Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ciarán Brennan

About: Ciarán Brennan

Born 12th September 1983.. Yougest child of seven. Always a music lover and loved to sing as a kid.. Father and sister both played guitar. Influenced by all types of music and have many favourites suchas Oasis, Kasabian, The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, the beatles, Stereophics, Christy Moore, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, Paulo Nutini among hundreds of others.. I write about all and everything, Love, life, death, hopes, fears, and any other life situation i experience or think of.. hope you enjoy the music.. Either way I enjoy doing it ! 'Its better to burn out than fade away'.. Ciaran

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

ONE (The Band)

About: ONE

After the success of their Sophomore release "Dirty Valentine". The ONE boys felt incredibly inspired to begin working on a new album. Having spent the better part of the last 3 years touring, there was a lot of excitement about getting back into writing mode. "You spend all that time out on the road,
you see so much, experience so much and have so much to say. You just gotta sit down and begin to
put it all down on paper", says Danny Rossi.

"Being away from home so much makes you feel a certain way that at times is hard to put into words. It is an amazing feeling to have great fans and friends so far away from home," says guitarist Chris Staniforth.

Having had success and a good vibe recording "Dirty Valentine" ONE decided to again acquire the services of Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine. "He did a good job on the last record. He provides a good mix of honesty and input that just works well with us," says Staniforth.

The band spent way more time preparing for the studio process than the last record. Building a small pre-production studio in the house on one of the band members, making it way easier to get work done. "We began putting stuff together and getting a feel for where we were going with this record, continues

"We wrote the least record relatively fast. We wanted to take more time on this one. Trying not to over analyze but at the same time just putting more into it," says Rossi. "You obviously learn with every album you are gonna put out, so it was more about just applying what we have learned."

Three years can seem to be a long stretch between albums. "The demand to tour always seemed to be there. You can get caught up pretty quick and not realize that all this time has gone by," says drummer Rudy Occhionero. "Playing shows and connecting with people is where the magic happens. It is where you
find out who you really are as a band."

Having added bassist Phil Hardy after the recording process had finished for "Dirty Valentine" this was the first writing and studio experience for Hardy, or "The Rookie" as he is also known as. "I was excited and nervous. Playing shows is one thing, but working on an album is another. It is all very exciting
for me," says Hardy.

In the music business today, albums can sound generic and too polished. Something that ONE tries to avoid. "The bands and albums that inspire us to be musicians are the old school Led Zeppelin, Ramones and Motley Crue records. Nowadays everything is sampled and over compressed for radio, the soul of the songs at
times seems to be lacking," says guitarist Staniforth who also co-produced the last album with Jardine.

"I love the old school hair metal. It is what I grew up on and I still listen to today. Fun, shake your ass catchy tunes that stand the test of time. The kind of tunes that can rock the House Live,' says Rossi.

The new album "Worlds Collide" speaks of struggles and success stories of todays reality. A groovy, rock your face off album that has a little something for everyone. "It even has a song that if you turned the heavy guitars back could be considered country," says Rossi.

"With so much going on in the World, you can't help but write about it. It is all about staying positive and staying the course," adds Staniforth.

With a new album comes a new chapter. A chapter that the band will write one show at a time.

Band Members:

Danny Rossi (Vocals),
Chris Staniforth (Guitars),
Rudy Occhionero (Drums),
Phil Hardy (Bass)


Hogan Entertainment


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The Ride

About: The Ride

THE RIDE is a five-piece hardrock band from Jacksonville, Florida, whose members each bring many years of performing experience to the stage. THE RIDE has been packing venues since forming in August 2006. When you first experience THE RIDE live, it is immediately apparent that this band is tight...with a huge sound and a very high level of musicianship! What elevates THE RIDE is their outstanding vocal ability...strong, multiple lead vocals along with three, four and five part harmonies, gives THE RIDE the ability to perform with stylistic versatility, from crushing rockers to soulful ballads.

THE RIDE's debut EP was released worldwide in November of 2012, on TMG Records

Band Members:

Tommy D-Lead Vocals
Mark Wheeler-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mike Davis-Keyboards/Vocals
Rich Moore-Bass Guitar/Vocals
Kenny Hensley-Drums/Vocals

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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Enemy Complete


About: My Enemy Complete

My Enemy Complete is a DC based band inspired by dense electronics and emotional songwriting. MEC is built on sonic experimentation and a blend of electronic and organic instruments. Their songs focus on disconnecting from the old and reconnecting with the new in an attempt to carve out something unique or unknown.

Band Members:

Brian - Drums
Carlo – Guitars
Bilaal - Vocals/Guitar/Synth,
Tim - Synth



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ces Indie


About: Ces Indie

CES was born and raised in Illinois. Growing up in a small town, she had her eyes set on the big cities, flashing lights, and red carpets. The hopes and dreams of a young girl would soon be pursued .

The impossible was always possible to CES, even as a young girl. Inspired by artists such as Aaliyah, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child, CES knew music was her calling from a very young age; She would watch her TV set in awe of what affect the big time stars had on people, and how music could create so much inspiration.

CES experiences at the Boys & Girls Club in her hometown allowed her to gain confidence in her musical aspirations early on. Up until 2000, CES was a part of a vocal group “Simply Sweet”. When singing and performing gave way to school activities for the group, CES continued to reflect on her desire to entertain by writing and participating in showcases.

Not knowing where to begin with her solo career, CES began writing song after song, in hopes of one day recording. 2006 her dream became a reality when Ces had the opportunity to record “We Got It”. The song created an unexpected buzz and had people talking in her hometown. CES submitted her song to a local radio station that gave listeners a chance to call in and vote. “We Got It” landed the number two spot for 8 consecutive weeks; Fueling her desire to optimize her talents.

CES later worked to finish a complete album: “Snap & Pose”, in 2008; and In 2009, CES released “HE FLAME” and “LET’S GET IT”, the up-tempo contagious melodies and catchy hooks demands listeners’ participation.

2011 Ces Music is hitting the music industry full force with the hypnotic song 'FOREVER' and rock inspired 'SPEED'. With an invigorating sound that has a unique blend of pop and hip hop, and a work ethic beyond her years, CES embodies the drive, talent, and inspiration that is bound for success.

CES is an all around artist with songwriting, singing, performing, and dance under her belt, This triple threat sensation knows the importance of individuality, confidence, and connecting with her audience. Future events for the creative multi-talented CES include showcases, opening acts and singing the National Anthem.

Ces has already created a revolutionary music style reflective of today’s artists. Ces Music is in regular rotation on WXRJ 94.9FM Radio. " I am experience vs. outcome...the future vs. the past… abstract thinking vs . "what they say". Goals and the impossible fuel me. I am Driven for sucCESs " …CES ISLAND DEF JAM Digital Distributed Artist CES, CES MUSIC, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rap Song as well hook writer, Artist and Producer. CES has well over 20 million Cable video views, 500,000 YouTube views, as well as millions of image, video, music views worldwide.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Carrie Rodriguez

About: Carrie Rodriguez

At each stage of Carrie Rodriguez’s career—as a fiddler, singer, and songwriter—the Austin, Texas, native has learned the importance of letting go. That was certainly true when it came to recording her fifth solo album, Give Me All You Got, her first of largely original tunes in several years. “In the making of Love and Circumstance in 2008, I chose to sing other people’s songs,” Rodriguez explains. “I needed to take a step back from songwriting and think about the kinds of songs that feel important to sing. Doing that inspired me to write again.”

On Give Me All You Got, she says, “I’m laying out some extreme emotional highs and lows, which feels good. Take ‘Brooklyn’ [co-written with guitarist Luke Jacobs]. It’s very autobiographical, and I remember thinking, would I really want to share this? I decided, of course, why hold this back? It’s something that a lot of people can relate to—the acceptance of failure in a relationship, learning from it, and moving forward. ‘Brooklyn’ is also a song about taking a pause in order to really experience what you are feeling, something I find increasingly difficult in this modern era of constant communication and stimulation.”

Rodriguez, who came to attention a decade ago performing with singer-songwriter Chip Taylor, has established an impressive roster of touring, recording, and co-writing affiliations—with Lucinda Williams, Rickie Lee Jones, John Prine, Mary Gauthier, Alejandro Escovedo, guitarist Bill Frisell, and others. Although she has issued three albums under her own name and enjoyed major label support for 2008’s She Ain’t Me, the release of Give Me All You Got marks a giant step for Rodriguez. The album was recorded with her own band and produced by the renowned Lee Townsend, with whom she has worked closely in the past. And the songs—which she wrote, co-wrote, or handpicked from the repertoire of longtime collaborators—establish her musical identity more powerfully than ever before.

While Carrie’s father, David Rodriguez, was an accomplished songwriter, and took her on tour with him in Europe when she was a teen, song craft, like improvising on fiddle and singing, didn’t come automatically to Carrie. After sitting in on a sound check with her dad’s old Houston pal Lyle Lovett, she detoured from a degree as a classical violinist at Oberlin Conservatory and set herself on course to become a fiddler at the Berklee College of Music. There, her teacher, Matt Glaser, and her fellow students, including roommate Casey Driessen, helped her “find my groove and let go of that wall I had put up as a classical player.”

Another turning point came when Rodriguez met veteran songwriter Chip Taylor (“Wild Thing,” “Angel of the Morning”), who soon had Rodriguez touring and recording, and encouraged her to sing and write. “I’ve been a reluctant writer ever since I started, never quite feeling like I was supposed to be doing it,” Rodriguez confesses. “But I’m drawn to songs that are emotional and direct, and from working with Chip I learned that when you can just be open and not analyze too much, that’s when the truth comes out.”

After recording four studio albums with Taylor, Rodriguez made her solo debut in 2006 with Seven Angels on a Bicycle. “All of a sudden I found myself in this position of being called a singer-songwriter, which felt so strange,” she says. But she returns to that role quite comfortably on Give Me All You Got. The album includes songs by Taylor and Ben Kyle (with whom Rodriguez recorded the 2011 EP We Still Love Our Country), but its emotional core resides in originals drawn from Carrie’s personal experience. “I feel less afraid to write about what’s really happening, both to me and to people around me,” Rodriguez says. The song “Sad Joy,” for instance, arose from a conversation with Taylor about a loved one who was maintaining a “bright, beautiful attitude” while dealing with Lou Gehrig’s disease. “Chip and I were talking about how, when we are faced with those kinds of things, as sad and difficult as they are, they can also bring about a type of joy. The simple joy of people loving each other and holding each other up—in times of both celebration and in mourning. We started strumming some chords, and there it was, a song that lays out those raw emotions without being shy about it. Celebrating them, in fact.”

Give Me All You Got deals with a few dark themes, which is not surprising given that one of the first songwriters who inspired Rodriguez in her early teens was Leonard Cohen. “I listened to Leonard for a year and dwelled in the deep lowdown feelings he helped me feel,” she recalls. The sound of the new album, however, is “a little more infectious, rather than contemplative,” says producer Lee Townsend. “It still addresses Carrie’s roots in Americana, but also with a bit of a pop edge. I think it is her most mature record—every direction that is explored is distilled to an essential kind of expression.”

Townsend, known for his work with Bill Frisell, Loudon Wainwright III, Kelly Joe Phelps, Crooked Still, and many others, captured the band—Carrie on fiddle, tenor guitar, and vocals; Luke Jacobs and Hans Holzen on acoustic, electric, and lap steel guitars, mandolin, and vocals; Kyle Kegerreis on upright and electric bass; Eric Deutsch on piano, Rhodes, and Hammond B3; and Don Heffington on drums and percussion—essentially live in the studio. “The live energy of the band is central to this album,” he says.

“Ever since I first met and worked with Lee at a music festival in Germany, I have known he was the perfect producer for me,” Rodriguez says. “His approach to making an album is almost like a composer writing a symphony. He has the ability to group songs together and shape them so that the story they tell is a complete one, and even greater than the individual songs themselves. And like my favorite conductors, he manages to get the absolute best from each musician by making us all feel at ease and appreciated.”

With the release of Give Me All You Got, Rodriguez is ready to say the same thing about herself: “As a singer-songwriter, I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s a lifelong learning curve, and I hope I always stay as excited about it as I am now.”


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Steafan Hanvey

BIO: Steafan Hanvey

Steafan Hanvey and The HoneyMoon Junkies was released in 2006 in Ireland to critical acclaim.
Steafan Hanvey, originally hails from Downpatrick, Co. Down, in Northern Ireland. A child progeny of traditional musicians (his parents having recorded two albums during the seventies) his exposure to all kinds of music began in utero. Citing influences today from his formative years as being everything from Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Soundgarden, Simon & Garfunkel to Luke Kelly, Willie Nelson, The Johnstons, Paul Brady and Johnny Cash, perhaps the most important of all was the household itself, renowned at the time for its legendary sessions and where it wasn't long before the young Steafan was called upon for a tune or two himself.

In primary school too, his teachers would have him sing to his classmates. It was as a teenager though that Steafan began to explore realms of music other than ballads of immigration, love lost, and blooming heather.

At the age of 16, Steafan formed 50/50, a heavy rock outfit with childhood friends Kenny & Carl Papenfus of Relish. After three years of fronting the band and co-writing the material, sniffs of interest from CBS in Dublin and much frustration with the northern music scene, or apparent lack of, in those days, and indeed lack of venues for original rock bands, Steafan opted to take time out to continue his studies at university.

His third year took him to Seattle where he took the opportunity to study sound engineering. Immersed in the music of the time, producing demos for local bands as part of his course, he was able to witness at close quarters the rise and demise of grunge, culminating in the untimely death of Kurt Cobain. Although an enriching experience at the mixing desk, a certain amount of fatigue set in with the amount of Pearl Jam wannabees on the scene, and the realization hit that he missed what was going on at the other side of the window with the musicians. In the summer of 1995, love and univeristy brought him to Helsinki. Not long into his stay in Helsinki, Steafan began to host his own radio show introducing fresh Irish acts to Finnish ears. (Irkku-aika/Lahi radio)
The mini-album 'Sole' was recorded in November 2000-March 2001, where Steafan finally got to work with Janne Viksten, one of Finland's finest recording engineers, who at the time worked at The Sibelius Music Academy.

Sole, dealt with everyday dilemmas, falling in love, falling on your ass, picking yourself back up, fears, apportioning blame- the usual stuff not in the usual manner. After much gigging in Helsinki and around Finland, Steafan relocated to Dublin.

He got busy recording his forthcoming debut album "Steafan Hanvey and The HoneyMoon Junkies". This saw him team up with old Downpatrick bandmates the Papenfus brothers from Relish. The album was started in Dublin and was finished with sessions in between at studios in Newry, London and Helsinki.

Steafan teamed up with Kieran Lynch to mix the record. Kieran has worked on U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" has also co-produced Elvis Costello's "When I Was Cruel", in other words, he's really very good!

In 2004 Steafan visited NYC and Montreal to get a feel for different audiences. Back in Europe he opened for The Hothouse Flowers in Barcelona in March 2004, played the BelfEst music festival in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and opened for John Spillane, Eleanor McEvoy (Woman's Heart) and The Devlins amongst others at different shows throughout Ireland.

He was 1 of 6 Irish acts invited to play at Boston's NEMO music festival in 2005.
He has recorded 3 in-studio sessions at the BBC and has spent the last 6 years playing all over Ireland, Scandinavia and the USA, laying the groundwork for his debut album release which met with critical acclaim in 2006.

National television and radio appearances followed. The singles 'A Hundred Days of Snow' and 'My Woman' received strong airplay in Finland and in Ireland, making many national radio playlists. A national tour of Ireland followed.

Steafan is gearing up to release his sophomore album entitled "Nuclear Family"- mixed by Swedish producer Tore Johansson, who has also worked with the likes of Martha Wainwright/The Cardigans/New Order and Franz Ferdinand. The record was mastered by Mandy Parnell and features guest appearances by Liam Ó Maonolaí [Hothouse Flowers], Bertrand Belin & Papenfus brothers, Carl & Ken of Relish.

Fuse On Demand, a free Video on Demand service in the USA, that is part of Fuse Music Network and Madison Square Garden Media have recently committed to airing the first single from ‘Nuclear Family’ entitled: ‘Secrets & Lies’ (See below). The song will air later in the year.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Black Cadillacs

About: The Black Cadillacs

The Black Cadillacs are a blues-based indie rock band from Knoxville, TN. With members from each of Tennessee’s major cities, the state’s famous sounds are well represented. Nashville’s recent brand of rock ‘n’ roll revival, Memphis’ soul, and Knoxville’s roots music combine to form an authentic and original sound. “The group displays a repertoire of grooves, rockers, and ballads,” says Red Bull Sound Select of the bands SXSW performance.

First cousins, Will Horton and Matthew Hyrka, founded the band with lifelong friend and neighbor, Philip Anderson. In 2009 the lineup was completed with the additions of John Phillips and Adam Bonomo. The Black Cadillacs have a sound all to their own with diverse influences such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queens Of The Stone Age, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Their live set is where this well-orchestrated yet explosive blend comes to life. “Amazing energy from beginning to end,” says Consequence of Sound. Paste Magazine agrees by calling them, “[One of] the top 10 Great New Bands that played CMJ”. Relix Magazine anointed the group their “Summer Stars” honor and featured them on the cover of their publication. The band is currently touring (with performances at Bonnaroo, Summerfest, The Hangout, Bunbury, Wakarusa, and Summer Camp) in support of their new summer single, Radio Silence.

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