Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mayd Hubb

About: Mayd Hubb

From the beginning, awakening a curiosity without border, the theme of travel is for him a scouring inspiration source.

His discography comes like a zoom starting with India in 2007 (“Linga Yoni, The Dub Paradox”), then all around the world in 2009 (“The Blue Train”), until the moon in 2012 with Joe Pilgrim (“Mellowmoon”). As this structure ever widening, his music is characterized by a search space, a mystical experience in the depths of the underground. Constantly pushing the frontier of kinds, he’s creating a recognizable sound, adapted to the power of broadband sound like a shockwave.

In this logic of expansion, contact with public soon became one of the essential point of his creativity. Contrasting with the intimacy of his solo studio work, his live performances reveal a breathtaking energy and run without compromise, accompanied by a massive bass played by Zeuspi. In this respect, we could say that 2009 is revealed as the year of live concretisation. The release of his album “The Blue Train” led him to perform on the internationnal stage, USA, Canada, Europe, amounting him to the rank of unavoidable artists of the French Dub scene.

In 2011, his band TelDem Com’unity released an album “Ground Zero” very welcomed by critics and concert halls. Even today, his life is divided between these two projects, sometimes punctuated by amazing colaborations, espacially with Shanti D (“Politik”) or the label Jarring Effect (compilation JFX 100).

2012 will be the year of many surprises because he released with the singer Joe Pilgrim the ambitious “Mellowmoon”. Dedicated to the moon, this new album turned to the earth on one side and to the stars on the other promises to be a first step towards a much greater dimension. A music from elsewhere for a live all in power, that you will find on stage in March.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gabriel Redding

About: Gabriel Redding

GABRIEL produces invigorating pop/rock and adventure party events. These events feature a zipline, fire pits for s'mores, a scavenger hunt with a grand prize of night vision goggles, and a massive rock concert featuring GABRIEL's custom stages and drum flipping platform!
Gabriel Redding has opened for Boys Like Girls, Hinder, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Jason Mraz, Bo Bice, Joan Jett, Gin Blossoms, KC and the Sunshine Band, and has performed in the middle-east for the troops on a USO tour. He performs at colleges and military bases all over the US, coffee shops and movie theaters, and where ever else he finds to play.
From June 29th to August 10th, 2009, GABRIEL bicycled across the continent, from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Seattle, Washington, totaling 43 days and 3204.3 miles to raise money and awareness for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
GABRIEL is also an official endorser of Earthworks High Definition Microphones.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013


About: Innerspace

Canadian quartet INNERSPACE was formed sometime around 2010, and currently consist of Phil Burton (vocals, guitars), Simon Arsenault (guitars), Paul Aubry (keyboards) and Thomas Sauvé (drums). They released their debut album “The Village” in the summer of 2012 and are fast making a name for themselves in their hometown of Montreal.

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Friday, March 8, 2013


About: Qayaas

Winners of the Prestigious Jack Daniel’s Award for the Best Rock Band in Pakistan 2010.
In Jan. 2012 Awarded Gold for Best Rock Band, Umair Jaswal Best Rock Vocalist, Best Rock Song for Shehrezade in South Asia, also honored with Silver Award for their video Pukaar and voted by their peers as Best Act in all genres at IndieGo. April 2012 Awarded Best Global Rock Band and Rock Song and Bronze for Umair’s Vocals 50 Countries competed. May 2012 Qayaas premiered on the famous Coke Studio Pakistan Season 5 the video with Atif Aslam went viral with over 500,000 views in a week.

Qayaas is the first progressive alternative rock band from Pakistan, a country where traditionally music has been looked down upon rather than being celebrated as an art form. This gives our music a sense of rebellion and a rallying cry for pathos.

Qayaas literally translated as “deliberation” is not only the name of our band but the essence that encapsulates the entire philosophy behind our music. The idea or feeling taking birth in one band member’s mind is developed and brought to fruition by collective deliberation or Qayaas by the whole band. Five different people, their different moods, outlooks and music philosophies harmoniously blend to form compositions that reflect the true spirit and creative energy of our band; unadulterated in this wondrous journey by commercial concerns or other shortcuts.

Our music tends to explore emotions, specific moments, certain relationships and particular events which resonate powerfully as we try to understand ourselves and the world around us. We do not aim to have a large body of musical compositions but only put through quality pieces governed by unique ideas and techniques. Each melody is a different journey, starting with something personal and then refining it to create a certain mood. As a whole, Qayaas is an accumulation of musicians from quite diverse backgrounds. All members have been, and still are, part of various other projects that serve as a vent for musical expression.

Qayaas is the brainchild of lead guitar player and songwriter Khurram Waqar. It all started when he saw Umair jam with his previous band in his studio and invited him to work on material that he had written. What started out initially as an acoustic EP turned into a full blown album. When Fifu and Sherry who were already in a band ‘kNuMB’ with Khurram joined in, “Qayaas” was born. Sarmad Ghafoor who was an old friend of Fifu and Khurram joined in later when he was invited by them to come and listen to the album. He loved the material and became a part of Qayaas. Khurram and Sarmad then worked together to complete the audio production of the album which was released on April 16, 2011 in Pakistan in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and Karachi. The album can also be bought online on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.

The most important thing about the album is that it has been recorded and produced completely by the band. This is at par with any international recording with attention being paid to ever minute little detail. Every single song has been mixed and mastered as per the overall feel and vibe of the song.

We were a part of Coke Studio Season 5 where we collaborated with pop star Atif Aslam for a song "Cahrkha Nolakha". It is the biggest hit of the season so far with almost 1.5 million views.

We bagged the awards for the Best Rock Vocalist, Best Rock Song (Shehrezade), Best Rock Group, a silver award in the category of the Most Mind-blowing Music Video for Pukaar and were voted as the Best Freaking act in the Universe by our peers at the IndieGo awards held in Malaysia in Feb 2012. The awards aim to honour some of the best independent music and bands present in South Asia.

We have recently won the JD Award for the best rock band from Pakistan 2010. The awards were hosted by Jack Daniels and Rolling Stones Magazine, India. We performed in New Delhi at The Hard Rock Cafe on December 16, 2010 for the JD Rock Awards Tour in front of a packed 800 crowd.

We are the first band from Pakistan to be invited to come and perform at one of the biggest and most prestigious Music Festivals in USA called SXSW (South By Southwest) which takes place every year in Austin, Texas.

Our song “Inquilaab” recently made it to the Semi Finals of International Songwriting Competition (ISC) out of 15,000 entries from all over the globe.

We were the most played band with our song “Mera Wana“ on the METAL ASIA COMPILATION 2010 which included all Asian metal bands.

Our songs “Inquilaab” and “Pal” have been chosen as the soundtrack for an upcoming movie “Waar”. The movie is being produced my Mindworks Media.

Our song “Mera Wana” will be used in the soundtrack of another upcoming movie “Peochar” by Mindworks Media.

We have so far released 4 music videos “Tanha”, "Pukaar", "Umeed" and "Shehrezade" which are currently doing the rounds on the Pakistan music channels namely MTV, Aag, ARY Musik, Oxygene and Play TV. We are in the process of releasing more singles and videos.

Band Members:

Umair Jaswal: Lead Vocals.
Khurram Waqar: Lead Guitars/Rhythm Guitars, Arrangement & Audio Production, Band Manager
Sarmad Abdul Ghafoor: Guitars & Audio Production.
Shaheryar Ghayas: Bass Guitar.
Salman Rafique: Drums/Percussions

Contact: Eva Dowd - eva@evadowd.com

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Magazine Gap

About: Magazine Gap

In the final analysis, people will always love real music of the highest quality - passionately created, beautifully crafted, carefully constructed, artfully produced and powerfully performed. Magazine Gap are one of the most musically intoxicating bands emerging on the scene today.

There is nothing artificial about this eclectic pop/rock band, and yet its make-up is so unlikely. How in London, a city of 12 million people, does a folk-rock singer-songwriter earning his spurs on the acoustic circuit meet and musically connect with a leading R&B/Hip-Hop session drummer and producer with several international tours under his belt, and a classically trained concert pianist and jazz maestro? Certainly a cosmopolitan city is the best breeding ground for musical innovation and London is a world-leader, but mainly it is due to the highly accomplished and creative members of Magazine Gap.

Magazine Gap's strong appeal is a testament to how the band combined their musical strengths and pooled their myriad of influences and experiences to create a fresh, distinct sound that appeals to the broadest demographic. The name of the band comes from a famous stretch of road in Hong Kong, where two of the band members grew up; it runs from the Mid-Levels to the Peak, and serves as metaphor for the band's journey as they embrace both the old school method of taking their music on the road and new school as they reach fans along the online highway. Analytics show their fanbase is equally divided between men and women.

Magazine Gap have physically travelled over 50,000 miles through touring around the world. Dates include 14 major cities in the UK & Ireland, the four largest cities in the United States (New York, Chicago, Houston & Los Angeles), three of the largest cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka & Nagoya), two of the most significant metropolises in the South-East Asia (Hong Kong & Singapore), and a 90 minute evening concert on the main outdoor stage at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

Their live shows have garnered huge acclaim for their powerful performances and high level of musicianship. At every stop, the band has connected with local audiences, be it: New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Cape May, London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich, Milton Keynes, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Bedford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin, Montreux, Singapore, Hong Kong, Osaka, Nagoya or Tokyo.

Their music has reached hundreds of thousands more in all corners of the globe through extensive social networking, and found an audience of real music lovers everywhere. BBC Radio has also embraced the band and has featured Magazine Gap on several radio shows with live performances and interviews. Their song "What's Next?" was Record Of The Week on the eclectic music station JazzFM in June 2012. Each new video on their popular YouTube channel, which has had over 800,000 views, instantly becomes one of the most discussed of all UK based musicians.

This creativity and fusion of styles is evident on the band's Silver Lining EP. The six songs featured are a snapshot of Magazine Gap's versatility and quality of musicianship. In keeping with that authenticity, the band worked in some of the top recording studios in the world including Capitol Studios (Hollywood), Firehouse Recording Studios (Pasadena), Avatar Studios (New York), CRC Studios (Chicago), Piety Street Recording (New Orleans), Metropolis and Abbey Road Studios (London). All songs were written by James Keen (except Silver Lining – lyrics by James Keen; music by Keen & Brian McCook). The Silver Lining EP was produced by Brian McCook and mixed by Brian Moore. The EP is available on iTunes and all digital platforms worldwide.

Magazine Gap is a band whose time has come.

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"This fabulous group has a magnetic originality and creativeness, and will mesmerize you with their outstanding music." ~ RadioIndy

Beautiful musicianship, intricate rhythms and the dynamic control displayed confirms a band in full masterful command of their music. This is a skilful, refined band at the top of their A-Game" ~ Overplay

“They have fused an amazing collection of various styles into a sound that is sure to amaze even seasoned musicians and producers. The pop/rock style is truly unique” ~ Sonic Shocks

World class – with their songwriting ability, multi-layered structures and quality musicianship brimming throughout, the record sounds fantastic” ~ Buzz Jack

“Sophisticated pop and a call to all lovers of class” ~ Volume Magazine

“Tremendous pop that errs on the eclectic and could be a very big hit in the pop world” ~ Maverick Magazine

“The combination somehow works. ****” ~ Sunday Mail (Scotland)

“The vocals hold all the various elements together and fuse them into a distinct sound” ~ Bristol Evening Post

“Strong musicianship, creativity in songwriting with well crafted and insightful lyrics, plus a wonderful mix of styles and instruments, making something that is distinctly Magazine Gap” ~ Red Hot Velvet

“Magazine Gap have burst onto the music scene with great music, and managed to create a fresh and unfamiliar sound. A first class act. If you get the opportunity to see them live – do it!" ~ Maybe Magazine

"Musical genius: their set makes them stand out from other bands. You have to see it to believe it!" ~ wohomusic

"Clearly a sound from the world stage – I can't wait to see them live again" ~ Songsalive!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Trouble

About: Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble is a sensational, soulful four-man band whose very essence screams out loud of the late 1950's to 1960's. Turned on by and tuned into the evolutionary period in music and life when there was a razor thin line between Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, the band reconnects us all to one universal vibration. Their modern day classics transport the mind, spirit and body back to a sweaty, swinging, heart-thumping speakeasy. Their live shows feel like a sweet southern down-home revival mixed with a gritty, downtown edge. Inspirationally, Otis Redding, Chuck Berry and Ike and Tina Turner can all be felt in woven clothe that tailor-suit the band like honey to the bee. When the buzz tells you they're near, get to them...and be prepared to be moved.

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About: Plumb

Plumb was born in Indianapolis and grew up in Atlanta, singing in church and school. At 20 she moved to Nashville one week before her 21st birthday, working as a background singer for a number of notable artists, including Bill Gaither and Amy Grant. Following Silvertone Records affiliate Essential Records mainstream alternative radio success with its debut artist Jars of Clay in 1995, the label signed Plumb as its second artist. When she was urged to write, Plumb turned to Matt Bronlewee—an original member of Jars of Clay who happened to be her next-door neighbor—and the two hit it off. The debut album, Plumb, was released in 1997, with stage name Plumb coming from the Suzanne Vega song "My Favorite Plum". Plumb has said subsequently that the addition of the letter "B" to the end was the idea of her producer Matt Bronleewe and, in her mind, also represents Bronleewe's important contribution to her sound.


In 1999, Plumb released a second studio album titled Candycoatedwaterdrops, which won the 2000 Gospel Music Association Dove Award for "Modern Rock Album of the Year". Three tracks from it were later covered by other artists; "Stranded" and "Here With Me" by Jennifer Paige and, in 2001, "Damaged" by Plummet. Though the album won the DOVE Award for Best Modern Rock Album in 2000, and saw strong radio success with the single "God-Shaped Hole", the subject matter and approach of much of Plumb's music was often considered too dark and taboo for the mainstream Christian marketplace. Plumb's tendency to write songs about deeply personal stories issues, such as international hit "Cut" which addressed cutting, and "Damaged" which addressed a girl coping with being molested as a child, led to more enthusiastic reception by fans of alternative and dance music. Fueling the break from CCM, "Cut" was also used prominently during a pivotal scene in the storyline of The Vampire Diaries in the 10th episode of season 1, "The Turning Point".

Beautiful Lumps of Coal and Chaotic Resolve:

Plumb considered leaving the music industry after the 2000 album, but changed her mind after receiving a note from a fan a few hours before what she thought to be her final concert. The letter was about her song "Damaged" about a girl coping with being molested as a child. The note said "Whatever you do, I just want you to never forget that you have changed someone's life," which inspired Plumb to remain in the music industry. She signed to Curb Records in 2003, releasing the album Beautiful Lumps of Coal on March 25, 2003. The lead single, "Real", peaked at No. 41 in the UK Singles Chart. Her next album, titled Chaotic Resolve, entered the Billboard 200 album chart at No. 177 on March 9, 2006. "Better" reached No. 1 on the U.S. Christian airplay chart. The Bronleewe & Bose remix of her follow-up, "Cut", hit No. 1 on SiriusXM's dance hits channel BPM, and No. 5 on Billboard's Dance Charts Hot Dance Club Songs.


Shortly after the birth of her second child, Plumb recorded her 5th album, titled Blink, as collection of lullaby inspired songs. It was released on October 9, 2007, immediately becoming one of her best selling and most enduring albums to date. Lead single "In My Arms", was used in conjunction with key plot narratives for both Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill, and became Plumb's biggest international hit to date, selling close to half a million singles in both the United States and Russia. "In My Arms" received remixes by Kaskade, Scotty K, Bronleewe & Bose, Gomi, and Bimbo Jones, with the later reaching the No. 3 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Beautiful History:

On May 19, 2009, Curb Records announced that it would release a career spanning greatest hits album titled Beautiful History, which was released later in the year and included several new songs.[16] The first single from Beautiful History, "Hang On", reached No. 1 on US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play in 2009 and reached the top spot on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2010.

Need You Now:

Plumb returned to the studio in 2010 with longtime producer and co-writer Matt Bronleewe to begin work on what would become her 6th studio album, while also changing management and signing with alternative boutique firm Street Talk Media. The debut single from the project, "Drifting", a co-penned duet with longtime friend Dan Haseltine (of Jars of Clay), spread quickly across Christian Rock radio. The second single, "Need You Now (How Many Times)", went to CCM radio in early 2012 and has become Plumb's most successful single to date in that market, rising to number to No. 1 on multiple radio and iTunes charts in both the United States and Canada by year's end. The single has remained in regular rotation nationwide for well over a year, selling close to 300,000 singles on iTunes to date, and is BDS certified at over 100,000 radio spins. The album Need You Now was released worldwide in February 2013, charting at a career-best No. 56 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on Christian album charts. The album received five Dove Award nominations including Song of the Year and Contemporary/Pop Album of the Year. With her children now all at least grade school age, and with the massive success of Need You Now, 2012 and 2013 saw the most aggressive touring of her entire career, playing major festivals throughout 2012 and 2013, embarking on her first and largely sold-out headlining tour in the fall of 2013, and joining the massive Winterjam arena tour for November 2013-14.


Plumb released her seventh studio album, Exhale, on May 4, 2015.


Studio albums

CONTACT: http://plumbmusic.net/

New Book - The Shard of Asclepius

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