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The Minstral Show – (Episode 053)

Solid rock greets the spirit on today’s episode of the Minstral Show featuring:

Black Country Communion, Ruby the Hatchet, Alice Cooper, Drenge, Dave Kerzner, Mike Mackenzie, Scott Ryan, Philip Morgan Lewis, The Spires, Miss Mobil Home, Fink, & IRIS Corporation.

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SET: 01

Black Country Communion opens the first set with “Man in the Middle” taken from their 2011 album “BCC II” This is a really great head boppin’ song that has Led Zeppelin influence all over it, and why not, with the great talents of Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian and producer Kevin Shirley, your going to get something special. An excellent song…but Beware the Man in the Middle, who’s cry is a riddle

Ruby the Hatchet follows with “Killer” taken from their August 2017 album “Planetary Space Child”. Here’s a song that comes out of the Blocks running as it certainly captured my attention the day it dropped. A big “Wow” for starters and an “Oh Ya” at the end…great head boppin rock music with attitude…love this tune.

Alice Cooper follows with “Paranoiac Personality” taken from his 2017 album “Paranormal”. There’s no mistaking an Alice Cooper track as this one goes for the ego’s jugular to be sure by showing the disconnection of society by fake news…we live in crazy times where everyone’s at each others throats because of this great disconnect which has matasticized through a million positions that are based in lies, half truths and exaggeration’s…which of course molds the “Paranoiac Personality”. A very good measurement of western society these days.

Drenge closes the set with “Before the War Begins” taken from their upcoming 2018 EP “Autonomy”. As the heat rises around the world in these dire economic times where lies, propaganda and a police state unfold, there is a great division cast by the controllers of society and it always happens before the war begins…history repeats…and this song is like a measuring stick to a boiling society where its controllers are greedily stirring the pot. Another excellent tune by UK band Drenge.

And so, the man in the middle is a killer with a paranoiac personality before the war begins…a hard rockin and engaging set, on the minstral show.

SET: 02

Dave Kerzner starts off the second set with “Chain Reaction” taken from his September 2017 album “Static” An excellent album filled with unspeakable truth.

“Chain Reaction” spells out what happens when you swallow the lies which then become your foundation…in that theater, there is a chain reaction of consequences and a losing war within, as Pride and ego get in the way leading to tears and going too far. It’s a brilliant song both musically and lyrically…that carries an important message for our times.

Mike Mackenzie from Calgary Alberta Canada follows with “Solar Winds” taken from his October 2017 album “Solstice”

After battling the persistent dark forces in life, there is a point of awakening that tows a fine line to help us stay on the right path…a solstice point within, if you will, that helps us navigate the rest of life’s journey. A top notch, song by a talented artist.

Scott Ryan from Spokane Washington follows with “Run on Sentence” taken from his 2011 album “Mercy Killings”. Scott Ryan delivers a passionate rock n soul performance to deliver a message, that Change comes for everyone that is far away from their heart, and it always comes just in time to save ones soul and put us back on course…in a way, this song reminds me of the southern rock made by Lynard Skynard…two very big thumbs up for “Run on Sentence”.

Philip Morgan Lewis closes the set with “Whistle Blower” a single released in 2014 and later in 2017 on his album “Grief Harbour” This song is for all the Truth tellers out there and in particular Julian Assange who is paying a heavy price for being a Whistle Blower by leaking to the public, the crimes being committed by the militarized economic deep state. In today’s society the good are punished while the criminals go free...yet it doesn’t have to be that way if we all stand up for what’s right. A great song by Philip Morgan Lewis that is sure to stir the passions in the awakened; a must share by everyone if we are to free the peoples voice.

And so, here’s another awakening set of music to define our times, just for you, on the Minstral show…

SET: 03

The Spires kick off the final set on today’s program with “Response to an Inquiry” taken from their 2013 album “Eternal Yeah”. The song is a progressive alternative psychedelic embrace with consciousness in the first fragile moments of an awakening. A personal favourite of mine that carries familiar sound bytes of some of the early solo albums by Paul McCartney…(Ram & Red Rose Speedway” come to mind) The Spires – Response to an Inquiry” Good tune.

From New York NY, Duo Chris Stoddard and Samantha Ritter better known as “Miss Mobile Home” follow with “Bird in the House” taken from their 2014 - debut EP “PhotoTaxis”. “Bird in the House” is a lyrically poetic song that carries a dream like atmosphere with a blend of happy yet melancholy memories…a wonderful song of reflection.

“Fink” follows with “Little Bump” taken from his May 2017 EP “Sunday Night Blues Dubs”…Little Bump” is a unique blend of acoustic psychedelic dream blues that sits on the edge of forever looking to the horizon. I could be in this state of mind all night long, one song is not enough and so the 5 song EP plays on repeat when I’m in that zone. Psychedelic dream blues…is that a new genre? “Little Bump” by Fink.

IRIS Corporation follows with “Highest Love” taken from their July 2009 album “A New Saint Session”. Highest Love is the perfect song to end today’s episode as we reach down from the state of awakening and pull ourselves up into a higher frequency to overcome a lost world…the truth is in you, and not in the digital society that has emerged to hypnotize the masses. Dare to be you in the highest frequency of love’s energy.

Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. Details are in the episode description.

And now a response to an inquiry by a bird in the house, a little bump and highest love, on the minstral show. See you next week everyone.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 053)


SET 01
Black Country Communion – Man in the Middle
Ruby the Hatchet – Killer
Alice Cooper – Paranoiac Personality
Drenge – Before the War Begins

SET 02
Dave Kerzner – Chain Reaction
Mike Mackenzie – Solar Winds
Scott Ryan – Run on Sentence
Philip Morgan Lewis – Whistleblower

SET 03
The Spires – Response to an Inquiry
Miss Mobil Home – Bird in the House
Fink – Little Bump
IRIS Corporation – Highest Love


Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Details below.)


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