Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kingdom of Glass

About: Kingdom of Glass

Kingdom of Glass (David Blackman and Chris White) have revisited there original sound. We had grown up listening to all electronic music, and after producing the killing jar a collection of songs that were anything but electronic in sound, we wanted to push the envelope and see what was possible with the new toys we had built up over the last few years. The keyboards may have been gathering dust for some sixteen years since we first started out, but they had not been forgotten. And here is the first track free for you to download, via Myspace, Reverb Nation and others. Yep free so please give it a listen, for some it may be a trip into the past, for some it may be a trip into something new, but for us Ever know is the first of an album that when finished will sound like the real us, yep burn is cool, and now Hurricane its going well and in a few weeks we will introduce the live band, can't wait.


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About: Hobbyhorse

Hobbyhorse's music is a folk fusion of musical and mythical influences from around the world. They offer stunning originals and have a soft spot for the traditional songs of the British Isles.

Hobbyhorse's sound is an intoxicating blend of soothing and exciting. They combine the raw beauty and romantic sounds of acoustic instruments and female lead vocals with the adventurous spirit of rock. Their vibe is mystical - an inheritance from their San Francisco bay area psychedelic roots. But they are as down to Earth as it gets, believing strongly in the power of real music - made by real musicians - playing real instruments.

"Hobbyhorse's music embodies the magic that is woven in the art of folk is authentic, spirited & manifests from the love of creation." - DJ Frederick

Hobbyhorse has performed at many festivals around the San Francisco bay area and beyond including PantheaCon, The Annual Midsummer Celtic Faerie Festival, BayCon Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention, Palo Alto World Music Day, Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival, Boulder Creek Music and Art Showcase Festival, GoGirls Music Fest, and many more.

Annie and Phil from Hobbyhorse also host a popular internet radio station called Radio Guitar. They are very proud of this station which plays mostly acoustic - all instrumental guitar music.

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Jens Mechler (Korgator)

About: Jens Mechler (Korgator)

For the past 20 years or so, Jens Mechler has been experimenting with sound with his large collection of electronic equipment and synthesizers. Jens is self taught by his passion for expression and love of music and is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Better known as “Korgator” by his YouTube friends, Jens says, “My absolute favorite in electronic equipment are the Klaus Schulze, TD, and JMJ!. They allow me to express what is inside me and have been with me a long time.

“I am guided by my feelings and I like to play everything live once.”

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


About: RABA

Raba have played in established venues such as at The Garage in London and sold out their first headline Show at Bush hall. The band are continuing to gig extensively and are beginning to head out across the UK, to play shows to the fanbase they have built through their online presence. Raba have a tight and explosive rhythmic section along with delicate harmonies and expressive guitar work which provide the perfect setting for Scott's vocals. Scott is a storyteller with a strong sense of melody. The band was formed in 2011 with school friend connections Nick and Jamie. Their range of influences include Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Manic Street Preachers, Muse and Kings of Leon.

"One of my favourite songs that also shows Scott’s great ability of lyric writing is called But We Look The Same. If you like slow and heartbreaking songs like me, then For Real is just the one. Simply stunning." Blog, Musicgetsmeby

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Seeds of Time

About: The Seeds of Time

The Seeds of Time are a form of musical collective led by Alastair James Thompson and based in the South East of England with residential recording facilities in South West France at Richard Borsey's recording studio near Royan, namely Joyful Collision studio (

Each project is a full musical collaboration with various other musicians in terms of writing, performance and production.

James is the principal songwriter, guitarist, musician and vocalist. Clare Geldart also plays an equally important role on lead vocals and keyboards.

With their roots in post-punk melodic rock, and with good doses of progressive rock and electronica, The Seeds of Time aim to give the word "Fusion" a good name.

A forthcoming new album "Outside the Perimeter" is currently being remastered and prepared for release. It will comprise of a collection of various previously unreleased songs and should be finalized later this year.

Furthermore, The Seeds of Time are hard at work writing new material for their next project titled "Pagan Blues".

The new conceptual double album will reintroduce a blues-rock feel into the melting pot that is The Seeds of Time and it is already causing some excitement...

There will be another subtle shift in inspiration and style, but with the same intensity of spirit and musical construction.

We are very excited with the progress of this new project and will keep you posted as it develops.

VIDEO Playlist:



Friday, April 6, 2012


About: Nordagust

The name "NORDAGUST" comes from a myth, and according to the myth "NORDAGUST" was the spirit of the north wind. The spirit was said to be extremely wise, and was supposed to have insight in all things. The spirit was also called "the grieving souls spirit”.

The idea of "NORDAGUST" was basically to use the wistful, bewitching and recklessness of Norwegian folk music and to integrate this with a form of heavy rock music. With this as a starting point, we have made music from our own impressions and experience. This has of course been done before, but we try hard to find our own expression, with weight on a soulful atmosphere and organic dynamics, above precision and virtuosity.

The soul of the soil

Some things in life may come a little closer when you take a walk in our woods. You will hopefully find energy and inspiration.

Our music is colored by the spirit of the past, when our forefathers lived in and of nature. They believed everything in nature had a soul, and the better you knew the rituals to reach them - the wiser you were.

Our forefathers are all dead and gone, but their homes have been transformed into the forest again. Their struggle for survival through thousand of years has turned into:

"The soul of the soil"

 The woods are ours-though we don't own them...

Nordagust are:

Daniel "Solur" Solheim - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Samples, Kantele, Dulcimer, Mandolin, Sallowflute, Mouthharp, Conch, Axe and Hammer

Ketil Armand "Bergur" Berg - Drums, Percussion, Kantele, Saw, Accordion, Hammer, Bells, Voices, Grindstone, Kettles and Barrels

Knud Jarle "Strandur" Strand  - Bass and business

Jostein Aksel Skjønberg - Keyboard, Voice, Flute

Guro Elvik Strand - Guitar, keyboards


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New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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