Wednesday, December 8, 2010


About: SideSteps

It’s All About Passion

The whole idea behind the creation of an art project was conceived in Greece in 2009. A big spectrum of ideas was stuck in the mind of Mr. SideSteps, creating a new world with its own rules, gravity and emotions. What dominated this world was passion and creativity, combined with a sense of independence. Everything was so intense in his mind it could be nothing but real.

Your Heart Is Always Telling The Truth

So, SideSteps is a brainchild of Mr. SideSteps, in a music project where music is alive. Probably that’s because the creator has studied neither music nor notes, but artistically manifests, accompanied by a keyboard and some beats in his mind, completing the whole experiment following the voices inside his heart.

The Team Always Makes It Better

One year later he moved to Belgium, where he met his two producers, Gaetan & Justin, who happen to be his fellow band mates currently. The chemistry of the team was obvious and the project moved to the next level: became capable of performing live. February - August 2010 the recording sessions of their first, self-titled EP.

First Steps

The first achievement came in September 2010, SideSteps were the winning entry for Belgium in EuroDemo Santander2016 pop/rock competition, a european contest organized by the spanish city Santander, the cultural capital of Europe for 2016. The news came out while the band was shooting the music video for The Heartbreak Song, which took place in Oslo, Norway.

It’s Nice To See It In A Video

The video for “The Heartbreak Song” was shot in Oslo, Norway by Mats Kokvik, and received plenty of compliments about its professional approach and mysterious ambient, which matched the band’s music style.

The Official Counts

March 22nd, the band officially launches the physical release of their debut, self-titled EP. Made available through an independent record shop, Lotus, everyone around the world is now able to hold something of SideSteps in their hands.

The Final Cuts

Right now, the band is preparing for live performances, receiving great comments and love by fans, building a small but loyal army, serving nothing but art.


Mr. SideSteps          (composition, lyrics, electronics, programming, vocals)

Justin Gistelinck       (production, bass)

Gaetan Vandamme   (production, drums, guitar)


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