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Jukebox the Ghost

About: Jukebox the Ghost

The appeal of a modern, on the rise indie band like Jukebox the Ghost is simple: They write catchy songs. On top of that, they’re dynamic, skilled musicians. The band’s records are carefully structured, yet wildly diverse affairs. And the live show? Energetic, crowd-pleasing, cathartic.

The Philly trio’s new album, produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) and set for release this fall on Yep Roc, highlights all of these elements over 11 tracks, each one leaving its own unique sonic footprint. But constructing and arranging the songs to their full potential took years of preparation, both on the road and in all of the basements, houses, hotel rooms and studios where the songs were born.

“There was never a lull in songwriting, even when we were touring.” explains guitarist/co-vocalist Tommy Siegel. “We went into the studio with 25 nearly-finished and arranged songs, and we put a lot of time into crafting each one. It was a conscious effort on all of our parts to mature as a band.”

Since their 2008 debut, Let Live and Let Ghosts, a sunny, piano-led explosion of pop exuberance, JTG has logged hundreds of shows and thousands of hours on tour – all of which helped the guys develop the patience and perspective needed to deliver a more intricate and serious second record.

“Sometimes, in the past, we were received as being this bubbly and jumpy and happy group,” says Ben Thornewill, Jukebox’s pianist and other vocalist. “But this record seems like we’re sounding more thoughtful and personal. Besides, you’re going to think and write differently after 300 shows. People change, different things happen to you, you get some new influences, and the way you do your songwriting and arranging is going to be different.”

“It’s not wrong to say we’re fun, upbeat guys,” adds Siegel, who stayed upbeat during the album’s recording despite scheduling it around vocal surgery—a by-product of spending two years on the road (note: post-surgery, Tommy is fine). “But we’re real people, we’ve had real troubles, and all of that’s going to affect us. Besides, I think the ‘happy-fun’ label was a bit of hyperbole – I mean, half of the songs on our first record were about the apocalypse.”

Originally formed during college in Washington D.C., Jukebox the Ghost (the name’s an amalgam of Captain Beefheart and Nabakov references) won accolades for that first record, Let Live and Let Ghosts, which Spin called “a refreshing reminder that the lighthearted electricity of a fantastic pop song is still filled with live wires.” The band – Thornewill, Siegel and drummer Jesse Kristin – jelled quickly, despite their disparate musical backgrounds in everything from classical piano to prog to indie to 80s Brit-pop. Collectively, the group delivered an unabashedly upbeat, playful sound with a sly dark streak (see: the aforementioned apocalyptic lyrics).

JTG’s pop sensibility is still on display on the new record, but now rounded out with more emotional heft and an expanded musical palate. For starters, there’s an emergence of synths, most notably on the Phoenix-like opener “Schizophrenia.” (Says Thornewill: “I was such a classical pianist for a long time that I was sort of against using them…and then I started fooling around and realized how much they could open up our sound.”). Elsewhere, the album veers through gorgeous AM radio throwbacks (“The Summer Sun”), Beatles-esque twists and turns (“Mistletoe”) and even a little prog-rock in “The Sun,” “The Sun (Interlude)” and “The Stars,” a three-part “philosophical/cosmological pondering” by Siegel that’s actually quite…dance-able.

“Doing dance beats wasn’t natural for us,” admits Siegel. “But we had done a cover of New Order’s ‘Temptation’ a little while back, and every time we played it our fans went crazy. So I think that really influenced us to try something new on here.”

With one exception on the new album (“Carrying”), Thornewill and Siegel tend to write songs on their own, with Kristin serving as an unofficial producer during the arrangement sessions. Although the two writers differ in style–”Tommy’s songs are highly imaginative and story-like while Ben’s tend to be more emotional and reflective,” says Kristin–several of the new tracks play off of each other, lyrically and thematically. Common threads, both accidental and purposeful, abound — From the concepts of “nobody” vs. “everybody” (“Nobody” and “The Popular Thing”), insanity (Ben’s track “Schizophrenia,” Tommy’s song “Half-Crazy.”) or even sun imagery (Ben’s “The Summer Sun,” Tommy’s “The Sun.”) (For more explanations on the songs, see the band’s track-by-track commentary, included below).

Helping to round out Jukebox’s sound this time out was producer Peter Katis, best known for his work with Interpol, The National, Fanfarlo and other, decidedly less-animated rock groups. “There’s simplicity about the records he’s done that we love,” says Kristin. “And we thought, given his affinity for melancholy, dark music, he could bring a balance to our songs.” Katis kept the sessions loose, giving the record a vibe closer to their live sound. As the drummer notes: “He let the music be what it was, and didn’t substantially change the structures or melodies, which we really appreciated.”

As for the Beatles fixation of the record (like “Nobody,” which Thornewill calls their “most McCartney-esque song”), the band gives some credit to their adopted hometown of Philadelphia, where the group relocated to from Washington D.C. on a whim after their first record. “The music scene here is amazing,” says Siegel. “A lot of bands here, like Dr. Dog, have a heavy Beatles vibe going– I think that made us realize that it’s OK for us to wear our influences on our sleeves a little bit.”

With new songs and a new direction in hand, JTG plan to spend the next year on the road, hopefully matching the 300+ shows the band did between albums one and two. It was out there, with the likes of Ben Folds, Adam Green (Moldy Peaches) and Ra Ra Riot where the group built up a fervent, wide-ranging fanbase. “Our growth as a band has been from word-of-mouth and just being on tour,” says Siegel. “We seem to attract everyone from hipsters to parents to kids to college students. It never ceases to surprise me.”

Besides delivering a raucous live show, one other thing will stay constant with Jukebox the Ghost, newfound maturity or not — the lack of a bass player. “That’s how we started,” says Kristin. “And we take a lot of pride in coloring every section of every song just with the three of us. We’ve sort of proven to be a successful oddity without one.”


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Brule & AIRO

BIO: Brule and AIRO

Ocasionally an event occurs of such significance that it forever changes the way you perceive life itself. In November, 1993 such an event occurred for Paul LaRoche. Paul, adopted at birth off the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation, discovered his heritage in 1993 after the death of both adoptive parents. He was reunited on Thanksgiving day 1993 with a brother, sister, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. The discovery of his true heritage has greatly affected Paul's life and those around him. The influence on his career has been monumental. Overwhelmed by the experience, Paul has turned his powerful feelings to humanitarian causes through music. In 1995, out of recognition for his tribe, Paul introduced his recording name as Brulé.

It is Paul's mission to be a cultural role model and use his music to make the world a better place for all relations upon the earth. Paul was selected as a musical ambassador and speaker for the 2000 UN Peace Conference held in The Hague Center for Peace. Brule s annual coast to coast tour has included performances at such venues as the Hollywood premier of Kevin Costner s movie Open Range; Indian Summer in Milwaukee; the Indian Arts Markets in Denver, CO and Arlington,TX; the world renowned Ordway Theater in St. Paul, various Tribal casinos and many additional outdoor festivals and events. Brule s tour also includes powerful full-stage concert productions of 'We the People' and 'Red Nativity' the Holiday show.

Brulé has become one of the top-selling Native American recording artists with more than a million CDs sold worldwide. " Over 1 million CDs sold worldwide " 1999 Outstanding Musical Achievement Award by The First Americans in the Arts " 2002 Group of the Year & Best Instrumental Recording Native American Music Awards (NAMMA) " 2003 Best Instrumental Recording for Night Tree By Nicole with Brule (NAMMA) " 2006 Group of the Year for Tatanka (NAMMA) " 2007 Group of the Year for Silent Star Night & Best New Age Recording for Kinship (NAMMA) " 2007 Hidden Heritage&the Story of Paul LaRoche and was recently named as an AWARD WINNING-FINALIST in the Biography category in the INDIE EXCELLENCE 2007 NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS. " 2008 Group of the Year for Lakota Piano II (NAMMA) " 2009 Group of the Year " 2010 Brulé selected to be featured on ONE NATION Float at the 2011 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.

Appearances: Regis and Kathie Lee * CNN Worldbeat * A&E Biography 2009 Thirteen episodes of the show, Hidden Heritage are introduced on the RFD-TV Network. 2010 Twenty six (26) new episodes of Hidden Heritage are scheduled to air on RFD-TV.

On July 13th & 14th, 2007 over 13,000 people gathered at Mt Rushmore National Park to watch a small Native American music group called Brule. Concert for Reconciliation of the Cultures became the largest musical performance ever at Mt. and an historical milestone in the healing of two cultures.

2007 to present, over 225 PBS affiliates have aired the Concert for Reconciliation of the Cultures.

Current band members include: Paul LaRoche on keyboards; Nicole LaRoche (Paul s daughter) on flute; Shane LaRoche (Paul s son) on guitars; Vlasis on percussion; Lowery Begay on traditional drum and Kurt Olson on drum kit. Paul, Nicole, and Shane are enrolled members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of SD. Lowery is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation.

Current traditional dancers include: Lowery Begay, Garan Coons, Chris Estes, Douglas Scholfield, Linda Thompson & Josette Wahwasuck.

Bookings and General Information

Phone: 480.390.2239
Fax: 605.274.6557
Email: Kathy Summers, Manager


Five A.M.


About: Five AM

In January 2014 contemporary rock band, Five A.M., traveled to LA to start on their newest album with producer John Fields. The multi-platinum producer has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business from rock bands like Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Lifehouse and Goo Goo Dolls, to chart-dominating pop acts like the Jonas Brothers, Pink and Miley Cyrus. With Fields at the helm, fans will be hearing the best of what Five A.M. has to offer.

The new material and refined sound is augmented with the addition of keyboard extraordinaire Jimmy Donaghy, who has become a permanent fixture as Five A.M.'s 6th member. Jimmy's approach to the songs give Five A.M. a fresh dynamic. Musically influenced by artists such as U2, Matchbox Twenty, Snow Patrol, and Foo Fighters, Five A.M. craft a dynamic, powerful brand of alternative rock that relies on a contrast between anthemic choruses and moody verses.

Five A.M. has an energetic live set ready to move new listeners and long time fans alike. "We love playing shows, we love writing music, we love playing in a band together, this is it- this is why we do It." This energy is apparent at every show, drawing the audience in to share the joy of playing in a rock band.

Band Members:
Jed Friesen - Drums
Trent Yaconelli - Lead Vocals
Zach Hammer - Lead Guitar
Benjie Kushins – Percussion
Jason McGrath – Bass
Jimmy Donaghy - Keyboards

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marqui Adora

About: Marqui Adora

After spending many years in the South Florida music scene the members of Marqui Adora finally found the musical formula that worked…

Just as Joe Shockley and John Tooker had almost given up on finding a singer who could create the sound they wanted they heard it through the walls at a rehearsal studio in August of 2004. After a quick hello during a break Joe learned that the voice they heard in the next studio was Danny Ashe and that his band was called Marqui Adora.

At the time Joe said to John, “We’ve got to steal that guy!” Things worked themselves out without any larceny when Joe noticed Marqui Adora was looking for a drummer a few weeks later. Joe called Danny and proposed that they could combine both of the bands and see if it worked. When that first practice resulted in three new songs they knew that this was the right mix.

Things worked so well that the new Marqui Adora played a show in less then two months to a very shocked audience. Members came and went during the next two years but the core of the group stayed Danny, Joe, and John.

After nearly two years of false starts the first record White Buildings was finished in June of 2006. It was a challenging mixture of rock and dance music with layers of sound making for a easy repeat listen. A short time later the band was contacted about using one of the songs from the record, Empty, in a 2007 Nissan Sentra campaign.

At the end of 2006 the band also found itself with an offer they couldn’t refuse. When local rock group Fashionista fell apart their guitarist Howard Melnick found himself without a band and offered his services.

The power trio version of Marqui Adora now found itself with it’s own guitar god as a very solid four piece.

And life was good…


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The Clumsy Lovers

About: The Clumsy Lovers

The Clumsy Lovers have brought their mix of fiddle and banjo-fuelled, bluegrassified Celtic rock to North American audiences for over a decade. With more than 2500 performances under their belts, their high-energy shows have worn out dance floors and created a loyal following in 49 states and across their homeland of Canada.

In addition to their live shows, The Clumsy Lovers have also released a series of award-winning and critically acclaimed recordings. Early self-produced recordings garnered the attention of venerated label Nettwerk Records, which came on board to release “After The Flood” (2005) and “Smart Kid” (2006). Both albums won a CD of the year nod from the Indie Acoustic Music awards, as well as being nominated for numerous other honors (including multiple mentions from The West Coast Music Awards, and the Canadian Folk Music Awards).

In 2010 the Clumsy Lovers released “Make Yourself Known”, a 13-song collection showcasing the band’s penchant for mixing styles. From bluegrass rave-ups to pop-rock sing-a-longs, this album brings the Lovers live show energy to your living room.

But the Clumsy Lovers are still, first and foremost, a live band. Their spontaneous forays into musical mayhem can only be experienced in person, and after years of relentless touring the Lovers feel most at home on a stage.

“Their fusion of bluegrass and celtic with a rock attitude is the soundtrack for a kinetic show that has helped the band become a favorite of the roots music crowd” – San Antonio Express-News

“Buckle up for a ride on a crazed, banjo-driven folk rock bus, from the fiddle-tastic band that release After The Flood comes a high-energy, toe-tappin’ soiree that promises to please.” – Boulder Weekly

“Some people see this Vancouver combo as a messed-up bluegrass band. Others see a messed-up Celtic group. Still others see a messed-up rock band. With a little something for everybody, the one consistent element the Lovers bring to every show is a riotous good time. Blending all the aforementioned influences into a ripsnortin’ and rootsy performance, these guys (and girl) are absolute road dogs and it shows in their powerful live shows.” — Orlando Weekly

Snail mail:

PO Box 3946
349 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 3Z4

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Stefan Dixon

About: Stefan Dixon

Stefan Dixon is a South African singer/songwriter currently residing in Brussels, Belgium.

Dixon has been living the life of a musician since 2002 – playing gigs all over South Africa, slowly emerging as one of the most prolific singer-songwriters and performers on the South African music scene today and has performed at almost every music festival, venue and sweaty bar throughout the country.

His songs are strong, emotive artworks infused with beautiful melodies. The music can best be described melodic/acoustic/pop/rock with an afro/folk edge.

Stefan’s debut album ‘For no apparent reason was released in 2010 under critical acclaim through Universal Music and was received with great enthusiasm throughout South Africa and getting reasonable airplay on most radio stations in his home country. The title of the album has been traveling with Dixon for several years now… and not for no apparent reason. It alludes to his recurring theme of making sense out of his journey – “The more I gig, the more I'm on the road, the clearer it all gets. I only doubt myself once or twice monthly these days. It used to be a daily occurrence,” he explains.

In 2014 Stefan relocated to Brussels, Belgium seeking new inspiration, influences, knowledge and general life experience to increase his songwriting capabilities and focus on his guitar playing.
"South Africa's most underrated singer-songwriter" - Channel24




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Matthew Barber

About: Matthew Barber

Matthew Barber is a singer-songwriter from Toronto who has released 7 albums over the past decade and toured extensively across Canada with inroads into Europe, the US and Australia.

Equally at home as a solo performer or with a band, Barber’s music is inspired largely by the great songwriters of the 20th century North American folk/blues/rock’n’roll and country tradition.

After releasing his first album on the independent label Paper Bag Records in 2003, Barber signed with Warner Music Canada and subsequently released two albums on the label – the e.p. The Story of Your Life (2004) and Sweet Nothing (2005). After both sides decided to part ways amicably, Barber landed at the independent label Outside Music – a label for which he used to work in the warehouse. Since then he has released 4 critically acclaimed full-length albums –Ghost Notes (2008, nominated for a Juno award), True Believer (2010), a self-titled home-recorded album Matthew Barber (2011, nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award) and Songs For The Haunted Hillbilly which features 12 songs written for a theatrical production based on a book by Derek McCormack and produced by Montreal’s Sidemart Theatrical Grocery.

Barber won a Montreal English Theatre Critics award (MECCA) for his music in the show and the show itself won the MECCA for Best Production in 2010.


The latest offering from Toronto-based singer-songwriter Matthew Barber is a self-titled and self-produced collection of songs that marks a winter’s worth of work in his ramshackle basement home studio. By playing all the instruments as well as handling the recording and mixing duties, Barber has made somewhat of a return to his roots on this, his sixth release. “It’s the first time I’ve made a record by myself at home since the record before my first official record, if that makes sense, “ jokes Barber.

Over a decade has passed between the early 4-track experiments as a philosophy student at Queen’s University and his latest eponymous effort (available now on the Outside Music label). In the meantime, Barber has become a seasoned songwriter and performer with five albums, numerous tours across Canada and around the world, a handful of record deals, a Juno nomination and an award-winning musical to his credit. “I’d like to think my recording chops have improved a bit since then,” adds Barber, “and I’ve collected a few more odds and ends to play with in the studio.”

However these odds and ends may have been deployed, the result is a disarmingly honest record of charming simplicity. Melodic instrumental hooks weave in and out of the tastefully spare arrangements, providing an engaging musical setting for Barber’s signature vocals and neatly-packaged lyrical turns about love, lust, longing, disillusionment, injustice, hope and the modern experience.

Barber’s passion for the throwback sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s is again clearly evident on this record, which was captured entirely on an analog 8-track machine. “ I read Keith Richards’ autobiography as I was beginning the recording process and I was excited by his statement that 8-track was his preferred format for recording,” says Barber. “It forces you to make choices as you go along and keep the arrangements lean, which suited the sort of record I wanted to make. I also got an iPhone around that time and the only album I had on it for months was Beggar’s Banquet, which became a reference point sonically.”

Astute listeners will surely notice nods to 20th century masters like The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan, The Band and Paul Simon – but the voice at the heart of each song – both as songwriter and singer – is singularly Matthew Barber. “The heart of the record is about being in a long-term relationship, trying to make sense of all that goes along with your life becoming more deeply entwined with that of another person and how that influences both your outlook on the world and your understanding of yourself.”

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James Yuill

BIO: James Yuill

Essentially a fusion musician, James Yuill combines acoustic elements with digital enhancement to create songs that have helped establish a unique subgenre in alternative and indie pop — namely, folktronica. Yuill created his unique style with an acoustic guitar, vocals, a laptop, and a wide range of influences, taking inspiration from British folk icons like Nick Drake, forward-thinking rockers like Radiohead, and dance-oriented acts such as the Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin. Although heralded for his work as a one-man band, he also gathered acclaim as a sought-after remixer, working in this capacity with artists like Au Revoir Simone, Reverse Migration, Tilly and the Wall, David Holmes, and Rod Thomas.

Yuill began issuing material in 2005, when The Vanilla Disc appeared on his own label. Turning Down Water for Air followed two years later and was reissued by Moshi Moshi, a London-based label notable for its roster of popular indie musicians, in 2008. Yuill soon garnered a notable amount of critical attention in the U.K., including features in NME, Dazed & Confused, and Clash magazines (the latter of which featured him as Best Newcomer of 2008). He expanded his profile by performing at several American festivals, and the Nettwerk Music Group signed him at the end of 2008. ~ Michael G. Nastos, Rovi
After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album Turning Down Water For Air in October 2008, 28 year old Brit James Yuill is back with a brand new album for 2010. Entitled Movement in A Storm, the LP is set for release worldwide on June 21, 2010 and will be released through Moshi Moshi in the UK.

One of the hardest working chaps in music, James spent the last year traipsing the globe and performing 105 gigs in 16 countries (phew!) all the while spreading his unique blend of emotional acoustic songwriting with visceral, dynamic electronic beats. He’s won many a champion along the way including Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, John Kennedy as well as The Chemical Brothers and Phoenix.

His first UK live date of the year has been confirmed for Thursday April 15th at The Meltdown at CAMP in London. Presented by Ross Allen (Ministry of Sound, Radio 1) and Raf Daddy (Greco-Roman, 1965 Records), The Meltdown is a brand new free music event in Shoreditch. Watch this space for more info.

To celebrate the release of Movement in A Storm, James is giving away an extended version of the first track from the album aptly called “Give You Away”.

James commented, "I'm so excited about the new album. As fans will know Turning Down Water For Air was a year old before it was released so I'm happy to say the new songs were done a mere couple of months ago. Like all artists know It's a great (and frightening) feeling to issue new material out into the public domain. I've tried to maintain the acoustic elements of the last record whilst advancing the electronic production. For example there are tracks that range from dance and glitchy electronica right the way through to an acoustic guitar instrumental. I hope people like it. "

July 2017:

James Yuill’s latest album “A Change in State” contains a good mix of alternative rock songs, and soothing dance tunes that are sure to register on your “Hey! I like that song!” meter.

The DJ's Picks:

My personal favourites from the album are “Cashews”, “Fire Breathing” and “Back to the Sun”, however, the album offers such a pleasant listening experience filled with infectious music that caters to a wide range of moods, that my favourites from the album will most likely change from day to day. The album is well named and most definitely worthy of airplay world wide. Don’t miss it!

The first Single from the album, “Back to the Sun” is a well crafted song that carries the soft flowing summer atmosphere right to the soul by its laid back soothing waves. A motion that is sure to move the hips and feet. I love it as I do the dream like acoustic sounds of "Cashews" and the alternative / electric sounds of "Fire Breathing". The album is quite infectious and James Yuill's best album to date in my opinion. ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music

Be sure to have a listen to “A Change in State” embedded below and to visit James Yuill's social media websites for more info on what he's up to. (See links below)

Album: A Change in State – (Released July 28, 2017)

James Yuill Music Playlist

James Yuill LINKS:

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Matthew Jordan

About: Matthew Jordan

There was never a time when Matthew Jordan didn’t want to play piano and sing.

“I can remember telling the teacher in kindergarten that I was going to grow up to be like Billy Joel,” he says, with a soft-spoken smile that suggests a quiet self-confidence. “There was a kid I knew back then who used to sing We Didn’t Start the Fire on the playground. I came home and asked my dad about it, and he pulled out this huge stack of Billy’s old albums. That was it. I was totally hooked.”

And so, a five-year-old boy sat transfixed at the keyboard for hours… which became days… and then years… until he finally graduated from USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music.

Since releasing his debut CD Horizon (Quiet Thunder Records) several years back, Jordan has already established impressive credentials: several National tours with high profile gigs at clubs such as The Bitter End in New York City; having his music used on MTV, and in International ads for the Nokia N96; a finalist on MTV “Duets” with Vanessa Carlton; and a starring role in Five For Fighting’s iconic music video “100 Years” in which he plays the wistful 15 year old pianist (“Fifteen – there’s still time for you”).

But most recently, it's Jordan's presence on YouTube ( that has enabled him to reach out to enthusiastic new sets of ears. As a YouTube partner with nearly 45,000 subscribers, Matthew's music has begun making its way to all corners of the globe. Every week, hundreds of new listeners leave glowing comments on Jordan's videos, whether covers or originals.

"This whole YouTube thing has just been awesome," he says with excitement. "I had no idea how much it would take over my life, but I'm so glad it has. Not only are the fans amazing, but I've also had the chance to collaborate with incredibly talented artists from all over the country, and even the world. People who I never would have met without YouTube. Lots of people don't realize what a great community of musicians exists in the YouTube universe.”

Mostly, Matthew’s music has a hopeful edge to it. “I try to keep my eye on the big picture,” he muses. “There’s something pretty overwhelming about being an ant on a marble floating in a random corner of an infinite cosmos. That makes it kinda hard for me to take myself too seriously.”

Now, having just released a brand-new EP, Our Time, Jordan looks forward to what 2012 brings and is hoping to get back on the road again soon.


Ben Folds, Steely Dan, Brian Wilson, Billy Joel, The Beatles and more.

If you like music by Five For Fighting, The Fray, Maroon 5, Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, Ben Lee, All American Rejects, Switchfoot, Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger, Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer or Jason Mraz, you just might like mine... so check it out!

What they are saying:

"Charismatically gifted... his voice is remarkably expressive...Jordan's musical ability is often stunning." - Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

"He's a pro, he can just do *anything*." - Vanessa Carlton on MTV "Duets"

"A welcome addition to the family of piano songsters." - John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting.

"Think of Mayer and Mraz with the jaw-dropping piano skills of Ben Folds, and you just might get an idea of this 22 year old wonder." - Steven Stewart, Nokia Music Supervisor, Helsinki, Finland







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