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The Minstral Show - (Episode 040)

Welcome to episode 40 of "The Minstral Show"!

After a long difficult week in the Geopolitical arena, its important to shed the build-up of negative emotional energy that is brought on by having to battle against the insolent insanity of our out of control establishment.

Music is one of the best ways I know to help me prepare emotionally and mentally for whatever is to come down the road and so, I’ve put together a program with three solid sets of music to do just that, featuring, New Model Army, Riverside, Matthew Perryman Jones, Steve Hackett, Darling & Co, Julian Lennon, Great Lake Swimmers, Darrel Treece-Birch, and Roger Waters. Have a listen and if it resonates share it with your friends.

SET: 01

First up is Bradford UK Band, New Model Army with “Winter” taken from their 2016 album of the same name…

The first time I heard this song, it made me think of “The Game of Thrones” yet the song also contained the dark atmosphere of the times we were living in and surely the dark times we are living in today 2018…what better way to lead off the show because in order to heal our essence and absolve our fears, we must face the winter in our lives and walk through it. New Model Army are, Justin Sullivan, Michael Dean, Dean White, Marshall Gill, and Keri Monger.

Following New Model Army comes the contemplative sounds of “Riverside” and their song “Time Travelers” taken from their 2015 album “Love, fear and the Time Machine”…an instant classic in my mind as “Time Travellers” connects us through music and lyric to weave a deep meaningful understanding of reality and the times we live in…the song is a wonderful escape and reflection that’s difficult not to sing…”let’s go back to the world that was 30 years ago, let’s believe this is our time”. Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradzki and Jacek Melnicki are Riverside…Riverside also has a new album in the works due for release in 2018, so we are certainly looking forward to that.

Rounding this healing set of music is Matthew Perryman Jones with his 2012 song “Land of the Living” taken from his forth album of the same name. What can I say, when you’ve written the most empathic song in the world, you need not worry about topping it…just remember,

The spark of light that is in you, is also in me, and all living things. We are all here for a short time to understand what existence is…we live as individual shadows of consciousness in a realm of the living.

“The journey does not end here, for we are a part of an infinite universe that is consciously alive in all of us, individually and collectively. If you close your eyes and listen to the silence, you will see that light, feel its infinity, and understand that you are just visiting here, for a short while, in the land of the living…and one day, you get to go home…so put away your fears, embrace life and what comes after…but while you are here, celebrate your stay through deeds of great vision, fitting of your empathic journey...

And Now, we are ready to confront the winter of darkness, as we time travel to the land of the living, on the minstral show…

SET: 02

Its been an intensive week of insanity in the global geopolitical arena, to say the least, where plans within plans behind the smoke built up global tensions, releasing a massive day of events which have left many of us, quite disconnected. So let’s remedy that.

Steve Hackett begins this next set with “Behind the Smoke” taken from his 2017 album “The Night Siren” an awesome album of expression not to be missed… There’s a great video of this song on the InsideOUT music channel on YouTube which is well worth watching as it brings to mind some of the real horrors that our brothers and sisters and their children are experiencing in the Middle East…the song and video entice us to stand up and face our fears head on, which is the key to surviving the daily deluge coming at us from all directions. Steve Hackett brings all of it to us packaged in a song. The song is also part of his awesome show. I know, because I got to see Steve Hackett and Band here in Montreal so be sure not to miss them when they come your way…but hurry, tickets go quickly.

Following Steve Hackett is Noumea, New Caledonia band Darling and Co with “Massive Day” taken from their 2014 EP “Close Connection”

“Massive Day” is a song about a soul who reaches out to guardian angel Hekamiah for strength and guidance in a time of great darkness and cataclysm…An awesome song that seemingly brings a wall of sound towards you like a tidal wave. Darling and Co are, Thierry "Pinpin", Gilbert Seliman, Patrick Eriale, Fred Mazoyer and Stephane Khoa-Hy

Julian Lennon closes the set with “Disconnected” from his 2013 album “Everything Changes” an awesome album that should be on everyone list of CD’s to have.

“Disconnected” is a reminder that life is more than the controlled illusion we live in everyday and that our feelings of being disconnected is the actual illusion because we really are all connected, by our common spiritual essence and spark of life. A very powerful song to close out the set and ease our disconnected frames of mind.

And so, let’s face what’s behind the smoke on this massive disconnected day…

SET: 03

In life, we are driven forward by an unknown force while always searching for meaning in whatever it is we are doing…sometimes, in moments of quiet, we come to reflect on the meaning of life, of where we are going, and how the things we are doing connect the dots of our past to the present…we are always searching and trying to find the answers to our silent questions…always trying to make sense of life’s moments…

The first song of the set does just that as Tony Dekkard’s “Great Lake Swimmers” captures that driving force within with their song “Still” taken from their forth studio album from 2009 “Lost Channels”.

Over the years Great Lake Swimmers have released six studio albums are now working on their seventh which should be released later in 2018, so once again there is much too look forward to in the months ahead.

Following Great Lake Swimmers is Darrel Treece-Birch with “No More Time” taken from his 2016 album of the same name. The song is about facing the tsunami of emotions and the five stages of grief after the sudden loss of a loved one. A very powerful song musically and lyrically in every way.

Darrel also plays keyboards with the British Melodic Hard Rock band “TEN” , he also writes / records and performs with original progressive rock band Nth Ascension.

Roger Waters ends the three song set with “The Last Refugee” taken from his 2017 Album “Is this the Life We Really Want“. Roger’s empathic and poetic lyrics gently shakes the listener awake from a systemic apathetic world of illusion to the nightmarish reality going on in the world around us. “The Last Refugee” is a reminder to us all that we must change our ways or it will be too late for our children and grandchildren.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And now sit back and listen to another powerful set of music, on the minstral show.

The Minstral Show - (Episode 040)


SET 01
New Model Army – Winter
Riverside – Time Travellers
Matthew Perryman Jones – Land of the Living

SET 02
Steve Hackett – Behind the Smoke
Darling & Co – Massive Day
Julian Lennon – Disconnected

SET 03
Great Lake Swimmers – Still
Darrel – Treece Birch – No More Time
Roger Waters – The Last Refugee


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