Monday, November 12, 2012

Lara Eidi

About: Lara Eidi

Lara Eidi is a singer-songwriter of Greek, Lebanese and Canadian ethnicity. Her music is a blend of folk-rock, ethnic, indie-pop and vocal layerings , all resulting in her first , self-produced EP " Little People". Surrounded by amazing musicians, with Stavros Parginos on cello , who inspires her to continuously write, and perform her music around Athens and in Europe. Atmospheric harmonies, vocal harmonies and acoustic styling are what has stylized Lara's music to date. knowing full well that music has that uncanny ability to change when least expected. her dream is to take her music to wider audiences outside of Greece, and to collaborate with a multitude of creative musicians, artists, and hopefully, filmmakers.
She believes firmly in music's ability to elevate, synchronize and bring a sense of peace and clarity





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