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United Music Mag 02 2016


Today’s spotlight, features four great artists from London, UK, Porto Portugal, and Chicago USA in “The Hanging Stars”, “Tanita Tikaram”, “ASTRODOME”, and “Aethereal”

As a music fan and promoter who subscribes to hundreds of bands and artists online, there is always something new that arrives in my music inbox to make my day complete. I’m treated to some of the best music being made on the planet leaving me with songs to match the emotional moments I experience in life. The significance of having great “New” music is that it allows us, by default, to tuck away memories and the nostalgia of the times, when we first experienced that particular song. So when we listen to that same song a few years down the road, the memories and nostalgia of those times comes flooding back…to me, that is worth more than all the gold in the world.

And so sharing these songs with you on this music blog leaves me happy and contented knowing that I just might help invoke a little happiness in those who listen to the songs and those who make them.

The best thing about subscribing to an artist’s social network, including their Soundcloud, Bandcamp and / or YouTube channels is that you somehow feel connected to the artist by sharing in the experiences that lead up to the results of their creative process. Therefore the memories and nostalgia tucked away inside us by those songs leave us with more powerful and meaningful memories.

The importance of having New Music is truly significant for our future happiness and so it becomes equally important to support the artists in their creative efforts. Be sure to subscribe to the artists and maybe pick up a copy of their music…think of it as spreading happiness. 8-)


The Hanging Stars

The first band up today is the London-based psych-folk outfit “The Hanging Stars” who’ve just released their debut album “Over the Silvery Lake” March 11, 2016.

Blending folk pastoralism with swampy 60s Americana, “The Hanging Stars” sound like the missing link between the California desert sun and the grey skies of London Town. The album was recorded between LA, Nashville and Walthamstow, with each of these vastly different places leaving an indelible mark on the songs.

The Hanging Stars debut album is a beautiful mellow blend of soft folky alternative sounds with brush strokes of Psychedelia that season the Byrds, and David Crosby influences into it’s ambience, making this one of the best albums of 2016, hands down.

“Over the Silvery Lake” is a must for serious music fans and scores an instant “Classic” status with me. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to pick up your spirits by visiting Bandcamp to pick up a copy of The Hanging Stars debut album, "Over the Silvery Lake".

Album: Over the Silvery Lake – Released March 11, 2016

Album Source: Bandcamp

Golden Vanity - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Floodbound - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Video Source: The Hanging Stars

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

The House on the Hill - Album: Over the Silvery Lake - (2016)

Video Source: The Hanging Stars

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

The Hanging Stars Links:


Tanita Tikaram

Tanita Tikaram was born August 12 - 1969 in Münster, Germany and currently lives in London. She started writing songs as a teenager and has continued to write ever since. To date, she has recorded 8 albums and just released her latest LP “Closer to the People” on March 11th, 2016. 

Tanita first achieved chart success in 1988 with the singles "Twist in My Sobriety" and "Good Tradition" from her 1988 debut album, Ancient Heart. She is known for her powerful, husky voice, and poetic lyrics.

Today, Tanita Tikaram continues to show her powerful voice and masterful hand at writing poetic lyrics as demonstrated in her new song “Food on My Table”, the first single from her new album “Closer to the people”.

Food On My Table - Album: Closer to the People - (Released March 11th, 2016)

Source Video: Tanita Tikaram

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Salsa perfection resonates in sound, vocals and movement from her second hit song “The Way You Move” from her album “Closer to the People”. This song is extremely catchy and will grow on you quickly, have a listen to see what I mean...this is real ear candy. 8-)

The Way You Move - Album: Closer to the People - (Released March 11th, 2016)

Video Source: earMUSIC

Song Added to the Following Video Playlist:

The first time I heard the song “Good Tradition” on the radio back in 1988, I was totally ecstatic over it but never caught who sang the song, nor did I get the name of it, in fact I hadn’t heard it since then and had forgotten about it until last night when I was busy researching Tanita’s music…you know that emotional (Yes I’m an emotional being lol) You know that emotional wave that hits you when a song fills you with so much joy that you get choked up with tears in your eyes? Well that’s what happened to me last night when I heard this song for the first time since…everything from 1988 came flooding back as if it was all locked away with this song…needless to say I have had the song on repeat ever since and just can’t get enough of it. So I decided to include it here with another great song of Tanita’s from the same album ”Ancient Heart” the whole album is fantastic, so in case anyone else was in the same boat as I was then I know you’re feeling pretty good right now. Cheers! 8-)

Good Tradition – Album: Ancient Heart – (1988)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: 80’s New Wave

Twist in my sobriety – Album: Ancient Heart –(1988)

Tanita Tikaram Links:

Video Source: Tanita Tikaram

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists: 80's New Wave

Tanita Tikaram Links:

Record Label: ear MUSIC



Here’s something for all the prog-rockers, psych’s and shoegazers…me too 8-)

Formed in 2014, ASTRODOME are a 4 piece instrumental Progressive Psychedelic Rock band from Porto, Portugal. Their six song debut album “ASTRODOME” is a 70 minute shoegazers dream, with fuzzy riffs, groovy beats and echoing chords in long story drawn out instrumentals that take the listener on a mindful trip. But don’t take my word for it, sit back, relax and have a listen to their album “ASTRODOME” below.

The Album “ASTRODOME” was released on Nov 8th, 2015 and has drawn a large underground following throughout Portugal and Spain and soon to Progressive Rock Fans world wide.

Band Members: Zé, Pedro, Mike and Bruno

Astrodome – Album: Astrodome – (Nov 8th, 2015)

Album Source: Bandcamp

High Spirit – Album: ASTRODOME – (2015)

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:


CONTACT: Astrodome 



Aethereal is a Psychedelic Rock band from Chicago that formed in 2012. Inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Moody Blues, Aphrodite’s Child and Yes, Aethereal captures the groovy sounds of the late ‘60s while blending modern Psychedelic band influences such as Tame Impala, Temples, The Night Beats, and Jacco Gardner into a modern retro 60’s Psychedelia sound sure to please thirsty ears.

Aethereal are:

Andrew Clark - Bass
Tommy Clark - Drums
Gabriel Hull - Keys
Jared Chase Eisenmann - Guitar

Their debut album will be released in the spring of 2016 on CAUDog Records.

Aethereal – Walking Away - (2016)

Source Video: World United Music

Song Added to the Following Video Playlists:

Aethereal Links:

CONTACT: Aethereal 


Music Promoters Corner

Today’s Music Promoter shout out goes to, “The Active Listener” from Wellington New Zealand. Covering a wide variety of music genres including Psychedelic, Spookadelica, Folk, Prog Rock, Retro Sixties / Seventies, Horror Soundtracks, Library Music and Hauntology.

If you’d like to have your material reviewed, just contact The Active Listener at this link;

The Active Listener Links:

Thank you for checking out this edition of “United Music Mag”! We can make a difference by working together to keep the future of music alive. Please share these awesome tunes with friends, family and fans. See you in a few days…Bye for now…

Stewart Brennan
World United Music

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