes.

BRYAN V., ROBBY DEAN, NATHAN WEBB and ADAM RICE remind us that life is short, and not to waste it. An excellent song with a great message. One of the best from 2014.

Closing out the set is Tom Moriarity with “Finding a Better Way” taken from his 2013 five song EP “Snapshots of Reality”. The EP is well named and a hidden gem from 2013…Snapshots of Reality does just that, as the music and lyrics deliver satisfying, mellow and meaningful expressions to resonate with the listener.

Finding a Better Way is exactly what, collectively, we all need to do to make this world a better place.

SET: 03

Our 3rd set of music brings the energetic rock n roll vibes of Peter Case together with the doo wop pop sounds of “The Chemistry Set” and a retro 70’s pop tune from Ancient Cities. The sounds you are about to hear might qualify as a time trip to the past. A great upbeat foot tapping set to end the show.

“I Shook his Hand” was first released by Peter Case in 1986 as song “A” on a 2 song 7” flexi disc with record label “Nineteen” which was actually a rock 'n' roll fanzine from Toulouse, France that came with a flexi single inside.

Although, I don’t have a copy of the original one, I do have a wave file which was Recorded live at The Golden State Theater in Monterey, Ca. on March 30, 2013 with Deep Ellum…What can I say, this is Classic rock n roll, by a great musician, and band! Stay tuned as Peter Case Rocks the house down!

Following Peter is “The Chemistry Set” with International Rescue from their 2016 album “The Endless More and More”. This song is a real catchy retro doo wop 60’s pop tune that reminds me somewhat of the exciters, the Monkey’s and the Cookies, as it captures the nostalgic vibes of those times by the hooks and upbeat catchy waves within its infectious matrix. Listening once is not enough. Paul Lake, David McClain, and Dani are The Chemistry Set

Closing out the show is North Carolina’s “Ancient Cities” with their song “Sorceress” taken from their 2016 album “Super Moon Blackout”.

This song belongs in the 70’s sea of pop with songs such as Hitching a Ride by Vanity Fare, Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone and Love Grows where my Rosemary Goes by Edison Lighthouse…I swear these guys must have a time machine because they seem to be able to cover a variety of genres and time periods as if they were there and then to bring back the ambiance and nostalgia of those times into the 21st century. This is euphoric music for pop freaks like myself…and I have to say that if this song was released in the 70’s it would have gone platinum many times over. Hats off to Stephen Warwick, Justin Fedor, James Dulin, Justin Faircloth, and Matt Branniff of Ancient Cities.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And that’ll do it for another episode of the Minstral Show, now, let’s get into this time machine and blast off…see you next week!

The Minstral Show - (Episode - 39)

SET 01
Greta Van Fleet – Highway
Black Country Communion – Wanderlust
Son Little – O me O My (Gavin Moss Remix)

SET 02
Dave Kerzner – Stranded (Parts 1 – 5)
Exquisite Corp – Broken Petals
Tom Moriarty – Finding a Better Way

SET 03
Peter Case – I Shook his Hand
The Chemistry Set – International Rescue
Ancient Cities – Sorceress

Be sure to visit the artists websites and join their email platforms to find out what they are up to (See Links Below).

Artist LINKS:

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Minstral Show – (Episode 038)


World United Music presents Episode 38 of The Minstral Show now streaming on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. This weeks show features a stellar lineup with music by: CHICO, Portrayal, Slowdive, Fink, Lunatic Soul, Tiger Moth Tales, Alan Parsons, Rick Miller and Agnes Obel. Click start and catch the Wave!

SET: 01

Nashville Tennessee Psychedelic Garage, Prog-rock group “Chico” open the set with a great driving rock tune called “Twilight Ravine” taken from their 2017 two song EP SPLIT. Band members Carson Mays, Ryan Quarles, Grayson Schweers, and Austin Seegers are the CHICO band dittos, and are ready to rock your socks off.

Next up is Shrewsbury UK duo, Rob Tranter and Joe Crook from “Portrayal” with their Nov 2017 single “Lost Souls”. An electronic retro 80’s new wave tune that is certainly not out of place with songs by INXS, Flock of Seagulls, Simple Minds or many other 80’s new wave bands who’s music continues to grace the radio waves around the world today. “Lost Souls is an excellent song worthy of more attention.

and, from Reading, Berkshire, England, “Slowdive” Featuring, Neil Halstead, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell and Simon Scott with their 2017 New Wave smash hit “Star Roving” to anchor the first set on this weeks episode of the Minstral Show. 

Now, get ready because “In the Twilight Ravine, Lost Souls are Star Roving” on The Minstral Show.

SET: 02

Our next set of music combines the experimental psychedelic blues of UK artist “Fink” with the Progressive rock of Marius Duda’s Lunatic Soul and the riveting riffs and first lament of Peter Jones & Tiger Moth Tales for a special soulful evening mood.

Opening this second set is “Fink” with “Black Stetson” featuring Colin Stetson on sax. The song is taken from the Sunday Night Blues Dubs EP which released May 2017.

The 5 song EP has been one of my favorites over the past year and weaves its content throughout the World United Blues Playlist on the 2minstral YouTube channel.

I can listen to music like this all night long because it feels so multi dimensional. …In my opinion, “Fink” has been putting out some of his best material these past few years and so I eagerly wait for all his new releases. And When an artist is in the zone…an artist is in the zone….and Fink is certainly there.

Following Fink, is Marius Duda’s “Lunatic Soul” with “Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes” from his 2017 album “Fractured”. A haunting progressive rock tune of a man surrounded by darkness struggling to hold onto his sanity…the only thing keeping his mind together is the love he has for his daughter.

“Lunatic Soul” is the progressive rock side-project by Riverside vocalist and bass guitarist Mariusz Duda.

He also has a new Lunatic Soul EP slated for release in the spring of 2018 so we’re certainly looking forward to that.

Closing out the 2nd set is “Tiger Moth Tales” with “The First Lament” taken from Peter Jones EP “Live at Summers End” (The Official Bootleg album)

The guitar work in “The First Lament” stunned me as only a Roy Buchanan and David Gilmour lead could…Truly, this is a great track and performance by the entire band.

Tiger Moth Tales is the brainchild of multi Instrumentalist and singer Peter Jones and Joining Peter are Mick & Andy Wilson, Gary Marsh and Paul Comerie. Together they put out some excellent music not to be missed.  

SET: 03

The final set of this show is powerfully emotive through its poetically reflective lyrics, soft harmonic vocals and beautifully vibrant tones…THIS…this is the magic of Alan Parsons, Rick Miller and Agnes Obel.

Alan Parson starts the set off with his 2014 single “Fragile”; a song that is.. as captivating, and emotionally expressive as Alan’s previous work on iconic songs such as “Old and Wise” and “Don’t Let it Show”.  One could say that “Fragile” is our initial state of being in these times of awakening…truly we are very fragile in the larger sense of the world…a singers song and a very emotive one as well…

Following Alan Parsons is Rick Miller with “The Final Journey” taken from his March 2018 album “Delusional”.

“The final Journey” is a beautiful harmonic melancholy tune about a dying man and his final thoughts before he passes to the afterlife…the music, strings and vocal harmonies blend so beautifully its hard not to listen to the song more than once, as the poetic ambiance lingers as if speaking to ones soul…another classic song by Ontario Canada’s Rick Miller.

The final song of the set is by Agnes Obel called “Mary” taken from her October 2016 album “Citizen of Glass” a fitting song in many ways to end the set as it empathically connects the last two songs and the listener by the first gentle notes of the piano, and then through the soft angelic tones of Agnes Obal’s voice, which slowly echoes into the distance as the song ends. The ambiance cast is like moving away from a moment in time that stands in illuminating twilight and memory. The entire album is an empathic journey that absorbs ones essence; a must have album.

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And that will do it for episode 38 of the Minstral Show…have a great week and see you next Sunday at 7:00 PM eastern. Happy Easter and Passover everyone and enjoy the music.

The Minstral Show - (Episode 38)

SET 01
CHICO – Twilight Ravine
Portrayal – Lost Souls
Slowdive – Star Roving

SET 02
Fink – Black Stetson
Lunatic Soul – Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes
Tiger Moth Tales – The First Lament

SET 03
Alan Parsons – Fragile
Rick Miller – The Final Journey
Agnes Obel – Mary

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