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James Yuill

BIO: James Yuill

Essentially a fusion musician, James Yuill combines acoustic elements with digital enhancement to create songs that have helped establish a unique subgenre in alternative and indie pop — namely, folktronica. Yuill created his unique style with an acoustic guitar, vocals, a laptop, and a wide range of influences, taking inspiration from British folk icons like Nick Drake, forward-thinking rockers like Radiohead, and dance-oriented acts such as the Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin. Although heralded for his work as a one-man band, he also gathered acclaim as a sought-after remixer, working in this capacity with artists like Au Revoir Simone, Reverse Migration, Tilly and the Wall, David Holmes, and Rod Thomas.

Yuill began issuing material in 2005, when The Vanilla Disc appeared on his own label. Turning Down Water for Air followed two years later and was reissued by Moshi Moshi, a London-based label notable for its roster of popular indie musicians, in 2008. Yuill soon garnered a notable amount of critical attention in the U.K., including features in NME, Dazed & Confused, and Clash magazines (the latter of which featured him as Best Newcomer of 2008). He expanded his profile by performing at several American festivals, and the Nettwerk Music Group signed him at the end of 2008. ~ Michael G. Nastos, Rovi
After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Turning Down Water For Air in October 2008, 28 year old Brit James Yuill is back with a brand new album for 2010. Entitled Movement in A Storm, the LP is set for release worldwide on June 21, 2010 and will be released through Moshi Moshi in the UK.

One of the hardest working chaps in music, James spent the last year traipsing the globe and performing 105 gigs in 16 countries (phew!) all the while spreading his unique blend of emotional acoustic songwriting with visceral, dynamic electronic beats. He’s won many a champion along the way including Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, John Kennedy as well as The Chemical Brothers and Phoenix.

His first UK live date of the year has been confirmed for Thursday April 15th at The Meltdown at CAMP in London. Presented by Ross Allen (Ministry of Sound, Radio 1) and Raf Daddy (Greco-Roman, 1965 Records), The Meltdown is a brand new free music event in Shoreditch. Watch this space for more info.

To celebrate the release of Movement in A Storm, James is giving away an extended version of the first track from the album aptly called “Give You Away”.

James commented, "I'm so excited about the new album. As fans will know Turning Down Water For Air was a year old before it was released so I'm happy to say the new songs were done a mere couple of months ago. Like all artists know It's a great (and frightening) feeling to issue new material out into the public domain. I've tried to maintain the acoustic elements of the last record whilst advancing the electronic production. For example there are tracks that range from dance and glitchy electronica right the way through to an acoustic guitar instrumental. I hope people like it. "

July 2017:

James Yuill’s latest album “A Change in State” contains a good mix of alternative rock songs, and soothing dance tunes that are sure to register on your “Hey! I like that song!” meter.

The DJ's Picks:

My personal favourites from the album are “Cashews”, “Fire Breathing” and “Back to the Sun”, however, the album offers such a pleasant listening experience filled with infectious music that caters to a wide range of moods, that my favourites from the album will most likely change from day to day. The album is well named and most definitely worthy of airplay world wide. Don’t miss it!

The first Single from the album, “Back to the Sun” is a well crafted song that carries the soft flowing summer atmosphere right to the soul by its laid back soothing waves. A motion that is sure to move the hips and feet. I love it as I do the dream like acoustic sounds of "Cashews" and the alternative / electric sounds of "Fire Breathing". The album is quite infectious and James Yuill's best album to date in my opinion. ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music

Be sure to have a listen to “A Change in State” embedded below and to visit James Yuill's social media websites for more info on what he's up to. (See links below)

Album: A Change in State – (Released July 28, 2017)

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