Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sea Pinks

About: Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks is an alternative rock band from Belfast inspired by sea glass, bleached grass and ghost guitars. Their Indie / garage Pop / Psychedelic 60’s sounds have evolved over the last four years as their 4th album, “Dreaming Tracks” will attest to. The album will be released via CF Records on September 29th 2014.

The group has already released a hit single from the album called “Dream Happening” on Bandcamp, which caught this DJ’s ear right away, as I’m sure it will yours.


Youth is Wasted - 2010
Dead Seas - 2011
Freak Waves – 2012
Dreaming Tracks - 2014
Soft Days - 2016

Band Members: Neil Brogan, Davey Agnew, Steven Henry

Sea Pinks – Official Website
Sea Pinks – CF Records
Sea Pinks - Facebook
Sea Pinks - Twitter
Sea Pinks - YouTube
Sea Pinks - Bandcamp
Sea Pinks - iTunes
Sea Pinks - eMusic
Sea Pinks - Amazon

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