Monday, April 29, 2013

Art Ceilidh

About: Art Ceilidh

ART CEILIDH was founded in 1998 by Mikhael Smirnov (vocal, & accordion) and Sergey Klevenskim (wind instruments), from the infamous “Ivan Smirnov's Quartet”.

ART CEILIDH is influenced in Celtic traditional, but eventually moved in experimental directions that have garnered them a unique sound and place in music genres. Their music fuses both eastern & western folk traditions together with heavy Celtic influences to create a unique sound that drew immediate attention in the music industry and with fans alike. The groups name speaks for itself: the spirit of tradition - the “Ceilidh”, In modern usage, a céilidh or ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing.

The repertoire of ART CEILIDH combines a diverse sound from Celtic to jazz, thus forming the group's own recognizable style and niche.

The Bands first international tour was a grand success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland 1999. The result of their success inspired a Collection of Celtic tunes and the album CELTOMANIA, produced by Mikhael Smirnov, on the SKETIS label under the wing of a project called "All Tribes".

In 2001, bass guitarist Alexei Raspopov, then an art director of the Moscow club Vermel, joined the duo of Mikhael Smirnov and Sergei Klevensky and Art Ceildh, found their sound. The band then toured extensively through the folk rock festival circuit and became a mainstay and fan favorite.

Past members of ART CEILIDH have been, Dimitry Sevastyanov and Boris Lifshits (drums), Andrey Zvonkov and Nikolay Sarabjanov (guitar), Anton Revnjuk and Peter Dolsky (bass guitar), and also, during the period from 2000 to 2003 the groups vocalist was Ljubov Erdenko. ART CEILIDH’s first album in 2006, "Ceilidoscope Being European", was a compilation of music performed over the years. However, with the sudden, and tragic death of Alexey Raspopov ART CEILIDH went on hiatus until 2010.

In 2010 the musicians decided to continue the bands legacy and soon after, recorded their second album. Have a listen to ART CEILIDH here and find out what they are up to by subscribing to their official page.

The Current Band Members of ART CEILIDH are:

Mikhael Smirnov - keyboard, accordion, percussion, vocal.
Sergey Klevensky - clarinet, whistles, bagpipes, other wind instruments, vocal
Leonid Gusev - drums
Vadim Bedov - acoustic guitar
Alexander Sharashenidze – electric guitar
Ivan Dorokhov - bass guitar

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