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United Music Mag 01 2016


World United Music is pleased to present the debut edition of “United Music Mag”! Today’s four bands provide a real good mix of music talent from the UK, Atlanta Georgia USA, Copenhagen Denmark, and Amsterdam Holland. Be sure to have a listen to the music and then share this post with your circles. The more people you share these awesome tunes with, the more music souls you will free…

Let's get right to it...


Lake Komo

Today’s first band is Lake Komo, a Pop group from the UK that caught my ears on YouTube recently. Their song “Thinktank” was released in 2015 and is by far one of the Best Pop songs of that year. The moment I heard the song I was hooked, and even found myself singing along as if I knew the words already. The Lead Vocals remind me of “Andrew Belle” so that is saying something. I Love this tune!

Band Members: Jay, Pete, Maxwell, Jess

Lake Komo – Thinktank

Video Source: Lake Komo YouTube

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CONTACT: Lake Komo 



Today’s second band comes out of Atlanta Georgia and is a group that puts the Rock back in music! I found "Stonerider" on Bandcamp the other day and loved what I heard. Two songs for you to sneak a listen to are “Hologram” & “Dayrunner” from their soon to be released Album “Hologram”

A video for the title track “Hologram” was released on their YouTube channel on January 25th, 2016 to rave reviews and is a real smooth Dark Side of the Moonish tune that will please even the staunchest Pink Floyd Fans.

“Dayrunner” is a Solid Rock n Roll tune that’ll take you back to the Rockin sounds of the 70’s, and you know that means it's good! A great rockin tune indeed!

Stonerider’s new album “Hologram” will be released April 15th, 2016 and should be on your list as a must have. It’s certainly on mine. Check it out on Bandcamp!

Band Members:

Matt Tanner - Lead Guitar/Vox
Jason Krutzky - Drums/vox
Noah Pine - Magic Keys
John Pratt - Bass

Dayrunner – (Album: Hologram – Released April 15, 2016)

Video Source: Stonerider

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Hologram - Album: Hologram – Released April 15, 2016

Video Source: Stonerider

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Full Album: Hologram – Released April 15, 2016

Album Source: Stonerider Bandcamp

When I Was Young – Album: Fountains Left to Wake (2012)

Video Source: Fan Video

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Full Album: Fountains Left to Wake - (2012)

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CONTACT: Stonerider 


The Sonic Dawn

Today’s third band “The Sonic Dawn” are a retro 60’s Psychedelic Rock n Blues Band from Copenhagen Denmark that will grab your imagination and fill it with colourful sounds so good that you wont want the music to stop. One listen to “Howlin Moon” and you’ll find that Stevie Ray Vaughan just came back to life right in front of you, this song is that good. Also of special note is the Psychedelic pop tune “Mustang” which takes the listener back to the vibrant Psychedelic Pop sounds of the mid 1960’s and there’s more goodies to find on their debut album “Perception” released on Bandcamp.

Band Members:

Emil Bureau (guitar, lead vocals).
Jonas Waaben (drums).
Neil Bird (bass guitar).

Howlin Moon – Album: Perception (Released Oct. 31st, 2015)

Video Source: World United Music

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Mustang - Album: Perception (Released Oct. 31st, 2015)

Found on the Following Music Playlists:

The Sonic Dawn – Full Album: Perception (Released Oct. 31st, 2015)

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Today’s final artist “BLANK” is a Psychwave Band from Amsterdam Holland that just released their debut single “Phase Out” January 30th, 2016 on Eager Waves Records.

“Phase Out” is a Psychedelic Dark Wave dance in a dream pop vocal Rhythm. Guaranteed to be a hit with the Psychedelic Underground Generation (P.U.G. intended 8-)) and indeed that is who introduced me to this awesome tune. I look forward to more great sounds by “BLANK”. Hey, there’s a revolution coming and it begins with music!

BLANK – Phase Out

Video Source: Eager Waves Records

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Promoters Corner  

The Psychedelic Underground Generation

Also very worth while to check out is “The Psychedelic Underground Generation” from Belgium who promotes Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, and Indie can find this awesome promoter at the following links:

The Psychedelic Underground Generation Links

Thank you for checking out the debut edition of “United Music Mag”! Please share these awesome vibes with friends, family & fans. Let’s get this music revolution going!

Stewart Brennan
World United Music


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