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The Minstral Show – (Episode 038)


World United Music presents Episode 38 of The Minstral Show now streaming on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. This weeks show features a stellar lineup with music by: CHICO, Portrayal, Slowdive, Fink, Lunatic Soul, Tiger Moth Tales, Alan Parsons, Rick Miller and Agnes Obel. Click start and catch the Wave!

SET: 01

Nashville Tennessee Psychedelic Garage, Prog-rock group “Chico” open the set with a great driving rock tune called “Twilight Ravine” taken from their 2017 two song EP SPLIT. Band members Carson Mays, Ryan Quarles, Grayson Schweers, and Austin Seegers are the CHICO band dittos, and are ready to rock your socks off.

Next up is Shrewsbury UK duo, Rob Tranter and Joe Crook from “Portrayal” with their Nov 2017 single “Lost Souls”. An electronic retro 80’s new wave tune that is certainly not out of place with songs by INXS, Flock of Seagulls, Simple Minds or many other 80’s new wave bands who’s music continues to grace the radio waves around the world today. “Lost Souls is an excellent song worthy of more attention.

and, from Reading, Berkshire, England, “Slowdive” Featuring, Neil Halstead, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell and Simon Scott with their 2017 New Wave smash hit “Star Roving” to anchor the first set on this weeks episode of the Minstral Show. 

Now, get ready because “In the Twilight Ravine, Lost Souls are Star Roving” on The Minstral Show.

SET: 02

Our next set of music combines the experimental psychedelic blues of UK artist “Fink” with the Progressive rock of Marius Duda’s Lunatic Soul and the riveting riffs and first lament of Peter Jones & Tiger Moth Tales for a special soulful evening mood.

Opening this second set is “Fink” with “Black Stetson” featuring Colin Stetson on sax. The song is taken from the Sunday Night Blues Dubs EP which released May 2017.

The 5 song EP has been one of my favorites over the past year and weaves its content throughout the World United Blues Playlist on the 2minstral YouTube channel.

I can listen to music like this all night long because it feels so multi dimensional. …In my opinion, “Fink” has been putting out some of his best material these past few years and so I eagerly wait for all his new releases. And When an artist is in the zone…an artist is in the zone….and Fink is certainly there.

Following Fink, is Marius Duda’s “Lunatic Soul” with “Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes” from his 2017 album “Fractured”. A haunting progressive rock tune of a man surrounded by darkness struggling to hold onto his sanity…the only thing keeping his mind together is the love he has for his daughter.

“Lunatic Soul” is the progressive rock side-project by Riverside vocalist and bass guitarist Mariusz Duda.

He also has a new Lunatic Soul EP slated for release in the spring of 2018 so we’re certainly looking forward to that.

Closing out the 2nd set is “Tiger Moth Tales” with “The First Lament” taken from Peter Jones EP “Live at Summers End” (The Official Bootleg album)

The guitar work in “The First Lament” stunned me as only a Roy Buchanan and David Gilmour lead could…Truly, this is a great track and performance by the entire band.

Tiger Moth Tales is the brainchild of multi Instrumentalist and singer Peter Jones and Joining Peter are Mick & Andy Wilson, Gary Marsh and Paul Comerie. Together they put out some excellent music not to be missed.  

SET: 03

The final set of this show is powerfully emotive through its poetically reflective lyrics, soft harmonic vocals and beautifully vibrant tones…THIS…this is the magic of Alan Parsons, Rick Miller and Agnes Obel.

Alan Parson starts the set off with his 2014 single “Fragile”; a song that is.. as captivating, and emotionally expressive as Alan’s previous work on iconic songs such as “Old and Wise” and “Don’t Let it Show”.  One could say that “Fragile” is our initial state of being in these times of awakening…truly we are very fragile in the larger sense of the world…a singers song and a very emotive one as well…

Following Alan Parsons is Rick Miller with “The Final Journey” taken from his March 2018 album “Delusional”.

“The final Journey” is a beautiful harmonic melancholy tune about a dying man and his final thoughts before he passes to the afterlife…the music, strings and vocal harmonies blend so beautifully its hard not to listen to the song more than once, as the poetic ambiance lingers as if speaking to ones soul…another classic song by Ontario Canada’s Rick Miller.

The final song of the set is by Agnes Obel called “Mary” taken from her October 2016 album “Citizen of Glass” a fitting song in many ways to end the set as it empathically connects the last two songs and the listener by the first gentle notes of the piano, and then through the soft angelic tones of Agnes Obal’s voice, which slowly echoes into the distance as the song ends. The ambiance cast is like moving away from a moment in time that stands in illuminating twilight and memory. The entire album is an empathic journey that absorbs ones essence; a must have album.

Be sure to visit the artists websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms, details are in the episode description.

And that will do it for episode 38 of the Minstral Show…have a great week and see you next Sunday at 7:00 PM eastern. Happy Easter and Passover everyone and enjoy the music.

The Minstral Show - (Episode 38)

SET 01
CHICO – Twilight Ravine
Portrayal – Lost Souls
Slowdive – Star Roving

SET 02
Fink – Black Stetson
Lunatic Soul – Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes
Tiger Moth Tales – The First Lament

SET 03
Alan Parsons – Fragile
Rick Miller – The Final Journey
Agnes Obel – Mary

Be sure to visit the artists websites and join their email platforms to find out what they are up to (See Links Below).

Artist LINKS:

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