Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Goldstars

BIO: The Goldstars

An insider tipped me off to The Goldstars, veterans of the Chicago rock and roll scene who apparently got together as friends to simply play the music they loved. What brought them together was a mutual affection for the golden age of primitive rock n’ roll as they worshiped the holy trinity of the Farfisa organ, the fuzzed-out guitar, and the wailing voices of American kids trying to sound like British kids trying to sound black.

Chicago isn’t a foo-foo veggie burger eating town, Chicago loves the steak AND the sizzle, yet the Windy City has been starving for a meat-and-potatoes rock and roll band amongst the post-rock, punk, power pop and alt-country factions. The Goldstars are just the ticket.

Sal is an ideal frontman, his white blues shout, his bass often held aloft, his mop of hair shaking, there is no doubt as to his sweaty commitment. To his right, Skipper mans the keyboards, which he has festooned with gold tinsel. Skipper frequently serves as the emcee, sometimes takes over the bass chores, but his keyboard contributions give every Goldstar tune the right amount of zip. To Sal’s left, filling in on guitar, stands Dag. This guitar virtuoso razzles and dazzles while pumping out the basic chords or concisely slicing up the crowd with a solo. Maintaining control while somehow still adding to the frenzy is the drummer, Goodtime. A band can’t truly rock without a great drummer and The Goldstars truly rock, so that gives you an idea of Goodtime’s skills. He not just the beat of the band, he’s the heart.

The electricity of the Goldstars is no surprise when you study their pedigrees. Goodtime and Skipper are both members of Chicago’s most beloved party rock and roll band, The New Duncan Imperials, who have been entertaining thousands with their white trash sounds for years. Dag was last seen playing with Poi Dog Pondering & The Greenwoods. And Sal was hiding his (Gold)star qualities as the drummer for power pop titans, The Krinkles.

The Goldstars are a four-man fun factory, tight as a drum, yet relaxed as can be, showing why the sounds of yesterday are worth playing today. The Goldstars recognize that a great song is a great song, and the only way to rock seriously is by not taking rock and roll too seriously.

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1. Second album "Purple Girlfriend" was included on the following "Best Of" lists for 2006:, WFMU's Three Chord Monte show, WORT's Leopard Print Lounge show, WITR's Whole Lotta Shakin' show, WLUW's Di from the Razor & Di Show, WMBR's Aural Fixation show, WRTC's Rock And Roll Pest Control show.

2. Both albums "Gotta Get Out! " & "Purple Girlfriend" made Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim Derogatis’s top album list of 2003 & 2006

3. Supported many high profile acts such as: The Fleshtones, Cracker, Upper Crust, The Dirtbombs, Supersuckers, Los Straitjackets, Dick Dale, Mojo Nixon, Shadows Of Knight, The Romantics, Neanderthals, Sylvan Sylvan (New York Dolls), Blowfly, Plasticland, Hoodoo Gurus, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Paybacks, Andre Williams, The Horrors, Dash Rip Rock and more.

4. Successful tour of Holland in September 2005, Spain in September 2007 (w/Andre Williams), Portugal in November 2008 & France/Germany/Belgium/Switzerland April-May 2010.

5. Music placement on TV shows & movies such as:

Movie Release: "Hard Breakers" (2010)
Discovery: "Chasing Classic Cars"
Bravo: "Flipping Out"
Biography: "Oasis" & "Genesis"
Animal Planet: "Most Outrageous...", "Underdog to Wonderdog"
Learning Channel: "Miami Ink"
HGtv: "Don't Sweat It"
Travel Channel: "Extreme...", "Samatha Brown's Passport To Great Weekends...", "Man V Food", "21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes"

International TV: Special for Guy Richie film "RocknRolla"
ABC: "NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad"
TV Land: "High School Reunion"
Oxygen: "Bad Girls Club"
CW: "Reaper"
"True Life"
"Teen Cribs"
"Is She Really Going Out With Him"
"Meet The Barkers"
"Real World"
"RW/RR Inferno II"
"Room Raiders"

"But Can They Sing? "
"Super Group"
"Breaking Bonaduce 2"

A&E: "Sons Of Hollywood"
Fuel TV: "M80"
Lifetime: "7 Day Switch"

6. Had songs used in Man v. Food (Travel Channel) & Flora (UK) radio commercials.

7. Cut a special 7" single with Andre Williams and released by Spanish label Munster Records in 2007.

8. Runner-up in the Chicago finals of Little Steven’s Underground Garage Battle Of The Bands 2005.

9. Had an impressive showing at SXSW 2004 & 2005.

10. Singer Sal is a proud endorsee/pitchman for Entertainer’s Secret throat spray.

11. R&B & Soul legend Andre Williams ('The Black Godfather') uses The Goldstars as his most excellent backing band!

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