Tuesday, November 13, 2012


About: Miccoli

For over four years, Birmingham band ‘Miccoli’ has toured the US and the UK honing a sound that has been compared to the likes of Snow Patrol and Coldplay. Made up of twin brothers, Adriano and Alessandro, along with their sister, Francesca, they have gigged in the Viper Rooms and every other key rock venue across America. Having worked with legendary producers, they have hung out with Motley Crue, written songs, had an altercation with Paris Hilton in a toilet, been cautioned by the highway patrol, written more songs and learnt a great deal about producing their own music. What is more, they have performed at the O2 Wireless festival, written even more songs, lived in their car equipped with a mobile bar and cooker built by themselves and had one of the members of the band suffer a near fatal heart operation. They have turned down a gig for Kevin Costner, moved to Penang and landed a sponsorship deal, shot their debut video, written even more songs, performed more gigs and that is just the half of it.

They look almost too good to be true - it is important to underline this. Given what they have been through on the road, to still be in any shape at all is a victory. Their tales from adventures on the road is more akin to a thrash metal band - it is clear fate has smiled on them in many ways. Sounding like they have had hits for the last five years, the vocals of Adriano and Alessandro are threaded together by the hypnotic beauty of Francesca’s voice which is the backdrop to the tight sound they create. The beauty of their music highlights intensity and the feeling that they have indeed paid their debts to rock and roll in the most extreme ways.

Although gigging, recording and writing have been their life for the past few years, the focus is now firmly on releasing their music. This, in no small part is due to the band nearly not being here at all if Alessandro’s heart condition had proved the end rather than the beginning for ‘Miccoli’. His heart rate had escalated to 250bpm and having undergone emergency surgery he then had to have four further heart operations. This traumatic period gave the band time to regroup, rethink, get serious and to put their adventures and life experiences into context through finding solace in the studio. Re-defining their writing and taking their music to another level, all of their experiences and emotions combined into a musical cocktail that is ‘Miccoli’s’ sound of today.

Their sound also stems from a family childhood spent listening to Police, Sting, Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash. Plus, during teenage life when the idea of a band was being formulated, the brothers were working backstage as roadies and runners at one of the major arenas in Birmingham. During this period, they learnt through firsthand experience the tough nature of the industry as well as the trail of destruction that can be left behind. Yet, most of all, they were inspired by some of the greatest acts of the last ten years to develop their own music and turn a dream into reality.

The tight family unit that is a natural consequence of ‘Miccoli’s’ band set up is a major factor in creating the beautiful vocal arrangements and anthemic song structures. They follow a long line of artists who have also been from one family - whilst ‘Miccoli’s’ melodic vocals may be reminiscent of The Corrs, on occasions their attitude can be more akin to more volatile brother musical collectives. Unfortunately, the Gallagher brothers didn’t have a calming sisterly influence within their relationship.

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