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The Minstral Show – (Episode 054)

The Minstral Show is a unique music radio program that not only plays the best music from the mp3 age, circa the year 2000 to present, it also offers a level playing field for Signed, Unsigned and Independent artists by showcasing great songs…it’s a show like no other. With that said, todays episode features: Creed, Seventh Epic, The Fixx, Robert Plant, Clay Rose, The Naked Hearts, The Inflictors, Vintage Trouble, Metropolis, Paul Cusick, Steve Wynn and Muse. Buckle up because there’s more great energetic rock heading your way.

More than just a podcast, World United Music has emerged to bring you the best music being made in the 21st century by signed, unsigned and Independent artists.

To all the Artists, be sure to share the podcast episode with your network as it helps bring attention not only to your work but to the work of others as well. That's what the “World United Music” project is all about, bringing attention to all the artists who make great music.

SET: 01

Starting off this week’s episode is Creed with “My Sacrifice” taken from their November 2001 album “Weathered”. The album went Platinum 6 times and sold more than 6 million copies in the US alone so it is a very popular album.

I find that the lyrics and music in “My Sacrifice” are filled with passion as they combine to hold special moments between friends aloft. Truly a classic song in every way. Not lost on me either is that this song was released in October 2001…in a year of great upheaval that sent the World into a tail spin…for me, the song ties in the atmosphere, the divide and memories of two ages, before and after 911…

Following Creed is Charlotte North Carolina’s “Seventh Epic” with “Crescent” taken from their December 2008 album “On the Edge”. This is a solid hard rock tune by Josh and Sarah Queen who jump out of the gate to shine their obvious talents. They’ve since changed the bands name to “The Droids”…however, “Crescent” is a great song by them from music’s lost decade.

“The Fixx” follow with “Just Before Dawn” taken from their 2012 album, “Beautiful Friction”. A soothing song of hope as one breaks away from old world habits to evolve into an awakening that frees one from bondage…just before the dawn of a new day.

Robert Plant closes the set with the title track from his Oct 2017 album “Carry Fire”… Robert Plant’s voice breathes life and passion into the song which carries an infectious Middle Eastern, dream-like mystique. The song is very hypnotic that easily gathers the imagination and consciousness into a Trance. “Carry Fire” does just that, like a voice calling from across the distance of time to launch a million poets. The vocals and music are simply brilliant!

And so, My Sacrifice comes to us in a Crescent Just before Dawn that Carries Fire, on the Minstral show.

SET: 02

Clay Rose starts off the second set with Outlaw and Dream Thief taken from his 2008 EP “Suck on This” What can I say, Punk meets country in a wild fusion of energy that builds and builds to a great climactic slam with the Outlaw & Dream Thief. A real energy burst for sure.

“Naked Hearts” follow with the title track to their 2010 album “Mass Hysteria”.

New York City duo “Amy Cooper” and “Noah Wheeler” are “The Naked Hearts” and Although the band is no longer active their music still is. A Good solid driving song in... “Mass Hysteria”.

Salford UK Band “The Inflictors” follow with “Crooked and Bent” taken from their 2010 self titled album, “The Inflictors”. If you love rock n roll with attitude, this songs for you - “The Inflictors”! “Crooked and Bent”.

Vintage Trouble follows with “Run Like the River” taken from their 2015 album “One Hopeful Road”…What can I say except Oh Ya this is what I’m talkin about…Great rockin music that seemingly combines the awesome raunchy blues of George Thorogood with the power and vocals of James Brown, with that you get Vintage Trouble. Bam! Run Like the River!

And so the Outlaw Dream Thief creates Mass Hysteria as the Crooked and Bent Run like the River…a rockin set of music with attitude on the Minstral Show.

SET: 03

UK band “Metropolis” kicks off the final set with “Sirens” taken from their March 2014 Album “Out of Mind”. Metropolis delivers a solid Rock explosion with an awesome twist of New Wave that made "Sirens" one of the top songs of 2014. Exciting Alternative Rock from UK band METЯOPOLIS.

UK artist Paul Cusick follows with “Everything” taken from his January 2012 album “P’dice” “Everything” is a song about the divide in life where greed and sociopathic behaviour is taught and preferred leaving an empty hole inside rather than living a moral conscientious compassionate life. An excellent song that lays out modern life in plain view.

Steve Wynn follows with “Amphetamine” taken from his 2003 album “Static Transmission”. Many will know Steve Wynn as the front man in LA group “Dream Theater”. However, Steve created a lot of music including this wild road trip called “Amphetamine” with his “Miracle Three”…Amphetamine is a song that explodes out of the garage rock vault into a rock n roll roadster. Good stuff

UK group “Muse” close the set with “Uprising” taken from their September 2009 album “The Resistance” a fitting song to close the show with a revolutionary blast at the deep state by the 99%. - As I recall, Back in 2009, people began to organize resistance through social media where Occupy and “Uprising” were the words heard everywhere throughout the west. Revolution was in the air and “Uprising” became an anthem that carried the growing voice of protest. It’s Still a powerful song that needs to be pulled out of the dust bins of the past into the present until positive change comes for all. “Uprising”

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And so, Sirens call as Everything is lost to Amphetamine; an uprising is due…on the Minstral Show. See you next week everybody.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 054)


SET 01
Creed – My Sacrifice
Seventh Epic – Crescent
The Fixx – Just Before Dawn
Robert Plant – Carry Fire

SET 02
Clay Rose – Outlaw & Dream Thief
The Naked Hearts – Mass Hysteria
The Inflictors – Crooked and Bent
Vintage Trouble – Run Like the River

SET 03
Metropolis – Sirens
Paul Cusick – Everything
Steve Wynn – Amphetamine
Muse – Uprising


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)


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