Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Early Rising People

About: Early Rising people (David Tollisen)

Early Rising People is a project by world traveler and Norwegian, David Tollisen. David has spent most of his past 17 years in India and the Philippines studying Yoga and working with children in poverty stricken areas that has given him a different perspective of life.
Music Career

As David puts it “one day I fell down out of a coconut tree”, and started to create music that was both spiritually uplifting and socially conscious based on life experiences and the growing consciousness that has awakened in the world.

Recently, with the help of a few friends, David released an album titled “ PROUT Revolution”. The 14 song project is a spiritual manifesto based on looking at the world as a family which is the meaning behind the title of the album. Quite simply, PROUT is the application of the family spirit to society and economics. It is a very realistic alternative in practice than how the world works right now.

David speaking about his project and belief:

“I would very much like to remind all the conscious musicians and other artists in the whole world about their responsibility towards a PROUT revolution. It is foolish to think that intellectuals and politicians are going to be the driving force behind mobilizing the masses towards a revolutionary change. Responsible artists must unite together through Song and other forms of art which can touch the hearth of the people in a such way that people will rise up against all the exploitations going on in the world”.

"If artists do not show an optimistic vision about a brighter future for all then I do not think our dream will be possible. But consciousness knows that it is possible so the right forces will come together in the right time. The power lays in our dreams and visions, and the food for these dreams is pure art. Art is the essence of creativity which brings hope and beautiful dreams. Theories alone can never do this."

"It was after I came to this realization that my songs become more PROUT revolutionary. So, am I just talking fantasy, or are we going to join together as a uniting force to bring the right people together towards a mass movement? It may sound pompous to use big words like this, but revolution is a word much bigger then most of us can imagine. It is about an all around change of consciousness. The world can really be as beautiful as we dare and care to imagine."

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