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United Music Mag 07 2016

Welcome to the 7th edition of United Music mag! Today’s featured artists are “The Rob Booth Band” from London, UK, “Billy Pettinger” aka “Billy the Kid” from Alabama, “Michael Mazochi” from LA, California, and “Peter Case” from San Francisco.

This week’s new music line-up is filled with Blues, folk, Rock, and everything in between including revolutionary elements that speak to the emotional social settings of our times. So let’s get this music revolution started!


The Rob Booth Band

The Rob Booth Band is from London (UK) (South West - Wimbledon, Croydon, Morden) and was formed out of the famous jams at Ain't Nothing but the Blues bar in Soho. The Band has played together for the past 10 years in the UK & Spain, and will be on the road touring in 2016. Plans also include a studio visit with new material and a possible second album release later this year.

Their debut album, “Can’t Stop” was actually created in 2010 but was released on Bandcamp March 16th, 2016 which gives it the new music status in my books. The album flows with a variety of Americana blues, UK folk / pop influences through its solid mixture of originals and cover songs. The album centers on the insatiable pull of love, the despair of losing it and where it can leave you…’The Cold” is the place.

Have a listen to their smooth jazzy blues hit single “The Cold” and then check out the entire album, “Can’t Stop” below. Be sure to visit “The Rob Booth Band” on Facebook to keep up to date with what they’re up to…and don’t forget to give them the thumbs up. 

Band Members:
Rob Booth - Vocals & Guitar
Fran Okine - Bass
Paul Francis Bucknor- Drums
Fred Par - Keyboards & Harmonica
Luke Anthony - Guitar

The Cold – Album: Can’t Stop 

Video Source: World United Music

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Album: Can’t Stop (Released on Bandcamp March 16, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

The Rob Booth Band LINKS:



Billy Pettinger

Hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada, and now living in Alabama, Billy Pettinger aka Billy the Kid has created some of the very best memorable music in Alternative country / Soft Rock that this listener has heard, and I’ve heard a great many songs in my lifetime. Billy’s latest 5 song, almost album, “You Can Have it All” is no exception and contains a hidden diamond with the album’s opening song, “Moving On” which to me contains the sound and atmosphere that drew my attention to her music in the first place.

All 5 songs on “You Can Have it All” hold big potential and will resonate with Americana, soft rock, alt country, folk fans so check out Billy’s new, “almost album” below and then have a listen to “Thoroughfare” from 2014 and “New Orleans Night” from 2012. To me, these songs capture a certain melancholy mood and atmosphere of an age as they reach out through music history like a message in a bottle showing they can withstand the tempestuous seas of time.

Be sure to visit Billy’s social links, check out more of her great music and say hi!

Album: You Can Have it All – (Released on Bandcamp April 1st, 2016)

Album Source: Bandcamp

Thoroughfare – (2014)

Video Source: Billy the Kid

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New Orleans Night – (2012)

Video Source: Billy The Kid

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Billy's LINKS:

CONTACT: Billy Pettinger


Michael Mazochi

Today’s third artist is Michael Mazochi from Los Angeles, California. Michael weaves his creative spirit and writing abilities across many genres putting life and meaning into all of his music. So today we’ll show you a little bit of Michael’s world as we cover his latest music projects including his folk rock a la Woody Guthrie, “The Cold War Sessions” and the energetic rock n roll of “The Michael Mazochi Band".

Michael Mazochi has been pursuing the evolution of expression for the better part of a decade. His work ranges from folk, to country, to indie rock, to pop, to rock and roll. His more instrumentally dense work with his band is an exploration of pop, psychedelic, garage and good old fashioned rock n' roll while his solo work tends towards the more intimate confessions of a solo artist.

In my opinion, everyone needs a revolution, and mine revolves around music. So when I hear the pains of the world or the call to put up a fight for freedom and justice and what is right, all contained in a song, I’m an instant fan…and so I’m really pleased to feature Michael Mazochi and his music on United Music Mag today…this is what it’s all about!

Michael’s music vibrates on many frequencies with mindful energy and spirit to capture the listener’s heart and soul as you will hear in the music selections below, but don’t take my word for it, go to iTunes to have a listen to his latest album “The Cold War”.

“The Cold War” is a brilliant album that is destined to be one of the albums of the year as it resonates with the life and times we are living in today. ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to check out Michael’s music below and at the links provided…and be sure to drop by his social network pages to give him the thumbs up…hey, the revolution begins with music, pass it on!

A World in Pieces – Album: The Cold War Sessions – (Released April 8th, 2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

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Golden Throes - Album: The Cold War Sessions – (Released April 8th, 2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

Found on the following Playlists:

Donald Trump Presidential Blues – (2016)

Video Source: Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi EP #1 – (Released July 05, 2015)

EP Source: Bandcamp

Michael Mazochi lets it all out with a powerful expression in these revolutionary times and tells us to “Put Up a Fight”…Damn Straight!! Let the revolution begin!!

Put Up a Fight 

Video Source: World United Music

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Michael Mazochi LINKS:


CONTACT: Michael Mazochi


Peter Case

Peter Case’s work sets the bar for authenticity, passion and imagination and spans a number of genres, including folk, blues, and rock. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Case came to the Bay area in 1973 and worked as a street musician and played in the seminal power pop group The Nerves, before moving to Los Angeles to form the Plimsouls, landing a deal with Geffen Records.

The Plimsouls achieved success with the single, "A Million Miles Away,” but broke up shortly after. Case’s 1986 solo Geffen record revealed deep roots in folk and blues, and earned him his first Grammy nomination for the song “Old Blue Car” as well as the Number 1 spot on the NY Time’s 1986 Best CDs list. Six CDs later, Case earned another nomination for Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, a remarkable collection of songs that features Case’s voice and a single guitar. It’s clear that Case is a major talent on the Americana troubadour landscape.

Case’s 2010 CD, Wig emphasized the rock and blues side of Case’s repertoire, while 2007's Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John demonstrates what Case can do with just his voice and a guitar. With or without a backing band, Case delivers his songs with both intense passion and introspective nuance.

HWY 62 is the latest album by Peter Case released on October 30th, 2015. The album is another masterful offering that easily falls into a plethora of music genres including acoustic folk, blues, Americana, alt country, and the protest categories that will please a great number of music fans. The content of “HWY 62” is filled with memories, hard times and brutal honesty that comes to life with this seasoned folk and blues veteran who delivers a realistic professional air, flair and swagger with his music…and it can be said without hesitation that the music of Peter Case stands on its own with the pulse of the nation playing the chords…

“HWY 62 reaches deep down into the depths of the soul of a nation to mirror the times we live in and it’s delivered by a seasoned veteran, with total class.” ~ Stewart Brennan, World United Music

Be sure to check out all of Peter’s music and visit his social pages to catch up with what he’s up to and where he’s touring.

Waiting on a Plane – Album: HWY 62 (Released Oct. 30th, 2015)

Video Source: YouTube

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Pelican Bay - Album: HWY 62 (Released Oct. 30th, 2015)

Video Source: YouTube

Found on the following Play-Lists:

Peter Case LINKS:


CONTACT: Peter Case

…And there we have another edition of United Music Mag and what’s new in music this week.

Hey, why not be an active part of this music revolution, by sharing this post with others…and say something like, “Pssst…there’s a revolution brewing, Pass it on.” 8-)

Great music should be heard by everyone so this message goes out to the artists as well…let’s make the changes we envision for the world together...let's just do it! Music unites us all so please help spread the word about this little music mag…the little engine that could…that can…and does support artists, musicians, song writers and music fans. To get involved, simply share this post with your fans, as your fans could help other artists while their fans can also help you. Keep up to date by following what we’re up to, as I’m here to support you and your music…so share, share, share away, keep tabs on World United Music and have a Super Day!

Best Regards,

Stewart Brennan
World United Music


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