Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 Drunks and a Guitar

About: 2 Drunks and a Guitar

2 Drunks And A Guitar had mastered the punch of hard rock, but creative ambitions left them restless, yearning to explore other musical styles. On their debut album, **2 Drunks Working Hard**, the Licking Missouri based duo of Vocalist/Guitarist JR Richardson and Bassist/ Rick Heim let their artistry run wild. From the bluesy melancholy of Demon Eyes, to the Pink Floyd-esque dreamy introspection of Running Thru The Night, to the Adult Alternative Country style Christmas Is Over, 2 Drunks And A Guitar refuse to be easily categorized.

2 Drunks And A Guitar uses rock & roll as a foundation for its versatility. However, THIS definition of rock has its roots in the club-filling power rock of the 80s, when choruses were big enough to wrap around your whole soul, catchy and as infectious as anything ever heard. While most of today's so-called, new rock? acts limit their range to repetitive, deafening top of the lungs screaming vocals, 2 Drunks and a Guitar isn't afraid to play and sing what they feel.

Together they resurrect a classic-rock sensibility to the screaming genre, bringing back the youthful exuberance and explosive color of being in a rock band, From this, you have the sound of the Band from Licking Missouri called, 2 Drunks and a Guitar. We would really like futher our career in music and currently seek management. In the mean time......we're having fun!


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  1. I know the artist and he is an absolutely superb guitarist. He comes from a family of instrument builders and has hand built many guitars. When he says it was designed to be played, that means it will scream.

  2. I don't doubt it. The songs "Clutches of the Damned", and "Demon Eyes" proove that for sure.


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