Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Clumsy Lovers

About: The Clumsy Lovers

The Clumsy Lovers have brought their mix of fiddle and banjo-fuelled, bluegrassified Celtic rock to North American audiences for over a decade. With more than 2500 performances under their belts, their high-energy shows have worn out dance floors and created a loyal following in 49 states and across their homeland of Canada.

In addition to their live shows, The Clumsy Lovers have also released a series of award-winning and critically acclaimed recordings. Early self-produced recordings garnered the attention of venerated label Nettwerk Records, which came on board to release “After The Flood” (2005) and “Smart Kid” (2006). Both albums won a CD of the year nod from the Indie Acoustic Music awards, as well as being nominated for numerous other honors (including multiple mentions from The West Coast Music Awards, and the Canadian Folk Music Awards).

In 2010 the Clumsy Lovers released “Make Yourself Known”, a 13-song collection showcasing the band’s penchant for mixing styles. From bluegrass rave-ups to pop-rock sing-a-longs, this album brings the Lovers live show energy to your living room.

But the Clumsy Lovers are still, first and foremost, a live band. Their spontaneous forays into musical mayhem can only be experienced in person, and after years of relentless touring the Lovers feel most at home on a stage.

“Their fusion of bluegrass and celtic with a rock attitude is the soundtrack for a kinetic show that has helped the band become a favorite of the roots music crowd” – San Antonio Express-News

“Buckle up for a ride on a crazed, banjo-driven folk rock bus, from the fiddle-tastic band that release After The Flood comes a high-energy, toe-tappin’ soiree that promises to please.” – Boulder Weekly

“Some people see this Vancouver combo as a messed-up bluegrass band. Others see a messed-up Celtic group. Still others see a messed-up rock band. With a little something for everybody, the one consistent element the Lovers bring to every show is a riotous good time. Blending all the aforementioned influences into a ripsnortin’ and rootsy performance, these guys (and girl) are absolute road dogs and it shows in their powerful live shows.” — Orlando Weekly

Snail mail:

PO Box 3946
349 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 3Z4

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