Saturday, September 11, 2010

Matthew Gair

About: Matthew Gair

Matthew Gair was born in Bethlehem. When he was five his family moved to Harare, Zimbabwe and at eighteen he left Zimbabwe for London. After stints in the bands ‘Substitute Parachute’,’ Untitled Rising’ and ‘The Slappaho Tribe’ he has gone solo and moved from London to Cape Town. In 2008 he released his first album And She Whispered I Told You So… . In the same year he opened Zim Fest in Cape Town, shared the stage with music legend Oliver Mtukudzi at a benefit gig for victims of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, and won an international songwriting competition run by Ben Harper’s brother Peter with his song Number 37.

In 2009 Matthew released a second album entitled Aeroplanes and Evil Brains which topped the sales charts on international music website removing UK soul singer Adele from the top spot. He was also invited to perform at the Harare International Festival of Arts along with Portuguese super star Sara Tavares. He writes all his own songs, plays, and sings them. He mixed all the tracks on the new album Aeroplanes and Evil Brains, and recorded all the tracks on And She Whispered I Told You So…

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Lovesound Magazine Review review of And She Whispered I Told You So…   I would have a hard time believing that things won’t just keep getting better for Mr. Gair, though.
This South African singer/songwriter is knocking on the door of the room that holds the likes of Damien Rice, David Gray,  Sam Beam, and  Colin Meloy.
Enjoy….  I think you will….   (album rating 7/10)

Blogcritics Review, Jeff Perkins of Blogcritics writes about my two albums and the new Barefoot Sublime Challenge. Have a read of what he has to say.

Levis Original Music Mag  At best, as he is for the majority of the album, there’s a brooding, cheerless quietude - self-assured, heartfelt and overwhelmingly calm – that can wrap you up if you let it. (Review for And She Whispered I Told You So…)

official Amiestreet review of “And She Whispered I Told You So…” If you frequent the same kind of used-to-be-smoky clubs that I do, you’re surely familiar with the very specific elation one feels when an unknown performer quietly takes the stage, acoustic guitar in hand, and his first notes cut clean and true through the din of conversation and clinking glasses. Your ears perk right up. This kid can play, you think to yourself, and he can SING. I wonder what his name is…

Cape Town music blog Once you hear his compositions you want to keep them in a safe place, ready and waiting for that discussion when you can show those around you, what you have or know that they don’t.

Review for the Aeroplanes and Evil Brains store on Cdbaby The album is littered with unexpected sonic flourishes: the way Gair leans into the nasal on “Smell The Song,” washes of static, a squeaky chair, an explosion refitted as a percussive transition. Gair’s wry lyrics leaven his occasionally plaintive songs of travel and predestination.

Zimbabwe Absurdity (blog with pics of HIFA 2009)
A singer/songwriter he is starting to find acclaim and I really enjoy his music.

Chew magazine
“An unfamiliar face and a name I didn’t know sat down and played songs I felt had been life-long favorites”

SA Music Blog

“A totally unpretentious singer-songwriter with a dry wit” Andy Roberts, HIFA 2008


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