Monday, February 28, 2011

The Feaver

About: The Feaver

The Feaver is a four piece rock band that formed in the latter part of 2009. The band consists of: Braeden Lemasters, Vocals, lead guitar, Dylan Minnette, Vocals, rhythm guitar, Zack Mendenhall, Bass, Cole Preston, Drums. Each member is proficient at many instruments and they also write and compose their own original songs. The band won the 2010, 98.7 RockStar contest which was held at the Sunset Music Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

The Feaver has performed at many top venues in Southern California. They include: The Roxy, The Whisky, The Key Club, The Cat Club, The Canyon Club, The Yost Theater, The Glass House, Vans Warp Tour and City Walk at Universal Studios. Their first EP should be released soon. You can hear the bands original song “Bleeding Man” in the season 2 promo for the Haunting Hour TV series on the HUB Network. Dylan and Braeden are also movie and television actors and have appeared in such productions as: Easy A, Let Me In, The Stepfather, Saving Grace, Lost Men of a Certain Age, Awake, and A Christmas Story 2.


Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, Zack Mendenhall, Cole Preston. At times you will find Austin Lemasters


The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Dave Lemasters, Craig Minnette, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and The Who.

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About: Ghostess

Ghostess, is the project moniker of Jenna Earle. Jenna Earle is not your typical singer-songwriter. With a moody yet inviting soundscape that stems from her unique slide and open-tuning guitar techniques, her music couples distinctive lyrics and vibey production with sultry, almost haunting vocals.

Born into a gypsy lifestyle, Jenna literally began her life on the road when her mom gave birth to her while traveling and she has been “off the grid” ever since. Spending her youth on a farm devoid of electricity and running water, Jenna's childhood consisted of one-room schoolhouses, bohemian parties and entertaining herself by listening to her parents and their friends play blues and flamenco music.

The product of a musical family spanning many generations, Jenna was fortunate enough to appear as a featured vocalist on a Juno-nominated album by uncle Lenny Graf at the age of 11. Her music education was furthered after watching late-night jam sessions at smoky downtown jazz clubs and attending Selkirk College, where she earned a diploma in music composition.

Jenna’s latest EP was produced by Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, Tom Cochrane) and reflects her wide-ranging influences from greats such as Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Robert Johnson.

Contact: Ghostess

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Oliver Trolley

About: Oliver Trolley

Oliver Trolley is a 4 piece band including Kevin Childs on guitar and lead vocals, Brian Zanini playing bass, Adam Lopez on guitar, and Brian Meyer on Drums. Oliver Trolley is from southern California and likes to mix an indie beat with catchy melodies. The bass driven verses keep an upbeat tempo that make the old feel young again. With the help of their publisher Gas Can Music, songs from Oliver Trolley's debut album titled "Circles" has been featured on shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, MTV's The Real World, Kim and Khloe Take New York, VH1's Tough Love, Women's World Cup on ESPN, and much more. The bands success over the past year has been a testament to their drive and ongoing commitment to reach new heights. Oliver Trolleys new EP titled “Ships” is set to release July 24th on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. With a new album on the horizon, Oliver Trolley is ready to make a lasting impact on the Sothern California music scene and beyond. Keep a lookout and expect a lot more from these boys in 2012.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Iris Corporation

About: Iris Corporation

An aura made of Brit Rock and Oriental - poetic and committed lyrics - this is the union of three musicians from IRIS Corporation. Each from a different background, their stance on ecology, humanism and spirituality is the result of their rejection of communitarianism. A consciousness-raising the band wants to share at every level of social, economical and spiritual pyramids to allow infinite hope.
“World Rock” uniting oriental sensuality and Rock power, ever respecting the balance and the cultural sharing essential for our earthly future.

Une aura de rock anglo-saxon et d’orient; des textes poétiques et engagés : voici le fruit de l’union des trois musiciens d’IRIS Corporation. Issus d’univers différents, leurs prises de position écologiques, humanistes et spirituelles sont le reflet de leur rejet de tout communautarisme; Une prise de conscience que le groupe souhaite partager du plus bas au plus haut des pyramides sociales, économiques et spirituelles pour l’infini espoir qu’elle permet. Un World Rock alliant la sensualité orientale à la puissance du rock anglo-saxon qui respecte l’équilibre et le partage culturel essentiels à notre futur terrestre.

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Anna Taylor

About: Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor is an international recording artist and singer-songwriter who shares her voice around the world.

A loving and compassionate woman with a remarkable ability to empathise and communicate with others, Anna believes we can guide our lives as long as we are willing to listen to our hearts. She is now embracing her purpose as a messenger of love and inspiration and is sharing her story to show that anything is possible.

Born eleven weeks premature and with Cerebral Palsy learning to walk was a major challenge, and Anna took her first independent steps at the age of six. Although her formal education was interrupted first by surgery and physiotherapy, then by long-term illness, she completed her exams through home-tutoring and sheer determination, learning at a young age that success is achieved as much through mental strength as physical ability.

Sound and song therapy played an integral part in Anna’s healing, and her innate love of singing inspired her to dream of recording her own CD. In 2009 this dream was realised when she travelled to California to record her debut album ALREADY HERE. The trip across the Atlantic was the culmination of eighteen months of co-writing via email, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of friends and supporters around the world. Their contributions are memorialised in the ‘Wall of Love’ – 111 hearts filled with their initials – that graces the centre pages of the CD booklet.

ALREADY HERE was released on Valentine’s Day 2010 and later became ‘CD of the month’ in Soul and Spirit magazine. Anna has since performed for audiences in England and the United States, and has been featured on BBC Sussex Radio and several internet radio shows, including Hay House Radio and 12 Radio. These experiences have led to her latest adventure - her own radio show ANNA AND THE ANGELS on, where she treats her listeners to a unique blend of fun, wisdom and music.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tatiana Barbosa

About: Tatiana Barbosa

With "a vox to grace the masses" Tatiana Barbosa is unlike any pop artist you'll hear today. Capable of the edgy grit of Rihanna and the powerful emotion of Beyoncé, Tatiana’s distinctive and richly textured voice promises to be as prevalent and instantly recognizable as both of those mega stars.

Music became an important factor in Tatiana’s life when she was just eight years old, when she wrote her first song, Lost in Imagination. With brief stays in Alabama and Florida, Tatiana and her family eventually came back to New Jersey where she began to pursue her music in earnest. In high school, a memorable performance would turn her dream into her life's goal. "I was in a talent show and sung Rihanna's "Take a Bow". After I performed I was so excited and wanted to do it again and again. After that I got control of my stage shyness and I really knew that this is what I wanted to do."

With her stage fright in check Tatiana blossomed as a performer. At a recent performance in a talent showcase for Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, audio went out and Tatiana was left without a live microphone. Un-phased and always professional, Tatiana immediately began singing acapella to the expectant audience. Three songs later, as audio was corrected, the crowd was in love with her.

This confident and empowered personality has found a natural niche in the Stop the Violence Campaigns sweeping the country. Tatiana took her stand against domestic violence with the recording of the song and video for Enough is Enough. The filming of the video broke the Guinness book of World Records for the largest video/choir in history. "It’s such a great record", says Tatiana "and definitely sends a strong message. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, and I'm honored to have been a part of it."

Tatiana continues to work with songwriters and producers as she learns and master her craft. She loves recording and never shirks the long hours, late nights and little sleep that go hand in hand with that lifestyle.

Recording cover songs like Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and a version of “1+1” that rivaled Beyoncé’s has gained Tatiana a lot attention, but writing her own songs is an important part of Tatiana’s talent. Her sensitive and empowered songs, such as “Slow Down”, perhaps best express this young artist as she tells how her career comes first and love will have to wait

While many popular artists inspire Tatiana in her craft, like Keyshia Cole "because she speaks the truth and she's real", Maria Carey and Kerri Hilson; her most inspiring is the late King of Pop. "Michael Jackson inspired so many people with his music and never let anyone bring him down". Similarly for Tatiana, the opportunity to make a difference to people keeps her focused on her goal. "Music has always been a part of my life, it's how I express myself and it’s all I can see myself doing honestly.”

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Monday, February 14, 2011

That Was Something

About: That Was Something

That Was Something started its humble beginnings as high school teenagers in the fall of 2003. A band with a true passion for making music. After 5 records, tours all over the U.S. and memories that will last a lifetime, “That Was Something” has prided itself on always staying on it’s own two feet with or without label support.

The year of 2008 was quite the year for the band. Between releasing their first record on a label (Lobster/Oort Records) titled BEARS!, which sold over 6,000 copies in just 4 short months, and touring the great states non stop, it has been a whirlwind of a ride.

Now members Bradley, JP, Mark, John, Ryan and Josh have put their focus into once again making a record that truly stands on its own two feet. That Was Something wants to make music that after all the trends, clothing and styles are over, still stands tall with an original pop sound that is still easy for people to familiarize themselves with.

In a scene where it seems many bands are overnight successes, That Was Something is proud to say that they’ve been working their FOOS off for 5 years, and have no plan …ping.

Their new EP, “Down, But Not Out”, produced by Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship) is truly something that the band is really proud of. With influences such as Third Eye Blind, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson, they really emphasized the POP on this record. “Down, But Not Out” was released on December 9th by Authentik Artists.

That Was Something disbanded in 2009 and are currently pursuing other projects. However, in the summer of 2012 they made a special effort and released “The Final Album” which can now be purchased @ itunes and Amazon.

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The Mad Pride

About: The Mad Pride

Combining 60s psychedelia, folk noir, art rock, gothic post-punk and baroque pop, The Mad Pride has been described as haunting and ominous like Syd Barrett and David Bowie collaborating on a Tim Burton film soundtrack. Comparisons are often made to Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Erik Satie, Opeth, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, baroque and minimalist / repetitive composers. It is the solo recording project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rowan Galagher.

Since 2009 Rowan has released 3 original albums and he is currently releasing tracks from his 4th. He has moved from avant-garde psych-folk experimentation to cinematic soundscapes and towards a classical style of psychedelic rock. His DIY ethic motivated him to play the majority of the instruments himself and record them alone in his Wollongong based apartment.

With an uncompromising commitment to emotional authenticity and a wider goal of positive social change, Rowan is driven to make honest and progressive music. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional genres and seeks to forge a new platform in the contemporary musical landscape. It would appear that he is succeeding at this as, aside from the aforementioned artists, Rowan's music has also been compared to Jacques Brel, Mr Bungle, Danny Elfman, Jeff Martin, Muse and David Sylvian.

'The Mad Pride' is a reference to the mass movement known as 'Mad Pride'. "Mad Pride activists seek to re-educate the general public on such subjects as the causes of mental disorders, the experiences of those using the mental health system, and the global suicide pandemic."

There are 45 free mp3 downloads available on Soundcloud.



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“Scapegoat is a swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals.”

Delarue - New York Music Daily

"Mad Pride is a good example of Folk Noir (“dark folk”) that also plays with some late 60′s dark psychedelic folk melodies. Galagher has been compared to Syd Barrett and the comparison is apt."

Matt Coleman - The Music Court Blog

“Touches of the fragile detachment of Radiohead and a spectrum of dramatic emotion all take up residence under an ominous sky... Galagher drives the narrative with a deep fret in his voice that has quiver and allure that reminds me of Chris Connelly, working his own ruminations on outings like Largo or under the guise of The Bells. Of course that leads right to Bowie, who also comes to mind from the vocals to some of the dramatic flare.”

Mr Atavist - Mr Atavists Blog

“The variety here is amazing. The songs run the range from soft, almost acoustical to moody and experimental enough to be the sound track to a Tim Burton movie. They each push the limits of their genre. Be sure and listen to them all as they are very different and there is sure to be something you really like.”

Jane W -


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Patrick Sweany

About: Patrick Sweany

Patrick Sweany likes the spaces in between.

On a given night (or on a given album) he'll swing through blues, folk, soul, bluegrass, maybe some classic 50s rock, or a punk speedball. He's a musical omnivore, devouring every popular music sound of the last 70 years, and mixing 'em all together seamlessly into his own stew. Yet, the one thing that most people notice about Patrick isn't his ability to copy - it's his authenticity. Like his heroes, folks like Bobby "Blue" Bland, Eddie Hinton, Doug Sahm, Ray Charles, Patrick somehow manages to blend all of these influences into something all his own.

It's no wonder that as a kid he immersed himself in his dad's extensive record collection: 60s folk, vintage country, soul, and, of course, blues. Patrick spent hours teaching himself to fingerpick along to Leadbelly, Lightnin' Hopkins, and other folk-blues giants.

In his late teens, Patrick began playing the clubs and coffeehouses around Kent, OH. He quickly gained a reputation for the intricate country blues style he was developing: part Piedmont picking, part Delta slide - with an equally impressive deep, smooth vocal style.

It wasn't long before Pat drew the attention of other notables like Jimmy Thackery who was impressed enough to bring Pat on the road, and Roy Book Binder, who, after hearing Patrick's self-released debut CD I Wanna Tell You, arranged his first appearance at Merlefest in 2002. Book Binder also turned his longtime friend Jorma Kaukonen on to Patrick's music, landing Pat a perennial slot at the legendary Fur Peace Ranch alongside guitarists like GE Smith, Marjorie Thompson, Bill Kirchen and Bob Margolin.

But Pat wouldn't stay in the acoustic world for long. His love of 50s era soul and rock fused with the adrenaline-soaked garage punk revival happening throughout the Rust Belt pushed Pat to form a band.

After 3 critically acclaimed CDs (the last two produced by longtime collaborator Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys), Patrick has expanded his touring radius to 49 states and the UK. He's played premiere festivals all over the U.S., and supported national acts such as The Black Keys, The Gourds, The Wood Brothers, Sonny Landreth, Hot Tuna, and Paul Thorn on tour.

His latest record, That Old Southern Drag, hits the streets February 15, 2011. It was recorded to 2" tape in Nasheville, TN (Patrick's new home) and features contributions from Joe McMahan (Allsion Moorer, Webb Wilder, Mike Farris), Scott McEwan (Tarbox Ramblers), Tim Marks (Will Kimbrough, Taylor Swift), and Chris West (The Dynamites), among others. Southern Drag expands Patrick's roots music palette without losing his signature Deep Blues sound.

CONTACT: Patrick Sweany


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About: Stephaniesid

Stephaniesid, began in 2004, hales from Asheville, NC and makes pop music for “the darkness in you that's trying to find the light.” The band possesses remarkable technical prowess, lending all the proper tools needed to create well-crafted songs and beautiful recordings. The music explores both the melancholy and triumph of human life and love, the players equally faithful stewards of large, intoxicating swells and infectious, danceable melodies. Recordings affix weepy synthesizers, vibraphone lines, guitars, thick bass notes, quirky keyboard sounds, a horn section, and coquettish, curly, tenacious female vocals. The live show is unabashed energy funneled through Iowa-birthed and Texas-raised former gymnast Stephanie Morgan (vox, guitar, synth), southerner Chuck Lichtenberger (keys/vox/bass pedals), and Maine-born Tim Haney (drums), and a collective cast of other players.

The band has chosen to live in Asheville, NC, a city widely known for its musical soul, where they have been voted "Best Rock Band" in the reputable Mountain Xpress poll 4 years in a row.

Stephaniesid has released 4 full-length albums, has had songs featured on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie", Team Ibex's "The Red Helmet", and The Weather Channel, as well as on numerous compilations. The band's music was the subject of a rock ballet in their hometown of Asheville, NC, and the band founded the indie pop festival called POPAsheville.

Members: Stephanie Morgan, Chuck Lichtenberger, Tim Haney, & sometimes an extended collective

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"...a rather transcendent set ...the band was different, melodic, quirky, and just plain good.... A sleeper act
which hit the mark with an almost Bjork-like panache." --Bonnaroo Beacon

"[For breakout song of the summer] Wilco's new song 'You Never Know' is a strong contender for me, as is Stephaniesid's 'Bullet Train.'"--Dan Reed, WXPN Philadelphia

"Sharp writing!" -- David Dye, World Cafe/NPR

"The band's non-pandering brand of pop intricately, artfully textural and full of surprises."
--CityBeat, Cincinnati

"...a mesmerizing mix of songs that can be hushed and calm one moment, and then suddenly dark and explosive the next." - Robin
Hilton, NPR All Songs Considered

"Although generally referred to as an indie-pop band, their sound is actually far more complex and compelling than that genre label implies.... interesting, experimental and creatively edgy."--Steve Shanafelt, Mountain Xpress, Asheville

"The songs move from intimate to anthemic... effortlessly poetic letters...acute insights ... shimmering synth hooks and smoothly shifting melodic textures... difficult to classify but easy to love." --Wayne Robins, Billboard Magazine

"This is world-class music, period. No labels necessary." --Fred Mills, Blurt Magazine

"Fierce, siren-like intensity...voracious appetite for rhythm... a band that isn't afraid to risk being innovative to put out something truly personal." --Harp Magazine (now Blurt)

"Dig It: A Scandinavian Pop princess gets lost in the American South and is rescued by a Jazz quartet."--CityBeat, Cincinnati

"They seem to have a thing for those instruments not easily associated with the musical zeitgeist... [three of their singles] would be on the podium if this were my Olympics and I was holding a collection of medals." (2009)

"Musical touchstones include Rilo Kiley, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, Radiohead, sharing with these bands the ability to create gorgeous melodies over deceptively smart and deep musical ideas... it's rock without the guitar solos, ...with melodies....hooks, and the gratifying payoff of the cascading chorus." -- Summersounds Review by WGSM, Greensburg, PA


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thermal and a Quarter

About: Thermal and a Quarter

TAAQ is a path-breaking band from Bangalore, India. TAAQ describes its music as Bangalore Rock; a sound as unique and layered as the fast-growing city of its birth. Imagine a Phish-meets- Steely Dan-via-Mahavishnu-Orchestra vibe: the TAAQ sound is all that and more.  Through the last 14 years, TAAQ has played all over India, completed tours in the United Kingdom, West Asia and South-East Asia, released five studio albums, supported acts like Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, and won awards for individual musicianship as well as overall contribution to Indian Rock.

Live, TAAQ delivers an unforgettable, immersive musical experience. From packed clubs to arena-size venues, TAAQs stellar musicianship, hard-hitting lyrics, and fluid improvised style make every gig unique.


Bruce Lee Mani - Guitars/Vocals
Rajeev Rajagopal - Drums
Prakash KN - Bass

    Or :

Thermal and a Quarter – Official Website
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Thermal and a Quarter
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“Songs such as Sunset Man, Without Wings and the excellent Look at Me rest on a genre-defying, impossibly funky, but irrefutably Indian rhythm section which rocked in 5/4 time all night. Let's see the Red Hot Chili Peppers try that…” - Stuart Morrison, The Herald, UK

“Thermal And A Quarter ventures far from the straight-ahead four-beat patterns of American music… all sorts of tricky syncopations…” - Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, National Public Radio (All Things Considered), USA

“It’s about time the West has something to listen to from India that isn’t born in Bollywood… I could see this band blowing minds at Bonaroo or the Newport Jazz Festival. Wherever they end up playing, they are sure to catch the attention of anyone who has an ear for great music.” - Ed Douglas, President, Brash Music, Atlanta

“The material is excellent – and the band can obviously cut it live” - Art Edelstein, Producer, Festival Productions, New York

“The new record is an eminently listenable effort, with sharp, precise instrumentation, great vocal harmonies and nice hooks. If one was to make comparisons, Steely Dan would come up, with slight detours into Phish territory. It’s also beautifully put together…” - Time Out Magazine, Delhi, on This Is It

“It’s not just jamming or polishing of songs that TAAQ concentrated on. They’ve also set a high bar for themselves when it came to the actual production.” - Rolling Stone Magazine

“With influences ranging from jazz to rock to funk, (Bruce Lee) Mani’s playing is instantly recognizable: sinuous wah-wah riffs, funky rhythms and staccato solos.”  - Rolling Stone Magazine – on Bruce Lee Mani, featured as one of ‘India’s Best Axemen’

“…oodles of talent; TAAQ’s music is unique and refreshing” - Emirates Today, Dubai, UAE

 “At the heart of the (TAAQ) enterprise is the creation of songs that resonate with the mood of contemporary India” - The Times of India, Bangalore


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