Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Minstral Show – (Episode 045)

Today’s episode takes us on a mindful trip through a variety of empathically expressive songs featuring, The Outdoor Type, IN HOODIES, Jupiter, Third Whale, Withnailus, Dave Kerzner, Disturbed, Blkk Bones, and Agnes Obel.

More than just a podcast, World United Music has emerged to bring you the best music being made in the 21st century by signed, unsigned and Independent artists.

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SET: 01

First up, Melbourne singer / songwriter Zack Buchanan better known as “The Outdoor Type” starts us off with “On My Mind” An excellent song from 2016 that expresses the desire to escape poverty and travel the world. In many ways, the song reminds me of Lou Reed which is saying a lot. Big thumbs up.

Next is IN HOODIES from Bursa Turkey with “Rules of Adulthood” another great tune from 2016 from a very underrated album called “A Lunar Manoeuvre”. “Rules of Adulthood” is an infectious song about the changes that come with responsibility…a song that builds with a wall of sound until you “feel the knock”. A great tune from a great album.

Following IN HOODIES are Temecula California brothers Jordan, Evan and Aaron Doverspike better known as “Jupiter” with “Runaway” taken from their 2013 EP “The Fire”. Runaway is a song about worries and regrets and the temptation to run away from pain and responsibility. A solid tune with a 90’s rock-radio ambience to it that certainly should have given it massive airplay.

And so, “On My Mind, Rules of Adulthood and Runaway… feature in another mindful set of music, on the Minstral show.

SET: 02

Third Whale from Oslo Norway open today’s second set with “Take it Out” from their 2016 self titled EP “Third Whale”

Take it out is a heavy Progressive Psychedelic Rock trip that absorbes the mind in its hypnotic beat, rhythm, and guitar leads…a really good song to let your burdens fall away to…

Following Third Whale is Nottinghamshire artist Matt Pickering AKA “Withnailus” serving “Afternoon Tea with Eno & Vangelis” taken from his 2011 album “Goodbye”.

“Afternoon Tea with Eno & Vangelis” carries an ambient dreamlike atmosphere that surrounds the poetic final words of Replicant Roy Batty played by actor Rutger Hauer in the 1982 movie, Blade Runner. Matt captures the serene aura of Roy Batty’s last moments of life and the open gateway to spiritual release where light sings and consoles….a song that paints imagination with empathy.

Dave Kerzner follows with “Redemption” taken from his brilliant 2015 album “New World”. A Progressive Rock Masterpiece that anchors a mindful set of music not to be missed.

In my mind, Dave Kerzner breaths new life and energy into a genre that has remained hidden from the mainstream radio airwaves for decades, allowing Progressive Rock to re-emerged with a voice once again while bringing atmosphere and inspiration to other artists and fans alike in this new age of creative Independence.

And now a mindful progressive music trip to “Take it Out”, while having “Afternoon Tea with Eno & Vangelis” while reaching for “Redemption”, only on the Minstral show.

SET: 03

Our final set features the known and unknown artist in a harmony of sound that is empathic and deeply felt.

“Disturbed” opens the set with a brilliant rendition of Simon and Garfunkle’s “Sound of Silence” a song that has gone viral with almost 400 million hits alone on YouTube…so I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this one.

Following Disturbed is Montreal artist and composer “Blkk Bones” with “Horizon of a Lost World” taken from her debut album “Harmonia”

“Horizon of a Lost World” is a Conscious progressive electronic wave of refreshing ambient sounds that remind of Tangerine Dream in the spirit of the “Risky Business” soundtrack…a song that is just as dreamy and infectious as “Love on a Real Train” or “The dream is always the same”. Very good music.

Agnes Obel from Berlin Germany closes the set with “Familiar” taken from her brilliant 2016 Album Citizen of Glass”.

“Familiar” is a conscious dream that absorbs the essence of life into the spirit world where “Love is a Ghost that the Others Can’t See.” One of ten empathicly conscious songs on a great album.

And that’ll do it for this weeks episode of the Minstral Show.   

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And now let’s have a listen to The Sound of Silence on the Horizon of a Lost World that seems so Familiar.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 045)


SET 01
The Outdoor Type – On My Mind
IN HOODIES – Rules of Adulthood
Jupiter – Runaway

SET 02
Third Whale – Take it Out
Withnailus – Afternoon Tea with Eno & Vangelis
Dave Kerzner – Redemption (Stranded Part 6 to 10)

SET 03
Disturbed – The Sound of Silence
Blkk Bones – Horizon of a Lost World
Agnes Obel - Familiar


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)

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