Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Minstral Show – (Episode 046)

Today’s episode takes us on a journey of awakening through songs that express the walls and battles we all have to overcome either by ourselves or collectively as a community. The road of life brings with it many hurdles, battles and lessons that eventually lead to an awakening and vision for creating a better world, featuring music by, Chastity Brown, Eric Burdon, Michael on Fire, Burlap to Cashmere, Chris de Burgh, Steve Hackett, Different Light, Matthew Perryman Jones, Deep Purple, and Dream Theater.

More than just a podcast, World United Music has emerged to bring you the best music being made in the 21st century by signed, unsigned and Independent artists.

To all the Artists, be sure to share the podcast episode with your network as it helps bring attention not only to your work but to the work of others as well. That's what the “World United Music” project is all about, bringing attention to all the artists who make great music.

The Minstral Show – (Episode 046)


SET 01
Chastity Brown – Long Way
Eric Burdon – 27 Forever
Michael on Fire – Cadillac Beach
Burlap to Cashmere – Anybody Out There

SET 02
Chris de Burgh – Waiting for the Hurricane
Steve Hackett – Wolflight
Different Light – In Love and War

SET 03
Matthew Perryman Jones – Cold Answer
Deep Purple – Blood from a Stone

Dream Theater – Our New World


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