Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frank Chiafari

BIO: Frank Chiafari

I am a singer/songwriter that makes his home in Connecticut. I have loved music all my life. It is and has always been the source of great pleasure.I have always viewed music as a passion and not just a hobby. When I write and record a song Im hoping that I am connecting to the listener on some level. If someone is moved by one of my songs then I feel as though I have succeeded.. The biggest influences musically for me have been The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Sting.

Although I write and record my own songs, I still love to do some covers.

Thanks for coming by. Hope you enjoy.

Peace and love to you all. ~ Frank

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Young Man (Colin Caulfield)

About: Young Man

Young Man is Colin Caulfield from Chicago. Regarding his music, “It’s enough to make you stop and say, “What is that?” It being the gorgeous melodies and lean, spellbound guitar lines of Colin Caulfield, an English/French lit major who’s about to change what it means to be a shape-shifting singer-songwriter in the YouTube age.

Just ask Bradford Cox. He knows. Why, just a year ago, the Deerhunter frontman stumbled upon Caulfield’s organ-grinding rendition of “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” and said it’s “fantastically superior to the original. It actually sent shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse.”

Believe it or not, that chilling cover was just a warmup session. As killer as he is at capturing the very essence of everything from Animal Collective to Ariel Pink, Caulfied’s true talent is in telling his own Young Man stories. The first chapter of which goes by the name Boy, a deceivingly-simple suite of songs about wanting to grow up without having the slightest idea of what ‘being a man’ actually means.

Now that’s a reason to hit rewind, from the tone-setting tenderness and psych-infused harmonies of “Five” to the restless rhythms (Caulfield was a drummer well before he became a singer/guitarist) and room-engulfing intimacy of “Up So Fast.” Both of which feature some of the most hopeful/haunting choruses you’ll hear all year.

And that’s just the beginning, of course. Since Young Man was conceived as a concept project about the passing of time, love, and loss, Caulfield already has two loosely- linked LPs on tap—a faceless collection of fragile characters that could be any one of us, really.

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James Harker

About: James Harker

James Harker was raised in Sheffield, England, and first began cultivating his musical interests participating in his school concert band and big band playing bass. Meanwhile, he took home vinyls of Peter Gabriel, early Elton John, Robert Fripp, Talking Heads and Paul Simon, and began producing his own home-made albums on the side. Within time, he began showcasing his songs on the school stage, performing under-rehearsed rock numbers in front of bewildered peers and teachers.

Since graduating from the University of York, where he'd been involved in the university’s drama and music scenes, (including stripping completely naked in front of nearly 2,000 people in the university's production of 'The Full Monty' musical), James has worked as almost everything: piano player in an Italian restaurant (since shut down for being the least hygienic joint in town), gin seller, caterer to the Royal Family, wine seller, and medical administrator - all while trying to pursue a music career.

In 2012 James released his debut album, “The Red Room”, to positive reviews. He has also composed music for films, including a new feature documentary on human suspension, 'On Tender Hooks', and has acted in a number of shows, including an hour-long comic monologue on the “off-West End stage”, and a comedy-horror short film.

In Oct 2013, James released his EP “Anecdote”, and teamed up with producer Vast to form electronic-pop-orchestral duo Vast & Harker.

Currently, James is getting ready to release his second album “The Ebb and Flow” scheduled for release in August 2015. The first single from that album “Fisher King” was released on July 3rd, 2015. 

The Ebb & Flow Releases Sept 7th, 2015

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dark Beauty

About: Dark Beauty

In a music scene where cookie cutter performers claim to be unique, Dark Beauty combines elements of dance, rock, opera, theater and world music into a true one-of-a-kind experience. The band’s classically influenced gothic alternative progressive rock gives fans a way to stretch their ears and experience styles and mixtures of music that they’ve never heard before.

Lead Vocalist and Songwriter Liz Tapia began this journey back in 2009 when she wrote and recorded the first song from the project “Save Yourself.” The song mixed a Middle Eastern beat with Santana-esque guitars, gothic lyrics and a soaring melody, beseeching a lover to turn away before it was too late. The song became instantly popular with fans of many musical styles, leading her to pursue the project and its main character on a grander scale.

Dark Beauty has since become a concept album depicting the tragic tale of the Dark Angel, and her tragic tale fall from grace. Banished from heaven she is pulled down from grace above, falling deep into the woods of the dark primeval forest. With a broken wing she now rules an old abandoned castle, containing secret passages, hidden staircases, and ruined sections.

Liz is a lyric coloratura soprano, whose smooth, warm, versatile voice adds infinite textures to the epic music she writes and performs. Her background in acting, film and musical theater all affect the musical scope and cinematic feel of her work. As complex as the music is, Liz knew the band would require the highest level of musicians possible to fulfill the full potential of her project!

Bryan Zeigler was the first member to join the Dark Beauty team as lead guitarist and co-writer. His years of experience with a multitude of progressive rock bands, as well as knowledge of the music business and arrangement skills were a perfect match. Soon after came the musical talents and versatility of master Drummer/Percussionist Dan Granda, who added a perfect combination of strength and finesse needed to stylize the epic story.

Gary Perkinson joined on bass, lending his classical skills, super easy going personality and wonderful musicianship, to anchor the band with Dan.

Dark Beauty is currently getting airplay by several stations hitting high marks on all charts and growing rapidly. The album is being engineered and produced by Artie Rodriguez, and the first album is scheduled to be released by Spring of 2013.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Haun’s Mill

About: Haun’s Mill

Hard times and tunes of days gone by (economic woes, unions, exodus, murder, influenza). Indie Folk/ Americana music with turn-of-the century costumes & film projection.

Haun's Mill combines folk, spaghetti western, and classic country into a sound distinctly their own. Their live performances are coupled with period movie projections, resulting in a powerful presentation of sights and sounds. Described as haunted saloon music, Haun's Mill has found a home in Austin's quirky environment since moving there in late 2010. Since their relocation, the five piece band holds residency at the swanky 1920's themed East Side Showroom and has played local clubs and festivals including Swan Dive, Continental Club, Art Outside, Pecan Street Festival, Parish, Club DeVille and Momo's.

Songwriters and bandleaders Eliza Wren (Austin's own revered songbird) and Nord Anderson (Salt Lake City) joined forces after meeting at college in 2005.  Initially a duo, their first gig was opening for a sold out Monkey Grinder Halloween Bash at Velour in Provo, UT.  The great reception prompted expansion to a full band with Mike Crandall, B.B. Melanson and Anthony Phan (double bass, drums and trumpet) and their first self titled album, released in January 2010.  After Eliza and Nord moved to Austin, they added current members Keith Palumbo (drums), and Courtney Jackson (double bass).  The band completed their second album “Away” at Public Hi-Fi Studio in Austin, in the Spring of 2012.

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Black Cherry

About: Black Cherry

Black Cherry are a British/French electro pop band. The band was formed in London in 2007 by singer/songwriter Megane Quashie, drummer/producer Guilhem Fraisse and guitarist Robert Moore. After performing at Glastonbury 2008 on “The Other Stage” as well as many other festivals that year, Black Cherry release their first EP 'This is Control' in the beginning of 2009 and embarked on an American Tour. After playing a number of festivals including Hungary's Balaton Sounds the band lost guitarist Robert Moore after he died. The band's second EP "The Preface" was dedicated to his memory. After playing at Glastonbury Festival again in 2010 festival organiser Michael Eavis called them "The best looking band at the festival". In 2011 the played at South by Southwest Festival and toured America. In Summer the band announced the release of their double A-Side "One Another"/"Lost in the System" on August 29th to be distributed by Island/Def Jam Records and received positive reviews in The Guardian Newspaper. The band released their latest album “White Gold” in June 2013.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brooke Fraser

About: Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser is a singer-songwriter / musician from New Zealand. Brooke has released three very successful studio album and is currently working on material for her fourth album due out in 2014.

Flags has become the most successful album of her career to date, with the single "Something in the Water" reaching number one on the New Zealand Singles Chart in 2010 and charting around the world. The album debuted at No. 1 in NZ, No. 2 in Australia, and No. 4 in the USA.


What to Do With Daylight

Brooke Fraser's first album, What to Do with Daylight, was released in New Zealand in late 2003, debuting at number one and achieved gold status in the same week. The album eventually went seven times platinum, selling over 105,000 copies in New Zealand alone. It remained on the album charts for sixty-six weeks. All five singles from the album reached the top twenty in the New Zealand Singles Chart. Her album also topped the New Zealand Top 50 Albums of 2004.

Following the release of What to Do with Daylight, Fraser toured Australia and New Zealand with American artist John Mayer and then toured New Zealand with veteran U.K. rock artist David Bowie. Whilst on tour with John Mayer, she met with his guitarist and keyboardist Michael Chaves who, after recording Mayer's album Heavier Things, Fraser enlisted to play on her album and future concerts.


In 2005, prior to writing and preparing her follow-up album, Fraser took a trip to Africa to immerse herself in Rwanda before visiting her sponsor children in Tanzania, as she is an advocate for child sponsorship. In this trip, she was so moved that she wrote the song Albertine about a young child (named Albertine), whom she met while in Rwanda. It was later decided to make this song the album's title track.

For the second album, Fraser decided to enlist a new band, primarily constructed from American musicians who'd worked with an array of notable artists, both live and recorded. In 2006, Fraser and the band went into the studio in Los Angeles to record the album. Later Fraser allowed her fans to listen to the album's first single Deciphering Me via her MySpace page. The single was later released initially to radio and ultimately to CD single, and achieved number four in the New Zealand single charts.

On 4 December 2006 Albertine was released in New Zealand, achieving double platinum status less than a month after its release and has remained, to date, in the top 20 every week since. The album was released in Australia and internationally on 31 March 2007. In Australia, it charted at number twenty-nine in its first week on 9 April and has thus far achieved Gold sales status.

On 6 April 2007, Fraser performed "Deciphering Me" for the Good Friday Appeal, an annual televised fundraising event to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

In 2008, Fraser appeared on the Dave Barnes song "Believe" from his album Me + You + The World, performing backing vocals.

Albertine was also Fraser's U.S. debut, released 27 May 2008 and entered the Billboard 200 at number ninety on 19 July 2008. Her album propelled in success with online sales after being chosen as Editor's Choice on iTunes. On 4 July 2008 Fraser supported Canadian artist/U2 collaborator Daniel Lanois at the Montreal Jazz Festival. In August she toured the southern U.S. In September, she re-toured several major U.S. cities and completed the tour at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, UK


Flags was recorded at East West Studios in Hollywood in the summer of 2010 and released by Wood & Bone Records on 12 October 2010. Fraser celebrated with sold-out tours in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Flags reached the No. 1 spot on the New Zealand album chart, No. 3 in Australia, and entered at No. 59 on the Billboard 200 in the US, and climbed as high as No. 3 on the U.S iTunes album chart. "Flags" has been certified Gold in Australia and 3x Platinum in New Zealand where it was the 6th highest selling album of 2010. The first single, "Something in the Water," has achieved extensive radio success across the globe, notably receiving BBC Radio 2 A-list rotation upon release. The single has gone on to achieve double platinum sales in NZ where it spent 21 weeks in the 2010 singles chart. The single has reached No. 2 in the Dutch airplay chart whilst residing in the top 5 singles chart for 6 consecutive weeks. The single has charted in Poland and Belgium at No. 15 and No. 23 respectively, as well as being certified Gold in both Germany and Italy. Flags was released in July 2011 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and debuted in the following positions: No. 6 in Germany, No. 33 in Austria & No. 24 in Switzerland. One month on from release, "Flags" remained in the German top 20 at No. 13 and "Something in the Water" on the singles charts at No. 8. "Flags" was released in October 2011 in Hungary, reaching No. 15 on the national album chart by second week of release. Flags is due to be released in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on 7 November 2011. Flags has received accolades from peers and press alike. Sara Bareilles announced to her 2 million followers on Twitter "If you don’t know her, you should. @brookefraser is a freakin gem. New album out now. Yay." and Women’s Wear Daily has called Fraser "The Kiwi Norah Jones."

In its review of Flags, Glide Magazine said: "Brooke Fraser's third release, Flags, is a wonder. From the stunning lyrical imagery throughout to the impressive guest vocalists who join her (Cary Brothers, Jon Foreman and Aqualung among them), from Fraser’s ethereal and breathy performances to the wide-ranging soundscapes, this record is drenched in beauty and stands as one of the more remarkable achievements of 2010."

In support of the Flags release in Switzerland, Fraser appeared in November 2011 at the "Energy Stars for Free" event in Zurich alongside Lenny Kravitz and Snow Patrol.


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Adam Stanton

About: Adam Stanton

Adam’s musical journey began at the age of 10 as a member of “The Young Canadians of The Calgary Stampede”. He received extensive vocal, dance, and performance training, while performing for millions of people throughout his tenure with the company.
In high school he formed the boy band “Off Limitz”. It was then that Adam discovered writing and producing music. Adam took the role of lead singer, writer, and choreographer in the band. Off Limitz achieved radio play with their song “Forgot About You” (written by Adam) on various Canadian stations, including TOP-40 station POWER 107.3 in Calgary. They won 2 consecutive “8 o’clock Showdown” segments on POWER 107, leading to the highest differential ever recorded on that station with a staggering 98% of listener votes.
In 2001, Off Limitz recorded a single with 15-time Grammy Award winner David Foster. The band was flown to Los Angeles and recorded at Capitol Records. They also spent time with David at his home studio in Malibu. It was the most fulfilling and encouraging musical experience of Adam’s young music career.
In 2002, Off Limitz signed a management deal with a firm in New York. They embarked on a 2 month tour of the United States, performing at venues such as Disney World, Busch Gardens and Sea World. It wasn’t until a sudden change of climate in the pop music industry that Off Limitz decided to take what would inevitably be a permanent hiatus. Adam continues to be great friends with his former band mates to this day.
In 2003, Adam decided to take on a new challenge: to produce and record music for others. He took an interest in the creation, arrangement, recording, and mixing of music. As a self-taught musician, Adam has spent the last 7 years writing and producing in the pop and urban genres for local and international clients, while continuing to lend his vocal abilities to many projects along the way.
This brings us to 2011, the newest chapter in Adam’s musical journey. With a return to writing, recording and performing, it is his immediate goal to further develop his music as a solo recording artist. Reality says that only a small portion of the world knows who he is now, but with more and more people gravitating towards his music, that is soon to be changed! In 2011, Adam began recording and posting videos to his YouTube channel, showcasing his vocal abilities, guitar prowess, and production skills. Starting out as an experiment, the immediate global response has been incredibly positive! His YouTube videos have already accumulated over 1.3 MILLION views! Attracting viewers from Vietnam to Australia, the United States to Sweden, there is a growing awareness of who Adam Stanton is!

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