Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Heavy

About: The Heavy

A co-ed quintet from the outskirts of Bath, England, the Heavy draw influence from funk, soul, blaxploitation film soundtracks, and the gritty garage rock of the Sonics.

Guitarist Dan Taylor and vocalist Kelvin Swaby became friends in the 1990s, bonding over a shared appreciation for vintage R&B and Jim Jarmusch films. Joined by bassist Spencer Page, drummer Chris Ellul, and keyboardist Hannah Collins, the two launched their own act — the Heavy — and began combining Taylor's distorted guitars with lo-fi samples, horns riffs, stomping percussion, and soulful Prince-styled vocals.

The photogenic band made its studio debut in 2007, releasing several singles on the London-based Ninja Tunes label before issuing the full-length Great Vengeance and Furious Fire that fall. An American release followed in early 2008 on the newly minted +1 Records. The Heavy returned with its sophomore album, The House That Dirt Built in 2009. In 2012, the band delivered the self-produced The Glorious Dead

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The Naked Hearts

About: The Naked Hearts

"Proving once again that downtown New York City is still the world's greatest incubator for awesome rock music, along come dynamic duo known as Naked Hearts. The twosome of Amy Cooper (guitar and vocals) and Noah Wheeler (bass, drums, and vocals) have done things the good old-fashioned way by playing lots and lots and lots of shows in tiny clubs and bars all over the city.

In less than a year after forming, the band had already managed to establish itself as a formidable live act and a songwriting force to be reckoned with. Two-piece bands might be all the rage now, but Naked Hearts put a fresh spin on things, crafting songs that are equal parts tough and sweet." - Soundgirl

"Live and in person, Naked Hearts are explosive, charming, and something exciting. The impeccably turned-out pair ooze a fuzzy rock sincerity; every song is a stripped-down challenge to cut loose" - PopMatters

"Then there are the enthusiastic newbies Naked Hearts, who explore the various ways in which a boy/girl duo can make you dance, fall in love, and cry all at the same time." - Interview Magazine

"The skillfully shaded indie-rock band Naked Hearts has an impressively versatile sound, partially due to the fact that members Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler take turns singing lead" - Time Out NY

" ignore this band would be to ignore what is going on in New York these days. This band has catapulted themselves into a New York spotlight thanks to their streamlined sound and constant playing throughout the city." - Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

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A Sleepless Melody

About: A Sleepless Melody

We're just two dudes who really enjoy playing acoustic music together.

After a year of writing and playing shows together we've finally released our first ever cd which is available online.

Currently we are writing for a new release and will be sharing plenty of demos and such with you guys along the way so keep an eye and ear out for those!

In the mean time - keep safe and thank you for your ongoing love and support! We wouldn't be able to do this without you guys!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Hooks

About: The Hooks

In search of new thrills, Keith & Ronan Mulligan left Ireland for San Francisco, all the while missing both the economic upturn and subsequent downturn.

A dodgy rehearsal space in the Tenderloin furnished The Hooks with inspiration for an album in 2010. Recorded by friend and mentor Jamie McMann at Hyde Street Studios. The album “Everything Is Golden” received wide acclaim and secured us a European Tour.

What followed were countless tours of the US, playing with such notables as X, The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, Flogging Molly, The Stiff Little Fingers and Cheap Trick to name a few.

Here and 3 records later is where they met Colin, Chet and Lance. We are currently working on the follow up record, soon to be recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.

The Hooks "Drunken Heart" (Official) from David Weber on Vimeo.

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About: Ravinwolf

Ravin'wolf is known for their energetic live performance of pre war blues selections and original acoustic rock-blues work on 2 acoustic guitars. In the tradition of the old male/female blues duos of the early 1900's and with the improvisational musicality of the 60's & 70's jam band era they bring to the stage a fusion of the old and the new into a phenomenal live experience for the listening audience. They are accustomed to performing in either a concert/dance hall/old barrelhouse setting, or, simply as background music.

Home-based out of Seattle, Ravin'wolf was recently honored with a Taster's Choice Award for "Best Band" at the 2012 Leavenworth Alefest and a with nomination by the Washington Blues Society as the Best of the Blues: Best Blues Duo. They have been appearing on music festival stages and small concert venues throughout the Northwest from Oregon to Montana, performing their own blues & folk rock influenced originals and showcasing pre-war blues performers such as Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Bessie Smith, Skip James, Charlie Patton and more. Their new live CD "Long Live Live Music", is receiving radio play and great reviews from blues critics. Their instrumentation features dual guitar work & improvisation, swampy-slide, stand up bass, full percussion & male-female vocal harmonies.

"If you've never seen this phenomenal duo, you owe it to yourself to make a special effort to get out and attend Ravin'wolf's next appearance! Jamey and Heather are the real deal. True Blues aficionados."
- George Boswell, Wa Blues Society Blog, January 2012.

The show they gave they other night was positively brimming with high energy and enthusiasm and unceasing respect for their audience ...they played with a sort of unbridled heart and soul and power... and as the night wore on, they seemed to only get better and more determined than ever to give their loyal audience the (musical) ride of their life -- and that they did!!!”
- John Pluntze, Sun Valley Online (March 2011)

“...this one-of-a-kind acoustic blues pair slips in and out of the genre with ease to explore its edges and defy its boundaries, taking audiences on an enthusiastic journey on only two guitar - Vashon Island Beachcomber (January 27, 2010)

"...They make a lot of music with just two acoustic guitars..." - T. Clift (Arbor Crest Cellars)

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Patrick Park

About: Patrick Park

Park grew up in Morrison, Colorado. He was exposed to the arts at an early age: his mother was a published poet, and his father was a doctor who enjoyed playing folk and blues records and the guitar at home. Park himself began to write songs in his early teens and played in bands starting in middle school.

He moved to New York City to try and start a music career, but left after less than eight months for Los Angeles, working numerous odd jobs that ranged from clothing store retail clerk to karate teacher to support himself.

In 2000, Park completed his first demo collection, now known as The Basement Tapes. He recorded the songs in the back of a store owned by a friend's girlfriend since he did not have enough money to use a studio.

Park befriended producer Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Earlimart) later that year. He and Trumfio wrote, recorded, and mixed material for Park's debut album during the summer months of 2002 and has since worked very closely with him on various EPs and LPs. Singer/songwriter Tim Easton, pedal steel player Eric Heywood, and drummer Dave Kostiner joined them in the studio. During this time, Park also played live concerts as the opener for Julia Fordham, Gomez, Beth Orton, and Richard Buckner.

He signed a deal with Hollywood Records in 2003, and Under the Unminding Skies EP was released that February. Park's first studio album, Loneliness Knows My Name, followed in 2004. Disappointed by low sales, he later commented: "[Hollywood Records] had no idea what to do with me. They're a pop label, so they were always trying to fit a square peg in a round hole." He has since moved to Curb Appeal Records and released his second full-length album, Everyone's in Everyone and his EP Songs of Peace - Songs of Protest, while continuing to tour across the U.S. For his third full-length album Come What Will (2010), Park moved back to Badman Recording which released his EP Under the Unminding Skies in 2003.

Park received moderate attention following airplay for "Life Is a Song", which was chosen as the final song on the series finale of the Fox teen drama The O.C..

Patrick Park opened for Grammy Award winning artist Shelby Lynne at a one night only charity event to benefit Alzheimer's research on September 1, 2011 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana.

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Ivan & Alyosha

About: Ivan & Alyosha

All the Times We Had, Ivan & Alyosha’s first full-length album, encapsulates the personalized blend of rousing songcraft, infectious melodic hooks and thoughtful lyrical introspection that’s already endeared the band to just about anyone who’s witnessed one of their effortlessly uplifting live shows, or who’s heard either of their two prior indie EP releases.

The Seattle combo—which borrows its name from a pair of characters from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov—delivers its songs of struggle, perseverance and spirituality with a resilient, upbeat attitude that’s reflected in their bubbly brew of stirringly strummed folk-rock guitars, surging instrumental interaction and a bright, buoyant blend of voices that reflects the band members’ family-style camaraderie, evoking a timeless pop ideal that’s as affecting emotionally as it is pleasing to the ear.

The intrepid ensemble—comprised of core members Tim Wilson (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Ryan Carbary (guitars, piano and vocals), Tim Kim (electric guitar and vocals) and Tim’s brother Pete Wilson (bass and vocals), plus a revolving assortment of friends and collaborators on keyboards, drums and other instruments—has spent much of the past two years on the road, traveling the highways and back roads of America, often with wives and children in tow, building a loyal fan base with their joyous, high-energy live performances.

Ivan & Alyosha’s prior releases and live shows have won the band copious critical acclaim. They’ve also done successful stints opening for the likes of Aimee Mann, Brandi Carlile, the Low Anthem, Rosie Thomas and John Vanderslice. Since early in its existence, the group has been embraced enthusiastically by alternative radio, performing multiple on-air sessions for NPR as well as receiving notable support from such key stations as KCRW, KEXP, WFUV and WNYC.

The same qualities that originally won Ivan & Alyosha media attention and a devoted grass-roots audience are apparent on All the Times We Had, which the band co-produced in collaboration with keyboardist/engineer Chad Copelin, and mixed by Jesse Lauter (The Low Anthem). The 11-song album effortlessly captures the warmth and immediacy of Ivan & Alyosha’s live performances, lending added resonance to such lyrically compelling, melodically arresting tunes as “Be Your Man,” “Running for Cover,” “Don’t Wanna Die Anymore,” “The Fold” and the album’s’ bittersweetly reflective title track, which features guest vocals by the band’s frequent touring partner and longstanding admirer Aimee Mann.

“We didn’t get it perfect, but I definitely think we got it right,” Tim Wilson says of the new album. “We really worked hard to get a live vibe, and to capture that inspiration that we get when we’re on the road, when everybody’s together and feeding off of each other. You can nit-pick and edit everything until it sounds perfect, but we were more concerned with just getting the best performances we could. I think that it’s more mature and more focused, and closer to what we do live, than the records that we’d done before. We definitely had moments in the studio where it like, ‘Oh, wow, this is special.’”

Ivan & Alyosha formed in 2007, when Tim Wilson met Ryan Carbary. Both had been in various Seattle-area combos, but the songs that Wilson was writing at the time seemed to call out for a new musical approach. The pair spent nearly a year writing material for their debut EP, The Verse, The Chorus. Released in March 2009, the EP generated an unexpected level of national exposure, with the charming tune “Easy to Love” (reprised on All the Times We Had) receiving considerable airplay. The debut EP won the band an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered and coverage in NPR’s All Songs Considered SXSW 2010 preview. A subsequent appearance at the SXSW festival generated considerable music-industry word-of-mouth.

By the time Ivan & Alyosha recorded its second EP, Fathers Be Kind, in February 2011, the group had expanded to include Tim Wilson’s bass-playing brother Pete, whose songwriting abilities contributed considerably to the band’s creative arsenal, and Tim’s high school friend Tim Kim, whose distinctive guitar work added a new dimension to their sound. Fathers Be Kind’s majestically jangly title track became a favorite of fans, critics and DJs, and reappears in a newly recorded version on All the Times We Had.

“When we recorded The Verse, the Chorus, we’d never really played live as a band,” Tim Wilson notes. “By the time we did the Fathers Be Kind EP, my brother Pete and Tim Kim had come on board, and we had done a west coast tour or two, and some dates on the east coast, but we were still figuring out how to play together. After Fathers Be Kind came out, we went out and spent year and a half touring, and became a real band. I think that’s reflected on the new album.”

Indeed, All the Times We Had demonstrates the positive effects of the band’s extensive roadwork, underlining just how far Ivan & Alyosha has progressed since its humble origins.

“I think that we all feel pretty strongly that this is what we’re supposed to be doing, playing music, trying to write good, timeless songs, and trying to connect with people,” Wilson states. “I think that we have a pretty deep sense of purpose, that this is not just some accident. I guess that the essence of faith is having felt or experienced something that maybe you can’t hold in your hand, and I think that’s how I’d describe my attitude towards music. And it’s OK if it’s hard, because anything in life that’s worth doing is hard.

“I’m guilty as guilty as anyone, of wanting certain things or wanting to be in a certain place right now,” he concludes. “But we’re building something, and building something takes time. I’m learning to enjoy the journey, and I think we all are.”

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Healthy Junkies

About: Healthy Junkies

Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson met British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones in 2009 in the now defunct venue Punk in Soho, both of them were in separate bands at the time. It wasn't long before ideas were bouncing around and they began to write songs together, the shared influences of the likes of Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Blondie, Killing Joke,Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Bowie playing a big part in the direction of the music. Inspiration has come from far and wide and lyrically the lines between autobiographical and fiction are blurred and merged. I suppose if there was a specific aim it would be to capture and bottle the essence of certain music from the past and release it kicking and screaming into the now.

They have played now with many different drummers and bass players along the way, the line-up seems to be in a constant state of flux but the spirit remains the same.. They played their first gig together at an all day punk festival in Brighton in September 2010 where the promoter ran off with the money and Healthy Junkies only got to play about 15 mins before the festival shut down.. Since then the band have played many gigs all over the U.K. including a slot at the mighty Rebellion punk festival in August 2012 and 2013 and will be back there on Friday 8th August 2014. The band continue to play at their self-hosted monthly night at The Unicorn, Camden London as well as travelling all round the UK whenever possible. A 2 week tour of Britanny, France is scheduled for November, so its busy busy busy on the road.

On stage lead singer Nina Courson interacts with the other band members and entices her audience in the theatre that has become the trademark of their live shows. Its all in the songs really, make what you will of any messages you may find either hidden or glaringly obvious, Healthy Junkies are here to entertain, they play what they feel like playing and don't feel the need to compromise or fit in, The world right now is not necessarily a better place but this is where we find ourselves and so stay Healthy if you can and if you're going to get addicted to something, make it music that means something, not prossac/mind numbing pharmaceutical corporate rip off pills intended to kill individuality off and turn us into lobotomized robot slaves.

They self released their debut album entitled Sick Note in 2011. The follow up 'The Lost Refuge' is now available on STP Records and an E.P. entitled 'Hair of the dog' is now available only at gigs or from the band themselves online.The third album is currently being mixed and due for release later this year on STP Records.The current line-up for the band now includes Dave Renegade on bass guitar and Tony Alda on drums playing alongside Nina and Phil.

Band Members:
Nina Courson -Vocals,
Phil Honey-Jones - Guitar/vocals,
Dave Renegade - Bass,
Tony Alda - Drums

CONTACT: Healthy Junkies

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About: Elenowen

Oh, my love, this is the beginning… It certainly is the beginning of a new chapter for Josh and Nicole Johnson as they combine their passion and raw talent to form Elenowen (pronounced “ellen-owen”) after their national debut on NBC’s “The Voice.” Hailing from Nashville, TN, Josh and Nicole pursued individual careers before forming the indie/pop duo that sings through the journeys of everyday life and the many battles it brings. Their music emphasizes heavy harmonies, raw acoustics, and ambient elements that combine to create a unique mood and sound that comes as an honest breath of fresh air in an overly manufactured music world.

After about a year of living paycheck-to-paycheck working at the same local coffee shop, Josh and Nicole started pursuing their dream by creating their debut album, Pulling Back the Veil (released January 2010). Pulling Back the Veil is a collection of eight original songs, written both individually and collaboratively to paint a picture of the road they have been on for the past year – a road filled with internal struggles to know truth, joyous triumphs through desire, and the awakening adjustments to married life.

In forming Elenowen, Josh and Nicole felt called to not necessarily give answers or guide the listener, but to be honest and as real and vulnerable as possible. One quick listen to their music reveals Elenowen’s uncanny ability to move past the surface and into the heart. The combination of Josh and Nicole’s powerful melodies, smooth harmonies, and insightful lyrics distinguish this husband and wife duo from the magnitude of other aspiring artists. In an industry hungry for something new, raw, and beautiful, Elenowen distinguishes itself as an up and coming act that completely and refreshingly satisfies its listener.

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Trent Dabbs

About: Trent Dabbs

Growing up in the rich literary and religious environment of Mississippi, and then moving straight into the country-soaked musical world of Nashville, Trent Dabbs has many stories to tell. Like Flannery O’Connor with her short story collection, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Dabbs pieces his own spiritual and relational questions into well crafted folk-pop albums. The ghosts of Johnny Cash, old gospel-choirs, Neil Young, and Nick Drake are heard roaming the halls of Trent’s songs.

This is especially true with Southerner, Dabbs' sixth full-length record to date. This album is both a return and a departure. The album is a return to Trent's heritage, and recalls how the South has shaped his art, but the tone is also a slight departure from his previous pop and rock-driven songwriting. The track titled, “Leave To See”, the first song written for the album, fittingly describes the paradox of more clearly seeing your home from a different place, a different perspective. Trent says that on Southerner he, “wanted to peel back the layers . . . and portray ten separate stories that have been woven into my southern life”.

An artist with a unique business sense, Trent Dabbs has forged his way through an ever-changing music industry by uniting some of Nashville’s best up-and-coming musicians in a touring and recording collective called, Ten Out of Tenn. Many of these artists such as Erin McCarley, Andrew Belle, Katie Herzig and Joy Williams (The Civil Wars), among others, have gone on to have critically and commercially successful careers as performers and songwriters. Trent’s own songs have been featured on television shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Hawaii Five-0, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and many others as well as in feature films. Despite these successes, Trent remains a humble and avid supporter of his fellow musicians, and anyone who is looking to create authentic art. As noted in Athens Blur, “as beautiful as the talent Trent Dabbs helps introduce to the masses, it’s his own music that merits the most attention.”

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Monday, September 5, 2011


About: Equinox
The Band was created in the autumn of 2007 when a drummer Željko Stanisavljević responded to an add by a guitarist Sava Jović, concerning the foundation of a serious band. The band was intended to be in the realm of progressive rock/metal genre, mostly influenced by bands such as "Pain of Salvation" and "Dream Theater". The search for musicians started as well as rehearsals. During the period of one year, the band was working hard and as a result, a mini EP “Leaving Behind” was recorded in the winter of 2008/09. The EP contains four songs. Even though there were serious problems with stability of the line-up (a guitarist, a bassist and four keyboardists were replaced), the band is now in a stable setting and a promotional tour across Serbia has recently started out. Also, the band is still searching for an adequate keyboardist and vocals, so that they can present themselves in the best possible way.
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