Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cormac O Caoimh

About: Cormac O Caoimh

What do…

A honeyed whiskey drink, a fine cognac on a cold winter’s eve, a warm woolly jumper in muted earthy colours, a colour .. a rich mahogany warm and beautiful and a water colour painting all have in common??? They have all been used in reviews to describe Cormac O Caoimh’s previous album “A New Season for love”

Cormac O Caoimh has just released his third solo cd “The Moon Loses Its Memory”. It has already been featured and received excellent reviews in The Sunday Times, The Daily Star, Hot Press, The Ticket and many many more. He has done live sessions and interviews on RTE Radio 1, Newstalk, KCLR to name but a few and 12 of the 14 songs of the cd have already received airplay on national and local stations. A full gig of his - live from HMV (who are also stocking the cd in their stores) went out live on the RTE website. And on the success of this new cd  he has received endorsement deals with Godin Guitars, Schertler acoustic amps and Logjam stompers.

The finished product was also a very unique collaboration between the audio and the visual, between pictures and words, between stories and dreams...between the songwriter (Cormac O Caoimh) and between the photographer (William Crowley).

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PRESS: “A New Season for Love”
"Beautiful beyond words" - Mutant Space

"Feels as if you’re wrapped up in your warmest coat glimpsing some vast and beautiful landscape through the condensation laden windows" - Tom Robinson (BBC) 's Fresh on the net site

"Leaves you feeling that all can be right with the world" - Fatea Magazine

"There is true magic here" - Folk Words

"The craft at work here is of a rare quality" - File Under Good Music

"A perfect album. Sublime songs. Beautiful moments" Acoustic Review

"Intimate vocals, poetic and evocative lyrics and exquisitely crafted melodies " - The Las Angelas Beat

"like a rich mahogany, warm and beautiful” - Secret Agent Mel

"O’Caoimh’s voice is flawless delivering songs of undoubted maturity" - Claire Kane

"His voice is a wonderfully expressive instrument…the result is a cohesive and excellent album" - Leonard's Lair

"I challenge you not to be charmed." - We Are Noise

"The album is a treasure trove of song. A class act. A class record" -MRU

"Perfection lies within its quietude" - Scully Love Promo

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