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62 Miles From Space - Time Shifts (EP Review)

About: 62 Miles from Space

62 Miles From Space' is a two-piece virtual music project founded in Moscow and signed to Mega Dodo Records in the UK. The music duo are Neil Davidson (samples, programming) and Roman Kutnov (guitar, vocals).

“The fact that we live in the same city is purely a coincidence however. Our music lives entirely on the internet. We don't jam, we don't play live and mostly use virtual instruments, and our collaboration is centred around e-mail.”

“As the name '62 Miles From Space' suggests, our music doesn't correspond to a particular time or place of creation. Its not part of any artistic narrative. Whether it was made last week, or 50 years ago isn't important. In an age where we can listen to practically any track in recorded history, instantly, at the push of a button, in any order and context, we visit the past and future only as tourists.

Some of the duo’s influences are: Barry Adamson, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, Broadcast, David Holmes and Stereolab.

Debut EP: Time Shifts

Without a doubt, when you listen to their EP “Time Shifts” you will hear the echoes of times past and recognize influences such as the early psychedelic pop sounds of “The Moody Blues” "Pink Floyd" and the finest works by Ennio Morricone among others. Truly, “Time Shifts” is a unique album and a must listen for serious music fans.

Time Shifts: Review

"Time Shifts" is a six song EP of pleasantly soft Psychedelic music that can be best described as an astral journey into the comfort zone.

The album opens with a very pleasing 60's Psychedelic pop sound with the title song “Time Shifts” setting the mood and the tone of the 6 song EP. The song flows in nostalgic aura to carry on a time line as if in natural rhythm.

The second song “The Scope” takes off like an electric spaceship that continues the journey through its soft music blends and harmonies while excitement weaves its way in and out and is topped by progressive flute leads that blend back into pleasing vocal harmonies. A very progressive psychedelic sound that is pleasing to the soul.

“Outside” is a very relaxing and reflective song, almost like being “Outside” taking in the musical language of nature. It feels like the destination of a musical journey, which reflects an early Psychedelic "Pink Floyd" and “Moody Blues” aura, yet it’s quite original, carrying a magic all its own.

“Bad Actors” is an interlude on the journey where time slows and is then carried by the magic of a flute to a door that waits in anticipation to be opened.

“Transmission Landscape” is the healing center of this incredible music adventure that seemingly enters into a dream like atmosphere and channels the brilliance of Ennio Morricone. The ambience of “Transmission Landscape” is truly an infectious journey through time, that gently mirrors the past. I’m reminded of the aura cast by the epic movie soundtrack from “Duck You Sucker”…"Transmission Landscape" is truly a brilliant track and a personal favourite.

“Zero Gravity” magically closes out a unique six song journey that begins 62 Miles from Space and travels across the heavens through consciousness. A well crafted journey indeed.

“Time Shifts” is sure to please music fans that embrace progressive alternative music. It has certainly become one of my favourite albums in 2017. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

EP – Time Shifts

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