Sunday, October 23, 2011

Benjamin Bloom

About: Benjamin Bloom

In the darkest depths of Ipswich, a shadowy figure sits in a poorly lit studio, diligently plotting his impending world domination. Once simply the friendly neighbourhood keyboard player for Channel 4’s ‘Road to V’ Winners Rosalita, Benjamin Bloom lost the love of his life last year to a terminal illness, but the music didn’t stop.

Remerging heartbroken yet empowered in 2010, Bloom mixes cautionary lyrical fables with luscious melodies, bombastic pianos and the filthiest electro beats to create decadently melodramatic popular music – think Sparks, Queen, Danny Elfman, think fright night Elton John. Already making a name for himself on the national touring circuit and a regular on BBC Suffolk Introducing’s radio show, surrender yourself to Benjamin Bloom.

'In the way that every knight in shining armour should, His Royal Highness Benjamin Bloom will lead us to immortality with a fine blend of Queen...meets Sweeney Todd' - Graeme Mac, BBC Suffolk Introducing

‘His live shows are unusually professional for such a new act, showcasing melodramatic pop songs that combine hook-ridden melodies and somber messages akin to cautionary children's stories’ – Anna Dobbie, SoundProof Magazine

'With an incredible ability and stunning dexterity Benjamin Bloom strings together the purest piano melodies this side of the church with a voice so perfectly pitched in pop it resounds around your body in joyful splendour' - Kier Mills, Bloody Awful Poetry.


Sparks, Muse, Queen, Elton John, ELO, Chopin, Roger Hodgson, Rachmaninov, Vince Clarke


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