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The Minstral Show – (Episode 050)

Today’s show spotlights a good variety of rock, folk and progressive rock sounds from this the new age of music, Featuring: The Fixx, UNDERLIGHTS, Old Sea Brigade, Broken Anchor, Nordagust, Serundal, Ghostess, Rick Miller, Dave Kerzner, Nine Skies, The Colin Tench Project, and Mark Knopfler.

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SET: 01

“The Fixx" start us off with the title track from their 2012 album, “Beautiful Friction”. Sometimes it seems life passes by quickly and during it, are cycles we experience that bring us full circle in life’s rhythms and then these cycles repeat bringing a familiar and Beautiful Friction. An excellent song by one of my favourite bands of the first vinyl era…The Fixx

Following The Fixx are Sydney Australia’s “Underlights” with “Now that You’re in Love” taken from their 2012 self titled EP “Underlights”. I love the Beatle-esque psychedelic sounds and vocals of this song…to me, this is what real euphoric Pop sounds like…this is good music.

Ben Cramer better known as “Old Sea Brigade” follows with his 2016 single “All the Same” A comforting song that builds into a vocal harmony and gets one taping into a personal state of music sanctuary…the song really resonates to lift ones spirits; truly one of the best songs in the mp3 age.

Closing the set is Broken Anchor with “Leave the Lights On” taken from their 2012 EP “Fresh Lemonade” Some times we can be so into what we are doing that we forget the others that are important in our lives only to realise our mistakes long after the damage is done…many of us have been there and so this song becomes meaningful not only in lyric but also in the way it resonates with the listener. A great song that stirs inner healing…that’s the magic of music.

And so, we look back to understand the errors of our ways and see cycles in our lives that repeat in a beautiful friction…but if you leave the lights on, I’ll know that you still care…another excellent set of music on the minstral show.

SET: 02

Our second set is a mixture of Progressive rock, Medieval Celtic Folk and acoustic that meshes very well together to tell a tale of its own. Nordagust starts us off with “Make Me Believe” taken from their 2010 album “In the Mist of the Morning” an excellent progressive rock tune that embraces the magic of the mellotron and the imagination.

The band takes its name from the mythical spirit of the north wind, a spirit that is said to be extremely wise with insight to all things." A very well chosen name to be sure.

Following Nordagust is Serundal with “Lady of the Isles” taken from their 2006 album “Waiting Rooms”.

“Lady of the Isles” is a song about A lady grieving for her lover who is fighting in the crusades. Alone in the chapel of the castle, she drinks poisoned wine and lies dying while her lover lies dying in a foreign field. Generations later she is heard laughing with her lover in the castle grounds, no longer alone, their happiness is eternal. Magical music by UK duo Maxie and David King.

Following Serundal is Vancouver BC native Jenna Earle better known as “Ghostess” with “Soleil” taken from her self titled EP Ghostess.

A mysterious acoustic atmosphere sets the stage for a slide build up to seize the streams of time and carry us through the hurdles of life and land us safely on the other side. Soleil of course is the French word for “Sun” and through our lives the sun does carry our spirits throughout our life and then into what lies beyond.

Rick Miller closes the set with the title track to his 2008 album “Angel of My Soul”.

A song that tells the tale of the embattled spirit of a man who’s at the end of his life and ready to cross over as he lays down tired of fighting the battles in life only to fight one more to save his soul. A Classic Rick Miller tune.

And so, Make Me Believe, Lady of the Isles, Soleil, and Angel of My Soul, is a set of music on repeat, here on the Minstral Show.

SET: 03

Dave Kerzner starts off our final set with the Title Track of his December 2014 Album “New World”. The song is a reality check on the way we live on this planet which is greed based, war like and unforgiving. If we all just took a deep breath and listened to each other patiently, we might find a better way to live and begin to build a New World. A great song from a brilliant album and one of my personal favourites.

Nine Skies from Nice France follows with the title track from their November 2017 album, “Return Home” A song of loneliness in the city and the wish to return home to sanctuary. The song can also be interpreted as the conscious spirit within wanting to leave this world and travel back to the place from where we came from before our birth. This is Progressive rock at its finest.   

The Colin Tench Project follows with “And so, Today” featuring Peter Jones, taken from their 2016 album “Hair in a G String”. There were a lot of well known artists who passed away in 2016 and this song encapsulates the sad feelings we all had in their passing. A song that, to me, will always connect me to those moments and the ones that followed.

Closing the show is Mark Knopfler with the title track to his 2009 album “Get Lucky” this song is dedicated to everyone experiencing hard times, we are all in the same boat but we do win some of the battles and get lucky now and then. Truly one of the many great songs by Mark Knopfler.

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And now Dave Kerzner, Nine Skies, The Colin Tench Project and Mark Knopfler close the show with some meaningful words and musical notes on the Minstral Show. See you next week everybody…

The Minstral Show – (Episode 050)


SET 01
The Fixx – Beautiful Friction
UNDERLIGHTS – Now That You’re in Love
Old Sea Brigade – All the Same
Broken Anchor – Leave the Lights On

SET 02
Nordagust – Make Me Believe
Serundal – Lady of the Isles
Ghostess – Soleil
Rick Miller – Angel of My Soul

SET 03
Dave Kerzner – New World
Nine Skies – Return Home
Colin Tench Project – and so, Today
Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)


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