Sunday, March 30, 2014


About: Future

Since September 2012, drenched in full guitar feedback, reverberating vocals, and fractured drums, Future is deafening noise pop that has been described as a “sonic wall of sound.” The Parisian trio combines cold melodies and atmospheric chords similar to the Jesus and Mary Chain and Skywave. The band comes back with a new EP "Stay Behind EP" on Anywave and a new formation.

Band Members:

Yann Canévet - Bass & Voice
Brice Delourmel - Guitar
Pauline La Chaceray - Keyboard

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About: NOMIA

Minneapolis' NOMIA have been destroying the eardrums of audiences throughout the Northwest for the past 8 years with a vibrant blend of ambient guitars backed with an alternately restrained and crushing rhythm section. On their debut full length, Iron and Rust, NOMIA seamlessly merge achingly beautiful melodies reminiscent of post-rock giants Mogwai with the epic intensity of instrumental metal outfits such as Russian Circles. The result is an aesthetic all its own, straddling numerous genres while defying precise categorization. NOMIA’s ambitious debut, recorded and produced by Adam Tucker, manages to be simultaneously beautiful, powerful, and massively loud.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Nebyudelic Sound System

About: The Nebyudelic Sound System

Based in Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland, The Nebyudelic Sound System is the creative outlet of self taught & self proclaimed ‘arranger of sounds’, Scott Leslie.

Scott’s first foray into creating music came when he decided to pick up a guitar at 14. Using the primitive method of multi-tracking onto cassette’s using a dictaphone and a tape player, he created lo-fi soundscapes that would never see the light of day, and frustrated with trying to progress on his own using the dictaphone method, he gave up playing his guitar for several years.

By the year 2000, his love of music had seen him trawl across the musical spectrum, and had now become heavily into psychedelia, dub, funk, soul, gospel, & delta blues. Feeling influenced by fellow Scots, Primal Scream & The Beta Band, who both seemed to effortlessly mix up all these styles that he loved, he decided to have another crack at getting the music in his head down on to tape again. Armed with a sampler, a synthesizer, his dusty guitar, and a 4-track recorder, he began obsessively learning his craft in his room again, and this time something clicked.

By 2005, confident enough that the quality of his latest tracks were good enough to be heard by the outside world, he gave himself the Nebyudelic moniker and could often be seen giving demo CD’s away to random strangers at gigs & clubs, slowly building up a local following.

Now collaborating with many artists across the globe, going off on tangents from track to track, never wanting to settle down to one particular style, he keeps people guessing where he may just venture to next.

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Holy Wave

About: Holy Wave

Generating thick layers of sound that twist and turn through a complex labyrinth of reverb and echo, Holy Wave are a garage-psych band from Austin, Texas who uphold the Lone Star State's long-standing reputation for top-notch lysergic sounds. Featuring multi-instrumentalists Joey Cook, Ryan Fuson, Kyle Hager, Julián Ruiz, and Dustin Zozaya,

Holy Wave were formed in 2008 when Hager and Ruiz decided to leave their hometown of El Paso, Texas for the more musically friendly environment of Austin; the musicians first drove from El Paso to Santa Monica, California to catch a rare show by My Bloody Valentine, and then made their way back to their new hometown. After making a name for themselves in Austin (and becoming regular guests at the annual Austin Psych Fest), they released their first LP in 2011, Knife Hits (the title comes from their favored method of smoking hashish).

In 2012, Holy Wave released an EP, The Evil Has Landed, and these first two releases were paired up on a 2013 collection called Evil Hits. In early 2014, Holy Wave issued their second proper album, simply titled Relax.


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Darling & Co

About: Darling & Co

Darling & Co are an alternative rock band that formed in late 2011, consisting of Thierry "Pinpin" vocals, Gilbert Seliman on bass, Patrick Eriale on drums (all three former SHOTGUN), joined on guitar by Fred Mazoyer (ex Ashtray) and Jerome Goffin keyboard. These varied musical influences Incubus, U2, Pearl Jam, Kyuss through Pink Floyd. The topics speak of society, love and the environment, all supported by a low battery backed duo, and harmonized guitar riff by Fred to high 70's sounding. The group plays throughout Noumea entertaining their audience with their original compositions and covers. Darling and Co released their first EP “Close Connection” in March 2014.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Pete Groch

About: Pete Groch

In the Fall of 2013 Pete Groch made his debut as an independent artist releasing his first extended play production. Pete's songs tell stories of his journeys and everyday encounters in a style that is optimistic and uplifting. Finding inspiration through great music, simple living, and a year in San Diego, CA, he began to search for his own blend of rhythm, tone, and rhyme.

After experiencing the West Coast, Pete returned to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, in August of 2004, where he started to perform in local bars, restaurants, and coffee houses with several aspiring musicians. He later arranged his first acoustic demo, “Reflections.” In January of 2007, Pete moved to Kailua, HI, where he worked as a line cook. A year went by and he left Hawaii artistically enriched with a more fully developed sound. He then completed his second set of acoustic recordings entitled “No-Frills."

Pete has also resided in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and Brisbane, Australia. He has visited Thailand, Bali, Anguilla, Germany, and Ireland, where he was invited to share the stage with local bands. His desire for travel and perspective continues to have a major influence on his songwriting. Pete hopes that his music will encourage his listeners to seek culture and creativity.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


About: D-Day

We formed in 2010 and have been rocking harder than any teen garage band ever since then.

D-Day are a young rock band which has 4 members that breathe new life into classic rock, taking over from their 1960's and 1970's idols. Over the summer of 2011 they recorded a 6 track E.P. @ their rehearsing room.

Their songs are personal and powerful, and their live shows rock! On stage, you will surely remember D-Day for their passion and joy for playing.

In July 2012 they won the gig to support The Deans and Thin Lizzy @ The Volvo Ocean Race Galway, Main Stage after entering the "Getting To The Main Stage" youth music competition.

In September 2013 they pre-released a video for "Eyes Open" from their self titled E.P. which was released on March 26th, 2014. 

D-Day – Soundcloud
D-Day – Breaking Tunes
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Silver Trees

About: Silver Trees

An organic sextet giving a diverse collection of music, from laid back, chill out to stoner rock and many more places in-between.

Like these : Brian Jonestown Massacre, VU, Mazzy Star, Spiritualized, Black Sabbath and early pink floyd you may like us, as it's who we have been likened too in recent gigs.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Dandelion Seeds

About: The Dandelion Seeds

From the roots of our civilization Grafarvogur,Reykjavík, Iceland comes a band named after the flowers you pick up, blow on and the seeds become airborne..That group is The Dandelion Seeds. They have released a 4- song EP titled "Good Times With The Dandelion Seeds", a 2 song EP called “Pink Street Sessions” and a 9 song self titled CD “The Dandelion Seeds”. The music is full of life and takes you back to the time of psychedelic influenced rock 'n roll of the 60’s.

"...When the five fresh faced youngsters came on stage something quite magical happened. These British invasion styled feedback rockers created an amazing and all-encompassing wall of noise with sixties psych-patterned videos overlaid on sixties soft porn and go go dancing projecting in the background.

The gallery space turned out to be a magnificent venue, with plenty of space for the musicians and plenty of walls for the sound to resonate from..." - Anna Margrét Björnsson, The Reykjavik Grapevine

"Man, if there’s one band out there that’s getting us somewhat excited about Icelandic rock again, it’s the goddamn Dandelion Seeds. Those psych-rockin’ bastards have been lurking on the edge of (what passes for) the local rock scene for a while now, playing some rather promising live shows and releasing an EP (that we’re still unsure of where we can purchase, if it can be purchased at all—those guys are so deep underground we can hardly tell if they’re a figment of our imagination or not) that left us begging for more..." - The Reykjavík Grapevine

Band Members:

Axel - guitar/vocals
Víðir - vocals/organ/guitar/sitar
Einar Björn - bass
Jimbo - guitar/vocals
Helgi - drums/percussion

The Dandelion Seeds - Soundcloud
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About: Kuduchild

Küduchild are just a group of ordinary guys with a passion for music. Our sound is made up of big slabs of searing riff, thundering bass, pounding drums and roaring vocals. This is all liberally seasoned with classic 70’s , blues, and stoner rock influences, and a large helping of psychedelia on the side. It’s kinda like desert rock, but from South Africa. We like to call it Karoo Rock.

We just want to rock your socks and melt your faces, and we hope you dig rocking out to our grooves as much as we love making them.

“Coz we’ll be here tomorrow, to hi-five you yesterday. Peace.”- Adventure Time

Band Members:

Matthew Kennedy (Vocals/Guitar)
Aidan Billing (Drums)
Etienne Buys (Guitar)
Nick L'Ange (Guitar)
Louis Neilson (Bass)

Kuduchild - Soundcloud
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The Green Tambourine Band

About: The Green Tambourine Band

The Green Tambourine Band are a Psychedelic group from Edinburgh featuring Jack Burns, Liam Payne, Murray Pettit, Ross Lynchehaun and various guest musicians. We self-produce all our own music using vintage analogue equipment and we gig regularly. We like gitars, sitars, stars, tambourines and tapes.

Band Members:

Jack Burns
Liam Payne
Murray Pettit
Ross Lynchehaun

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Fixators

About: The Fixators

Those home-made style recordings may be giving it their best shot at clinging on to the indie masses, but the past few months have seen an undeniable shift towards bigger and bolder sounding songs. Even the lo-fi darlings of a few years ago like Tennis or Dum Dum Girls are setting their sites on something a bit more ambitious. It can be hit and miss of course; either taking you to a new level or polishing away all the charm that made those records such a success in the first place. Sydney band The Fixators finalised their line-up in 2012 and there's no doubt where they stand in all of this. After a debut EP, they now release 'Colourblind' to coincide with a tour of their homeland's sweltering east coast.

Showing much ambition with their music, the quartet are taking aim at the mainstream, but doing so under the guise of an indie-rock band. Their record collection probably contains a few classic stadium-rock acts such as U2, but their sound isn't quite so unashamedly commercial. The plan here seems to be to impress with the sheer force and tightness of their tunes, while enchanting music fans (not just those who buy two albums a year) and trying to capture a decent share of the market. Granted, this track may be a bit too sanitised for some, but its inch-perfect production and storming chorus is made for both heavy radio rotation and filling cavernous venues. If things go their way, there could be some pretty big crowds at their gigs before long.

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Tail Feather

About: Tail Feather

Filling rooms around the country with rich vocal harmonies and charged guitar riffs, Tail Feather are creating some of the most exciting groove-led music around.

The band’s first single 'Spellbinder' spotlights the band's bluesy, 70s rock ethos. Teamed with a suitably psychedelic video, the band has received praise from the likes of the 405, Shiny Shiny New and Never Enough Notes.

On stage, Tail Feather manifest a confidence which brings the audience to tipping point; the band have firmly laid their hat and made a home in some of the best live venues the UK has to offer.

Currently working with producer Graham Dominy (Robert Plant, Ray Davies) on a slew of new material, the latest offering from the foursome comes in the form of the double A side – ‘Knocked Down/All of a Sudden’

Crafted in a vintage style, recorded to analog tape and brandishing an array of influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Peter Green's era Fleetwood Mac, be sure to download the release come March.

"...a smotheringly psychedelic affair made light by lucid riffs and soft-rock melodies that seem torn from Fleetwood Mac’s songbook." - Shiny Shiny New

"Thumping, catchy, and sun-glazed - Tail Feather bring nostalgia and soul together for a 70s indebted experience." - The 405

“...Spellbinder brings awesome psychedelia together with yearning 80s groovy solos: an exciting throwback combination for a band you need to keep an eye out for.” - Never Enough Notes.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Red Carpet Devils

About: Red Carpet Devils

Local Missoula flavor, no bad aftertaste... Missoula’s own Red Carpet Devils have been playing loud, fast, aggressive rock and roll in and around the Garden City since 2011. Come see RCD and you’ll receive a generous portion of riffs, howls, harmonies, flying hair, flying mic stands, and wailing guitar solos. Red Carpet Devils are Jay Van Dinther (lead vocals and guitar), Leah Van Dinther (bass and vocals), Ryan "Shmed" Maynes (drums and vocals), and Brad Craig (lead guitar).

Red Carpet Devils - Soundcloud
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The Bad Jones

About: The Bad Jones

The Bad Jones are a rock band from the Bay Area known formerly as Soul Pie. Upon changing their name, the band has reemerged with a new attitude and sound in efforts to focus their strengths as songwriters and more importantly to shed a fresh and reverent light on what they see as the currently dormant state of Rock and Roll. Lead by singer Jesse Ray (pictured center right) and guitarist Tommy Odetto (pictured center left), this longtime songwriting duo have combined forces with hometown friends John Varn (keys, pictured far right) and Tim Baker (bass, pictured far left). Together they aim to help set the stage for the coming resurgence of Rock.

The Bad Jones – Official Website
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No Operator

About: No Operator

No Operator is a five-piece Rock/Metal band from Vancouver Island. Their sound blends heavy, intricate riffs with melodic vocals, and an extreme commitment to writing great original music. No Operator pride themselves in being a true rock band: doing both electric and acoustic performances; using no backing tracks, samples, or metronome; and using 100% real instruments in the studio. After three years of steady gigging; sharing the stage with the likes of Protest the Hero and Incura; No Operator released their debut album "Weather and War" in August 2012. In 2013, No Operator performed 29 times, expanded their line-up to a five-piece, recorded singles "State Your Allegiance" and "Sitka", were featured on Shaw TV, won a "Stelly Award" for Album of the Year, and received their first airplay on commercial radio (99.3 the Fox, 106.9 the Wolf). With 2014 shaping up to be their biggest year yet, No Operator promise great things to come.

Band Members:

T.J. Muhl (lead vocals)
Oliver Galloway (guitar, vocals)
Ben Hughes (guitar)
Steve Holtby (bass, vocals)
Dave Weibe (drums)

No Operator - Reverbnation
No Operator – Facebook
No Operator - Twitter
No Operator - YouTube
No Operator



About: Marrus

Marrus is a Rock band hailing from Bogotá, Colombia experimenting with a large spectrum of sounds from 90’s Alternative and Grunge, to Psychedelic and Progressive Rock. Marrus have just recently put out it’s first self title EP and are currently working on a full length album packed with aggressive guitar solos and smooth vocal melodies.

Band Members:

J.P. Torres – Vocals & Guitar
J.J. Maldonado – Guitar
Alejandro Pinzon - Bass
John Cardona – Drums

Marrus - Facebook
Marrus - Bandcamp


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vertical Corridors

About: Vertical Corridors

Vertical Corridors are a four-piece Psychedelic band out of Cornwall, UK who’ve just exploded onto the music scene with their debut CD titled “Vertical Corridors”. The album is steeped in the 60’s era Psychedelic sounds reminiscent of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and the bands that skirted the Haight Ashbury / NYC Pop Cultures. Watch this band closely, as they’re already turning heads.

Band Members:

Curtis - Guitar & Vocals
Ben - Drums & Backing Vocals
Ash - Bass
Asa - Organ & Synth

Vertical Corridors – Official Website
Vertical Corridors - Soundcloud
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Vertical Corridors - YouTube
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Holiday Murray

About: Holiday Murray

Holiday Murray is a band out of Cape Town South Africa comprised of James Tuft, Justin Davenport, Chris Carter and Ellis Silverman. Their 10 song self titled debut album “Holiday Murray” released in May of 2011, received rave reviews by industry persons and fans alike. Touring has seen their popularity grow even larger and on March 19th, 2014 they released an EP titled “Puffadder Sessions” that is sure to catch a lot more ears. Jump on board and have a listen to Holiday Murray! 

Holiday Murray - Soundcloud
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About: Maginot

Maginot is a three piece rock band from Astoria, NY that focuses on well-crafted, energetic songwriting. Big Changes, the band's debut release, is a 4-song mission statement for world domination that calls to mind such influences as Guided by Voices, Maritime, and The Strokes with its power pop flair and infectious melodies. Rich Seibert (vocals/guitar) recently switched to spray deodorant, much to the chagrin of his youth. Laney Coletti (bass/vocals) only likes women that look like her, and rightly so. Dan Hillier (drums) is a struggling author of band biographies. With the release of Big Changes this August, the band look to take their sound to the live circuit around New York and beyond, and look to continue releasing songs in order to satisfy the growing demands of an insatiable public.

“Synapse” is the second EP released on March 18th, 2014 by “Maginot”. Have a listen and enjoy.

Maginot – Official Website
Maginot - Facebook
Maginot - Twitter
Maginot - Bandcamp


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


About: Metropolis

METЯOPOLIS, a rising steampunk inspired Alternative Rock band from Bury St Edmunds are currently making waves at rock venues across the country with their dynamic and original sound. Seamlessly blending Sci-fi Nu-Wave and Prog Rock, they have really lit up the growing Steampunk rock scene.

" We are trying to focus the largely eclectic steampunk genre into a defined style that is both true to the sub-genre, whilst still accessible to the public at large"

Managing to gain fans spanning the world in a very short time, this tight 5 piece band of seasoned musicians write original retro-futurist music with a dystopian slant, that really captures the imagination, whilst also managing to knock out slick guitar, pounding drums and catchy synth licks.

With plaudits coming in from genre leaders Vernian Process, Abney Park and BB Blackdog, Metropolis could well become the vehicle Steampunk needs to go mainstream.



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The Cynics

About: The Cynics

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania guitarist/producer/record company head Gregg Kostelich is the frenetic force behind THE CYNICS. He managed to keep the band afloat in the wake of constant personnel changes, he recorded some of the finest garage tracks ever, and also launched one of the best independent record labels of the 1980s. THE CYNICS’ style has been clear since their 1983 inception: fuzzed ultra-distorted guitar, screaming, moaning vocals, with a straight-ahead no frills rhythm section. The influences are extreme ‘60s Punk, R&B, and other loud, frantic trash. Gregg has occasionally steered the band into flirtations with folk-rock and little pop, but it’s the grunged-out punkers that have created THE CYNICS’ reputation. Their first two 45s were released by the Californian Dionysus label, but soon after Gregg had established his own Pittsburgh-based GET HIP RECORDS. This new indy label would release all of THE CYNICS subsequent discs, as well as those by several dozen other cool groups around the globe.

Though Gregg’s guitar is the backbone of the band, vocalist Michael Kastelic’s contribution to THE CYNICS sound cannot be underestimated. In concert (and on record) he screeches, wails, and moans with great abandon, while his frail, thin body shakes throughout the room. Michael is a truly possessed frontman. On and off bassist Steve Magee should also be noted for his fine artwork for both THE CYNICS and many of the GET HIP releases. The initial line-up featured the talents and 60’s looks of keyboard player Becky Smith. After she left the band in the late 80’s they stayed with the simple but strong guitar/singer/bass/drums that they currently display

The CYNICS are the most respected garage outfit around today. Their Live Shows are Legendary. Their body of Recorded Work displays a rich, diverse, history of Original Timeless Tunes and Original Rock and Roll Classics.









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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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