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The Minstral Show – (Episode 059)

Three great sets of music coming up on the 59th episode of Minstral show featuring; The Perfects, Whispering Sons, Everything Fades, Blkk Bones, The Steams, Dave Kerzner, Galahad, Yuki Murata, Kikagaku Moyo and Chris de Burgh.

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SET: 01

“The Perfects” start off the first set with “Come Down” taken from their 2011 album “Many Nights”. For those that love the New Wave sounds of the 80’s such as “The Cure”, and “The Fixx”, “The Perfects” will certainly resonate like a time machine visit to the past. Great song and music by Ric Peters.

From Brussels Belgium “Whispering Sons” follow with “Alone” taken from their Oct 2018 album “Image”. “Alone” is a new wave / dark wave tune that tackles “Alienation” in our insane world with sounds that also remind of the “Cure”. “Whispering Sons”.

Austin Texas band, “Everything Fades” follows with “Here’s to a New Tomorrow” taken from their 2015 self titled EP “Everything Fades”. The song is New wave that has a dark wave edge and dream pop ambience. Love the blend of sounds in this one by “Everything Fades”

Closing the set is Montreal Artist Chris Daigle otherwise known as “Black Bones” with “Gateway & Sakkara” taken from his 2018 EP “Harmonia”. This is exceptional ambient electronic music that reminds of the emotional soundscapes of Tangerine Dream…very reflective music with an ambience of mystery.

And so, as you “Come Down” you are “Alone” with a message “Here’s to a New Tomorrow” through the “Gateway” of “Sakkara” a set of music found only on the Minstral Show.

SET: 02

From Athens Greece, “The Steams” start the second set with “Black Sand” taken from their March 2018 album “Wild Ferment”

“Black Sand” is a dark progressive rock tune with hypnotic sounds that tell a story from the other side of consciousness.  Great inspirational music for artists in the creative zone. “The Steams”

Dave Kerzner from Miami Florida follows with 2 songs, “Reflection” and “Under Control” taken from his 2015 extended version of “New World” a brilliantly engineered album in music and lyric that became an instant favourite of mine the moment I heard it. A must have album for all progressive rock fans.

Dave Kerzner is currently in the process of releasing his a new album called “Acceleration Theory” with his band “In Continuum”…from what I’ve seen and heard so far, it is going to be another exceptional album. Awesome music “In Continuum” from Dave Kerzner…looking forward to it.

Dorset UK band “Galahad” closes the set with “Empires Never Last” taken from their 2018 remixed / remastered 2015 album “Empires Never Last”. Truth in song that is very pertinent to our present times…Empires never last, they always crumble and fade…

And so, from the “Black Sand” comes “Reflection” that we are “Under Control” but take heart in the fact that “Empires Never Last” creatively passionate and truthful music, only the Minstral Show.

SET: 03

Yuki Murata from Tokyo Japan starts off the final set on today’s showcase with “Bird Sings a Lullaby” a single from her fourth coming album “Piano Fantasia” to be released on November 1st, 2018 on Tokyo based Ricco Label.

Yuki Murata’s gift, is like musical poetry for the ears, her music leaves a lasting impression in all its solitary reflection of life. I really enjoy the ambience and the place the song takes me and so I’m very happy to share this wonderful piano piece with you today.

Following “Yuki Murata” is Kikagaku Moyo, also from Tokyo Japan, with “Blanket Song” taken from their Oct 5th, 2018 release “Masana Temples”

“Blanket Song” is just that, a blanket of good feelings through a soft psych acoustic delivery with harmonies and hooks to keep you coming back. I love this group for its diversity in rock, Psychedelic rock and Progressive rock. Truly fine music by a wonderful group of artists.

Chris de Burgh closes today’s showcase with “Mirror of the Soul” taken from his 2006 album “The Storyteller”. Here’s another wonderful classic song by, Chris de Burgh; a song and story that brings to light, the age-old battle between good and evil and the places you least expect it to find it. A Beautifully crafted song, in both music and lyric…it’s safe to say that Chris de Burgh is truly the Story Teller of our time.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And so, when a “Bird Sings a Lullaby” it becomes a Blanket Song and Mirror of the Soul, on the Minstral Show. See you next week everybody.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 059)

SET 01
The Perfects – Come Down
Whispering Sons – Alone
Everything Fades – Here’s to a New Tomorrow
Blkk Bones – Gateway / Sakkara

SET 02
The Steams – Black Sand
Dave Kerzner – Reflection, Under Control
Galahad – Empires Never Last

SET 03
Yuki Murata – Bird Sings a Lullaby
Kikagaku Moyo – Blanket Song
Chris de Burgh – Mirror of the Soul


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)


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