Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robi S.O.

About: Robi S.O.

I went to music when I was eleven. My fun was building drums with recycled leather and old pots. Their sound intrigued me, so I decided to
build rods cork to begin the first steps.

At the age of thirteen I met my first classical guitar. She was beautiful, the smell of wood made me mad. So I started playing the first chords. My teacher was a simple guide by the newspaper found. Soon the first songs I played.

The thing that distinguishes me from many experienced players had little appetite for cover. My goal was to study to create music, sounds and noises.

At seventeen I learned the midi from there on it was a continuous discovery.
At nineteen years, the first band J.R.P. (Mamis-voice, piano and drum machine-Fabry, Mark-bass, Helium-guitar, Robi-guitar) formed by five elements, still friends.
With the band began my first concert.

In subsequent years, I continued to play using the Atari and Cubase and a Yamaha synth. New Group O.B.E. of (Mamis-vocals and bass, Robi-guitar and synth). Often there were two and rarely joined us on drums (Alexander-drums) and guitarist (Helium-guitar).
Finally the last group the Anniluce (Mamis-voice, Andrea-bass-guitar George Antonio-drum, Robi-guitar) had a good repertoire and sound like supporters of Movida.
About a couple of years ago was born the project Robi s.O. Collaborations with various artists and studios allowed me to create and edit music and sound for film and documentary productions.

I am currently working on their video of a 3D design

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