Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lights that Change

About: Lights that Change

Lights That Change is an alternative Dream Pop ethereal wave outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by Marc Joy. After many years producing other artists, he finally turned his attention towards his own creative endeavours. Thus was born “Lights That Change”, channelling new energies into creating horizons of perfect dreamscapes, primarily based on guitars.

Lights That Change released their debut EP ‘Rainbow On Your Shoulder’ in 2013, followed by ‘Whispers in February’ and have received support from BBC, Tom Robinson, and Amazing Radio, among others.

Over the past year, Lights That Change have undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. They are now gearing up to release their debut LP ‘Byzantium’ this summer, which includes guest vocals from Rebecca Palin (Golden Fable) and drum programming from Mal Holmes (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark).

“I’m extremely happy to be involved in Lights That Change,” says Mal Holmes. “This has given me the freedom to create something special for ‘Voices’ and the new album doing what I love to do … this is why I started playing drums in the first place”.

We proudly present the first single from this forthcoming album, entitled ‘Voices’, chalked full of ethereal wave post-punk magic reminiscent of 4AD’s golden era. Here Mandy Clare lays mesmerizing vocals over a bed of drifting, powerfully moving soundscapes. Lights That Change will also be bringing their new permanent lineup to U.K. live audiences soon.

About Ear to Ear Records: In the words of Creation Records co-founder Joe Foster, "Ear To Ear Records are a new Welsh/Canadian label in the spirit of Creation and 4AD and just as obsessed as that!" Founded in Wales in 2013, the label specialises in dream pop, shoegaze, and alt indie rock. Recent releases include the ‘Revolution - The Shoegaze Revival’ compilation (free download with 30 bands from 16 countries), as well as the debut single from Tape Runs Out (Cambridge), and EPs from Blood Lips (Manchester-Wales) and Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma (Russia-Canada-Ukraine).

Voices - (2015)

Beautiful Soul - (2015)

Whispers in February – (2014)

Rainbow on Your Shoulder – (EP - 2013)

Beautiful Soul - (2013)

Lights that Change - (2013)

Voices – (2015)

Cherokee Blessing – (EP: Rainbow on Your Shoulder – 2013)

Toxic - (EP: Rainbow on Your Shoulder – 2013)

Beautiful Soul – (2013)

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sir Robin & The Longbowmen

About: Sir Robin & The Longbowmen

Sir Robin & The Longbowmen are a Psychedelic rock group from Dresden Germany that formed in 2010.

The band’s music is reminiscent of the mid to late 60’s psychedelic / surf music from the West coast of the US which is why they are making a big splash in the underground music scene today with their debut self titled EP which includes their hit single “I Would Like”.

The bands influences are many and include, but not limited to, The Roaring 420's, Black Market Karma, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Allah-las, The Black Hollies, Night Beats, The Black Angels, The Velvet Underground, Hunger, Eric Burdon & War, The Kinks, The Animals, Led Zeppelin…

The bands four song self titled debut EP was recorded at Muggebude Studios in Dresden Klotzsche, Mixed & Mastered by Ricardo Röpke & released on Bandcamp May 2015.

EP Contributors and Band Members:

Vocals - Robin Heller & Konrad Reichel
Organ - Manuel Puschmann
Guitar - Stefan Hühn
Guitar - Martin Uslaub
Bass - Felix Raskiewicz
Drums & Percussion - Robin Heller
Mellotron - Thomas Jahn

In the Dark - (2016)

I Would Like – (2015)

Sunshower - (Live at Cosmic Laughter Radioshow/Coloradio)

Sir Robin & The Longbowmen recording at Muggebude Dresden

Sir Robin & The Longbowmen – Official Website
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

S.J. Tucker

About: S.J. Tucker

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” S. J. Tucker has been the glad captain of her own independent music career since 2004, when she left the workaday world behind to travel the continent, singing songs and changing lives.  Named a vanguard of the Mythpunk movement and even “the face of neo-tribal Paganism” by Witches & Pagans Magazine, Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth. With one hand anchored in her art and the other held out to you, she is songs and stories, community and wit.

With over ten albums released to date and several more currently in the works, Tucker has received songwriting awards and has traveled the United States, Canada, and Europe with her music.  S. J. (called “Sooj” by fans and friends) believes that there’s more than one way to be a rock star. If you’re chasing your dreams and living your life in a way that keeps you happy and healthy, Sooj believes you’ve got it made.  You may often find her on tour with similarly hard-working artists and groups who believe in giving their fans all that they’ve got, such as Toronto’s Heather Dale Band, Seattle cellist Betsy Tinney (often with their shared project, Tricky Pixie), or Pride rockers Big Bad Gina.

A dynamic live performer known for her willingness to follow an evocative ballad with a tune about ninjas or pirates, Tucker is never in danger of taking herself too seriously. She lets it be plain on stage that she loves her job, but she also shows grace and calm, courting and cajoling her audience.  Reviewers compare her voice to that of Joni Mitchell or Tori Amos, her guitar work to that of Emily Saliers.  Apart from writing lyrics and music, S. J. loves fire dancing with poi and hula hoop and has given fire performances & workshops across the country.  Additionally, she has worked as a professional audiobook narrator and an indie film score composer.

In 2014, S. J. celebrated ten solid and joyful years of touring and performing.  This year, she’s released a new album called Stolen Season, which explores her Mississippi Delta jazz and blues roots more than ever before.  On her plate for the rest of 2015 are such treasures as a new illustrated book based on her Wendy & Peter Pan songs (with an album to follow), a myths-and-literature-inspired song collection called Stormchaser, a video game soundtrack, and a long-awaited follow-up to her spiritually focused Blessings album, called Rootless.

Dream of Mississippi – (Album: Stolen Season – 2015)

Believe in Lullabies – (Album: Stolen Season – 2015)

Black Swan Blues - (Album: Stolen Season – 2015)

Girl into Devil - (Album: Stolen Season – 2015)

Solstice Night – 2013

Neptune – (Album: Mischief – 2012)

Valkyrie Daughter – (Album: Sirens – 2006)

Storm – 2005

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crash Midnight

About: Crash Midnight

Rock n’ Roll is back! Born out of a late-night car wreck and formed on the streets of Boston by Shaun Soho (lead vocals), Bo (bass guitar), and Alex Donaldson (lead guitar), CRASH MIDNIGHT has burst onto the music scene with vintage guitar riffs, pounding drums, and searing vocals. A collision of classic 70′s festival rock with a punk swagger, their trademark sound is packing clubs and turning heads. With their exploding following and high-energy stage show, CRASH MIDNIGHT performs with all the reckless abandon of a runaway freight train and is poised to carry the torch for a whole new generation of Rock n’ Roll.

Band Members:

Shaun Soho - lead vocals
Bo - bass guitar
Alex Donaldson - lead/rhythm guitars
Eric Groseclose - guitars
Chris Bishop - drums

151 – (Album: Lost in the City – 2014)

Crash Midnight Interview – (Pop Culture Madness – 2014)

Diamond Boulevard - (Album: Lost in the City – 2014)

Welcome to Boston – (Album: Lost in the City – 2014)

Somewhere Yesterday - (Live on PIXY 103 FM – 2010)

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Red Panda

About: Big Red Panda

Big Red Panda are from the small town of “Ponte de Lima” in the north of Portugal. The band is made up of five friends that came together in late 2013 with the idea of creating a musical group that would gather all of their influences and similar tastes for great music such as Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Causa Sui, Tool, Tame Impala, Red Fang.

After almost a year of non-stop jams, rehearsals and recordings, “Big Red Panda” was born, and so was their debut self-titled EP in 2014. The EP is filled with foot-stomping riffs, swooshes, and spacey trips that will refresh your insides and explode your outsides.

Their music leans towards Progressive Psychedelic influences and is well on its way to turning a lot of heads in their direction.

July 2015 saw the band release their single “High Ride” to rave reviews and will be part of their 2nd EP which will be released later in 2015.

Band Members:

Francisco Dantas // drums
Hugo Quintela // guitar
Kevin Pires // guitar
Nuno Silva // bass
Pedro Ferreira // guitar; vocals; synth

High Ride – (Single – 2015)

Miles Davis – (Outdoor Rehearsal 2015)

Aligator – (Outdoor Rehearsal 2015)

Backbone – (Live  - 2014)

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Matthew Perryman Jones

About: Matthew Perryman Jones

Matthew Perryman Jones has a voice that calls out with intensity, truth and emotion. Jones began his career in 1997 in Decatur, GA, and then, after moving to Nashville to pursue music full-time, he issued his first solo release, Nowhere Else But Here, in 2000. As American Songwriter describes, “Matthew’s voice ensnares listeners with a rare authenticity and gritty strength.”

In 2006, Jones released Throwing Punches in the Dark, a departure from his previous Folk/Americana sound toward Pop Rock. In 2008, Swallow the Sea with break-out hit “Save You,” solidified Jones as an artist worth watching. Performing Songwriter Magazine noted Jones as a talent that follows “in the footsteps of Leonard Cohen and John Lennon.”

In 2011, Jones released Until The Dawn Appears which contains retellings of his most popular songs including “Save You,” whose video features Jaimie Alexander (Kyle XY, Thor, The Last Stand). Written shortly after his father’s death, Jones’ latest CD, Land Of The Living, is a courageous personal Odyssey through life’s most troubled waters of love and loss.

One of the most sought-after songwriters in Nashville, Jones builds on his accomplishments with his 2013 single, “Anymore of This.” The duet, written and recorded with Mindy Smith, was featured on ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” in January.

Jones’ songs have also been featured in television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones, Pretty Little Liars, NY Med, Flash Point, One Tree Hill, The Hills, and Eli Stone as well as in the 2012 movie release What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

In addition to Jones’ own headline tours, he has shared the bill with Katie Herzig, Matthew Mayfield, and Joshua James and has opened for such artists as Ingrid Michaelson, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin and Paula Cole. Jones is also an original member of the nationally acclaimed Nashville collaborative artist group “Ten Out of Tenn”.

Cold Answer – (Album: Cold Answer - 2015)

Long Way Home From Here – (Album: Cold Answer - 2015)

Can’t Get it Right – (2014)

Unknown - (2013)

Land of the Living – (Album: Land of the Living - 2012)

Hole in My Heart – (2012)

O Theo – (Album: Land of the Living – 2012)

Homage for the Suffering – (Album – Until the Dawn Appears – 2011)

Save You – (Album: Swallow the Sea - 2008)

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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Kendricks

About: The Kendricks

The Kendricks are a Los Angeles based indie-rock band. Throughout 2014 they developed their sound playing live shows throughout Los Angeles and in the fall, they took time off to record the songs they had been working on. The sessions led to two EPs. The debut EP “Farewell” is now available.

Drawn from classic, folk, pop, and alternative rock influences, their EP “Farewell” is a self-produced romp, chock-full of odes to failed relationships and the crisis of human will, seasoned with oblique references to the laws of thermodynamics and the Spanish Civil War.

The foundation for “Farewell” was laid down in two weeks at a house on a hill in the Temecula Valley, or as google calls it, "Tem-eh-cool-la." In between sessions, the band enjoyed rich apportionments of cervezas and carnitas while hitting golfballs into the desert vineyards. At night, they would recline and reflect upon the infinite stars, listening to the mournful music of the California garbage wolf, called by some, the coyote.

Just like their souls, the Kendricks' sound is suffused with the lineal blood of rock' n roll from across the generations. They have many inspirations, such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Strokes, and Bowie.

Band Members:

Richie Carvill - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Lee de Arakal - Drums
Kevin Hinman - Guitar
Luke Richmond - Lead Vocals
Steve Gergoire - Bass/Backing Vocals

EP - Farewell (2015)

Threshing Time – (EP – Farewell – 2015)

Miles - (EP – Farewell – 2015)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


About: Houndmouth

Houndmouth are a band from New Albany, Indiana consisting of Matt Myers (guitar, vocals), Katie Toupin (keyboard, vocals), Zak Appleby (bass, vocals), and Shane Cody (drums, vocals).

Houndmouth became a band in the summer of 2011. After playing locally in Louisville and Indiana, they performed at the SXSW music festival in March 2012 to promote their homemade self-titled EP. Geoff Travis, the head of Rough Trade was in the audience and offered a contract shortly after. In 2012, the band was named "Band Of The Week" by The Guardian.

In 2013 Houndmouth 's album, “From the Hills Below the City”, was released by Rough Trade. This led to US television performances on Letterman, Conan, World Cafe, as well as several major music festivals (ACL, Americana Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Newport Folk Festival).

SPIN and named Houndmouth a "must-see" band at Lollapalooza, and Garden & Gun said, "You'd be hard pressed to find a more effortless, well-crafted mix of roots and rock this year than the debut album from this Louisville quartet."

The band's second LP, “Little Neon Limelight”, was released on March 17, 2015 and launched the band to the next level with solid hit’s like “Sedona” and “Darling”. Be sure to catch them on tour after picking up their music at most online stores.

Sedona - (Album: Little Neon Limelight - 2015)

Darling – (Live on KEXP – 2015)

For No One – (2014)

Krampus – (Album: From the Hills Below the City – 2013)

Penitentiary – (Album: From the Hills Below the City – 2013)

Houndmouth Live – (Full Performance on KEXP – 2015)

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ryley Walker

About: Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker is a singer songwriter guitarist from Rockford Illinois who began his career in Chicago's independent music scene after moving there in the early 2010s. He released several cassette EPs plus a vinyl EP and then in 2014, released his debut album “All Kinds of You” for the Tompkins Square label. Ryley quickly followed up his debut album with a second release it early in 2015 with “Primrose Green” on the Dead Oceans label and has found a growing fan base for his music. 

The Roundabout – (Album: Golden Sings that Have Been Sung – Released August 19th, 2016

Primrose Green (Live on KEXP 2015)

A Short Film about Ryley Walker

Sweet Satisfaction

The West Wind - (2014)

LIVE Performance on KEXP 2014

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Transcendent Frequencies

About: Transcendent Frequencies

Transcendent Frequencies comes to you from Stockholm Sweden and is the umbrella name that connects the sub-projects of “Silent Caravan”, “Ljusbringare”, and “SC Disco Society”.

The projects cover a spectrum of electronic sounds from relaxing ambient meditative waves of “Ljusbringare” to the energy abundant progressive psychedelic rock landscapes of “Silent Caravan”. All three projects are very different but connect the dots to bring forth a wider expression of Transcendent Frequencies. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel, and visit their Souncloud page for more great music.

Ljusbringare – Adrenaline (2015)

Ljusbringare – Celestial Kingdom (2015)

Ljusbringare – Sleep (2015)

Ljusbringare – Evig (2015)

Ljusbringare – Distant Callings (2015)

Ljusbringare – Urds Brunn

SC Disco Society – Apples of Eden (2015)

Silent Caravan – Motorik Tanzmusik (2015)

Silent Caravan – Summer Nights (2014)

Silent Caravan – Magic & Wonders (2013)

Silent Caravan – Uncanny Valley

Silent Caravan – Floating Memories

Silent Caravan – Marnaus Head (Into the Sacred Nothingness)

Silent Caravan - Soundcloud
Ljusbringare-tree - Soundcloud
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Evan Taylor Jones

About: Evan Taylor Jones

Evan Taylor Jones is a singer, songwriter, and performer from the city of Orlando, FL. In just three short years, Evan has made a name for himself around Florida as one of the top soul performers. In 2013, Evan made the transition to full-time performer, playing over 100 shows around the state of Florida and in November 2013, released his debut album, “Songs from an Old Soul,” featuring high energy soul numbers as well as subdued, acoustic driven singer-songwriter music. The album can be purchased both in CD form at any Evan Taylor Jones concert, iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3 and many other online retailers.

Want to Want Me - (Cover - 2015)

Over your shoulder – (Album: Songs from an Old Soul – 2013)

Father – (Album: Songs from an Old Soul – 2013)

Peace Tree - (Album: Songs from an Old Soul – 2013)

Since I’ve Been Loving You – (House of Blues Live – 2015)

Evan Taylor Jones – Official Website
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Ali Suhail

About: Ali Suhail

Ali Suhail is a singer, songwriter, musician from Karachi Pakistan who has been creating music since he was a teenager. Learning from The Beatles, The Foo Fighters, Death Cab For Cutie, Freelance Whales, Pomplamoose and many others, Ali has crafted his own unique style by combining his impressions and life experiences into music.

Ali’s music can be described in general as Indie Pop / Folk, but it also covers a broad range of genres that weaves its way effortlessly into more progressive and psychedelic blends.

Ali has released 2 albums, “Words from Boxes” (2013), and “Journal Entries” (2014) and also released two EP’s “Desolve” and “Defragment” in 2015.

“These albums that I've written are an amalgamation of my experiences and perception of the world and life. I hope they make people happy.” ~ Ali Suhail

“Defragment” – W.U.M. First Impression:

“Ali Suhail’s latest EP, “Defragment” is an alternative experimental indie folk rock trip, that covers a wide range of genres while also showing Ali’s diversity and rapid progress into a World Class Artist. “Defragment” offers a music fix that is sure to please all serious music fans.” ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

A Few Favourite Songs:

Album: Words from Boxes 2013 – Strangers, Attics,
Album: Journal Entries 2014 – Railway Uncle
Album: Desolve 2015 – Fear Leads to Stupid
Album: Defragment 2015 – 2nd Song = Teishi (Stop), Trees

Teishi (Stop) – (Album: Defragment 2015)

Attics - (Album: Words from Boxes 2013)

Baaten - (Album: Words from Boxes 2013)

Ali Suhail – Official Website
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Everything Fades

About: Everything Fades

Everything Fades is an alternative rock, dream pop, progressive psychedelic shoegaze band out of Austin, TX. They’ve been described as “Swervedriver meets The War On Drugs”.

The group released their debut EP on June 26th, 2015 and looks forward to touring soon.

“Clearly the band “Everything Fades” has produced a solid effort with their debut 4 song EP “Here’s to a New Tomorrow” with the title track heading for a top 40 position on World United Music. Here’s a band to watch moving forward.” ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Band Members:

Kevin Flack (drums)
Daniel Owens (vocal, guitar)
Marcus Piña (vocals, bass)

Everything Fades – Official Website
Everything Fades - Soundcloud
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