Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charley Ramsay

BIO: Charley Ramsay

Charley Ramsay established himself as a songwriter and performer playing and singing with the local band, “Hey Zeus” for over ten years in Austin, Texas. His band achieved some radio play and a loyal Austin following.

Two songs eventually made their way onto primetime television (ABC’s “Cupid” and WB’s “Veronica Mars”).

Charley now has a career that pays more than it costs and doesn’t involve traveling in a van with musicians across the states. He is now married and travels in a van with his six children across Austin. “Catalyst”, produced by Joseph Victor (www.gangofhair.com) is officially Charley’s mid-life crisis album, and contains twelve new songs that lay baritone vocals, intelligent introspective lyrics on a bed of classical, national resonator and electric guitars.

The songs range from big-guitar rock anthems as found in “Monkey See Monkey Do”- a satirical look at the YouTube Generation, to the melancholy “Catalyst” which echoes a father’s care for the next generation.

Charley Ramsay’s influences include Chris Whitley, Travis, Beck, and John Hammond.

Charley recorded at Gang Of Hair studios, Andy Sharp's Studio and in his garage with crickets and his children in the background.

Contact: http://www.charleyramsay.com/


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